Watch Your Step (Weasley TwinsxReader)

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Written for @callmepurebloodslytherin who writes amazing HP (Mostly Draco) fics that you all need to read!

“The short one.”

“The blonde one.

“It’s going to be both them. But it’s going to be that 3rd years fault.”

“That’s a bit specific isn’t?” Fred asked.

“Bit of a long shot really,” George added.

“Not at all. I’ll even put a handful of sickles on it,” you smiled.

“Deal,” they said in unison.  

You all held your breath in anticipation. The blonde girl made it fine, followed by the short boy. Then came the 3rd year. For a second it looked like she was going to make it, but at the last second her foot came down on the imitation step. It instantly vanished and her foot slipped through the gap. She fell forward into the boy who in turn tried to grab the blonde girl in front of him for support. They went down like a stack of dominoes. The three of you laughed at the scene they caused, the falling papers adding to the overall chaos.

“It’s scary how you can do that,” Fred commented as two prefects helped the fallen students.

“It’s too accurate,” George said with a shake of his head. “Either you’re a prophet or a massive cheat.”

“It’s not cheating,” you denied. “It’s observation. It’s easy if you pay attention.”

“Of course we pay attention,” Fred interjected. “For instance that side of your hair is shorter than the other.”

“And your socks don’t match,” George added.

“Okay first, Seamus is my potions partner I can’t help that the boy sets my hair on fire every other day. And if I keep evening it out I’m going to be bald by Christmas,” you explained. “And Hermione keeps stealing my socks and leaving them for the house elves.” George turned and smacked Fred in the chest.

“I told you that was my sock Dobby had on!”

“Well how was I to know Granger was going around stealing socks? And in my defense we had just been experimenting with our wildfire fireworks. I thought the fumes had gone to your head,” Fred shrugged.

“I don’t even know why she does it,” you said confused. “Dobby’s the only one that takes them, and even if the other house elves did accept them it wouldn’t count as liberation. Dumbledore would have to be the one to offer clothes to them. Right?”

“Most likely,” Fred suggested.

“Everyone needs a hobby I guess,” George said. You shrugged and went back to betting on who would trip on the deceiving stair. Student after student went by and you managed to guess every person that fell victim to the vanishing step. As the staircase emptied out you began arguing with the twins over whether or not you were actually a cheater.

“I’m not a cheat!” you insisted.

“Rubbish. There’s something you’re not telling us,” George said.

“Well…” you said, fidgeting with your hands.

“Out with it,” Fred pressed.

“Okay. My grandmother may or may not have been known to have the occasional vision or premonition,” you admitted.

“Cheater!” they exclaimed.

“It’s not though!” you said defensively. “They’re not visions or anything. It’s more of….a gut feeling.”

“Sounds like cheating to me. Having a “feeling” that just happens to ensure you win bets,” Fred said. “It shouldn’t be used in such cases.”

“So, if you had this certain skill set you wouldn’t let’s say, bet on who would win the Quidditch World Cup every year?” you asked.

“That’s different,” they said.

“Oh sure sure,” you laughed. “Well whatever your moral views are, it doesn’t change the fact that you both owe me a fortune. I accept payment in piggy back rides and fine jewelry,” you smirked. George opened his mouth to say something but a voice at the bottom of the stairs stopped him.

“Class started 35 minutes ago!” Filch yelled. “You should all be in a classroom somewhere!”

“But sir we are already in the best classroom there is,” Fred began.

“The classroom of life!” George finished. “Where else would we learn such things as…proper armor care?” He and Fred began buffing the suit of armor you were leaning on with the sleeves of their robes.

“They can’t teach you proper elbow grease like this in the classroom,” Fred stated. Filch began scaling the stairs.

“I will see to it that you’re in class if I have to drag you by the ears there myself!” Filch exclaimed.

“Wait for it,” you said under your breath.

“I should give you detention for the rest of the year!” he huffed. “If it were up to me—“ but before he could finish his sentence his foot landed directly of the vanishing step. He fell to the side and in an attempt to catch himself he managed to roll down the entire stair case, yelling obscenities with each roll down. You and the twins couldn’t help but to start laughing. Fred and George both doubled over with their laughter. You had to lean on the suit of armor for support who was clanking and wheezing with metallic laughter of its own.

Filch sprang up when he finally stopped tumbling and looked up with vengeance in his eyes. “You wait until I catch you!” he yelled. He began ascending the stairs again, this time much quicker than before.”

“Best get out of here,” Fred said wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Right,” George agreed. “And I suppose it’s best to start working off our debt now.” You were still laughing as George scooped you up on his back and began running down the hall behind his brother. You had managed to calm down a bit but as they turned a corner you heard a loud thump followed by more obscenities and you fell into another fit of laughter that you wouldn’t recover from until late that evening.