Beautifully retro styled loft apartment in Barcelona | Homeadverts

Beautifully retro styled loft apartment converted from an old textile factory which has preserved much of its industrial charm: large windows, high ceilings with exposed beams, and open layout. You just got to love it, Barcelona - Spain. | Barcelona Sotheby’s International Realty.

Stele of Ushumgal

Sumerian, probably from Umma (modern Jokha), H. 22.4 x W. 14.7 x D. 9.5 cm

Early Dynastic I, 2900–2700 B.C.

Among the earliest written documents from Mesopotamia are records of land sales or grants, often carved in stone with associated images, perhaps for public display. The Sumerian inscription on this stele records a transaction involving three fields, three houses, and some livestock. Ushumgal, a priest of the god Shara, and his daughter are the central figures of the transaction, but because of the archaic script, it is not clear whether Ushumgal is buying, selling, or granting these properties. The smaller figures along the sides very likely represent witnesses to the transaction.

In addition to their importance to understanding the development of writing, these early land documents provide evidence that land could be privately owned in early Mesopotamia, although a significant proportion was still owned by the gods and managed by their temples. While this development is not surprising from a modern point of view, in antiquity it represented a momentous conceptual and cultural shift.

Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Magnificent stone mansion custom built in 2001 by one of the world’s most illustrious entertainers and her family. Located on a private island measuring over 830,000 sq ft, this grand estate is being sold turn-key with almost all its contents.

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280 Sea Meadows Lane, Yarmouth, Maine  |

Fabulous location on Cousins Island surrounded by water! Abundant character, beautiful stone work, built-ins, custom woodwork, reclaimed wood floors, exceptional indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces and more.


East Barsham Manor, Norfolk, For Sale 

  • Built in the 1520s
  • Has a detached gatehouse and a 3 bedroom cottage
  • 4.5 acres, including formal gardens
  • Has been in stayed in by Henry VIII
  • Grade 1 listed
  • Lovingly restored in the 1920s and 1930s
  • In cute Norfolk villages (same neighbourhood as Kate and Wills!)
  • Has amazing brickwork, including ornate chimneys and brick portraits
  • The interiors are stunning- full of original features

Is for sale for only £2.75 million!

Here’s an Article and one on the restoration

A Sotheby’s Realty video

Magnificent contemporary home in Saint Tropez, France | Homeadverts

Magnificent contemporary home in Saint Tropez with a touch of moroccan feel through. Clean lines and large outdoor spaces that opens up to stunning gardens and swimming pool. | Côte d'Azur Sotheby’s International Realty