prophet (s.a)

Allah (SWT) said: ‘Oh Ahmad, do you know which living is more pleasurable and which is eternal?’

The Prophet (S.A.) said: 'Oh my God, I do not know.’

Allah (SWT) said: 'As for the pleasurable life, it is one in which a person does not get bored from My Remembrance, does not forget my bounty and is not ignorant of My Rights upon him. He asks for My Pleasure day and night. As for the eternal life, it is one in which a person commits good deeds and worships until the life of the world becomes valueless to him and appears small to his eyes while the hereafter becomes the greatest to him. He prefers My Will over his own. He seeks My pleasure, respects My Rights over him and constantly remembers that I know everything about him. Before committing any sin or disobedience he reminds himself that I am watching him. He purifies his heart from all that I despise. He hates Satan and his evil inspirations. He does not give Iblis any authority or access to his heart. When he does all these things, I will ingrain in his heart a Love until I make his heart belong to Me. I will make his free time, work-time, worries, and speech all belong to Me. This is the bounty I give to My Beloved ones.

—  Hadith al-Mi’raj


  • When becoming humiliated, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] in Ta’if.  
  • When being starved, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of Khandaq. 
  • When becoming angry, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s control of anger on the martyrdom of his beloved Uncle Hamza.
  • When losing a tooth, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s tooth in the battle of Uhud. 
  • When bleeding from any part of the body, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s body covered in blood on his return from Ta’if. 
  • When feeling lonely, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s seclusion in Mount Hira.        
  •  When feeling tired in Salaat, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s blessed feet in Tahajjud.
  •  When being prickled with thorns, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him]’s pain from Abu Lahab’s wife.
  • When being troubled by neighbours, remember the old woman who would empty rubbish on the Prophet[Peace be upon him].
  •  When losing a child, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s son, Ibrahim.
  •  When beginning a long journey, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s long journey to Madinah.
  •  When going against a Sunnah, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s intercession, (Ummati, Ummati, Ummati) (My Ummah).
  •  When sacrificing an animal, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him]’s sacrifice of 63 animals for his Ummah.
  •  Before shaving your beard, remember the Prophet[Peace be upon him] ’s face rejecting the two beardless Iranians.
  • When falling into an argument with your wife, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s encounter with Aisha and Hafsa (Radhiallahu anha)
  • When experiencing less food in the house, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s days of poverty.
  •  When experiencing poverty, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s advice to Ashaab-e-Suffa (People of Suffa).
  •  When losing a family member, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s departure from this world.
  •  When becoming an orphan, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s age at six.
  •  When sponsoring an orphan, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him] ‘s sponsor for Zaid ibn Haritha.
  •   When fearing an enemy, remember the Prophet [Peace be upon him]’s saying to Abu Bakr in Mount Thour.

Whatever situation you may find yourself in, remember your role model, the best of creation: Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]

Connection with the life of the Prophet (ﷺ)

Every single person, who goes through any kind of test, the Prophet(ﷺ) has already been through it, and because of that we have a means to connect to him(ﷺ), and to learn how to respond, and because of what he(ﷺ) went through, we find solace and comfort, in knowing that our Messenger(ﷺ), faced the same trial, and in many cases in a greater and more severe way, and from the reward Allah(ﷻ) bestowed upon him(ﷺ), we have an idea of what awaits us:

- If someone was raised without his father, the Prophet(ﷺ) was raised without his father Abdullah.

- If someone’s mother passes away, the Prophet’s(ﷺ) mother Amina passed away.

- If someone loses a son, the Prophet(ﷺ) lost all his sons.

- If someone loses a daughter, the Prophet(ﷺ) lost his daughter Ruqayyah.

- If someone loses an uncle, the Prophet(ﷺ) lost his uncle Abu Talib.

- If someone loses their wife, the Prophet(ﷺ) lost Khadijah.

- If someone wants to marry someone, and that person ends up marrying someone else, the Prophet(ﷺ) wanted to marry Abu Talib’s daughter Umm Hani, but Abu Talib refused.

- If someone marries a divorcee or a widow, the Prophet(ﷺ) did so as well.

- If someone marries a virgin, the Prophet(ﷺ) married Aisha.

- If someone’s wife is accused of indecency, the Prophet’s(ﷺ) wife Aisha was also accused.

- If someone has a problem with his wife, the Prophet(ﷺ) had problems with his wives.

- If someone is abused and slandered, the Prophet(ﷺ) was also abused and slandered.

- If someone loses a friend, the Prophet(ﷺ) lost many friends.

- If someone’s life is threatened, the Prophet’s(ﷺ) life was also threatened.

- If someone is ridiculed for being a Muslim, the Prophet(ﷺ) was also ridiculed.

- If someone goes through sickness, the Prophet(ﷺ) went through sickness.

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that Muhammad ﷺ said;

“When it is a Friday, the angels stand at the door of the masjid recording the names of those who come first, and then those who follow. And he who comes early is treated like one sacrificing a camel, net is like one who sacrifices a cow, next a sheep, next a hen and next an egg. When the Imām comes out (for giving the sermon), the angels fold up the register and become busy in listening to the sermon.”


How deep is Rasulullah SAW’s love to us

Suddenly, there was a person, he said salaam.

‘May I come in?’ he asked.

But Fatimah (RA) did not allow him enter the room.

‘I’m sorry, my father is ill,’ said Fatimah (RA), turned her body back and closed the door.

She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah (RA), ‘Who was he, my daughter?’

‘I don’t know, my father. It was the first time for me to see him,’ Fatimah (RA) said gently.

Then, Rasulullah (RA) looked at his daughter with trembled look, as if he wanted to reminisce about every part of her daughter’s face.

‘Know one thing! He is who erases the temporary pleasure; he is who separates the companionship in the world.

He is the death angel,’ said Rasulullah SAW.

Fatimah (RA) bore the bomb of her cry. The death angel came toward him, But Rasulullah SAW asked why Jibril (as) did not come along with him..

Then, Jibril (as) was called. Jibril (as) was ready in the sky to welcome the soul of Habibullah and the leader of the earth.

‘O Jibril, explain me about my rights in front of ALLAH?’ Rasulullah SAW asked with a weakest voice.

‘The doors of sky have opened; the angels are waiting for your soul.’

‘All jannats open widely waiting for you,’ Jibril (as) said..

But, in fact, all this did not make Rasulullah SAW relieved, his eyes were still full of worry..

‘You are not happy to hear this news?’ asked Jibril (as).

‘Tell me about the destiny of my people in future?’

‘Don’t worry, O Rasul ALLAH SAW. I heard ALLAH tell me: ‘I make jannat haram for every one, except the people of Muhammad SAW who are inside it,’ Jibril (as) said.

It became closer and closer, the time for Malaekat Izrail (as) to do his work.

Slowly, Rasulullah SAW’s soul was pulled. It was seemed that the body of Rasulullah SAW was full of sweat; the nerves of his neck became tight.

‘Jibril (as), how painful this sakaratul maut is!’

Rasulullah SAW uttered a groan slowly. Fatimah (RA) closed her eyes, Ali (RA) sat beside her bowed deeply and Jibril (as) turned his face back.

‘Am I repugnant to you that you turn your face back o Jibril (as)?’
Rasulullah SAW asked the Deliverer of Wahy.

‘Who is the one who could see the Habibullah in his condition of sakaratul maut,’ Jibril (as) said..

Not for a while, Rasulullah SAW uttered a groan because of unbearable pain.

‘O ALLAH, how great is this sakaratul maut. Give me all these pains, don’t give it to my people.’

The body of Rasulullah SAW became cold, his feet and chest did not move anymore….

His lips vibrated as if he wanted to say something, Ali (RA) took his ear close to Rasulullah SAW.

‘Uushiikum bis shalati, wa maa malakat aimanuku - take care of the saalat and take care the weak people among you.’

Outside the room, there were cries shouted each other, sahabah held each other. Fatimah (RA) closed her face with her hands and, again, Ali (RA) took his ear close to Rasulullah SAW’s mouth which became bluish.

‘Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii?’ - ‘My people, my people, my people.’

And the life of the Prophet SAW ended.

Could we love each other like him? Allahumma salle ‘ala Muhammad wa baarik wa salim ‘alaihi. How deep is Rasulullah SAW’s love to us.

Narrated Salman Al-Farsi Radiallahu anhu : Allah’s Apostle Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, “Anyone who takes a bath on friday and cleans himself as much as he can and puts oil (on his hair) or scents himself; and then proceeds for the prayer and does not force his way between two persons , and prays as much as is written for him and remains quiet when the Imam delivers the Khutba, all his sins in between the present and the last friday will be forgiven.”

Sahih Bukhari, Book #13, Hadith #33

I am near to the thought of My servant as he thinks about Me, and I am with him as he remembers Me. And if he remembers Me in his heart, I also remember him in My heart, and if he remembers Me in an assembly, I will remember him in an assembly better than his, and if he draws near Me by the span of a palm, I draw near him by the cubit, and if he draws near Me by the cubit, I draw near him by the space covered by two hands. And if he walks towards Me, I will rush towards him.

-Prophet Muhammad (S.A)

(Source: Sahih Muslim, Book 35, Chapter 1, Number 6471)

“The Prophet (saw) said: “When a slave stands in salaah and he says, ‘Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alameen’, Allah answers the slave back and says ‘My slave has praised me.’… “
So every time you speak to Allah, Allah speaks back to you! You are not “a” person in 6 billion… you are THE person in 6 billion at that moment because Allah, Rabbul ‘izzati wal jalaal, despite looking after the affairs of creation has time for you!

So don’t let anyone put you down, and moreover, don’t put YOURSELF down. When the Lord of the Heavens and the earth is paying attention to YOU, how can you be little, unimportant or unable to bring a change?”

—  (via 1religion1ummah)