Sherlock dressings from Modern Props

Alas it’s not a glass dildo. It’s called a “Frosted Glass Female Sculpture.” Doesn’t mean it doesn’t look like a dildo, however ;-)

(Yes I know Egg Chair looks green on screen but given the lighting of the scene, and the possibility of post prod colour grade changes the thing *could* very well be the Modern Props red chair. It’s the same model for sure.)

I’m sure there are scads more to be found…


Doctor Who has always been a progressive TV series and in this special Neve McIntosh reprised her role as the lesbian Silurian warrior (belonging to a reptilian race and the cold-blooded predecessors of humanity), ‘Madame Vastra’, who had previously appeared in the sixth season episode 'A Good Man Goes to War’.
She has a 'Sherlock Holmes and Watson’ detective style relationship with her human female companion 'Jenny Flint’. Plus along with the Sontaran clone 'Strax’ the trio are sometimes known as the 'Paternoster Gang’, a group of detectives active in Victorian London named after Paternoster Row.
This is the cloaked Victorian costume she wears in The Snowmen and she often wears a veil over her face to hide her reptilian nature.

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Arizona actor accidentally stabbed in stomach during show
A Tucson actor who was accidentally stabbed during a theater show still finished the scene despite a 4-inch hole in his stomach.

If I am your stage manager, or director, or what have you, and you get seriously injured, i.e. STABBED IN THE ABDOMEN, and you keep acting instead of immediately seeking treatment, I will be so angry with not just you, but with myself for failing to ensure that you feel your safety is more important.

The audience can get refunds/replacement tickets, you get your butt to a hospital. You are not taking one for the team, you are not committed to the art, you are being needlessly reckless with your own life AND the integrity of the show and your fellow actors.