That’s a sturdy box. 

Proper Suit’s definitely upped their packaging game since the last one arrived. My first dinner jacket arrived folded in half in a very skinny, non reinforced box. 

This one arrived in a relative behemoth, with thick, reinforced sides. It’s sturdier than Suit Supply’s famous “coffin” shipping box, but not quite as well designed. The jacket hung (at one point) from a sturdy plastic insert, enclosed in a garment bag (unfortunately not of the breathable variety).  The two-piece hanger split at some point in transit - it was barely glued together. 

No matter - with the sturdy box and the garment bag, it arrived with barely a wrinkle. It’s nice to see them putting some effort into the overall experience, even if the hanger and the garment bag are going to be replaced with much higher quality items. 

Interior pocket detail.

FedEx tells me that the remake of my Proper Suit dinner jacket is currently in Sacramento, and should finally be here tomorrow. Hitting “refresh” won’t make it go any faster, unfortunately. Patience is a virtue, just not one of mine (very often).