props and mayhem


Pierce The Veil Things I Will Never Get Tired Of:

• The beginning of The Balcony Scene
• The screaming in I’d Rather Die than be Famous
• Jaime’s blonde streak
• Guitars in Besitos
• “You know the only way to cure pain is to add a little more, because everything new distracts the old”
• Southern Constellations
• Jeremy McKinnon’s parts in Caraphenelia
• “mexicore”
• Crying during Stay Away from my Friends
• “Can we create something beautiful and DESTROOOY IT?”
• The bridge in The Sky Under The Sea
• Mike’s lip piercing
• Vic bringing fans on stage during Bulletproof Love
• Beginning of Hell Above
• Vocals in Props & Mayhem
• Those vocal effects in Hold On Till May
• Tony’s stretched ears
• Verse 1 of Dive In
• Guitars in Texas Is Forever
• “I’m mastering the art of miracles and flawless tragedies”
• The acoustic version of Today I Saw The Whole World

Chapter 2; Props & Mayhem

The next morning when Alex finally actually woke up Justin had already left. He vaguely remembered Justin waking him up before he left, telling him he was leaving a bit early to look for a job again. He decided that he’d straighten up their apartment a little, cleaning things up and finishing up their laundry. Since it was Saturday, neither of them had any classes that day.

He had started in the kitchen, washing the dishes that were in the sink, wiping down the counters and everything. Then he moved into the living room, straightening up the pillows on the couch and getting rid if the leftovers that were still on the table from the previous night.

Next he moved into their bedroom, getting all the dirty laundry and going to put it in the wash, getting the dry clothes and taking them to their room, folding them up and starting to put them away. But when he opened one of their drawers he found something he thought he’d never see again. A small bag of weed was tucked into the corner of the drawer. Alex frowned and took it out, he thought Justin was done with that, but apparently he thought wrong. He stuck it in his back pocket, deciding to ask Justin about it whenever he came home.

That also made him think about the previous night when he smelled it. Something told him that it was Justin that smelled that way, but he didn’t want to believe it. He finished putting the clothes away, deciding to try not to think about it.

By the time he had finished with the rest of the laundry it was around 6 in the evening, since he hadn’t woken up till about 1. He decided to go and sit on the couch and watch random movies till Justin got back, also thinking about what he would say to him.

It wasn’t until nearly 10 when Justin finally walked through the door, the exact same smell from the night before coming though with him. Justin sat on the couch next to him, leaning over and kissing the boys cheek. “Hey babe” Justin said, smiling “how was your day?”
Alex shrugged a bit “fine i guess, mostly just cleaned up and finished the laundry. I also have a question for you.” He said, turning to look at Justin.

“Of course love what is it?” Justin asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“You aren’t smoking again are you?” Alex asked, looking up at him, hoping he’d tell the truth.

“Of course i’m not!” JustIn said, but Alex could tell when he tensed up, “why would you even ask that?”

Alex shrugged, “just last night had me thinking i guess. Are you sure you aren’t smoking again Jus? Don’t lie to me,” He said.

Justin shook his head, “yes i’m sure.”

That’s when alex pulled the bag out if his back pocket “then what’s this? Because i doubt the neighbors could have put this in your drawer.” Alex said, holding the bag in front of Justin’s face.

“I um it’s just a friends Alex. It’s not mine. They must’ve put it in my jacket pocket when i wasn’t looking.” He said “i told you i stopped and i’m not starting again, that i can promise you okay Alex?” Justin said, frowning.

Alex sighed, he knew Justin was lying straight to his face, but he gave up, knowing Justin wouldn’t tell him the truth anytime soon. He smiled slightly and nodded “yeah of course Jus” he said Justin smiled and hugged him, pulling him close to his chest.

“I love you so much Alex,” he said.
“i love you too Jus,” he mumbled, but little did either of them know that it was just downhill from there.


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