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THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. AU || Regency Spies

→ Illya Kuryakin is sent by Russia to intercept one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s number one agents. Things go awry when he runs into Gaby Teller, a British spy, sent to accomplish the same mission. They get in each other’s way and their mission fails. Upon their return to England, their employers tell them to work together. They are sent to where the spy is thought to appear next under the guise of a married couple. Not long after Illya and Gaby start their mission together, they run into Napoleon Solo, a flirtatious American mercenary hired to kill the man they are looking for. Illya doesn’t like the amount of attention that Solo gives Gaby, but when Napoleon (Solo) rescues them from getting their cover blown, they have no choice but to work with him. With the help of Solo, Illya and Gaby race to catch Bonaparte’s agent before they are caught themselves. 


AU THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. - University

→ Illya is a Russian student training for rowing at an American university. Napolean is working on his masters in art history. They’re both late to class one day where they have to convince the new girl in their class - Gaby, the German engineer major studying abroad, - to join their group. Hi-jinks ensue. Napolean seems more focused on entertaining his numerous lady friends, which drives Illya crazy because he needs to do well to stay on the varsity rowing team.Thankfully, Gaby has a cool head on her shoulders and manages to keep the group on track. Begrudgingly, the boys seem to start enjoying the time they spend together and the trio starts hanging out at the university pub together in their free time.  

“This is not how we do group projects in Russia, Cowboy.”
“Kuryakin, I do not have the time, nor the crayons, to explain this to you right now.”