Released: Nov. 10, 2016
Type: Prop
Game: Wario Land 4

Don’t be afraid, this key spirit is harmless. He spends most of the day sleeping, though he will dutifully follow anyone that wakes him up. While the key-shaped snout and little folded arms might make you think of a bird, he’s actually closer to a platypus. The role of keys is already taken care of in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so Keyzer simply naps in the background.

After making the Frog Statue and Jewel Piece Box, I knew I had to complete the set with Keyzer. I originally planned to make this for Halloween, but the face proved more difficult than I anticipated, so I wasn’t able to finish on time. Since Keyzer is a ghost, I gave the mouth a backside so that the body can be made transparent without any weird polygon stuff happening. The design itself is a compromise between the in-game sprite and the official artwork, where he is chubbier and less green.