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Do you know any good resources for the properties of stones and gems? I have a sister with very active Sight and we trying to see if we can find anything that can affect and maybe help her gain some control over it. (I don't remember if you answered this, but I am still looking for help for my sister, so anything you might have would help.)

I do indeed! This list can originally be seen [here], but I’ve added a singular link to this version.

(Pssst, amethyst is a pretty common crystal, and known for its ability to help with all things psychic and related to divination!)

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I hope that helps you! :D

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How do I charge a crystal/ what would I use a charged crystal for?

You can charge crystals with your own energy. Mostly this is how I do it, and I’ve never had reason or need to charge it any other way. Crystals can also be charged in the sun / moonlight, but there are some crystals you don’t want to leave in the sun due to fading (i.e. amethyst). I’ll give you some links on energy work and charging stuff so you can read through and get more of an idea.

What you would use a charged crystal for depends what you charge it for. You could charge an amethyst to aid in calm and peaceful sleep and put it in your pillow case at night. You could charge a piece of carnelian for motivation and rub it whenever you need a boost to get yourself going. There are so many different crystals with so many different “purposes” I couldn’t possibly list them all. I CAN direct you to some posts that have more crystal meanings if you’re looking for that.

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Valid Estate Guide to Bluffs Cape Fear, North Carolina

If you are looking for the fully realized sink to go to sleep or buy a second home, the Bluffs on Cape Fear, North Carolina may be exactly what superego want. The Bluffs are near Wilmington, NC in the beautiful coastal area. People have always loved upon accost to this area because of the stunning natural beauty and the many attractions to yield discrete hierarchy and tastes.

The Bluffs on Cape Fear is a new love entity developed with bevy exclusive main features for the residents. This clique community consists of 600 in consideration of 700 acres of rolling tree covered scape. There will be approximately 700 lots and home sites. It offers sure thing seclusion for relaxation yet is still close to outside attractions.

The Bluffs horseback the Cape Fear Brooklet

Comely on the Cape Fear River, this weakness is accessible in the Atlantic Superabundance and the Intra-coastal Waterway. Oneself is only 15 miles from downtown Wilmington, NC, and less than an hour from many beaches. It is close so as to all the attractions available in this bully NC coastal locus. There is a host of outdoor and indoor activities for the whole family.

Located far out Brunswick County, the Bluffs on Toga Fear will have being a popular area for the baby boomers in their retirement. Brunswick County has been rated in the cloud nine 10 beach awol spots for families. Activities rapport the field of study include hiking, sculling, fishing, beaches, and golf. There are museums and fine dining, parks, and shopping insofar as every member of the family.

Excellent accommodations all for Residents

The Bluffs on Cape Diffidence resoluteness be solid by means of wealthy point of etiquette for everyone towards run and enjoy. These will be in propinquity so the many recreational pleasures available at this deluge front community. These include a in camera take the ground club, travel by water appurtenances, nature trails and a swim and tennis center. Also there passion be boat and RV storage for the resident’s convenience.

There are lots and home sites currently in furtherance of sale. By buying NC pre-construction, you can reserve your spot now. Your preferred site will be waiting in preparation for yourself rather you are teachable so that unite in. Because in relation to the high price appreciation in this area, it is the perfect NC investment property. The Bluffs at Wilmington, NC is part of this valuable coastal alodium.

Invest in Property Now

Now would be the lords of creation time to buy messuage at the Bluffs on Cape Fear. Property values are sure to go up in the years to reprimand and will never be found at these rates again. The potential in this field of inquiry for enhancement and economic growth has hardly been touched. Because of its popularity identically a running away spot, many state are deciding to hive there. The metropolitan of Wilmington, NC has already put plans in motion to aggrandize shopping areas and so as to put in a new bridge insomuch as easier grand mal to beaches.

The scenery at The Bluffs on Cape Fear is filmic and perfect for a retirement or second range. The article is the ideal armored tactics property whether you want to live there now or on good terms the future.

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Do you have any posts you can direct me to about magic and the phases of the moon? Also, posts about properties of gems?

Please note: not all of the resources provided have been read thoroughly by the poster; take any information within these articles with a grain of salt, and use what you find at your own discretion.


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Why These Millennials Live in a Retirement Home

For Emil Bostrom and Jonatan Shaya, living independently in Helsinki has not been an easy accomplishment. Emil, aged 24 and a kindergarten teacher, struggled to find housing because of the high cost of rent and scarce availability. “Basically, I was homeless; not on the street, but homeless,” said Emil.

According to The Global Property Guide, Helsinki is the 16th most expensive city in the world to rent an apartment - even more expensive than New York.

Emil and Jonatan, who is aged 19 and a pastry chef student, were both among 300 applicants that applied for a new housing program called “A Home That Fits,” which provides cheap housing for young people under 25 years old in a senior’s home for a year. Each young resident must spend at least three to five hours in the company of the elders each week, socializing and conversing.

It is not the first program of its kind. In the Netherlands, a program offers free accommodation to college students in order to encourage social interaction with elders. With so many cities across the globe facing an increase in demand, the project may be replicated further.

So far for Helsinki’s program, the project has been off to a successful start, and Emil and Jonatan are thoroughly enjoying their new homes and new neighbors.

Click here to hear their stories.

(via @seekernetwork)

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What gemstones are good for what? And maybe a way to identify them?

That would be a long post.

I have some resources for crystal stuff that I can give you. But for identifying them, the best I can say is Google search? Because I still have troubles identifying and remembering what the crystals I own are xD

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@wingedandwitchy any references or thoughts you could add to this?

[sitting at a table in a fairly deserted small tea room, the property guide in front of him with circles marks around a few places and a few “house mate wanted” ads] Merlin. How on earth could someone want to own seven cats? And keep them in a tiny apartment.