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I'd like to apologize for what I said about you earlier, it was uncalled for. I recognize that you state capitalism has it's ugly side, as an argument to the "communism is bad, people died from these communist nations" argument. I agree that capitalist nations do not always do things in the best interest of "other" people. But, it is in the "communist" nations where it's own people have been rounded up, sent off to prisons, executed, for having a differing view point from their government's. 1/2

I have been thinking of reading up on Marx, but what do you mean by “don’t stop there”. Again, I’m sorry for insulting your intelligence, I was angry at your grouping of WW1 and 2, but that is no excuse.

whoa man you missed the boat we’re talking about lesbian heist films now. seriously though i said “don’t stop there” because there’s several vibrant traditions of communist thought since marx, all of which deal in their own ways with the successes and failures of “actually existing socialism” (a truly communist society has not yet been built). but here’s the thing: all the crimes you ascribe to ‘communist’ countries are worse under capitalism. you want to talk about artificially created famines? secret prisons? mass execution of political prisoners? on all of these counts, the supposed crimes of communism (which, in things like the black book of communism, are exaggerated due to propaganda and shoddy scholarship) are outdone by orders of magnitude by the crimes of capitalism.