Game of Thrones - Cersie and Sansa

First off, can I just say that these episodes seem really short. Also, this season feels more like something that needs to be binge watched as opposed to one episode at at time. Having said that, let’s get on with it.

For the past few episodes, people have been drawing a comparison between Sansa’s hairstyle and Cersie’s and I just had a thought about it. We already know about the prophecy that says Cersie will be dethroned by another queen, one who is more beautiful than her, she will take everything from her. So far, the only other queen anywhere near Cersie is Sansa. This is where the hair comes in. We know that the costume designers and hair stylists are meticulous when it comes to crafting the look of every character in the show. Sansa’s hair mirroring Cersie is no accident, nor does it mean that Sansa is turning into her. I think it’s the show runners’ way to drawing a parallel between the two women. They have both been through extremely traumatic events, been betrayed, used and abused but have come out of as very different women. Cersie’s loss of her children, spelled her doom, her children humanised her, kept her grounded. But she turned from Tommen even before he killed himself. She gave up on him when he repeatedly undermined Cersie, his own mother. When she was forbidden from even saying goodbye to Myrcella, Tommen did nothing. All of these little things turned her away from him. Meanwhile, so far, Sansa has only known abuse in one form or another, it is only now, at Winterfell that she has some semblance of control and power over what happens next and her own actions.

Unlike both Dany and Cersie, who rule from high towers and palaces, Sansa walks among her people, seeing them work, getting involved in the little things, while also knowing that it is important to delegate, it is important that the people who work for her, know that she sees their value and trusts them to handle things on their own. Dany is not yet a Queen, not in the real sense and so far both she and Tyrion have been outsmarted and outclassed by Cersie.

We know that Cersie is very likely insane but she has still has her sharp mind, the things she learned from Tywin are still very much part of her. Tyrion never spent much time with Tywin and Dany is so confident about her dragons that she’s never had to think about strategies. And then you have Sansa, someone who lived at King’s Landing and spent a great deal of time with Cersie before her engagement to Joffrey was annulled. She watched Tywin and Tyrion work, she saw the court and the games people played. Even now, she is learning from Little Finger. he’s a little creep but you can see her absorb his counsel when it is sound. In my opinion, the only person who is likely to outsmart Cersie is Sansa.

I believe the other Queen in the prophecy is Sansa becuase of their shared history. They know each other whereas Dany and Cersie are adversaries but they’ve never met. They know of each other but that’s it. Dany hasn’t had anyone from the Lannister house killed and it is the same with Cersie. But Joffrey killed Ned Stark, Tywin organised the massacre that killed both Robb and Catelyn, they set up the Boltons in Winterfell. The Lannisters and Cersie and Joffrey are personally responsible for all the misery that Sansa has suffered. And Cersie believes that Sansa killed Joffrey or helped Tyrion do it.

We’ve seen all three women rule and there are stark similarities between Cersie and Dany. If not for Tyrion, Dany would have sent her forces to King’s Landing and taken it by force, collateral damage be damned. It was Tyrion who stayed her hand. Cersie has no such qualms. she saw a chance to take out all her enemies in one fell swoop and she took it. She didn’t care that she inadvertently also killed her own son. Dany has never lived at KL, she doesn’t care about it or its people. They are not her people. It is not her home. For her, taking the Iron Throne is purely based on power, she wants to rule the Seven Kingdoms, it’s all about her, her quest for the throne, her belief in herself. It’s not really about the people, they don’t feature in her grand plan. I am not saying that she’ll turn evil or is evil, just that they don’t fit, at least not in the prophecy.

Sansa’s hair matching Cersie’s, the Cersie who could occasionally be kind, who was still ruthless and who protected her family at all costs. That’s the part of Cersie in Sansa right now. She’s home and she’s slowly getting her family back and she will fight tooth and nail to make sure that they are safe. Sansa is the perfect foil to Cersie, this is who Cersie could have been had she been less hungry for power.

On a side note, I am inclined to believe that the cancellation of marriage between Joffery and Sansa was possibly one of the rare moments when Cersie was perhaps a little sympathetic to Sansa. Cersie never liked Margaery, she didn’t really care about what happened to her. Contrast that with the time she spent with Sansa, she told her about Joffrey, told her that he would never love her or be gentle with her. In her own way, she was trying to prepare Sansa for what was sure to be a truly horrible marriage. She does none of that with Margaery. Even at Sansa’s wedding to Tyrion, when Joffrey starts going towards Sansa, she tries to stop him and draw his attention to his own betrothed, sitting alone and looking bored and he shrugs her off.

The dynamic between these two women is so complex and layered that it’s fascinating to analyse which is why it would be fitting to see these two women facing off, as opposed to Cersie against Dany.

Game of Thrones Theory:

Gendry is Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon’s son.

Hear me out.

When Cersei goes to visit Catelyn in S01E02, (The Kingsroad), she tells her about her firstborn son.

“I lost my first boy; a little black-haired beauty. He was a fighter, too. Tried to beat the fever that took him. Forgive me, that’s the last thing you need to hear right now. It was years ago; Robert was crazed, beat his hands bloody on the wall - all the things men do to show you how much they care. The boy looked just like him. Such a little thing; a bird without feathers. They came to take his body away, and Robert held me. I screamed and I battled, but he held me. That little bundle; they took him away and I never saw him again. Never visited the crypt, never…

Then, in S01E04, (Cripples Bastards and Broken Things), Eddard Stark finds himself retracing the final steps of Lord Aaron. That journey takes him to a blacksmith where he is introduced to Gendry. In stark (possibly deliberate) contrast to the physical image painted by Cersei, the blacksmith describes Gendry by saying he is “strong for his age.”

Gendry explains that Aaron had asked him about his work, and then about his mother. When prompted by Stark to tell him about his mother, Gendry says:

“She died when I was little; she had yellow hair, she’d sing to me sometimes.”

Ned then, after examining his features, put it together that he was the bastard son of (King) Robert Baratheon.

My theory is that something prompted someone to remove Gendry from his home and raise him outside of his family. Maybe because they were afraid of another rebellion and thought keeping the heir out of people’s knowledge was the best way to preserve an heir, or perhaps a witch or someone else who could see the future foresaw the War of the Five Kings, Robert’s death, Joffrey’s reign, etc, and saw it a necessity to keep him out of harms way until his time came. 

The fact that Cersei never saw her son’s body after he was taken from her - never went to a wake, a funeral, or the crypt - means there is no tangible proof (at least in the story as it’s been presented) that he actually died! He was taken from her at a young age, and was told his mother with yellow hair died when he was a young child - the timelines (apparently) coincide - he is definitely old enough to have been born before Joffrey, with years in between for him to have been “little” when he was taken.

There are few ways they could prove it; it’s not like they have DNA tests. One possibility (and my favorite, by far) is Cersei actually seeing him and knowing in an instant that he is her son. You could also have a number of mystical destinies and components come into play, if he was taken from his family because of some sort of prophecy (as we found out last season, Cersei was foretold a prophecy about the fate of her children and it has unfolded 2/3.) 

Going off of that prophecy, actually - the prophecy foretold three children all with golden hair and golden shrouds. Had Gendry/her son actually died, would there not have been a fourth shroud? Assuming the 3rd is meant for her third golden-haired child.

Maybe the Red Woman saw his prophecy - maybe that is the reason he was so easy to find when she needed “King’s blood”. She knew who to look for.

I’ve had a few theories since binging the show (haha) and this is by far one of my favorites (and definitely the one that holds the most credence thus far. I’m watching it all again to see what else (other theories or support for this one) might come up.)

UPDATE! Sept 2, 2016

The prophecy about the golden hair/golden shrouds panned out when Tommen killed himself, which means the witch did not foretell the death of a/the fourth child…so he has to be out there somewhere.

What I can’t help but wonder is who would technically have a better claim to the throne at this point? A Baratheon or a Targaryen? Because if this plays out we would have Gendry who is a legitimate heir to the family currently sitting on the throne, Danaerys who is a legitimate Targaryen, and Jon who we know is a bastard but also the son of the oldest of the Targaryen children, so I’m not sure if it could be argued that he would precede Dany in a line of succession.

Hey, there they are! It’s the two travelers with the lizard mounts that Ruel tried to swindle. I was wondering about them… Because these two were pretty clearly in the intro. Therefore, extremely important!

From the sounds of things, they’re in the midst of a journey that’s only supposed to last a few days, whereupon they will fulfill a prophecy.

Ms. Green Hair on the right is all bubbly and enthusiastic and is hoping for some distraction to come their way to give them an excuse to have a longer adventure. Ms. Blonde on the left is deadpan and of few words, but seems to not like that prospect all that much… Well, these are two peas in a pod, eh?

Also, Ms. Green Hair mentioned her brother, so I guess I’d better remember that, if these two really are part of the main cast.

Edit: oh yeah, and those mounts are called Dragoturkeys, which is simply delightful.