prophetic events

The factory might have given us the millionfold productivity increases that yielded the Industrial Revolution, but it achieved those gains by chaining us to machines, deskilling the artisan and turning him into a cog in the factory, stripped of judgment and dignity and disconnected from the rhythms of his spirit and the world around him.
Apollo worshiped in his modern temple. The acrid cigarette smoke bellowing in the air, akin to the incense of old. His priestesses, his bright-eyed prophets, dancing slow minuets in the dark, and whispering visions into the ears of business men.
—  Apollo’s New Temple [a.m.b]
What if Bandai’s phrases actually DO have a meaning?

Specifically, they’re a prophetic description for the events of the killing game?

First off…

Both dolphin and deer live inside pine trees.

Munakata’s overseas branch re-purposed as Future Foundation headquarters would be the pine tree in this scenario, while the deer represent a spiritual messenger in Shintoism (AKA a bringer of hope). The dolphins are a little harder to pin down, but we do know they’ve long been considered food in Japan despite their intelligence, leading to the overlap that these intelligent messengers of hope are about to live inside a pine tree and be preyed upon. I went with this conclusion because of the camera panning up the tower.


A dancing wolf needs no sake.

What if later in the series it’s revealed that Kizakura was actually drinking water the entire time to throw people off his cunning nature, and in reality he’s going to show himself to be an extremely important factor towards keeping everyone alive…? Or being the killer himself… (with the others as the ‘prey’). The camera lingers across Gekkogahara here, but she was the one he pointed out as the traitor, which turned out to be mostly correct.


A chanting monk doesn’t know his parents.” 

I’m going out on some speculation here. @jinjojess came up with a theory about Pekoyama being related to Kirigiri due to her silver hair color (which, genetically, would lead to lilac due to Jin Kirigiri’s darker purple) and her family being martial artists, like Kirigiri’s maternal side of her family. Later, it was proposed that his hair color might actually link Munakata and Kirigiri being distantly related for both dramatic purposes and as a minor explanation for him being able to match swords with Pekoyama. So if this ends up being true, it wouldn’t be too unlikely for Munakata to also be an orphan, and this leading him towards professing a different type of hope than Kirigiri decided on from her parental issues (making him a foil to her). I went with this conclusion because of the camera lingering over his back while it was being said.


A divorce note from an imp…

The camera lingers over the entire cast here, which might hint at the NG bracelets affecting and forcibly turning them all against each other as per Monokuma’s wishes (the ‘imp’). It also might signify Gekkogahara’s defection from Future Foundation by helping to organize the entire set-up with Monaka representing the ‘imp’.


It’s like a dinner for small fry.

The small fry in this case being those who represent despair trying to bring down the strongest representatives of hope. This one is almost too straightforward that I want to dig a bit deeper into its meaning.


A strawberry seed only shows its face three times.”

This may be referencing Junko Enoshima’s strawberry-blonde hair, with this being the apparent third killing game (excluding the kid’s killing game in Another Episode and the test run killing game in Zero) either implying she’ll appear once more, or implying the wrong ordering is evidence that she has no influence over this current situation, arguing in Naegi’s favor over whether or not he’s allied with her like Sakakura claims.

Bet you hate Sakakura even more now for getting him killed…

It is a well-known fact that those who want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
—  Douglas Adams

Phoenix, AZ(May 29 2015) - A march of 250 heavily armed right-wing protesters descended upon a mosque in Phoenix, Arizona, on Friday to demonstrate against what they said was the Muslim community that fostered the two men who were killed attacking a “Draw the Prophet” event outside Dallas in early May.

While it was billed as a free-speech rally, the protest was interpreted by many as a deliberate act of intimidation. On Twitter, commenters were outraged, using the hashtag #NotMyAmerica and critiquing the apparent double standard at play: White protesters carrying AK-47s are treated with kid gloves while minority-driven protests across the rest of the country are cracked down on with seeming impunity by the police.

#NotMyAmerica  #PHxMosque
Officer Injured, 2 Dead in Shooting Outside Muhammad Art Event in Garland, Texas
Two men have been shot outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Sunday afternoon, Garland police have confirmed.

A security guard was wounded after two men opened fire outside art event focusing on caricatures of Muhammad in Garland, Texas, police said Sunday. Police shot and killed both suspects and nearby businesses have been evacuated.

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Political Cartoon PERFECTLY Shows Why We Can’t Bow To Radical Muslims’ Demands

It’s true what they say. A picture is worth 1000 words. The outrage over Garland’s “Draw the Prophet” event has declined over the last few days. (That may be due to other news getting the spotlight, like Amtrak’s train derailment.)

Still, the fight is far from over. The entire situation in Garland was a real eye opener, for me at least. I really didn’t think that liberals would be so quick to fold up like lawn chairs and crap all over the First Amendment to appease a group of bloodthirsty religious wackos.

This political cartoon does a great job of showing why we can’t concede. Nothing short of world domination will satisfy these Islamic militants. They want to kill infidels and impose Sharia Law. So liberals bending over and promising to never ever ever ever ever draw Mohammad again doesn’t do squat. Case in point: see picture above.

Words: F

Faffle to blow in sudden gusts, to stammer or fumble

Fage to coax, flatter and beguile

Famelicose (adj): “constantly hungry.” Example: I’m famelicose for a grilled cheese.

Famulus a medieval sorcerer’s assistant

Fanger a guardian, one who protects, as do fanged animals

Farouche sullen or shy

Farraginous consisting of a confused mixture; formed of various materials in no fixed order or arrangement

Fary a state of consternation, tumult

Fatidical having the power to foretell future events; prophetic

fatuous        FAT-chew-us      foolish; stupid; silly

Febrile of or relating to fever; feverish

Fecund fertile; intellectually productive

felicity       fa-LISS-a-tee      bliss; a pleasing aptness in speech and deportment; grace

Fetor (or foetor) an offensive, stale or putrid odor

Firefanged scorched, overheated and producing a singed taste or smell

Flagitious atrocious, heinous or appalling wicked

Flerd deceit, fraud

Flexuous having curves, turns or windings; lithe or fluid in action or movement

Fliperous a proud gossip, a prattler

Flosh a swamp or stagnant pool overgrown with weeds

Flummery meaningless flattery

Fonkin a little fool

Foozle to manage clumsily; to bungle

Fop a man who is excessively concerned with fashion and elegance

Fopdoodle a simpleton; an insignificant fool

Formicate swarm like ants

Frowsy musty, stale; having a slovenly or uncared-for appearance

Frush to crush, strike, break

Fudgel (v): “pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all.” Example: Sometimes fudgeling can actually increase your focus.

Fulgent shining brilliantly; gleaming

Fulsome excessive; cloying through surfeit

Fulvous dull brownish yellow; tawny

furtive        FURR-tive      sly; shifty; secretive

Fustian ridiculously pompous, bombastic or inflated language