Ya Rasoolullah! S.A.W!

"Need you more than ever Ya Rasoolullah!" (SAW)
Sometimes we forget the things Our Nabi (SAW) did for us. In the hot reaping Sun He stood and faced the sky for hours and hours, why? For whom?
The answer is ‘US’, His Ummah, He was standing there and crying,begging Allah SWT to forgive us US.. US.. not him.. but US!
Ya Rasoolullah! We dont even deserve that :(
In this Duniyah we sleep after midnight, maybe before/after Fajr Salah, sometimes we pray sometimes we don’t.. BUT Ya Rasoolullah SAW didn’t sleep before Fajr, no he didn’t, but INSTEAD He was awake,in sujood all night crying for our forgivenss, all night, imagine that, and look at us, we are His Ummati, do we even deserve that name? What do we do to prove that we are part of His Ummah? We have pride in our castes but not our religion.
Let’s prove to Allah’s Beloved Messenger that we do realise His favours upon us, and let’s change, because remember one thing, we cannot change this world until we change ourselves, let’s change, lets tell this Duniyah with our actions that we are HIS UMMAH, only His, let’s put our castes to a side, let’s put these false duniyah desires to a side and change, don’t you want to see Prophet Muhammed SAW in Jannah? Isn’t that something to strive for?