The Almighty told one of the Prophets (as) through revelation:
If I am obeyed, I would be pleased, and if I am pleased, I would give Blessings, and My Blessings are infinite. If I am disobeyed, I would be Wrathful, and if I become Wrathful, I curse, and My Curse would affect seven generations ahead.

Imam Ali Reza (as).

Source (Al-Kafi, 2:272)

anonymous asked:

If Ephram wanted to dress you for a night out on the town how do you imagine you'd end up looking?

“I think that would very much depend on his motivation, really. If he wanted to wind me up, or wanted me in something he could get into easily… 

Or just wanted me in something he’s partial to?

Honestly, love, I really can’t say. Somewhere on the spectrum between luscious and laughable, I suppose? Ephram’s got rather… well… we’ll call it eclectic taste, when it comes to fashion - so Christ knows what I’d end up in.”

FRIDAY: This is going to be a solid enough, stress-free day.  My must-sees are Nine Inch Nails, X, the Cribs, Buzzcocks, and Radar State.  Beyond that?  I’d be stoked to see New Order, Ministry, Four Year Strong, the Hotelier, and/or Saul Williams.  I could take or leave the rest of it.

SATURDAY: Things are starting to feel a bit crowded.  Queens of the Stone Age, the Lawrence Arms performing Oh! Calcutta!, Bayside performing The Walking Wounded, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, FIDLAR, Bad Brains, Fishbone, and Potty Mouth go right to the top of the heap.  If I’m being honest, Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory aren’t necessities but…  I always love seeing them in a festival setting.  “Nice to sees” for this day include Wu-Tang Clan, Streetlight Manifesto, Gogol Bordello, the Smith Street Band, and RVIVR.

SUNDAY: Fuck, this is crowded.  Jawbreaker is really the only “must-see,” really.  For obvious reasons.  But I’ll be bummed if I have to choose between them and Paramore or Prophets of Rage.  Fingers-crossed for them having a no-conflict headlining slot.  If pressed, PoR would win out over Paramore easily.  Other acts I want to see immensely?  The Mighty Mighty Bosstones performing Let’s Face It, Dinosaur Jr., Say Anything, Best Coast, the Menzingers, Hot Water Music, That Dog, Beach Slang, the Flatliners, Dessa, and Culture Abuse.

Honestly, looking at the line-up splayed out like this bums me out a bit.  There’s no way I make it through Sunday without at least a little bit of overlap…  But whatever.  It’ll be fun, regardless.

I’m glad I was able to make this happen.

Witch Spoiler #1

Witchcraft isn’t as aesthetic as it’s portrayed.
It can totally be like those mood boards, or those pictures of witches surrounded by thousands of crystals and candles.
But more often than not
It’s kinda just mundane
Like I vent to my single amethyst geode piece and sing to my kidney bean plant and how he’s growing so well (His name’s Aaron.)
I practice spells on the floor of my bathroom in pyjamas with Hey Ya! by Outkast playing in the background
I make sigils in the corners of my notes like
Don’t think you’re less witchy because you use rocks instead of crystals, because you aren’t.


this is the funniest thing ive seen in yonks


World of Warcraft: Legion (2016)