The Apple 4g iPod touch case with designs from Brighton Artist Ben Allen has been created to add minimal bulk but maximum style to your 4g iPod touch. It allows you to use your iPod whilst in the case and keep it looking fabulous and protected. Super tough and robust, the hard shell case comes in two stylish designs Skull and Zebra, both protect against knocks and impact damage, whilst remaining soft and silky to the touch.Key Features

  • Designed for Apple 4g iPod touch

  • Super tough hard shell case offers unbeatable protection against impact damage, scratches and scrapes

  • Artwork by Brighton artist Ben Allen

  • Available in two stylish designs Skull and Zebra

  • Lifetime Warranty

Before I went to France my very friendly office gave me a BeachBuoy case for my phone and asked me to test it. On the ferry I had my phone, my passport, my credit card and some change in the case which was very handy as I could sit outside in the rain (I usually become seasick when I sit inside) and enjoy the fresh air.

More to follow :-)