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For a list of available slots, please check here:

Please read my full Terms of Service before ordering:

If you have any questions, my contact email is:


My strengths in drawing include drawing dragons, dinosaurs, and any other reptiles in general.

Will Draw:

  • Animals
  • Mythical/Fantasy Creatures
  • OC Species / Other Monsters (If they are within my skill level)
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Fan Art
  • Blood/Mild Gore/Violence
  • Weapons/Guns/Complex Props (They may cost extra)

Will NOT Draw:

  • Any NSFW Themes
  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Any form a hate toward a specific group. ie. Racism, Abuse.



To order, please either message me through Tumblr or send an email to with the following information

  • Commission Type
  • Character Photos or References
  • Paypal Email (So that I can send an invoice to your account for payment)
  • Description of what you would like in your commission
  • Any additional information or details for your commission: (Pose, expression, background, theme, props, accessories, etc.)


For more information and examples, you can find them on my Commissions Page here:

If you cannot order a commission, Reblogs are greatly appreciated! Thanks guys! :D


So today I went to a shop called Tiger in my city. I think they come from the Denmark (?). It’s like a shop for home decor and little gifts, but they also have crafting materials, sweets and all that stuff.
And sometimes they have miniature versions of normal things such as these cute deer heads that are magnetic or the little mirrors that could be really nice for an SD doll.
They also head packs of feathers and small packs of fabric with cute patterns.
Overall it is pretty cheap, which is also a good thing.

15,000 Followers: A New Milestone

Yesterday I logged my 15,000th follower – someone named ‘D. Trump’, who said ‘you’re an “8″ in my book’.   All kidding aside, I never thought I’d have this many.  I thought I’d recognize this milestone by dipping waaaaay back into my archives for some very early pictures I had posted on an earlier tumblr site, back in 2013.  I chose a few pics that represent different personal milestones for me.  The pictures are small in resolution, and often poorer quality.  But they mark my path, and I feel like there’s some personal growth.  Sorry if I bore you with these – it’ll be over soon.

I’m a huge fan of pinup pictures, and this was one of my earliest attempts.  I love adding vintage props, like this 1960s princess phone, and the roses.  Accessories and props often make pictures unique and memorable.  It was also one of the first pics where I shut my eyes and tried to express passion and emotion that way.  I’m wearing a matching set of chiffon panties and bralette by Glydon’s from the early 1960s.  This was one of my first pics using a leopard skin rug background too (relax, it’s just a fleece throw from Ross.  No animals were sacrificed for this picture.)


Hey all! I am opening up a limited run of cosplay commissions in an effort to try and save up some money leading up to my next convention this fall!

Pictured are examples of outfits I have finished. I am a self-taught seamstress with awards for craftsmanship. If you’re interested in seeing more of my work before you decide to commission me, please check out this tag on my blog! I post fairly in depth progress shots of all my projects.

If you think you would like to commission me or would like a quote for an outfit, accessory, or any individual garment, please check out this page first! it has all my policies and most pertinent information about the process. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, feel free to shoot me an ask, message, or an email at and we can discuss further!

I’m currently opening 3 slots for garments, but i may take on a few more commissions for just props or accessories depending on complexity.

thank you for reading, and please help share this if you can! 💖


I finished Meenah and I’m super super stoked about how nice it came out!!

Friendly reminder that I do commissions for basically anything, especially props and accessories! For Meenah, I made her horns, fins, glasses, braids, and crop top. Message me if you’re interested in commissions!

Instagram is @parallel.melodies


Yaaay Zelda Hyrule Warriors~ 😳💗✨
Stylized Wig, Costume, makeup, accessories and props made and modeled by me. 😘
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Got my doll a new wig to try and more closely resemble my Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It still wasn’t perfect, though, so what you’re seeing here is my inexperienced attempt at a haircut/wig styling. 

It would be super-rad if you paid my doll shop on Etsy a visit. BJD jewelry and accessories, Monster High repaints, and custom faceup/repaint commissions available (just $20 for ANY MH doll or ANY size BJD!).


New in Vanilla Mint– a beautiful repaint of Ghoulia all dolled up like her friend Draculaura!

I really love this doll and it’s breaking my heart to sell her, but I’m hoping someone else will fall in love with her as much as I have and will give her a good home. She comes with all the clothes you see here, plus a special surprise!

For more MH repaints, repaint/faceup commissions (only $20 for MH and BJDs!), doll/BJD jewelry and accessories, visit the Etsy shop here: