• Albus: Teddy, pretend to be my mom to Scorpius's mom.
  • Teddy: [picks up the phone] Hello? This is...Mum Potter. The children are playing swords. Sorry. Playing with swords. Oh no. They are dead. Do not call again. [hangs up]
  • Scorpius and Albus: ...
  • Teddy: Sorry, I panicked.

Boss Ladies AU: in which Cat’s powerful friends include Senator Mellie Grant and Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. Elizabeth and Mellie have just seen the news about Cat’s newest entanglement. (a most deliciously sinful collaboration with fictorium)


Ren has no chill. Ren stopped thinking at “accident”.
Inks and colours by me, editing @kromitar (they made this look so good)!

Coffee shop AU


Polite and proper cat would like to play.

Thinking about Adrien obvs.

Tiger cowboy. I read an old article that mentioned that there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than in the wild globally and felt like it would make for an interesting piece. I love my tigers so I’m quite passionate on what’s going on with them around the world (even 5 year old news articles)  🐯

Very pleased with the turnout for this illustration overall!

when drawing this i forgot how tumblr hates horizontal so uh. Click for better resolution or be forever cursed with pixelated blur! 

How I imagined Izaya’s shop from Moth’s amazing request witch fic!  - GO READ. 

so how about that confirmation of ancient egyptian miraculous heroes

i’m still really sore about ladybug being the sole focus of that episode, cats were worshipped in ancient egypt and yet chat noir was completely sidelined…