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Paul in Kintyre Scotland

“It’s 200 acres and a farmhouse as well. It was well worth the money as far as I’m concerned. But don’t think I’m a big property tycoon. I only buy places I like.“ - Paul after buying High Park Farm

“ I liked its isolation and I liked the privacy and the end-of-the-world remoteness compared to a city.“ - Paul about High Park Farm, Many Years From Now

for my birthday when I was either 7 or 8 my sister told me that she had bought the deed for our backyard and that it was mine now. so i became a property tycoon virtually overnight.  i evicted the squirrels soon after

Gigi Chao’s father is offering men millions to turn her straight, here’s what she had to say to us about it

How much money would it take for you to change your sexual orientation?

For Hong Kong property development executive and philanthropist Gigi Chao, no amount of money would suffice. She is the daughter of the wealthy property tycoon Cecil Chao, who made international headlines in 2012 when he offered 500 million HKD ($65 million) to the man who could successfully woo his lesbian daughter. Over a week ago, Mr. Chao doubled that offer even though his daughter has been married to her partner of nine years, Sean Eav.

Subsequently, Ms. Chao issued an open letter to her father asking him to accept her partner of nine years. She writes, “Now, I’m not asking you to be best friends; however it would mean the world to me if you could just not be so terrified of her, and treat her like a normal, dignified human being.” Ms. Chao’s letter is sympathetic to her father’s conservative beliefs, but it is clear from her public appeal that she hopes to encourage meaningful acceptance for her sexual orientation and the LGBTQ community in Hong Kong.

PolicyMic (PM): Your open letter has received considerable media attention. How has the public in Hong Kong responded to it?

Gigi Chao (GC): Most of the Hong Kong public has been immensely supportive. Of course, there will always be haters.

PM: How has your family and partner responded to your open letter?

GC: I think it has touched Daddy in some way. He is from an older generation, and therefore rarely expresses his feelings towards things like this. But my sensibility as a woman tells me that he’s been touched, and we just have to wait and see.

My partner comes from a large, close-knit family, so they tend to be very private people. She was initially frustrated with the restart of the all the media attention, but has also been touched by the many messages of support from friends and acquaintances.

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Oh my God I have this great idea from a roleplay based on the luxury life and all those hut instead it’s going to be more of a game where people win money through challenges and posting paras to get money so they can buy luxury homes and properties and the goal is to be on the A-List of realty.

And before someone steals this idea, I’m going to trademark it wih the fucking date so bye to you. I shall call it Property Tycoons.