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Bishop has introduced the turtles to the Earth’s military.

Leo even got to fight them, then watch Raph talk to Tokka with them, and then hang out/hide with them while Mommyzilla took off.

Call me crazy but I think the military knowing of the turtles’ existence is kind of a big deal.


The Astrological Ages
  • "There are 12 great zodiac ages in a Great Astrological Year, each spanning approximately 2000 years with the full year taking up 26,000 years":
  • The years proceed backwards, starting from Libra and ending in Virgo. We are currently in the age of Aquarius as of 2012. Not much is known before the Age of Leo and past the Age of Aquarius can only be predicted at the moment.
  • Age of Leo (~12840 - 10710 years ago): massive global warming which ended the last
  • global Ice Age (relates to Leo ruled by the Sun)
  • Age of Cancer (~10710 - 8420 years ago): Beginning of agriculture across the world and permanent settlements, communities, cities (relating to Cancers ruling of the home and nurture) and the Biblical Flood
  • Age of Gemini (~8420 - 6130 years ago): Trade, language, writing, begins as well as a large variety of professions within communities. (relates to Gemini ruling communication and contacts)
  • Age of Taurus (~6130 - 4000 years ago): The Egyptian era, the beginning of wealth and status through gold and built structures such as the Pyramids. Class structure is introduced. (Relates to Taurean values of sensuality, material possessions and the stability of social systems).
  • Age of Aries (~4000 - 2000 years ago): The Iron Age and war at huge scales across the world such as Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia and China. War is depicted in the Old Testament as well, at this time. This was also a time for adventure and discovery (relates to Mars, Aries' ruling planet of war and action).
  • Age of Pisces (~30 BC - 2012 AD): Pisces symbolizes sacrifice- the sacrifice of Jesus in Christian beliefs. This was the age of religion as well as spawning new beliefs (relates to Pisces characters of dissociation, need for understanding, and prophecy).
  • Age of Aquarius (~2012 - 4150 AD): Age of inventions, technology, space travel, enlightenment and community strengths. These changes began in the last 200 years or so of the Age of Pisces seen in the Industrial Revolution, Moon landing, etc. The changes wont be in complete place until 2160. (relates to Aquarian ideals of Science, Utopioan society, Revolution and Invention)

North Korea famously has a varsity letter in both craziness and nonsensical oppression, so it’s not too surprising to learn that they’ve banned their fair share of movies for ridiculous reasons. So when we say, “North Korea forbade anyone from seeing Roland Emmerich’s 2012,” you might be thinking, “That makes sense. Did they ban it for showing the destruction of some important Korean landmark, or just because it’s the worst fucking movie ever made?” Neither. They banned it because it ran counter to their own crazypants prophecies about the year 2012.

You see, 2012 was the 100-year anniversary of the birth of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, which for them was a time of great celebration that unfortunately happened to coincide with Emmerich’s babbling pseudoscience about Mayan Armageddon. While Kim’s grand anniversary was gearing up to be a bitching shindig promising to “open the grand gates to becoming a rising superpower,” Emmerich’s movie foretold mass drownings and the death of Woody Harrelson, both of which will instantly ruin a party.

6 Movies That Got Banned by Countries for Hilarious Reasons