prophecy of the circle

Theory about Paloma’s Prophecy

“In your hour of greatest need, you will find the power that you seek from the man wreathed in flames.“ - Paloma to Taako, Ep. 49

I believe when Paloma says “wreathed in flames”, she’s not talking about someone wearing a red robe, but rather covered in literal fire. Here’s why.


Many people have theorized that Barry is the “man wreathed in flames”. Cloaked in red, he led the boys out of Wonderland and exposed the truth about the BoB. However, I have a couple issues with this theory:

1. Although Barry offers knowledge and guidance, he hasn’t provided a “power” the boys seek.

2. While the boys were at a pretty low point back in the Wonderland arc, their current situation of the Hunger attacking the BoB is not great, and is probably more likely to be their “hour of greatest need”.

Unless Barry suddenly whips out a super-weapon from the pockets of those bluejeans, it’s doubtful he’s the one from Paloma’s prophecy. But if not Barry, who’s the “man wreathed in flames”?

I believe it’s Gundren Rockseeker.

Now, I know this theory has already been tossed around a bit. After all, Gundren might immediately come to mind at Paloma’s words, since Griffin described him as both “engulfed in flame” and a “dwarven fireball” after putting on the Phoenix Fire Gauntlet.

But there’s one problem. Gundren’s dead. Super dead. After emerging from the well, the boys find the gauntlet on the arm of “a burned out, blackened dwarven figure” that can only be Gundren.

However, Paloma never said the man had to be alive.

Don’t worry: I’m not about to theorize that Gundren turned into a lich or has powerful undead abilities. I’m pretty sure we’re not hearing any more from Gundren in TAZ (but honestly who knows with everything Griffin throws at us). So what “power” could a dead-as-a-door-nail dwarf possibly offer? The BoB has already confiscated the Gauntlet, after all.

I don’t believe the “power” is strength, but rather a certain ability. An ability to travel to the Hunger.

This builds upon the theory that the black glass of Phandalin’s remains is actually a portal to the Hunger. If you haven’t heard this theory before, here’s some background:

Back in Lucas’s lab, the boys see circular crystals that allow them to peer into different planes. According to Lucas, crystals that are “grown in a perfect circle” allow you to “see into” the plane it resonates with; however, it’s difficult to make these looking-glasses because “you can’t cut these gemstones to create these mirrors”. They must be natural, perfect.

What else has been described as both a mirror and a perfect circle? Phandalin. As the boys are sailing away from the remains of the frontier town, Griffin says Phandalin “almost serves as a giant, black mirror for the night sky above”. More importantly, when the boys are shown Phandalin by the Chalice during The Eleventh Hour, Griffin says the Gauntlet “reduces this city into a perfect circle of black glass”.

Further evidence can be found back in the lab. When the red robe appears to the boys during The Crystal Kingdom, he knocks over a can containing Lucas’s scrapped crystals. He then shows the boys a vision using one of the black crystals from the can: a black cloud with streaks of color (the Hunger) emerges from this crystal and begins consuming the other crystals. After the vision ends and the red robe disappears, Magnus takes a look at this black crystal and Griffin says the following:

“Standing over it you can actually see what look like white eyes looking back at you through this black mirror. And as they sort of make eye contact with you, these eyes quickly shut, and disappear.“

We all know by now that these white eyes belong to the Hunger. However, when asked about the black crystal, Lucas says, “That’s one made of black opal. Which is, I mean it’s inert, it doesn’t resonate with any planes.” Perhaps it doesn’t resonate with a plane, but rather with the Hunger.

This brings us back to Phandalin. As a “perfect circle of black glass”, it seems to be the right shape and color to serve as a “mirror” to the Hunger, just like the crystal in Lucas’s lab.

But what does this have to do with Gundren?

There was something else in The Eleventh Hour that caught my attention. When the boys are shown the destruction of Phandalin by the Chalice, Griffin says the following:

“And then you’re standing at the epicenter. Right in front of Gundren’s blackened bones. His arm - with the gauntlet on it - held up to the sky in the center of this roaring, expanding pillar of fire.”

This is the second time Griffin has specifically mentioned Gundren’s bones at the center of Phandalin. We have no reason to believe these bones aren’t still there, sitting in the middle of the circle of glass. His remains are the “X marking the spot” of the mirror.

I believe the “power” in Paloma’s prophecy is the power to travel through the perfect, black circle of Phandalin into the Hunger, a power created by none other than Gundren Rockseeker. In our boys’ hour of greatest need, they’ll return to the man who was wreathed in flames, who’s bones sit at the center of the portal they seek.

Beyond the Horizon - Chapter 41

Fic Update

Beyond the Horizon:  AU: When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other.

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                                            Chapter Forty-One

                                      Of Mermaids and Monsters

Her first kiss had been at fourteen, not long after her breasts had begun to swell to womanly roundness under the bodices of her gowns and the lords of the court (both unmarried and not) started to watch her much more closely when she entered the Great Hall behind her parents or took the floor to dance with her father at a ball. He was a knight, bold and boastful, the first who’d asked for her token to carry with him to the annual jousting tournament for luck instead of her mother’s. Three years her senior, he was tall and handsome and when he’d bent down and his lips had brushed hers Emma had felt her heart beat faster under the laces of her new corset and the flutter of a thousand butterfly wings taking flight in her stomach. That night she’d watched the stars from her balcony for hours, her mouth still tingling from his kiss and her head full of dreams. A horse with a gleaming chestnut coat and polished armour shining bright in the sun…a red rose tossed to the victor from the royal box in front of a cheering crowd….walking down the aisle on her father’s arm in a white gown with diamonds in her hair and the bells ringing throughout the entire kingdom in celebration.

She’d thought she was in love, that a few chivalrous words and a single, stolen afternoon alone together in the gardens was enough to be certain. But a lace handkerchief carefully scented with perfume filched from her mother’s vanity wasn’t enough to win a joust and her bold knight had left the field empty-handed, sullen, and withdrawn when she’d sought him out that night after the feast and tried to comfort him as best she could. They’d kissed again in the shadows, with the music and the laughter from the revels fading away as her arms had slid around his neck and he’d pressed her into the wall behind them, the cold stone somewhat rough on her back but she hadn’t cared, not when her heart was full and her body was aflame in new, unfamiliar ways. He’d left her that night with a whispered promise that she believed, just as she believed that her father really was the most charming prince in the land and her mother truly was the fairest of them all.

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Michael Bay’s Thundercats

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and it seems like the sort of thing that should be put on Tumblr.

You know what I need.
I need someone to do a live action Thundercats.
I think it should be Michael Bay
He can make it sufficiently horrific.
Just like.
CGI alien cat people.  Via Michael Bay.
Imagine the weirdass shrapnel physics he could come up with for Mumm-Ra’s transformation.
I mean remember what he did to ninja turtles.
I think he could do it.  I think he could make it the worst movie ever made.
Tom Cruise could play um.  What was his name.  The ghost guy.
Jagger could play the ghost guy.  He’s already half dead.
Jagger should play Mumm-Ra.
He’d be the best thing in the movie because he’d be the only thing that didn’t look eye-searingly uncanny valley.
Or at least not more than Jagger looks normally.
“This movie was an apocalypse for my eyes.  I tried to will myself blind partway through.  The mummy cgi was good, though.”
But the joke is on them.  There was no mummy cgi.  It was just Mick Jagger in skintight acid-washed jeans.
OH OH the robearburbles or whatever the fucking little things were called.
The post-apocalypse Furbys
That’s what they’d end up with.
“They need faces.  To be EXPRESSIVE so people feel sympathy when I set them on fire that burns in improbable ways.”
They end up with basically a three foot high furby.
Anyone who wasn’t high on prescription painkillers could see this is a nightmare that should be stopped.
Michael Bay: “Perfect.”
He slaughters their entire town.
There’s a gratuitous shot of a baby roburblefurby having its head torn from its body, wires sparking tragically.
The audience heaves a sigh of relief.
Well obviously there’s like one or two heroic little digital atrocities who don’t get caught in the holocaust.
They hang out with Snarf.
Comedy relief is attempted.
The audience tries to figure out which one will show more prominently in their nightmares.
Oh wait wait I am foolish of COURSE Liam Neeson will play the ghost guy.
Tom Cruise can be Tigra.
They probably cast Vin Diesel as Panthro because any idiot can see Panthro was as close as the cat people got to being  a black guy.
But racial diversity in a Michael Bay movie would be foolish.
He can barely even manage tokenism.
Oh, I was about to ask whether Jake Gyllenhaal or Christian Bale would be Liono, but of course it would be Mark Wahlberg.
Or however you spell his name.
Holy shit, I got it right.
The best actors in the whole goddamn movie–aside from Liam Neeson, who can’t do shit to save this sinking wreck–are the underrated midlister who should be a star they cast as the lizard-mutant bad guy, and the actress they cast as Cheetara, who gets like five lines and then she spins in a circle and issues a prophecy and passes out till any chance she has to be useful is past.
She’s SUPER HOT THOUGH.  Because it’s Hollywood so gotta capitalize on that cat girl.  Look, she can fly a space-bike in unnecessarily slinky positions.
Is there a reason her bike puts the seat up higher than her head and forces her to shove her boobs against the gas tank?  None of the guys’ bikes do that.  Well, I suppose it’s probably because her bike has insufficient armaments but for some reason she’s using it to dogfight the vulture guy anyway even though she can run faster than it can fly.
Tigra’s bike has a fucking missile launcher.
It’s great.  So much shit explodes.
Meanwhile the audience tries to figure out if Mark Wahlberg’s jaw is doing that thing because of weird cgi or if it just does that.
There’s a part where he is baby teenage Liono before he gets aged up to heroic buff confused dude thanks to unexplained cryogenics stuff.  Mark Wahlberg attempts to play a teenager.
“It’ll be fine if we just use the blur tool on his face to smooth the wrinkles.”
Liono is aged up from 15 to be a rugged 40 or so.  He bangs Cheetara, who is 20 even though she’s an experienced elite warrior.  Bay somehow manages to make it BOTH statutory rape and creepy age difference/rank exploitation.
A man of infinite talents, that Bay.
More Snarf
He’s given absolutely inexplicable amounts of screen time.
They’re so proud of their CGI demon.
Hans Zimmer does the soundtrack.
It’s his seven millionth Oscar nomination.

The Circle Round

A circle of witches in a circle of stones
cast a circle of iron in a circle of bones.

And a prophecy rang as the iron struck earth
the coming of children–their fortuitous birth!

A circle of children came to circle the stones,
came to kill the old witches and bury their bones.

The old witches lay still, heads down to the earth
for the stroke of the blade, and for death and rebirth.

A circle of witches in a circle of stones
cast a circle of iron in a circle of bones.

– S. E. De Haven

Types of Divination, a Masterpost of Sorts

This is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitycommon medieval jobsspirit animalsmythical creaturesstructuring an armymedieval punishmentsarmorpre-gunpowder weaponssiege warfarecastle anatomymedieval clothing, and common terms of medieval life.

Aeromancy: Divination from the air and sky, such as cloud shapes, comets or sky color. Comets in particular inspired prophets of ancient and modern times.
A black hen or white gamecock pecks corn grains from a circle of letters forming words or names that the prophet interprets. Recite the alphabet at daybreak, noting those letters that coincide with a rooster crowing.
Fortune cookies. Answers to questions rolled in dough and baked. Random choice comes true.

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Lokean/Heathen Resources Masterpost

This started out as a response to someone’s question for non-racist Heathen sources, and I figured there was no way they were asking for this monstrosity, so I’ve posted it here (and it’s also found on my Resources page on the blog). I’m pretty sure I’ve included sources without folkish/racist leanings. If I’m wrong, please do let me know and I’ll remove them.

If there’s a source you think should be removed for folkish/racist leanings, or sources that should be added, message me!

A couple notes:

1. There are lots of great books to start your practice in. I’m giving:

  1. Source material
  2. Retold/reimagined source material
  3. Devotionals,
  4. General historical sources and interpretations
  5. Spiritual and practical how to’s

If a sources has an asterisk (*) next to it, then I consider it a great resource worth checking out first.

2. Note that this is not even remotely an exhaustive list, because I haven’t finished learning yet. Your mileage may also vary as to what’s appropriate for you. Not all of these sources will appeal to you, which is fine. But it may also be worthwhile looking at the sources you don’t think you’ll agree with to search for kernels of knowledge within them. Isn’t that what the Allfather does?

3. Lastly before we begin, there are other great posts on resources that I’d highly recommend from people smarter than me. This includes brilliant minds like @grumpylokeanelder​, @lokeanwelcomingcommittee​, and the bibliographies of all the sources I’m listing below.

Source Material:

  • * Edda - Snorri Sturluson. I use the ‘everyman’ edition translated by Anthony Faulkes, as that seems to be a widely respected one. Ursula Dronke has, apparently, a fabulous one, but it is priced out at ~ $150 or more.
  • * Poetic Edda - Anonymous. I use the one translated by Carolyne Larrington from Oxford University Press.
  • Germania - Tacitus

Retold Source Material:

  • * The Penguin Book of Norse Myths: Gods of the Vikings - Kevin Crossley-Holland
  • * Gods and Myths of Northern Europe - H.R. Ellis Davidson
  • The Road to Hel - H.R. Ellis Davidson
  • Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe - H.R. Ellis Davidson
  • Ragnarok - A.S. Byatt
  • Votan and Other Novels - John James


  • (Loki) Consuming Flame - Galina Krasskova
  • (Loki) Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey’s Son - Elizabeth Vongvisith
  • (Loki) God in Flames, God in Fetters: Loki’s Role in the Northern Religions  - Stephan Grundy
  • (Freyja) Fire Jewel: A Devotional For Freyja - Gefion Vanirdottir
  • (Odin) He is Frenzy - Galina Krasskova

General Historical Sources and Interpretations:

  • Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art - Lewis Hyde
  • Women in the Viking Age - Judith Jesch
  • * Myth and Religion of the North - H.O.G Turville-Petre
  • Gods of the Ancient Northmen (UCLA Center for the Study of Comparative Folklore & Mythology) - Georges Dumezil

Spiritual and Practical How-To’s:

  • * Worshipping Loki: A short introduction - Silence Maestas
  • * Playing With Fire: An exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson - Dagulf Loptson
  • A Practical Heathen’s Guide to Asatru - Patricia Lafayllve
  • A Book of Pagan Prayer - Ceiswr Serith
  • A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book - Ceisiwr Serith
  • Seidr - The Gate is Open : Working with Trance Prophecy, the High Seat, and Norse Witchcraft - Katie Gerrard
  • * The Circle Within - Diane Sylvan

Some headcanons from the top of my head

- Tobias and Severus were actually quite fond of each other when Severus was a small child but their relationship deteriorated as the frequency and intensity of Severus’s accidental magic increased with age due to emotional stress

- it didn’t help that Tobias faced wage cuts and started drinking excessively

- it became a kind of self fulfilling cycle

- Eileen tried her best but she forgot his existence more often than not

- she was depressed

- his dirty hair and general lack of hygiene was due to abysmal washing facilities

- as a child Severus spent most of his time wandering around in the neighbourhood

- he made friends with the stray cats and birds who frequented the area

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anonymous asked:

OKAY so I'm rewatching sunny and I guess I didn't realize it?? Or wasn't paying attention? during that scene in "the Gang Gets Held Hostage" because Mac tells Dennis "I love you" and then RIGHT after that Charlie kisses Dee and tells her he loves her. And I'm kind of freaking out because this is like solid prooF (pretty much) that rcg has been pLAnniNG these relationships all along - and I know that's kind of obvious already (duh) but that scene is - like - PROOF. Sorry I'm kind of freaking out

it’s also interesting how the person initiating the “i love you” was the person who comes first in the name of the pairing… CHARdee MACdennis…. might we see the other halves reciprocate, thus coming full circle and bringing the prophecy to fruition??? only time can tell

Bite (Part 10)

Jungkook x Taehyung x Reader
Vampire Smut AU
Word Count: 2,389
Warnings: Abuse, Swearing, Blood, Death,

“Focus on my hands, (Y/N). Just Relax….”


I was floating in nothingness, black space all around me, comfortable and quiet. Serene. I was floating in the blank space Jin had created in my mind. I was vaguely aware of his hands on my knees, the only sensation tethering me to the physical world.

“Listen to my voice, (Y/N). Let me guide you through your memories.”

His voice was distorted and echo-y, as if we were on opposite ends of a long, spacious hallway. I could only acknowledge him with a feeble hum deep in my throat.

“Go back to the day of your kidnapping. What were you doing? Who was around you? Try and remember every little detail that you can, if you see it, I will too.”

I descended slowly, limbs and hair floating around me as if I were suspended in liquid, until my feet touched down softly onto the playground that was forming around me. The brightly painted jungle gym, swing sets, monkey bars, the yellow plastic slide, it was all slowly fading into place. I could even smell the earthy and floral scent of the freshly planted hyacinth flowers along the entrance and hear the squeals of the many younger children around me. I was back at my childhood playground, the one where I had been abducted.

“Where are you, (Y/N)? Go find yourself.”

Where was I? I walked towards the swings immediately, knowing they were always my favorite part of the playground. And there I was, 7 years old and completely unaware of all the bad things in the world. My hair was long and a mess from the wind flowing through it as I soared higher and higher in the swing. I wore a pink jacket with darker pink hearts printed on it, jeans, and black converse shoes that were worn and dirty, and my face was bitten with the cool spring wind. 

“Good, now who’s around you? Do you see your kidnapper?”

My eyes searched the faces around me but the scene went blurry as if a thick fog settled in front of me.

“What’s happening? There something blocking her memory.” Said Jin from the other side.

“It’s a memory lock spell, I think. Let me try something.” added Wendy.

Hands grasped the sides of my temple and a pressure filled my head along with a tingling sensation that made my eyebrows knit together in discomfort. Wendy muttered an incantation under her breath and the tingle increased into an uncomfortable, somewhat painful feeling that made me groan.

“The spell is strong but i can dismantle it. It won’t hurt much longer (Y/N).”

The pain increased until I almost screamed but it broke as soon as I drew in a gasp, and the fog dissipated and cleared away.

“There we go. Sorry about that.”

“Thanks Wendy. Okay, what can you see now (Y/N)?”

I saw children and their mothers and fathers, my own talking to another couple by the side, their eyes flicking to 7-year-old me every so often. I didn’t see anyone out of place at first until I looked to myself again, noticing that I had stopped swinging. My heart began to race, choking off the breath in my throat, as I saw a tall man in a long black coat, face mask, and sunglasses with his hand gripping the swing, bringing younger me to a stop. I took a step back, panicking as if it were happening again, afraid that he would see me even though this was just a memory.  The edges of the scene began to fade and everything flickered like a TV with bad reception as terror and bile rose in my throat.

“(Y/N), calm down, he can’t hurt you now. Just breathe and stay focused.”

I tried to breathe but I could only huff in air that didn’t seem to fill my lungs enough, as if there was a weight crushing my chest. In the midst of gulping in air, I felt warm skin brush against my hands as fingers curled together with mine. Long, slim digits in my left hand and slightly thicker, shorter ones in my right; Taehyung and Jungkook were there to comfort me.

“It’s alright (Y/N), were here to keep you safe, no matter what.”

“I’m right here, Love.”

Surprisingly, my lungs opened up a bit more, and I slowly began to calm down as my memory fell back into place, no longer disturbed by my tumultuous emotions. My muscles twitched in the real world as I closed my hands over theirs in tight fists and took deep breaths of their scent through my nose.

“Follow him (Y/N).” ordered Jin.

With Tehyung and Jungkook beside me, I focused on the cloaked figure again as he held out his hand toward me, silver rings stacked on his fingers and a brightly wrapped piece of candy sitting in the middle of his palm with the promise of more, whatever I wanted, if I just followed him. I knew in the back of my head that I should not do what he said but it was as if I could not resist him. I knew now that it was his compulsion that he used on me, there was no way for me to disobey him, a Vampyre, when I was just a child. My cold, little hand landed on his and I stepped from my swing in a daze, unaware of his crushing strength around my fingers. The jewel colored candy fell to the ground, forgotten, the only trace of me resting amongst the dark dirt. My memory fast forwarded until I sat in the back of a van, tears falling from my eyes as I hugged my knees and tried to keep quiet, lest I upset the bad man again and cause him to yell at me again.

“Stop your crying, you pathetic child!”  

His head whipped around from the driver’s seat, words spitting from his mouth, displaying all his pointy teeth that terrified me immensely. So I buried my head in the black darkness of my arms and knees, hoping that when I looked up again, I would see my mother’s face. I sat there like that for some time, the van jostling me as it hopped over bumps and fell into potholes, before we came to a stop. As soon as my captor stepped out of the driver’s side, he was opening the back doors to the van and pulling me out by the neck of my jacket with no regard to my safety. My feet slipped on the edge of the van and I tumbled down to the ground, palms hitting the jagged ground as tiny pebbles and gravel stuck painfully into my skin. Tears pricked at my eyes and threatened to fall but I held them in as much as I could, afraid that the bad man would get angry again.

“Get up!”

He bent down and gripped my wrist in his large hand, nearly crushing it in his hand, and I scrambled to my feet.

“Don’t make any noise or try and escape, or ill hurt you.”

I followed his orders even though I didn’t want to but I had no control over myself when he spoke, I had no will.

He led us into a dark abandoned building that was dark and damp and smelled of mildew and animal droppings. There were open part of the ceiling and the torn plastic tarp hanging from the holes blew in the wind and made soft flapping noises that added to the eerie feel. My captor dragged me into a room that had chairs and a stained mattress in the corner. The strong stench of alcohol and cigarettes permeated the air and the pile of clothes at the end of the bed made it seem as if this person had been living here for a few days. I tried to ignore the blood stains on the white shirt crumbled up and tossed on the edge of the mattress as he pushed me hard enough so I fell onto the bed.

“Don’t move”

My body stilled and I laid there in the uncomfortable position I fell in and stared at the Rorschach blood stain patterns in front of me. I could only hear him as I stared at the still damp red stains, confused and scared and alone, tears slipping silently past my eyelashes.

“I’ve got her… yeah im sure, she’s the one.”

At some point he pulled out a cellphone and called someone to confirm my capture but his words confused me.

“She has the mark, that’s how! …. Were at the abandoned building on the corner of Salem and Olive Boulevard. Don’t be late, I want to get this over with.” He growled agitatedly.

Fear simmered in me as I lay motionless. The minutes ticked past and the sound of a lighter sparked in the air, followed by the choking stench of smoke filling my nose and throat. One after another, he lit cigarette after cigarette until my eyes watered and tears fell from the stinging sensation that the smoke brought. Time seemed to fast forward until finally another person entered the room and addressed the chain-smoker.

“I assume this is her.”


The new stranger bent down and I felt his presence beside me, eyes burning holes into my skin and breath heavy on my ears.

“It’s hard to believe that this is supposed to be the witch that is our downfall.” Said the new stranger.

“She may just be a child now, but she won’t be forever. And the prophecy is clear. Born in a ‘Circle of Summer’, the 9th reincarnation. We’ve kept track of all of her lives and this is the last one.”

The silence that followed was thick with thought as the stranger weighed his options.

“Where is it?…” he asked.

“Left shoulder blade.”

The stranger’s voice turned back toward me and spoke.

“Sit up child. Take off your jacket and show me your shoulder so I can see your birthmark. Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you just yet.” he assured me in a fake sweet voice.

I obeyed, and sat up, back sighing in relief as I straightened my spine and sat up. The zipper sounded through the room as I dragged it down my coat and shrugged off the pink material, shivering as the wet wind hit me. I hesitated when it came time to pull my shirt from my shoulder, not wanting to expose myself any more in front of two strange men. I kept my eyes down and avoided the eyes of the new man but he grabbed me and pulled me up from the bed and spinned me so my back was to him, tearing the shirt down my left shoulder. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for it to be over. He released me and I crumpled to the floor and sat against the bed, hugging my knees to my chest and rocking back and forth.

“Are you satisfied now?” asked my captor.

I finally looked up, my eyes peeking beyond my knees and gazed at the dangerous men standing tall above me. My captor had bland features, simple black eyes and black hair, unattractive and tainted by his many vices that probably included more than just cigarettes and whiskey. However, the second man was the complete opposite. Tall and attractive with bright white hair, dark eyes, a long, sharp face and a cut in his right eyebrow. He was unlike anyone I had ever seen before.

“Yes. Kill her.”

He looked at me one last time and I saw the evil deep in his eyes before he turned away and left me alone in the room with my foul captor who stood up from his seat and smiled freakishly at me, all his many pointy teeth on display. He growled as he dropped to me and a scream tore through my throat as I shut my eyes against the terrifying scene and struggled against his unbreakable grip on my face. Teeth grazed against my neck deep enough to break skin and leave a stinging trail. Suddenly, a force knocked him off of me and into the wall which broke with the strength of the blow.

“Get away from her!”

My head whipped in the direction of the female voice and I saw a woman standing with her arms out towards the man now crouching defensively on the ground like an animal. She had hair the same color and texture as mine, and a beautiful face still unmarked by age and time held dark, thick eyelashes that framed eyes similar to mine. Those eyes turned to me and warmth filled them as she rushed to my side, but my captor dove at her and knocked her from her feet. She lay on her back with him on top of her, teeth snapping at her face like a rabid dog, arms struggling to keep him from tearing into her flesh.

“Get OFF me!” she screamed, pushing him off with a strength unmatching to her stature, knocking him into the chairs.

“Don’t look, (Y/N).” she said, turning to me and making sure I hid my eyes.

My fingers split slightly and I watched though them as she brought up her hand and his body seemed to rise slightly into the air by invisible strings.

“This is going to hurt you very much.”

Her fingers slowly closed and her eyes flashed as the air sparked with electricity that clung to her hair and crackled around us. My captors face strained as his eyes widened and he opened his mouth, releasing a deep roar. Blood welled up in his eyes, nose, ears, any available orifice, and leaked out in streams that pooled on the ground beneath him. That’s when I hid my face in horror and didn’t open them again. Not even when his screaming stopped and he thudded to the ground, dead. I didn’t open them again even when my savoir soothingly told me everything was okay and I was safe now, or when she picked me up and carried me from the building into the cold dusk and drove me home. I didn’t open them again until I heard the voice of my mother and father.

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Okay, I’m curious because I have this writing idea in my head and I want to see if I should post it or if anyone’s interested. Here goes:

A pair of teenage lesbian witches (a white veil-wearing Hellenic Polytheist and a more experienced black Christian) cast a rain spell in the middle of a drought and it whirls out of control, attracting the attention of a group of magicians known as the Gaia Circle. They are an atheistic science-based group who don’t practice witchcraft, but have a type of innate magic more common to, say, Harry Potter. They want to train the Hellenic Polytheist girl because she is apparently the subject of an ancient prophecy and will save the earth from a disaster and she agrees, but refuses to go without her girlfriend. The Circle grudgingly obliges and they start training her in using this other kind of magic- while saying that her girlfriend cannot know these magics because they’re decidedly white/hetero supremacists. Eventually it turns out that the Circle deliberately misread the prophecy and the Christian girl is actually the Savior.

Essentially, this would be a lesbian witch story with a blatant feminist message and dealing with issues of racism and homophobic bias.

Anyone interested?

Chara was not part of the Delta Rune Prophecy as the “Angel of Death”

I see this as a fairly common misconception. None of the Chara/Frisk/Player party are part of the Delta Rune Prophecy in either interpretation of it; not as the free-er or the destroyer.

First, here is, word-for-word, the prophecy, as written on the Waterfall texts.

Now, of course “seen the surface and returned” could apply to both of them, but it in fact only applies to one of them.

That’s because the Delta Rune is directly connected to the prophecy by the people in the Underground. Specifically, the “winged circle”.

The winged circle is especially important, as no one seems to quite know what it could be, but they have named the winged circle an “angel”.

It is important to note that the “Angel of Death” interpretation is not part of the original prophecy, but born of pessimism that’s slowly overtaking the Underground.

However, some people use this line as evidence that Chara never wished for monsters’ freedom, and only wished to “bring them destruction”.

The prophecy itself - “and the Underground will go empty” is vaguely worded, to be sure. The fact is, the Underground does go empty in both senses…at the same time, and from the same person.

This person brings destruction to the world, frees the monsters from the mortal realm, and frees the monsters from the Underground.

This person, as many of us know, is Asriel Dreemur.

The form he takes during the second part of the fight is his truest form after taking the souls; not the generated form it was before. This form is the only form in the entire game that fulfills the delta rune imagery.

Of a winged circle. The “Something else” in the imagery was the Soul of Asriel, made up of every soul in the Underground.

Asriel “freed all monsters from the mortal realm”.

Asriel became a “harbinger of destruction”.

Asriel freed them from the Underground.

We are given two different interpretations - of an “angel of death” and an “angel of freedom” because when we first see the delta rune in Asriel, he’s attacking us at full power. We should recognize the rune at that time and at first believe the “angel of death” must be the true interpretation, then realize later he is in fact also the “angel of freedom”.

Chara never manages to completely empty the Underground; every time, Alphys, Monster Kid, and every non-attacking citizen NPC (quite a few monsters!) make it to an escape route and are never caught.

Chara has also never been associated with the winged circle or delta rune, even at the no-mercy ending where the opportunity could have arisen. They are not part of the prophecy, and the prophecy is not “proof” they are destruction itself.

It is also worth mentioning that Azrael…

…is the Angel of Death in religious lore.

Asriel fulfills every interpretation of the prophecy at once, and is the only character who becomes the delta rune’s winged circle itself.

(also Asriel for angel confirmed)


I know it’s been said the Bill Cipher zodiac prophecy turned out to be a red herring and didn’t work properly.

But did it really?

As seen above Stan is holding on to both Ford and Soos and glowing slightly. Note: he is glowing. Later he breaks it by getting into a fight with Ford.

But later…

This happens.

So maybe the prophecy and zodiac circle did work, just not in the way anyone guessed?

EDIT: After thinking about it some more, I realized that my thought of how the prophecy was fulfilled in an unexpected way might have been the point. In fact, the entire show fits this theme: that things aren’t as they seem. The best example of this is Stanley Pines. The cipher that reveals “Stan is not what he seems” is absolutely true, from multiple points of view. This come the fact that he is aware of all the supernatural stuff going on to the fact that he’s trying to rescue Ford from another dimension, even going forward with the last episode revelation that he has become a selfless individual, with his character development changing him from a selfish person (if he was selfish in the first place and even that wasn’t an act). But the theme goes even beyond that, with multiple examples:

 1) In the first episode, we are led to believe Mabel’s boyfriend is a vampire, while he (they) are really just a bunch of gnomes 

2) In the Summerween episode, the Summerween Trickster wasn’t just using Dipper, Mabel Et. Al. to get more candy just for the spirit of Summerween, but to add candy to his being 

3) When Dipper fights the Multi-bear, he actually does conquer it, just not as violently as the Manotaurs would have liked. 

4) The Northwests make us initially believe the Lumberjack ghost he is the absolute bad guy, and while he does trick Dipper into feeling sympathy for him, he then goes on to do worse things. And the Northwest’s are just as guilty as he is. 

5) Even Gideon falls into this. Initially we are to believe he is a sweet (if kind of creepy) boy with actual psychic powers, but he’s really just a creepy (and slightly psychopathic) kid with no powers at all. 

6) And in Bill’s first appearance, despite being an extremely powerful dream demon, how is he initially defeated? With a Carebear stare, kitten hands, and the power of rock. Even though this was not how it appeared, as Bill willingly let them think they won. 

Much like in “Over the Garden Wall’, everything the Pines twins encounters is either not what it initially appears to be (ie, gnomes not vampires) or subverts expectations (ie. Ghosts that aren’t actually malicious, just hate teenagers). The finale and the cipher circle working as expected also subverts this. It really does work, but not in the grandiose way we all hoped it would.

 Tl;DR: The cipher circle prophecy in the finale was fulfilled, and that was the entire point of the show: to subvert expectations.

 Of course this is just all my opinion and speculation on the subject.

Everybody is just talking about how Voldemort failed to kill Harry when he was a year old and Harry’s parents dying and stuff but friendly reminder that it was bc of Snape and Wormtail that James and Lily Potter really died bc Snape told Voldemort about the prophecy and Wormtail also told him where the Potters are hiding

And duh if Snape was close enough to Voldemort to tell him the prophecy without being zapped to bits then maybe he was in Voldemort’s inner circle

So he knew that Wormtail was a Death Eater

And he didn’t fucking tell Dumbledore that when he asked him to protect the Potters

The One Time I Met God, Never

Why do people say that I should believe in the existence of God? The existence of someone not natural, superficial but accurate. Must someone ask me to defy my senses, my logic and all the meaning that consists in me and to follow a being which controls us, controls all and who is the sleep maker, I will not do so, for it has nothing to do with arrogance or with considering me mighty above all, but it’s the humble truth that didn’t escape me. Maybe, it’s my version of truth, my version of perceiving or one of my shortcomings that I am committing to such blasphemy according to many, but I’ll still accept what is true to me, what is called as the truth to me.

Time and time, I have been called weak and then I’ve been called strong, by myself and no one else, and as time aged, I’ve become prone to myself, my shortcomings and my almost existent, made up sixth sense and prophecies of failure, abandonment and then companionship again, an imminent circle of life, but I have grown out of circumstances and vicious fangs of madness, and survived, I did it by compelling myself to move, to grow, to fall and then rise again and I’m happy to share my defeat and victory with myself, it’s sempiternal, my downfall and rise, but I hold on, keep myself on my toes and leap, and when I say this, my arrogance isn’t whispering in to my ears, but my submission to the truth that I am responsible for my growth and my deterioration, and not God.

If he is responsible for both, then yes, he is the most powerful of all, and if he is God and how people portray him then I’m sure that he is humble and forgiving, that he wishes nothing but the good of the beings he has created, and if he does, I’m sure he won’t hang me for believing in myself, struggling by myself and rising beyond everything, I hope he won’t mind that I’m taking all the credit to have made myself what I am today, if he doesn’t mind then sure he is God and I’d like to see God someday, but if he doesn’t like the fact that I’m taking credit for everything that I am doing to myself or that I’ve done to myself, then pardon me, but isn’t God being arrogant himself? Isn’t he supposed to be the well wisher? If he is boasting about creating this world and full-filing our wishes and dreams, will he also boast about putting us through pain and misery? Will he take the blame for our downfall when he can take the credit for our happiness? Will he tell me that this is a test, that life is a test created by him and that we are his subjects, should I not be upset about that? Then, again I ask, should I not take the credit for making and destroying myself?

I think, there will be biased and supportive answers to these questions, but I’m not looking for any, I’m not asking anyone to prove anything to me, I’m not asking for knowledge from the book of wisdom or the logical truth, I’m in colloquy with me and asking these questions to myself which I will not find answers to but I know, I sincerely know that I will continue believing in myself, that way, I won’t have to blame anyone or offer my life to anyone, but myself.

I don’t need miracles in life from God, and if you offer one from the book of magic, I’ll pay for peace for this globe in barter against my life, if not, then your miracles are not for me, they are for the T.V screen.

© Aniket More


When Soos appears with the rest of the townsfolk in the reconstructed Gravity Falls square, it looks as if Weirdmageddon has been contained with no casualties. As he sets out to the Mystery Shack in search of the Pines family, he discovers what the town–and he himself–has lost.

Missing scenes from the Gravity Falls finale. Spoilers, obviously.

[on AO3]

Soos opened his eyes. He was falling—again, why had he spent so much time falling the past few days? He couldn’t exactly remember how he’d gotten there—he couldn’t move, and the world was shaded yellow, and he wanted to scream but his mouth was slack and—

He hit the ground heavily, knocking the air from his lungs and cracking his head on the smooth stone of the floor. Thuds and groans from beside him told him that he wasn’t alone. He turned his head muzzily and caught a glimpse of green flannel. So Wendy was here, and she was, well, as safe as him, whatever that meant. He hoped she was feeling more alert than he was. At this rate, he wasn’t going to be much help if they had to fight their way out.

Before he could get to his feet, he felt the building rumble beneath him and the blocks that formed the walls around him began to shake loose. Beams of light cut down from the ceiling, where what had been a smooth surface was suddenly fragmenting. He gasped and shielded his head with one arm, bracing himself for the blocks to fall.

When nothing seemed to happen, he peeked around his arm. The blocks were falling, but they were falling up.

Well, he thought, that was certainly … better than the alternative. Soos watched the blocks rise, the walls around him splintering as they tumbled into the Rift. Was this some new trick? Had Bill finally gained the power to destroy the world and released them to gloat? He looked around in a panic, but the triangle and his minions were nowhere to be seen. He caught a glimpse of Dipper and Mabel clutching at each other’s arms and looking as afraid as he was, and Stan, who had lost his fez and was facing away from them.

Soos stumbled as two blocks shifted beneath his feet. Had they won? Were they about to die? Both? When he looked down to steady himself he could see the barren plain that used to be the Gravity Falls forest far, far below him.

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There is a prophecy
* The Angel…
* The One Who Has Seen The Surface
* They will return.
* And the underground will go empty.

“All we know is that the triangles symbolize us monsters below, and the winged circle above symbolizes… Somethin’ else. Most people say it’s the ‘angel’ from the prophecy… ”

“Lately, the people have been taking a bleaker outlook… Callin’ that winged circle the ‘Angel of Death.’ A harbinger of destruction, waitin’ to ‘free’ us from this mortal realm…” - Gerson


“the triangles symbolize us monsters below”

And the underground will go empty : through death, or freedom.

The prophecy works either extreme ending!!!


So, I know there’s a lot of theories about Toffee used to being a king or him being a king before the first Mewnipendence Day (which i doubt-), but I definitely think that Toffee is of royal or at least noble blood. I mean that WOULD explain that way he sitting before (with one hand clenched, as if holding a wand or a scepter or something),

so that sitting position is probably an old habit.

also, let’s not forget that one room in st. olga’s academy-

the head’s on the wall look EXACTLY like Toffee

( not to mention that some of them have wings, while others don’t-which could mean that Toffee could’ve been born with wings-but wasn’t- )

so there’s a pretty good chance that his family lived in that castle, before it was turned into a reform school-

( also WHY are we not talking about how those heads are surrounding the little prophecy circle on the floor? )

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Gravity Falls is an excellent show, but it seems like it was condensed to completion.

Unsolved mysteries (the baby, Blind Ivan, Ford’s time in the multiverse) , incomplete character arcs (Pacifica, Robbie, Soos), the prophecy circle doing nothing.

It’s pretty apparent that Seasons 2 and 3 have been condensed into a single season, and many episodes had to be cut out.