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Apollo worshiped in his modern temple. The acrid cigarette smoke bellowing in the air, akin to the incense of old. His priestesses, his bright-eyed prophets, dancing slow minuets in the dark, and whispering visions into the ears of business men.
—  Apollo’s New Temple [a.m.b]
The factory might have given us the millionfold productivity increases that yielded the Industrial Revolution, but it achieved those gains by chaining us to machines, deskilling the artisan and turning him into a cog in the factory, stripped of judgment and dignity and disconnected from the rhythms of his spirit and the world around him.

Prompt: It’s no secret you and Draco always have been in love. After Astoria’s death, your paths crossed again, until you’re engaged to each other. In your wedding night, Draco gets too happy and wants to provide the best for his wife in every single way.

Genre: Fluff / Smut

Warnings: none.

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It is a well-known fact that those who want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
—  Douglas Adams
Iris Cams

A particular speciality of Foaly, the Iris Cam is a covert surveillance device designed to be worn on the eye in a fashion similar to a contact lens, invisible to everything but very close inspection. Using advancements in micro tech, they are able to record and transmit audio and visual data on a variety of spectrums, both visible and invisible. 

(”You wouldn’t be able to tell that this iris was artificial if I didn’t point it out to you.” -Foaly, introducing his latest invention

The Iris Cam was originally built as part of a technology invention competition during Foaly’s studies at the Delacy University of Technology’s Haven Campus, which it won thanks to its innovative design and utility, beating out Opal Koboi and her DoubleDex wing pack. This incident would become a deciding factor in the Pixie’s choice of enemies later on, thanks to her extremely competitive personality and general homicidal tendencies. 

The Iris Cam is ideal for negotiation and infiltration missions, as it is far less conspicuous than a full helmet while still maintaining many of its capabilities. They can augment vision for their users and even read biometric data. Two of them were used to great effect during the Fowl Siege by Commander Root and Mulch Diggums, allowing covert video to be taken of Fowl and his mannerisms and giving Diggums the the enhanced vision needed to break through the Manor’s security systems undetected. 

Iris Cams, as their name suggests, are designed to mimic the iris of a person’s eye. For this purpose, multiple colours are produced for different users. A mismatch during the C-Cube recovery mission led to a hazel cam being assigned to Artemis Fowl, something that proved surprisingly prophetic of events that took place later with the Hybras incident. 

Reuse of the devices is not recommended, as they are so fragile that standard sterilisation protocols can irreparably damage their inner workings. They are also too small to carry self destructs, so it’s a good thing that they are so hard to detect. In any case, a good stomp will easily shatter the cam, if it comes to that.

What if Bandai’s phrases actually DO have a meaning?

Specifically, they’re a prophetic description for the events of the killing game?

First off…

Both dolphin and deer live inside pine trees.

Munakata’s overseas branch re-purposed as Future Foundation headquarters would be the pine tree in this scenario, while the deer represent a spiritual messenger in Shintoism (AKA a bringer of hope). The dolphins are a little harder to pin down, but we do know they’ve long been considered food in Japan despite their intelligence, leading to the overlap that these intelligent messengers of hope are about to live inside a pine tree and be preyed upon. I went with this conclusion because of the camera panning up the tower.


A dancing wolf needs no sake.

What if later in the series it’s revealed that Kizakura was actually drinking water the entire time to throw people off his cunning nature, and in reality he’s going to show himself to be an extremely important factor towards keeping everyone alive…? Or being the killer himself… (with the others as the ‘prey’). The camera lingers across Gekkogahara here, but she was the one he pointed out as the traitor, which turned out to be mostly correct.


A chanting monk doesn’t know his parents.” 

I’m going out on some speculation here. @jinjojess came up with a theory about Pekoyama being related to Kirigiri due to her silver hair color (which, genetically, would lead to lilac due to Jin Kirigiri’s darker purple) and her family being martial artists, like Kirigiri’s maternal side of her family. Later, it was proposed that his hair color might actually link Munakata and Kirigiri being distantly related for both dramatic purposes and as a minor explanation for him being able to match swords with Pekoyama. So if this ends up being true, it wouldn’t be too unlikely for Munakata to also be an orphan, and this leading him towards professing a different type of hope than Kirigiri decided on from her parental issues (making him a foil to her). I went with this conclusion because of the camera lingering over his back while it was being said.


A divorce note from an imp…

The camera lingers over the entire cast here, which might hint at the NG bracelets affecting and forcibly turning them all against each other as per Monokuma’s wishes (the ‘imp’). It also might signify Gekkogahara’s defection from Future Foundation by helping to organize the entire set-up with Monaka representing the ‘imp’.


It’s like a dinner for small fry.

The small fry in this case being those who represent despair trying to bring down the strongest representatives of hope. This one is almost too straightforward that I want to dig a bit deeper into its meaning.


A strawberry seed only shows its face three times.”

This may be referencing Junko Enoshima’s strawberry-blonde hair, with this being the apparent third killing game (excluding the kid’s killing game in Another Episode and the test run killing game in Zero) either implying she’ll appear once more, or implying the wrong ordering is evidence that she has no influence over this current situation, arguing in Naegi’s favor over whether or not he’s allied with her like Sakakura claims.

Bet you hate Sakakura even more now for getting him killed…

“Tyrell Wellick Became The Prophet” -- Thoughts on The Finale

Throughout the entire course of the finale, the question we were all asking was, “Where is Tyrell Wellick?” Elliot goes through this mad goose chase of trying to piece together the few days that have gone blank on him. He finds out he has launched the attack without his group, that he has possession of Tyrell’s car and that it is Tyrell who speaks for fsociety via video as the world crashes and, yet, is “awakened.” While I’ll certainly write something more comprehensive in the future, here are my bullet point thoughts:

  •  Ty and Elliot went to home base, which we see in Episode 09. There is a high possibility that Elliot continued to show Tyrell the mechanics of their work and the game changing event that will come to pass right then and there. Darlene comments that after the apartment (when she leaves to refill his prescriptions), Elliot vanished and launched without them. 

  • Tyrell and Elliot probably launched this attack together. Tyrell’s eyes (which we are assuming are his) are shown as he speaks via video about a great change coming to pass. This harkens back to Tyrell telling Joanna that maybe their goals should be something greater – something akin to achieving godhood. Is this Tyrell edging closer to this higher calling he once spoke of?

  • Joanna revealed that Tyrell has been MIA for a while. Tyrell is MIA everywhere, essentially, but he was there for the launch. Elliot has his car and has been holding it for days in that parking spot (2 days, doesn’t pay on the third).

  • In the rooftop of the vehicle is a video of Elliot falling, which leads to Elliot coming up with a way to bring back Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot appears when Elliot, essentially, threatens his own freedom by calling law enforcement. Mr. Robot is immediately there and stopping him. When Elliot’s well-being/freedom is jeopardized, Mr. Robot steps in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s free from harming Elliot. We have seen him “push” Elliot off the pier, start a fight at the coffeeshop, etc.  He can hurt him/be the result of a pain (in the form of a lesson, not maliciously so), but all other threats are warned upon/prevented (i.e. Shayla, Mr. Robot stating to Elliot to just save himself the pain that will come by not agreeing to help/free Shayla; Hanging up the phone when Elliot was ready to call the cops/be arrested). 

  • Mr. Robot stated that the two of them have to do this together. That it’s only about those two accomplishing this together and that is all Elliot needs. Furthermore, he tells Elliot in the cafe that he was meant to be Elliot’s prophet and Elliot was meant to be his god. So I wonder if the illusion of Mr. Robot was irritated/miffed that Tyrell Wellick became Elliot’s prophet during the big event. It was Tyrell who spoke for Elliot in the video, acting as the prophet to this event that is biblical in proportions. Maybe it is Mr. Robot’s influence that has led to Tyrell’s disappearance. Not to say that Tyrell is dead, but it may be that seeing Tyrell’s role change so drastically and take over a role meant for Mr. Robot (at that moment, for that event) triggered something. Triggered something to the point where Elliot can’t remember the past couple of days. Mr. Robot won’t even elude or speak of it, meaning he certainly knows and if Elliot wants to find out, the price tag is going to be mighty hefty…

Phoenix, AZ(May 29 2015) - A march of 250 heavily armed right-wing protesters descended upon a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday to demonstrate against what they said was the Muslim community that fostered the two men who were killed attacking a “Draw the Prophet” event outside Dallas in early May.

While it was billed as a free-speech rally, the protest was interpreted by many as a deliberate act of intimidation. On Twitter, commenters were outraged, using the hashtag #NotMyAmerica and critiquing the apparent double standard at play: White protesters carrying AK-47s are treated with kid gloves while minority-driven protests across the rest of the country are cracked down on with seeming impunity by the police.

#NotMyAmerica  #PHxMosque

harry potter reread: order of the phoenix pt v
  • “None of the staff but Filch seemed to be stirring themselves to help [Umbridge]. Indeed, a week after Fred and George’s departure Harry witnessed Professor McGonagall walking right past Peeves, who was determinedly loosening a crystal chandelier, and could have sworn he heard her tell the poltergeist out of the corner of her mouth, ‘It unscrews the other way.’” nothing to add here i just love mcgonagall’s resolute determination in annoying umbridge as much as humanly possible
  • so in honour of the gryffindor vs slytherin match, luna wears a lion hat, and then before the gryffindor vs ravenclaw game she’s spotted with “what appeared to be a live eagle perched on top of her head.” i’m very into luna’s taste in headwear
  • i was only nine when this book came out and thus had absolutely no experience with examinations at all, and so back then the OWLs chapter just made me laugh. ernie macmillan revising for eight hours a day? ron sitting reading two years worth of notes with his fingers in his ears? seamus lying down on the floor and reciting definitions? pff how silly, exams can’t be that bad. and now after finishing university this chapter just makes me shudder in horror as i remember the absolute hell that was dissertation and exam period
  • draco cocks up in the MIDDLE OF HIS EXAM because at the mere mention of harry’s name he “throw[s] a scathing look over at him; the wine glass Malfoy had been levitating fell to the floor and smashed.” for god’s sake, this boy is unbelievable. rein it in draco
  • mcgonagall is hit by FOUR stunning spells to the chest and then rocks up a week later good as new. i can only dream of being as incredible as this woman 
  • how very considerate of voldemort to wait until harry’s last exam before planting the vision of sirius being tortured into his head. like yeah he wants to kill this 15 year old boy, but at the same time he’s like 'no, i’ll wait until the end of OWLs. i’ve been there, man, it’s fucking tough as hell. i’m not ruining his exams, education is important.’ at least it got harry out of his history of magic exam
  • i can’t deal with this. hermione tries to convince harry that they’re walking straight into a trap, that there’s so many fishy things about his vision, but harry doesn’t listen. and i’m not saying i blame him at all, but just. the thought of reliving watching him endure the sheer horrific guilt over feeling responsible for sirius’s death, berating himself that he wouldn’t have fallen for the trap if he had just fire-called sirius five minutes sooner, or used the mirror, is absolutely devastating. I’M NOT READY! I’LL NEVER BE READY!!!
  • kacky snorgle
  • can you imagine how fucking weird it would’ve been for the people who can’t see thestrals to witness harry and co fly to the ministry?? i’m trying desperately to think of happy thoughts
  • the ministry telephone box gives all of them badges that say ’Harry Potter, Rescue Mission’ and like…it doesn’t explicitly state that they all put them on but i’m going to assume that they do because it’s mildly funny to imagine them a squaring against the death eaters and voldemort whilst wearing a badge like they’re part of a scouts group
  • okay. the chase through the department of mysteries is a very intense, terrifying chapter, but i would just like to say that, given all the scrambling through dozens of doors, it’s inexplicably reminds me of that scene from scooby-doo
  • “'SIRIUS!’ Harry yelled. 'SIRIUS!’ He had reached the floor, his breath coming in searing gasps. Sirius must be just behind the curtain, he, Harry, would pull him back out…But as he reached the ground and sprinted towards the dais, Lupin grabbed Harry around the chest, holding him back.” there have obviously been many times in this series that harry has been inches from death but like…the book could’ve just ended there with harry going through the veil. that would’ve been awkward
  • “'He can’t come back, Harry,’ said Lupin, his voice breaking as he struggled to contain Harry. 'He can’t come back, because he’s d-’” “Lupin turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain.” inscribe these quotes as the cause of death in my post-mortem
  • does anyone remember the buzzfeed listicle detailing the reasons why harry sucks and it basically boiled down to calling him an annoying mope? i just cannot fathom how anyone can read harry having a full-scale meltdown in dumbledore’s office, smashing objects and screaming “'I - DON’T - WANT - TO - BE - HUMAN!’” because he cannot cope with the grief and the guilt that comes with him thinking he’s responsible for the death of his godfather, and then think 'what a whiney asshole’
  • “'Do you see, Harry? Do you see the flaw in my brilliant plan now? I had fallen into the trap I had foreseen, that I had told myself I could avoid, that I must avoid … I cared about you too much,’ said Dumbledore calmly. 'I cared more for your happiness than your knowing the truth, more for your peace of mind than my plan, more for your life than the lives that might be lost if the plan failed.’” ok look i know that this part of the reread has essentially been Fuck Dumbledore: The Blog but i think this section actually sums up my feelings on him to be honest, which are basically *waves hand in a shaky gesture whilst making a nervous humming sound* i mean, ootp is the first book to properly and directly confront us with the idea that dumbledore isn’t just a twinkly-eyed omniscient friendly old man - he ignores harry for months, when harry is in a time of grief, before going on the run from the ministry, so we don’t understand his strange behaviour until the penultimate chapter. and then, he explains everything! we’re provided with answers! but in implicitly telling harry that he’s had some Grand Plan, dumbledore lets slip that he’s been plotting voldemort’s downfall for harry’s entire life and yet that plan had been causing him emotional difficulty because…..he accidentally started caring about harry. like i’m just so conflicted over how i’m meant to feel over this? i never thought critically about this as a child and i’m struggling with it even now tbh
  • i mean it’s one of the age old philosophical questions of morality, isn’t it, about whether it’s right to sacrifice one person for the good of society, and i’m not going to act like i’m smart enough to debate that question but just. if you try and take on that responsibility, as dumbledore does, there’s a whole load of moral greyness that comes with doing such a thing in and of itself, and this is the first time we see the effects of that on him. not that i’m defending him or justifying his actions in any way, because dumbledore has done a lot of questionable stuff and even in this confession he’s pretty much like “whoops, i accidentally started thinking of you as a human being and not a pawn” but i just found it weird that jkr has written such an incredibly morally complex character and yet she herself described dumbledore as “the epitome of goodness”…joanne come on now. dumbledore is a very interesting character, and i understand his thought processes but this whole topic still strikes me as really shifty and Hmmmm, especially in how he phrases it. i forget where i was going with this. i think it just annoys me that we’re given an explicit admission of dumbledore’s faults by the man himself but there’s still a depiction of him as some huge hero, such as in the jkr quote above, and also in the fact that harry is never like 'dude what the fuck?’ and has an in-depth discussion with him about all this being brought up like a lamb for slaughter business, but instead seemingly still worships the ground dumbledore walked on 20 years later
  • in the prophet article detailing the events at the ministry, fudge refers to voldemort as “Lord Thingy.”…not got as good a ring to it as You-Know-Who
  • WHY does almost every book have to end with gryffindor winning the bloody house cup. sirius died and harry and co suffered horrible wounds and they’re probably going to be traumatised for the rest of their lives but cheers for the house points
  • i can’t deal with this. harry tries to talk to sirius in his mirror (which he didn’t even unwrap all year for fear of it somehow getting sirius caught) and after that he corners nearly-headless nick to try and get closure in the idea that sirius will come back as a ghost. this is too much
  • the ending of this book is the first time that any adult figures have ever explicitly acknowledged that the dursleys abuse harry and directly threaten them face-to-face (“If we don’t hear from [Harry] for three days in a row, we’ll send someone along…”) in order to stop it. do you know when the last time someone made a genuine effort to save harry from his abusive environment was? when ron, fred and george rescued him in the ford anglia when he was 12. wow. i mean it’s good that the order make an effort now but it’s a bit late isn’t it
  • i really love the endings of each book in the series because they shed so much light on the book as a whole. ps to poa concluded with harry gleefully looking forward to teasing dudley over the summer. gof, where shit hit the fan, ended with harry reluctantly accepting that he would have to face what was coming. and now, in ootp, the final chapter is entitled 'the second war begins’. the ending is a new beginning, a beginning of something terrible and destructive, and yet at the same time the last lines show harry smiling at the sight of the order waving him goodbye as he leaves king’s cross with the dursleys, feeling a bit safer over the prospect of spending another summer with them. it’s very bittersweet. i enjoyed this book a lot even if it’s now stained with my tears

I want to write a fic where Luke joins Vader on Bespin because of some kind of prophetic vision of the events to come, with the express purpose of getting Vader to redeem himself earlier. And Luke uses himself as leverage.

So like, he blackmails Vader into helping him rescue Han by saying, “Well, if you don’t help me, I’ll just never ever turn to the Dark Side. And then I guess you’ll have to kill me.” Then he smiles pretty much exactly like this:

External image

Words: F

Faffle to blow in sudden gusts, to stammer or fumble

Fage to coax, flatter and beguile

Famelicose (adj): “constantly hungry.” Example: I’m famelicose for a grilled cheese.

Famulus a medieval sorcerer’s assistant

Fanger a guardian, one who protects, as do fanged animals

Farouche sullen or shy

Farraginous consisting of a confused mixture; formed of various materials in no fixed order or arrangement

Fary a state of consternation, tumult

Fatidical having the power to foretell future events; prophetic

fatuous        FAT-chew-us      foolish; stupid; silly

Febrile of or relating to fever; feverish

Fecund fertile; intellectually productive

felicity       fa-LISS-a-tee      bliss; a pleasing aptness in speech and deportment; grace

Fetor (or foetor) an offensive, stale or putrid odor

Firefanged scorched, overheated and producing a singed taste or smell

Flagitious atrocious, heinous or appalling wicked

Flerd deceit, fraud

Flexuous having curves, turns or windings; lithe or fluid in action or movement

Fliperous a proud gossip, a prattler

Flosh a swamp or stagnant pool overgrown with weeds

Flummery meaningless flattery

Fonkin a little fool

Foozle to manage clumsily; to bungle

Fop a man who is excessively concerned with fashion and elegance

Fopdoodle a simpleton; an insignificant fool

Formicate swarm like ants

Frowsy musty, stale; having a slovenly or uncared-for appearance

Frush to crush, strike, break

Fudgel (v): “pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all.” Example: Sometimes fudgeling can actually increase your focus.

Fulgent shining brilliantly; gleaming

Fulsome excessive; cloying through surfeit

Fulvous dull brownish yellow; tawny

furtive        FURR-tive      sly; shifty; secretive

Fustian ridiculously pompous, bombastic or inflated language
Officer Injured, 2 Dead in Shooting Outside Muhammad Art Event in Garland, Texas
Two men have been shot outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Sunday afternoon, Garland police have confirmed.

A security guard was wounded after two men opened fire outside art event focusing on caricatures of Muhammad in Garland, Texas, police said Sunday. Police shot and killed both suspects and nearby businesses have been evacuated.

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Most people think of Jesus as this really passive guy who walks around gently and smiles a lot and just says to love everyone and turn the other cheek. But if you read the gospels, you’ll see there’s a lot more to his character than that.

Most everyone is familiar with the time Jesus turns to semi-violent behavior when he overthrows the tables of the moneychangers and fashions a whip to drive out animals and people from the Temple grounds while accusing them of defiling a holy place and turning it into a den of robbers (Jeremiah 7:11). It’s highly likely that this radical event is what caused the leaders of the Jews to ultimately bring him to trial.

But there’s some other examples of Jesus’s rage, the best of which is the entirety of his rant against the Pharisees in Matthew 23, where he repeatedly says “Woe to you” and accuses them of hypocrisy, false practice, iniquity, and killing the prophets, and calls them serpents and vipers who are at risk of “the judgment of hell”, and prophesied the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem within a generation.

A famous example of Jesus’s anger is when he miraculously curses a fig tree for having no good fruit and it withers up in front of him. Most people seem to have no idea of the actual symbolism of this event. The prophets sometimes used figs and trees as metaphors for the Israelite people, especially Jeremiah 24. The Messiah himself is sometimes referred to as “Branch” (Isaiah 11:1). So this cursing of the fig tree is symbolic of God cursing the Israelite nation with destruction, via the impending siege by the Romans, and on a spiritual level via Hell for rejecting Christ.

Jesus often spoke bluntly, telling Peter, “Get behind me, Satan!” when he tried to convince him not to move headlong into crucifixion. Jesus was determined to speak the truth radically and without compromise until they killed him for it. He knew they were going to kill him for it and prophesied it several times, to the dismay of his disciples. He evaded being caught whenever possible, but once it became inevitable he gave in.

Jesus famously said, “Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation.” He also said, “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.”

It is true that Jesus talked of love and peace, as well, and we can conclude from this that he saw love and peace and forgiveness as sound values (which of course they are). But it is actually that Jesus told us to “judge not, lest ye be judged” because he was opposing hypocrisy, not the idea of judgment. Jesus consistently opposes hypocrisy and engages in judgment all the time, so it is neither a logical nor a traditional reading to say that Jesus opposes judgment.

Similarly when he told us to turn the other cheek when abused by the Romans, or to go the extra mile when pressed into forceful servitude by Roman soldiers, he was describing a strategy for dealing with a more powerful force that is far more effective than rising up against them in arms when you cannot win. Instead he promoted a moral campaign against them, an attempt to delegitimize their authority and make them feel guilty, rather than validate their feelings of superiority. He knew that the “zealots” who wanted to rise up against Rome would fail, and in fact they did, which is why Jerusalem was besieged! That is why he warned them against foolish violence, and indeed, the doctrine of Just War tells us that you should not wage war you have no chance of winning.

Anyway, there’s probably a few things I left out, but I really wanted to make this case because it needs to be made. Set aside your vision of Jesus as a man who gets walked all over. Christ fought valiantly with the truth, he wanted to save his people, and he wanted to promote true liberty and righteousness. He regularly referenced the Old Testament in his preaching, he gained an enormous following, and he knew that he would be put to death, and he went willingly, for the sake of all of us. Let us not waste his courage and sacrifice by pretending he was a cuddly little kitten who said we should all be pathetic weaklings!

—  /u/heatdeath on reddit

Tales of Innocence should be called Tales of Rebirth because the plot is entirely based around the connections between the major characters via their past lives

Tales of Legendia should be called Tales of Symphonia because to date it is the only game with a symphonic soundtrack and is lauded even by its critics for its soundtrack.

Tales of the Abyss should be called Tales of Destiny because of the central theme of The Score, a prophetic record of future events that controlled everyones lives, and the characters fighting to prove that they can choose their own fates.

jiwonglee-deactivated20160308  asked:

Do you think that the world is going to end soon? Because of the diasters, ISIS, allowing gay marriages, natural diasters? Like in the Revelations, how people worship other idols & where we can't purchase/sell products w/o the mark.

Yes, I believe Jesus is coming soon!!!! Prophetic events are already taking place, and these are the signs that He is coming, like really really soon! These are all happening so that we can still have time to prepare for His second coming. We still have time to REPENT and turn away from sins before it’s too late. Let us acknowledge Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, lay down our lives for Him, serve Him and spread the Gospel that Jesus really saves! He is the way, the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him. For the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. But Jesus came that we may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10).  We should not just lie in wait doing nothing, this is the time when we should be steadfast in trials, persecutions and turmoils! For it is said: Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him. -James 1:12