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Magic the Gathering Rarities: Celebration Card Trinity on Trade Group

A few weeks ago, I came across something extraordinary in the local trader community, and today, I thought it would be best to share my experience and knowledge of what I saw that day.

Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t be mentioning a post from another trade group. However, something like this is another landmark in MTG history, second only to the 1996 World Champion Trophy and sale for the original art, it deserves to be shared, and these stories should be known by everybody.

This is Raphael Puleo. He runs a humble MTG store known as Magic Bazar in France. He’s also the proud owner of 3 of the world’s rarest and richest pieces of MTG history, spanning back to the beginning of this game.

In his hand, he holds a copy of Splendid Genesis, Fraternal Exaltation, and Proposal. To many, these are names that are vague, even unknown. However, try to understand that three cards are an infinitely important part of Magic The Gathering History, as these are the three cards that Richard Garfield created to celebrate various periods in his life. Make no mistake, these cards are well worth more than Power 9 (Excluding Alpha/Beta Lotuses), and the stories behind each of them are incredibly touching.

I’m also going to explain why Proposal appears to be covered up later on, since some people might ask.

Splendid Genesis

Of the existing celebration cards in MTG, Splendid Genesis is probably the most well-known card, having been listed on eBay and seen in auction houses a number of times over the years. Printed to commemorate the birth of his first child, only 110 copies were ever made and sent out to incredibly close friends and well known employees at Wizards. It was also drawn by Monique Thirifay (an early WotC employee), and to date, is the only card she has ever produced. The card effect is also wholesome and makes me feel happy.

For this card alone, the current market value is an estimated $10,000, which is an amazing price to behold, but probably worth it for something so unique.

Fun fact, Mark Rosewater is also a proud owner of one of these, if my information is correct, which makes a lot of sense.

Fraternal Exaltation

Fraternal Exaltation was a card done in the same fashion, printed to commemorate the birth of Garfield’s second child. However, the amount released this time around was 220, a significant increase, and perhaps a sign of Wizards increasing growth as a company? Or Garfield had more friends, who knows.

This card however, was drawn by Susan Garfield, Richards sister and for me, personally, owning a celebration card drawn by your own sibling is far more amazing than just another Black Lotus.

Given that the print run for this card was significantly larger, the price is lower as a result, but prices still range from $3-$5,000, with those copies having been sold out already.

And of course, comes the best for last.


What follows is one of my favorite romance stories and the most feelgood MTG tale I’ve ever heard.

In October 1993, Garfield enlisted the aid of Dave Howell, and the late Quinton Hoover to create a unique and special card. Using this one of a kind piece, Richard was going to propose to his then-girlfriend, Lily Wu.

All together, a single sheet of 9 cards were produced, with one being used for a very special game:

“According to Richard, he put just put one in the all-white deck he was playing. As luck would have it, the first three games the pair played, he didn’t draw the card. He did finally find it in the fourth game, but was losing. At one point, Lily asked if he wanted to concede because, as a playtester, she didn’t think any card he could play would allow him to win. Shortly after, Richard played the now-famous card” ~ MTG Librarities

So, they did get married, and the 8 remaining copies were sent to family memebers, and Dave and Quinton. Unfortunately, Quinton’s copy was stolen at some point, but it has been verified that this is not that copy.

The most unique thing about this card, is that Richard and Lily told all of the owners never to reveal the original artwork to preserve the memory. That image up there? It’s not the actual art, it has never been revealed to this day, and because of that, it is the greatest mystery in MTG history (there’s another fake image out there too). Hence why Ralph has it covered up. As a result, it’s no surprise that the only copy currently being sold is being offered at an astounding $35,000.

I could build a vintage deck with that kind of money. A good one too….

Altogether, the three cards are being sold off for a staggering $55,000. But for 2 cards that barely register in the 3 digit population, and another with just 9 copies in existence, and with all 3 of these being such an important part of MTG history, the price tag is well deserving. It’s still a shame though, that we’ll never see the original art for Proposal, but perhaps its best to keep it unique like this…..

I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful story behind these cards, and hope you’ll retell it to other players as well.

If you wish to check out the original listing, feel free to check out the Misprints, Oddities, Rarities for Magic the Gathering Facebook group. There’s always something amazing being listed there.

Their Love Story

I’m sorry there isn’t a lot I can do, so I wrote this, and I hope it’ll make you feel better. @analogicality-sanders I’m sorry, and I’ll be careful in the future. <3 

I’m sorry the title is not good, but I can’t think of another one. And this is not angst. All fluff. I’m terrible at writing fluff, but I hope you guys will like it. 

Pairing: Pta Sanders. Background Prinxiety. 

Warnings: None. 

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Crazy |myg|

“you only heard his side, you don’t know the truth,”

Originally posted by kookiesforjimin

genre; angst with lil fluff

word count; 2.3k

warnings: violence(poor kookie); mentions of death

a/n: lookie!! my first bts fic! it’s been a minute since the last time i wrote something for tumblr so this might be shit. i sincerely apologize if so..

I cannot believe she believed him and not me. Me? Her beloved boyfriend? I gave this girl my life. And Jungkook’s jealous ass had to ruin it. All over a petty ass fight.

I want to kill him. He knew how much Y/N meant to me. He knew how much I relied on her, yet he manipulated her fragile mind into thinking I didn’t give a shit about her, that I only wanted her for her body. That I said I didn’t need her. This is all a giant ass lie. I love this girl to death, I’ve put my music over her and if you know me, that’s something I almost never do.

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Perfect (Part 1)

Woah, Tecnology. Hi. I love Juzen and @juminzenweek killed me with Juzen hell and I had to write lol
Word Count: 2,240
It had been over a year since Jumin and Zen got together. Yet, Jumin hadn’t proposed yet. Zen was worried at this point if his boyfriend still had the love he did for him, and this albino was too damn shy to ask Jumin the most important question of his life. Maybe both of them weren’t prepared, or maybe they were both just too stupid to ask this life-changing question. Zen couldn’t blame Jumin for that, though. After all, it was very important to both. Zen drifted on those thoughts, when suddenly he hear the sound of a door closing. It was early for Jumin to be there yet – infact sometimes he didn’t even bother coming home with the excuse that he ’ was too busy with his work’. Maybe being an actor really did help Hyun to hide his pain. Every single time Jumin said that he wouldn’t be home, that deeply hurt Zen. He felt like these were needles piercing through his skin, soon turning into a razor cutting his skin, deeper and deeper. It was a nightmare, having to listen to it so often. Every morning he woke up without Jumin embracing him, making him feel safe, he shredded tears on the bed sheets. When Jumin came home, he grabbed Zen by his waist and complimented him, boosting his ego. But all these nights where he was lonely, desperately grabbing onto the pillows trying to comfort himself of this hole in his heart, this unbearable pain that he could never stop, this would never in a billion years make up for all these painful nights. Didn’t Jumin know how he felt? No, had he ever even WONDERED how he felt? He guessed not. After all, Jumin was a working robot at the point where it was disgusting. Not like he cared anyways. Conveniently, none of them were free on most of the days because of work. Work, work and work. It was all both of them could do. Even though Jumin insisted he could sustain Zen with his money, he refused. After all, acting was Zen’s passion. Even though Zen always felt like that, he didn’t want to leave Jumin. But this pain was becoming even more unbearable. Before Zen knew, he saw Jumin waving on Zen’s eyes – apparently asking for his attention. Though, Zen noticed that Jumin had a concerned look on his eyes. Therefore, the younger man decided to ask:
“ Jumin, what is the matter? “ Zen spoke with a s̶w̶e̶e̶t̶ fake calm smile on his face.
“ I’m the one who should be asking that. When did you leave to cut this r̶a̶t̶ ponytail of yours? “ Jumin replied, looking straight onto Zen’s crimson eyes. Zen didn’t comprehend what Jumin meant. What did he mean cutting his ponytail? He never did that. It was a crime to his identity. Trying to prove himself right, he touched where his ponytail was SUPPOSED to be. He didn’t feel his hair. No – No this COULDN’T be happening. He desperately tried to find any traces of his hair, but there were none. He freaked out – If it weren’t for his shock he would’ve screamed. But then he finally put the pieces together – The door opening noises. Someone went inside the penthouse and cut his ponytail while he drifted off with his self depreciative thoughts. But since his ego was still up there, he smiled towards Jumin sweetly.
“ I still look good though. Don’t tell me you have fallen even more in love with me, Mr. Han? “ Zen said, looking directly onto Jumin’s raven eyes. Soon, he was with a smug on his face.
“ Maybe I haven’t. Why don’t you prove me wrong, by marrying me? “ Jumin said, picking a beautiful small black leather box, opening it revealing a beautiful ring painted in dentist gold, with a diamond on top of it. Zen couldn’t believe what he was seeing right now. The love of his life, was proposing to him. On the day where he was thinking of breaking up, Jumin proposed.
Zen covered his mouth with his hands, while his eyes shone and soon were wetted with tears. He couldn’t hide his smile. It was so, so big and so cheerful. All of his despair was filled with hope.
“ So… Hyun Ryu – Zen, my lover, the love of my life. My only one. Since the day I’ve met you, I always loved this stupid way of yours, and your narcissistic self. The day my lips brushed with yours, it was the best day of life. Since then, I’ve been learning so much about you. You’ve taught me how to love, how to live. And I am incredibly glad that even if I am not as present as you wish me to be, you haven’t left me. So, will you give me the honor of having our fates intertwined for the rest of our short mortal lives? “
Zen had no words. He didn’t know what to say. That was it, he tackled Jumin on a hug and kissed him deeply and lovingly. Yes, it was so perfect. It was a perfect tonight. Zen knew he didn’t deserve someone as wonderful as Jumin Han, but he wouldn’t give up on his love so easily. Not like he thought he would. Once they separated his lips, both of them smiled. The widest and most loving smiles that ever existed, were there. Jumin put the ring on Zen’s finger, soon grabbing the hand of his boyfriend… No – Not boyfriend. His fiancée and planted a kiss on it.
“ Now, shall we seal our night with love? My fianceé. “ Zen said, being surprised by a kiss on his forehead. Jumin held Zen’s hand, and gently leaded him to their bedroom. Yes, it was indeed a loving and gentle night. However, what happened on the next day was simply… Unexpected.
Zen’s eyes traveled at the outside world – That beautiful world with beautiful light-blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Yesterday Jumin did make up for everything he did – He even PROPOSED to Zen. It was the most beautiful scene that his eyes had ever seen. Jumin – the hardworking robot kneeling in front of Zen and asking him to be his husband. Yes, it was indeed loveable. That was when Zen had the idea – he would visit Jumin at his work. It shouldn’t be that hard, right? After all, Zen didn’t go there very often. Maybe Zen felt embarrassed about such fancy people seeing a humble person like him, walking around the building with someone as important as Jumin Han – CEO of C&R Internationals. He left his apartment, dressed in his cleanest white suit. It used to look good on him when he had his ponytail. Whose he didn’t have anymore. He frowned, remembering his old hair. He really liked it, but there wasn’t anything to do about it. Soon, Zen left his building meeting with a girl who he despised. The girl who made him hate the colors of the sky. That girl with those big blue eyes, long brown hair and the disgusting body of hers. She smiled widely and devilishly, staring at Zen’s crimson eyes. Yes – It couldn’t be no one other than the one who ruined her reputation. Echo Girl – Yes she used to be famous. But what could she do, other than accept that he ruined her? No. She wouldn’t give up. That’s why she sneaked in Jumin’s penthouse and cut Zen’s hair. The hair that made her want to die, it was gone now. She laughed, remembering how defenseless Zen looked.
“ Lovely Zen, how are you? “ She asked cheerfully, hiding that devil face of hers. But Zen knew it. Yet, he wouldn’t comment about it.
“ Better without you, Echo Girl. Now if you excuse me, I have to go. “ The albino replied coldly, glaring at her and pushing her out of the way. Yes, he knew it. It was Echo Girl who made him suffer, and who else could it be feeling angry at him at the point of cutting his lovely white hair. He would ignore her actions, but if she dared to even touch Jumin she would pay. With his body and soul, he would make sure to kill her. She didn’t know who she was messing with… Or did she? After Zen left, the girl laughed silently with her devil’s smile. She had planned it all – She knew who was his fiancée. Jumin Han was going to lose his important one, just like Zen. Echo Girl hired some random rich woman to seduce Jumin. If her seduction didn’t work, she would make sure to force herself onto him. And it was this was happened – She would HAVE to force her rich ass against Jumin. Jumin had some business with her today – after all that woman also was an heiress of an industry. Her father was sick that day, so she would definitely be able to flirt with the CEO of C&R. After they were almost done with business, she nonchalantly approached Jumin, getting as close possible. Yes, she was getting paid for this so she would use her body for that. And that rich beast, indeed had an growing love for the CEO.
While this, Zen walked calmly towards the building. He was surprised he didn’t get stopped so his fans asked for his autograph. Maybe because he hadn’t revealed his new haircut yet. Well, it was easier for him now. Zen soon was in front of the building, being welcomed by a security. Damn these rich people. He walked towards the receptionist with his brightest smile, asking in a cheerful tone to her.
“ Hello. Can you tell me where Jumin Han is? “
The receptionist stared at the albino boy, raising an eyebrow.
“ And who are you..? “
She asked. Zen smiled sweetly, showing his hand that had their marriage ring. The secretary sighed, but that’s her job – to deal with people like these.
“ Farewell. You shall meet the CEO. He is on the 3rd floor, the 2nd door on the right. “
Zen thanked her, quickly walking towards the elevator and pressing the button to the 3rd floor. Even that elevator made him get on his nerves – Why the hell did everything need to be so fancy? However, that’s what he expected from the trustfund kid . Soon he was in front of the door, he checked if everything was right. Yes- his hair wasn’t messy and his suit was shining white. He opened the door, immediately regretting it. The smile he had on his face disappeared. He didn’t know if he was angry or upset. The most undesirable scene he had ever seen – His fiancée was kissing an unknown woman. Why was this happening? One day he was happy by Jumin proposing to him, on the other he wanted to kill Jumin? What the hell is going on? Zen felt hot tears stream down his face. When Jumin noticed Zen he shoved the woman away, getting close to Zen. But he couldn’t touch him. Zen slapped Jumin’s hand away and swallowed his tears, he was looking so angry.
“ So that’s what you do when I am not here, Jumin? “
Zen said between sobs. He wanted to hug Jumin and say ‘Hey it’s okay.’ But he couldn’t. All his trust was gone, gone, gone. Zen wiped his tears, taking off his ring and shoving it in Jumin’s hands. Jumin’s eyes widened. Why was this happening? He didn’t do anything wrong.
“ You can have it back, after all you don’t want me. “
Zen said, with an angry expression on his face, trying to hide his sadness. It would work for now, right? He had gone throughout so many troubles on his life, so why wouldn’t he be able to get through this.
“ Hyun wait – “
Jumin said, desperately trying to reach Zen. But he couldn’t. Zen was already leaving. His love was slipping on his hands, he didn’t want that. But.. Maybe Zen needed to cool down a little. Or else, Jumin would end up in the hospital. Zen left the building, with a proud smile. Jumin may have broken his heart, but not his spirit. Not yet. Zen walked towards his building, running upstairs to his apartment. He needed to go in. He was going to break down at any moment. Once he was in, he locked the door and sat on the couch, curling into a ball and crying nonstop. Why did this have to happen to HIM? Did he do anything WRONG to whoever controls the flow of destiny?! He would get through it but.. Why? Why was it so cruel. Zen wanted to trust Jumin again, kiss him, love him. But before he could love Jumin… He needed to save himself from this pain. Zen grabbed his phone after cleaning his sad face. He needed to know if Jumin would call him or text him. But he didn’t. Maybe he really didn’t want Zen.
Zen was just physically and emotionally tired. He didn’t bother taking a shower, he just closed his eyes and slept through the day. The next day, he woke up with some loud banging on the door. Who could it be? He checked his phone, it was 7AM. Who the hell could be there at 7AM to bother him?

bessity  asked:

How will the AHCA (as proposed) cover people with mental health needs nationwide? As a point of reference, I have therapy and psychiatric services covered under the ACA in Rhode Island, but my boyfriend in Arizona does not.

The ACA built upon the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act to expand access to mental health and addiction coverage. Unfortunately, as proposed, the AHCA is bad news for people with mental health needs. Millions of Americans would lose insurance under this law, and treatment would become even more unaffordable for many. The actual outcomes would vary by state, but the outlook isn’t good. – Patrick

Former Warner Bros. Records Executive Jeff Gold describes a few fond memories of working with Prince in the early 90’s

“I first met Prince in early 1991. Uncharacteristically, Prince had been open to feedback about his forthcoming album, Diamonds and Pearls, from Warner Bros. chairman Mo Ostin and president Lenny Waronker (himself a legendary record producer) and I believe sr. vp’s of a&r Benny Medina and Michael Ostin. When finished, many at the label felt it had great potential.

I was WB’s new senior vp of creative services, responsible for the art department and much of marketing, and when I saw Prince’s proposed album cover—a tight close up of his face, with two fingers in front of his lips, and his tongue sticking out between them, I thought it was kind of…ridiculous.

Since the album was a major priority for the company, I went to Mo and Lenny with my concerns. They suggested I have a meeting with Prince, and so Benny Medina, who worked closely with Prince, set one up. I was a major Prince fan, having seen him on Purple Rain tour and a few other times, and while I knew of his difficult reputation, figured ‘what have I got to lose?’ What followed was surely the most difficult meeting of my career.

Benny’s office was dark and sort of cave-like, with no windows. I entered to find Benny at his desk and Prince sitting in the middle of a couch, with the obvious spot for me a couch opposite Prince. There was no small talk, then or ever, with Prince. Benny got to the point, introducing me and telling Prince that I wasn’t particularly fond of his album cover concept.

Just as Benny finished delivering the bad news, there was a knock on the door, and Benny’s attorney stuck in his head. He needed Benny right away. Benny left, and I was alone with Prince, in full hair, makeup, and clothed like he was about to take the stage (as he always was), sitting about 5’ across from me, not particularly happy. In hindsight, I’m not sure anybody at Warners had ever offered up a negative opinion about his album artwork. He’d earned the right to call the shots, and expected to do so. But still, that photo was so…weird.

We had an hour or more of very difficult semi-conversation, mostly about what I thought he might do instead. Prince had enormous charisma, knew it, and knew how to use it. He also knew how to use silence and pauses in conversation to intimidate people, and he did a great job with me. I spoke respectfully and generally about why I thought a different image might be better. He glared. At one point, he asked with incredulity ‘What do you want me to do, wear overalls like R.E.M.?’ A bit later he said ‘Maybe I should have some clothes made for you’. I was wearing jeans and a button up shirt; he was wearing lime green skin-tight pants, high-heel boots, and a day-glo green, pin-striped, see-through shirt.

After one pause, he said ‘show me some album covers you’ve done.’ I ran upstairs to my office and collected about 20 cd’s I’d worked on, most from my previous job at A&M Records. He looked at each one, saying something dismissive about it, until near the bottom of the pile, he saw a holographic limited edition package I’d worked on for Suzanne Vega’s album Days of Open Hand (which I’d won an art direction Grammy for.) ‘Now this is great’ he said. Why can’t I have a hologram?’

Ah, finally a potential break. A few weeks earlier I’d met with a salesman for a company with a new, much less expensive hologram technology. I told Prince about it, and he perked up a bit. I promised to follow up and get back to him, and the meeting was over.

I pitched the hologram company’s rep –how would you like to introduce your new technology on Prince’s new album cover? Somehow, miraculously, we were able to pull it off, and Diamonds and Pearls was the first mass market CD with a holographic cover.

A few memories: We did a 4 hour hologram shoot at Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) in Hollywood, where Prince and his two dancers, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Pearl’ sat on a small circular platform. After speaking to the holographer, he decided on an arm motion to perform while a motion picture camera on a dolly shot them in a 180 degree arc. Multiple takes were completed, with a lot of down time. I remember trying to make conversation (near impossible) and asking him about collaborating with Miles Davis (he was pretty dismissive.)

A few days later, I met him at a studio in Hollywood to watch video transfers of the various takes (each a few seconds long.) We chose one pretty quickly, and I was on my way. A few weeks later I got a ‘glass plate’ test hologram, which I thought looked great. Benny and I took it to Larrabee Studios, where Prince was recording. When he saw it, he loved it—and I think I detected a bit of a thaw. Progress!

Our next encounter was probably the highlight of my music business career. Benny and I went to see Prince at SIR, where he was rehearsing his band; I think it was to show him the first actual stamped hologram samples. He was very happy with what he saw, and asked what we were doing after we left. We said something to the extent of ‘going back to the office’, and he pointed to an old funky couch and suggested we sit down, alongside two Dutch journalists who were writing a story. We did, and Prince proceeded to rehearse his set, with full band, for about an hour, for the four of us. We were maybe 10 feet in front of him. It was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen. As I reflect on it now, I think he may have been sort of saying ‘nice work on the hologram. Now take a look at what I can do’.

When he finally saw the finished album cover, he was thrilled and sent me this note. His assistant told mine that she’d never seen him send a thank you note, ever. I’d passed the test.

From then on, he never gave me any grief. That’s not to say it was always easy. But as we continued to work together, I understood that Prince was driven by a relentless pursuit of perfection. He knew exactly what he wanted. He did things his own way, and that worked for him. The word “no” didn’t exist in Prince’s world. If you told him ‘no’, he’d move on and find somebody else who would give him a ‘yes’. The absolute worst thing you could say to him is “but everybody else does it this way.”

Prince knew exactly how talented he was, had supreme self-confidence, and saw no reason to settle for anything less than his vision. And you had to respect him for it. Nobody worked harder than Prince. He was a perpetual motion machine, exploding with creativity.”

gather the ends

pairing: symmarah / pharmetra. 

rating: p gen, romantique 6k nonsense

“Call me Pharah, but if you scream in terror a few times I’ll get the message. Now, hands in front, you’re going to fly with me.”

Symmetra bungles a midnight mission, makes a friend, and then finds destiny. Or something.

to read on ao3 -

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Shinhwa Interview compilation 1

- On being longest-running idols:
Minwoo: We do feel responsible. But it’s not like we’ll be overly conscious about it. Even when we make our albums, we try not to lose out to our skilled juniors. I always listen to a lot of music, both domestic and international. When creating music or performances, you must always have an open mind.
Hyesung: If it was as simple as wanting to hear that we have “been around for a long time”, it would have been difficult to arrive at where we are now. I’m sure there must be groups that are in the same position was we were. Ultimately, it’s possible because there’s a satisfaction we feel on our group promotions. I’m the happiest when the members come together to think about the new music for our next album. It would be difficult if we think, ‘Since we’re the longest-running, we should do something more’. We will continue to do as we have.
Dongwan: For male groups, it’s advantageous to be long-running. You can do it as long as you have the will. To be honest, I’m not worried about male groups. But I’m worried about our female juniors. In our country, female groups aren’t able to go on for a long time. There are members who crumble, become depressed and get left out. I hope they don’t lose their original aspirations. It’s like a curse. The desire to act or sing doesn’t go away till you die. It’s a difficult time for female groups but I hope they hang in there. 
Minwoo: And I hope SES will be an example.

- On Shinhwa Changjos:
Eric: When I see ‘Shinhwa Changjo’ become one through the orange lightsticks at the concert hall, it excites me as well as gives me goosebumps. It’s probably because they have always supported us and given us suggestions. They were once teenagers and now they’ve become mothers and wives, and seeing that, thinking that we spent our 20s together gets me emotional too.
Hyesung: We had our first fansign after a really long time. Nowadays, they come with questions written on post-its. While there are cute questions, there are also fans who give us advice on ‘it’ll be good to promote this way’. I felt really encouraged thanks to that. During our concerts too, I was worried if they could take it, having to stand in the mosh pit for such a long time. But they stayed enthusiastic till the end and it made me feel, “We’ve still got it!” I think I received a lot of good energy just before our comeback.

- On Shinhwa’s consideration for each other:
Eric: Even during our solo activities, the members work hard for Shinhwa, be it knowingly or not. For example, Hyesung pays attention to the concert, Jinnie takes care of the staff, Dongwan takes care of the members. (Members: We can’t eat without Eric’s side dishes!)

- On being selected as role models:
Junjin: To be honest, it’s burdensome. We’ve never used the word ‘disband’. I think they chose us as role models because we’ve promoted for a long time. And that’s why there’s more need for us to show even better music and choreography.

- What ‘a performance only Shinhwa can put up’ means:
Junjin: Being restrained yet there are points to the dance here and there, powerful dance etc, it’s made up of a variety of charms. It highlights the feel of the song or lyrics, and also the balance between the members. Although our powerful dances in the past were good too, personally, I think our performances now is better.
Minwoo: Looking cool doesn’t mean you definitely have to show difficult moves. Ultimately, dance is an expression of the song. Our emphasis was on making it fit with the song. An honesty, should I call it that, that comes out of being self-restraint, that’s what I want to show.

- Working with lyricist Kim Eana:
Hyesung: She didn’t write the lyrics based on what she thought, instead it feels like she carefully analysed each member and wrote the lyrics with each of our characteristics in mind. Idol songs usually have a lot of English words in them. But I heard she tried to use as little English as possible in ‘Touch’. Apart from the word ‘you’, all the other lyrics were in Korean. It’s comfortable to pronounce and the lyrics suit the music well. I’m satisfied.
Minwoo: I know it went through quite a few corrections. I’ve done it myself so I know that it’s really difficult. You can feel her affection for the members through the lyrics.
Hyesung: Often, we give up on songs with good melodies because the melody doesn’t go well with Korean words. I was a little worried whether ‘Touch’ would work well with Korean lyrics but she wrote it well, even without English words. I’m grateful.

- Results they hope for:
Eric: We don’t have the mindset that we definitely have to win. But listening to what the fans say, they seem to want us to win. So I’d like to do what the fans want.
Minwoo: We have to win, right?
Eric: We’re also listening to the fans’ suggestions on the directions for our promotions.
Hyesung: However, just in case, even if it doesn’t do well, I don’t think we’ll feel too upset or hurt.

- on their 2D1N program for VLive+:
Andy: It will be like a MT concept. There was no script, and I think you will get to see the members playing with each other comfortably. Instead of Shin Hyesung, you’ll get to see Jung Pilkyo, instead of Junjin, you’ll get to see Park Choongjae, you’ll get to see the true selves of the Shinhwa members.

- on “Super Power” vs “Touch”:
Minwoo: We wanted to show something new. This is what I personally think but ‘Super Power’ is more like an extension of ‘Sniper’. It will look cool on stage but ‘Touch’ fits better with the season now and feels different.
Eric: When songs are recorded with the members’ voices, it sounds different from the guide track. But even after listening to the recorded versions of ‘Super Power’ and ‘Touch’, we couldn’t decide on which was better. Even after the choreography was done we kept having differing opinions. I think, in the end, we went with the better song.

- Album design:
Eric: Then the 6 of us are divided into 3:3, that’s when I become the ‘salesman’. For example, when we received the proposal for the album cover design, there was a hot debate in our group chat. 3 members wanted a simple design for both the front and back and 3 members wanted to put the members photos at the back. That’s when I became the salesman and convinced the other three members.

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So I was chatting with @renach4n​​ and unearthed something very fascinating about Yuuri and Victor’s dynamic. This one line here applies to absolutely everything they have ever said to each other. EVERYTHING. And even more so than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Pre-post edit: RIP me, I got that won’t-allow-you-to-save tumblr bug right when I was about to click post and lost a massive chunk of this when I attempted to back it up, so I apologize if some sections (namely the airport and proposal scenes) seem lacklustre. Their re-write was mostly fuelled on salty tears. Hopefully I still got my point across well enough!

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anonymous asked:

timeline with wonwoo and minghao pls omg i love your timeline posts so so much!!

here’s minghao’s since i’ve done wonwoo’s~! 

  • How he would ask you out: Straightforward, Minghao would first plan somewhere to take you out and would then ask you confidently. The worst that can happen is you would refuse. He’d probably reserve seats at his favorite Chinese restaurant and ask you one day if you had the evening off and wanted to try some new food with him? 
  • First date: The Chinese restaurant he really likes! He’d tell you all about the different food he likes and misses from his home country and would maybe even feed you pieces of the food you’ve ordered. He’d think you looked cute getting flustered when he offers you his chopsticks. 
  • First kiss: It would probably also be super straightforward because he doesn’t want anything to go wrong so one day, while you two are maybe alone at the dorm or you’ve come to watch him practice, he’ll walk up to you and kind of tell you that he’s been wanting to kiss you for some time so he’s gonna do it now ok 1- 2 - 3 
  • Skinship!: Minghao is pretty reserved because he is always cautious of your boundaries, but if he wants to do something with you, he’ll be vocal about it because - what’s the point of hiding it? He’ll probably ask you before hugging you or laying his head in your lap the first couple of times, but after that he’d feel it was ok to do it naturally. He’d be a fan of having you sit on his lap with his arms wrapped around you in a sort of bear-backhug. 
  • Making out: Pretty young, his kisses would be hesitant and a little short. He’d never do anything brash or teasing because he doesn’t know if you’d like it. His kisses would stay on your mouth and maybe one or two on your neck, but other than that he’d have his arms around your waist and would like it if he had to lean in to kiss you. 
  • First fight: It’s hard to fight with him because he’ll usually just take your side, but when you do it would be about something he thought he had done right when in your opinion he was wrong. The fight would sort of be in hushed words and in the end you’d agree to just forget about instead. 
  • Telling the other members: Minghao would tell Jun. He’d probably tell him in Chinese and then Jun would just be like “that’s great!” and if Minghao told him it was ok, Jun would explain to everyone what was going on and everyone would crowd around him like “ooooOOoooO tell us more about them!!!” 
  • Going public: It would be awkward for Minghao, but if it’s what you wanted - he would do it. Honestly, the company would probably be the one to release that he was dating. 
  • Propose: Minghao would take you to China. He’d take you to his hometown and after spending a couple days showing you around and being with his family, he’d want to propose to you somewhere that he holds dear - somewhere where he has really good memories. He’d propose by covering your eyes with a scarf or something and then taking your hand and putting the ring on your finger. Once he takes off the scarf, he’d smile and ask if it was alright - what he did. If you say yes, he’d grin and pull you into his arms for a long time.

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