proper way to embrace the snow

Yeah so I’ve seen a good amount of gifs floating around of Thranduil’s epic battle roll of his elk, and I thought to myself, What if Bard saw this? A few encouraging asks (courtesy of the ever lovely sonicphaserwands) later, and this is birthed! I was originally going to go for smut, but it just did not happen. Instead, here is glorious angst!

As the very beginnings of battle go underway, Bard hides his children in the town hall, ignoring their cries of protest. He didn’t care if they were cross with him, as long as they were safe. Away from the dangerous visions of a battle, too harsh for their innocent eyes. They would not die this day.

The thought of safety brings him to another being, likely caught up in the throes of battle as much as he was. Thranduil.

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