I will never comprehend why you continue to stand by my side.

Stiles watches a proposal happening outside the restaurant he works at. Down on the pier below him, a man is down on one knee, asking the question to a another man with his back turned. Stiles holds his breath. He doesn’t know these people, but he’s invested in romance and grand gestures. He’s going to watch this play out.

Stiles can tell three seconds later that something is wrong.

For one, the man with his back to Stiles has tensed up, un-moving. And secondly, the man on his knees is frowning.

Stiles should walk away. This is the worst kind of voyeur-cy. The absolute worst. He can’t though, so he watches the failed proposal in all its horrible glory.

The man stands up and then the other one talks for a while, during which Stiles can see the proposer fighting off tears. He eventually walks away, leaving the propose-ee standing alone on the pier.

Stiles doesn’t know why he does it.

He lets Lydia know he’s taking his break, speedily sweet-talks Isaac into giving him a slice of the three-tier chocolate cake, then makes his way down to the pier, where the man who turned down the proposal is still standing.

“Uh, hey. Hi.”

The guy turns around and he looks… confused, more than anything. Not heartbroken. No tears. Not like he just lost the love of this life. Just confused.

“I’m sorry to intrude but I, uh, saw what just happened and I thought maybe you’d like some cake.”

He practically forces it into the guy’s hands.

“Thank you,” the man says, in a surprisingly soft voice. “You saw that?”

Stiles nods, sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I know it’s kind of a private thing.”

The other guy merely shrugs, then looks down at the cake, making no move to eat it.

“I can vouch for that. It’s from the restaurant there. Where I work.”

The guy looks up to where Stiles pointed. He’s not really engaged, and Stiles feels horrible for coming down here.

“I’m just going to go, then. I’m sorry. Hope you’re okay.”

“I just don’t understand,” the guy says glumly.


“I don’t– We’ve been, were, together for 5 months. I’ve never met his brothers.”

Stiles nods, unsure what this guy wants from him. Maybe it’s nothing more than to be a pair of ears.

“I’ve had relationships that lasted longer, yes, but they’ve never… five months. That’s… it’s too soon. That’s what I told him.” Here, the guy looks up at Stiles, heartbreak still absent from his face. “That’s was the right answer, right? I mean, five months.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know either of you.” Stiles doesn’t want the responsibility this guy is giving him right now.

“No, no, you’re right, of course.” The guy sighs and turns away from Stiles, looking to the spot where his ex (?) was just kneeling earlier.

“Have you ever been proposed to?”

“Aside from numerous times in kindergarten, you mean?” Stiles says with his usual lack of concern for the tone of the current conversation.

The other guy surprises him by laughing.

“Aside from that,” he says with a smile.

“Uh, no. Can’t say I have. Five months is more like the average length of my relationships, so…”

“Not mine,” the guy says.

“Yeah. I’d picked up on that.”

Stiles struggles over what to do now. In terms of normal social cues, he should probably leave. But he’s hooked on this whole situation, and also feels, perhaps presumptively, that this guy… wants him to stay?

“Do you want to share this with me?” The guy holds the cake up.

“Sure,” Stiles says, for the excuse to do something, and the excuse to stay with this guy, who’s as interesting as he is attractive.

“I’m Derek, by the way.”



Five months into dating Derek and Stiles can understand why that other guy proposed so quickly.

He doesn’t.

He waits another three years and seven months.

It involves chocolate cake which he sweet-talks Isaac into making (“that hasn’t been on the menu in years, Stiles”), a ring that his dad passed on to him (“your mother would have wanted you to have it”), a bottle of French champagne, a picnic blanket, a spectacularly pleasant Spring afternoon, and a very surprised Derek Hale.

He says yes.

Derek says yes and then kisses Stiles so abruptly that Stiles is glad he was already on one knee so his fall to the ground isn’t as hurtful as it could have been. Not that he really pays the collision any mind, seeing as how thoroughly Derek is kissing him, while chanting ‘yes, yes, yes’ between every press of lips before Stiles even has a chance to fit the engagement ring around his finger.


In my imagination, if Sebastian were to propose to Ciel in an AU, it wouldn’t be that perfect proposal with the perfect ring, the perfect flower, and the perfect band or whatever. No, on the contrary, like instead of the perfect ring it’s one that’s made of sugar. But of course, Sebastian promises to buy Ciel a real one in the future.

Or forgetting the flowers somewhere because of nervousness. Maybe even failing in his question while sweaty palms took a hold on Ciel’s small, soft ones;

“Ciel Michealis, will you do me the honor of becoming my one and only?”


“I meant Ciel Phantofiv-Hive!”


“I’m sorry… I’m just… I’m really nervous….”



Pride and Prejudice Meme: Angst moment
↳ Darcy’s Failed Proposal
“Do you deny that you separated a young couple who loved each other, exposing your friend to the world for caprice and my sister to derision for disappointed hopes, involving them both in misery of the acutest kind?”


anonymous asked:

Can we PLEASE talk about Oliver's face when Felicity said "I think we should..." It broke my heart because he thought his lobster was going to leave him!

How could he not? 

Ollie Queen, playboy extraordinaire, may not have batted an eyelash at it. But Oliver Queen, this Oliver Queen, the man who protects his city and fights knowing he goes home to this incredible woman every night, 

the man who has the courage to stand up without a mask to save the city knowing he has the one woman he needs right by his side, 

the man who has kept his mother’s ring close to himself for months because his plan to propose failed, 

this man will not only have tears, he will be torn apart. 

Oliver, over the years, as he once told Felicity, learned never to open himself up to people. With her, he began before he even knew he had, and before he realized, she knew him better than almost anyone else. Falling in love with Felicity was easy as breathing. Being in love with her needed nothing more than her thought. This is the woman who changed him, rewired him, without even knowing she did, and he, the man who hated change, let her because how could he not? 

So when she sits him down with her “we need to talk face” and mentions the word “air” in the same breath, of course he panics. Because he still has his mother’s ring. He still has three ideas in his head for the proposal to debate over. He still has a lifetime of days to spend with her and a lifetime of kisses to share with her. He still has the happiness from the morning warming his heart and he still has their incredible memories tattooed in his soul. He still has her. 

And he cannot let go. It’s not even a matter of he won’t. He can’t. Because a world without Felicity Smoak does not exist. Green Arrow without Felicity Smoak does not exist. Life, purpose, saving the city - nothing exists. 

He does not exist. Because she is so much a part of him now, he cannot differentiate where he ends and she begins. 

And he panics. Because if Oliver Queen knows one thing, it’s survival. 

And Felicity Smoak is his reason in chaos, his senses in the haze, his hope in the dark, his love in a world of cruelty. But most importantly, 

Felicity Smoak is his survival. 

And so he panics.