aproperdandy-deactivated2013050  asked:

It would be super rad if you just answered 1-44. Not asking necessarily...but just sayin'.

Because you are you, I had to.. Thanks for distracting me from my studying. :) 

1. Virgin? No
2. Shoe size? 6 1/2 
3. Do you Smoke? I do not
4. Do you Drink? I do, but will have to quit for a bit soon! 
5. Do you take drugs? Only the ones prescribed to me by my doctor
6. Age you get mistaken for? Usually around 18/19. But on the cruise, a lot of people thought I was under 18… I like to think I don’t look that young.
7. Have Tattoos? Only one. The Ichthys on my left wrist.
8. Want any tattoos? Kind of. But I know I shouldn’t. It’s true, they may be addicting..
9. Got any Piercings? Just my ears.
10. Want any Piercings? Nope. 
11. Best friend? Jackie aka Soroyalty
12. Relationship status? Single
13. Biggest turn ons: Intelligence, good grammar, muscular forearms, manners, having set goals, a love for kids.
14. Biggest turn offs: Arrogance (to an extreme), disrespecting parents or any authority figure, bad grammar.  
15. Favorite Movie: Cruel Intentions or Zoolander
16. I’ll love you if: I feel like I can be myself around you.
17. Someone you miss: My parents. I haven’t seen them in a while, but I will soon!
18. Most traumatic experience: My cousin’s death when I was 10.
19. A fact about your personality: I keep a lot of things to myself. Not a lot of people know what’s going on in my life.
20. What I hate most about myself: My tendency to get attached.
21. What I love most about myself: The fact that I know myself so well and know who I want to be and what I want to do with my life.
22. What I want to be when I get older: I want to teach elementary school and hopefully start a program for autistic children someday.
23. My relationship with my siblings: My younger sister and I are so far apart that I’m more like a mom figure to her. My little brother is well.. 16. So I try to get along with him, but it’s tough sometimes. And I just met my older brother for the first time this summer. So we’ll see where that goes.
24. My relationship with my parents: Wonderful. My mom and I are best friends. She had me when she was 18, so we’re not too far apart in age. And my dad is just a wonderful goofball.
25. My idea of a perfect date: Something relaxed.. Like going to an amusement park or going hiking. I would feel much more comfortable out and about then sitting at some fancy dinner. We can save that for later. 
26. My biggest pet peeves: Bad grammar. I’m assuming you’ve already realized this. I also can’t stand when people crack their knuckles around me.
27. A description of the girl/boy I like: Uhm.
28. A description of the person I dislike the most: I don’t dislike anyone that much. The only person I can think of is someone that Jackie & I always make fun of between us.. Just because she presents herself way different online than she does in person. And she likes to emphasize in everything that she posts on any social media site how southern she is. Which she is not.
29. A reason I’ve lied to a friend: Errr, I’m trying to think of a time that I have. I feel like the only time I’ve lied to friends are to people who aren’t really that close of friends, like making up excuses for not wanting to hang out or something. 
What I hate most about work/school: Having to do things on someone else’s schedule.
What my last text message says: “yes! its on the kitchen counter” from my roommate. 
What words upset me the most: I’m not even sure what this means. I don’t really like curse words, but they don’t upset me? Haha. Anything mean that someone said to me would upset me…
33. What words make me feel the best about myself: I don’t know. These questions are weird. 
34. What I find attractive in women: Nice hair?
35. What I find attractive in men: Nice forearms, short hair, and that’s about it… Nothing too specific. 
36. Where I would like to live: I love NC, but I’m not sure. I kind of just want to go anywhere after college.. I’d love to travel.
37. One of my insecurities: I just feel like I’m not too smart sometimes when it comes to a lot of things. And I hate feeling stupid.
38. My childhood career choice: I told my parents I wanted to work in a toll booth, because I thought they got all the money.  
39. My favorite ice cream flavor: I only eat frozen yogurt. And I like original tart, green tea, and mango.
40. Who I wish I could be: I don’t really wish I could be anyone. I’m fine with myself…
41. Where I want to be right now: At my parent’s house spending time with my family. Soon!
42. The last thing I ate: Bologna. Haha… I have an obsession.
43. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Ben Affleck
44. A random fact about anything: I’m drinking out of a color-changing cup, and I find it quite exciting. I’m a five year old.