proportion and scale

post-mission too-tired-to-cook-or-heat-up-anything-so-you-get-fast-food-then-when-you-get-back-to-base-you’re-all-too-tired-to-bother-going-to-a-room-with-a-table-or-chairs-so-you-just-say-“fuck it”-and-sit-on-the-floor-and-eat meal with young Gabe, Jesse, and Genji (Gabe’s putting nutrient powder in Genji’s shake for him because one of his arms is being repaired and because a milkshake was all he got because ornery first edition artificial digestive system) (Jesse ate his fries (and some of Gabe’s) on the way back, which is why he doesn’t have any next to him)


{Whoop looks like I got tagged by @badlydrawnolderyurio to do the 5 things I like about myself thingymabob .o.}

{Alrighty, here we go :D}

{1. I like how much my art has improved since making this blog; looking back at my first couple posts, I definitely have a better grasp on value, form, and proportion and scale (s’what I get for putting myself through artist boot camp I suppose xD)}

{2. I like my self-confidence; I’ve been working really hard on being positive for myself and for others}

{3. I like my hair :3 it’s curly}

{4. I like my knowledge about the night sky (I suppose? xD); I’ve still got a lot more to learn, of course, but I like being able to point out constellations and stars and planets}

{5. I like that I got a bunch of friends and hallmates into yoi with me :3c}

An attempt was made. Things stifling this attempt: Jyushi’s perspective issues meant that his right arm had to be dropped (presume it’s cradling Ichi’s back, although if I was more confident in my ability it’d look better if it was drawn in). Unlike Oso and Ichi, these two dakis had incompatible proportions and had to be scaled and toyed around with so that Jyushi didn’t look tiny by comparison. Once more, it’s not really intended as blmatsu but feel free to interpret it that way if you want to. Enjoy.