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My Check, Please! Survey Paper has finally been completed (and graded 0_0)

thank you again to all the contributors, some of the stuff you guys wrote genuinely made me cry. the way you all opened up about your feelings and life experiences just reminds me why we all love this comic so much. 

the good news is… i got a 95%!!! and my professor recommended that since this paper had a 5 page limit (i still wrote 6 *cough* nerd *cough*) i should revisit the topic for a senior seminar paper once i have the chance to do some even more extensive research!! remind me again how i lucked out into a major that allows me to do research papers on our gay hockey hell?

anyway, i *THINK* i have everyone on this list (except for a few people who for some reason i wasn’t able to tag and will be DMing), so if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry and i still appreciate you!!! here’s the list of bloggers who answered my survey questions, and the paper is below the read more. let me know what you guys think, and what i should talk about in my next paper! 

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Will there be more of today's post??!!!?? Who is she pregnant with? Who does Jamie work for? Was Frank ever involved?! COME ON DON'T LEAVE A GIRL HANGING! PLEASEEEEEEE Pregnant Claire and Professor Jamie just gives me all these happy feels and that's what I needed so much! I would love to see more stories like this <3

Continuation of Baking Disasters

“Shit, shit shit!” I muttered as the lukewarm coffee from both mine and Geillie’s cups spilled down my front

“Miss Beauchamp!”

“Sorry Ma’am, but the cups spilled. My uniform–”

“Clean it up and change. You can’t sit in a puddle of coffee. Shoo!”

“Thankyou Mistress Callaghan,” I said convincingly sweet.

I made a dash for my storage trunk and pulled my comfortable clothes from the bottom of my bag. I hadn’t exactly intended on pulling this stunt today but wanted to be prepared for the proper moment. The standard yellow dress, now a putrid brown, clung to my legs as I made my way down to the lavatory. I took my time rinsing the dress out, washing the coffee from my body and simply enjoying the brief moments out of the scrutiny and boredom of the bookkeeping class.

“Just a few more weeks, Beauchamp. You can make it that long.” I said to my reflection.

With a deep breath, I left the bubble of comfort I had created.

The lift’s small lobby was blissfully quiet. I reached to push the up button, but it was already lit. I stared in confusion at the little red bar. A deep clearing of someone’s throat sounded from behind me causing me to jump. I turned and saw the most beautiful man, and he smiled with a nod of his head.


“Good-day,” I murmured. His smiled widened.

“It is a good day.” He was fidgeting from side to side, his fingers tapping his thigh in a rhythmic cadence.

The freight lift dinged at the same time the standard lift opened its doors with a bell and rush of people.

“I’ll just follow ye. Ye seem to ken where it is yer going in this place.”

I smiled at him and nodded, requesting the second floor to the operator, while my redheaded companion requested the tenth.

“They both go to the same place,” I said quickly.

“I’d hope so.” He smirked.

“The other just has an extra stop to the basement and underground storage unit.”

“Ah weel, good thing I followed you! I didna fancy getting mugged or murdered today.” He joked with a roguish wink. I laughed nervously, concentrating on not spewing words thoughtless back to this man.

“Second floor, madam.” The elderly attendant said as he opened the double gated doors.

“Thank-you Jacob.” I turned back to the beautiful man, committing his face to memory.

“Have a good day!” He said, holding out a hand. I couldn’t speak and blushed rushing for the door to the women’s hall, blushing the entire time.



“Hmm?” I jolted, turning my head to see concerned blue eyes of my husband searching my own.

“Where did ye go? I thought for a moment ye had fallen asleep but yer eyes were open and ye were twirling a lock of yer hair.”

“Do you remember the day we met?” I whispered ignoring his question, as he lazily drew circles on my protruding stomach. I felt rather than heard his laugh.

“Aye. Ye were so flustered and adorable. I nearly followed you to wherever ye were headed that day. I’m even surprised I have a job after the daze ye left me in.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Surely I didn’t cause that much of an upheaval?”

“Och! But ye did Sassenach. Ye did.” He paused, fingers stilling over my belly button, then quickly pulled me tighter against his chest. “Ye were the most beautiful thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Your hair wild and loose, and yer outfit, Christ! Ye were so brazen in yer pants and sleeveless top, I thought I’d walked into another world.”

“If you knew why I looked that way…” I trailed off shaking my head. “I was in the restroom just before meeting you in the lobby. Coffee had just spilled down my respectable clothes and I had to change into something more comfortable that was in my bag.”

“Ye wee fiend! Ye spilled yer coffee on purpose to change!” His fingers grazed the sensitive side of my ribs and I squealed and tried to wiggle out of his grasp.

“Yes!” I heaved between laughs, my lungs burning and tears streaming down my face. “Alright, is that what you wanted to hear? I couldn’t stand the pale yellow dress that was required and when Geillie stood up at our desk I hit the desk with my knee causing hers, and my drinks to spill down the front of my dress.”

I could feel Jamie’s smile against my neck as he smothered his laughter in my skin.

“I knew I married a canny one.” His laughs turned into sighs as he nuzzled deeper into my skin. “I canna say that I’m sorry ye tend to break the rules, Sorcha.”

“Oh, why’s that?” I asked, turning my head to try and see him, but getting a face full of unruly, short red curls.

“If ye hadna broken the rules and gone to the lavatory to change, I never would have met ye in that elevator. And I would ne’er change the events of that day.”

I smiled, brought his knuckles to my lips and kissed them. “Nor would I. How did you find me, we never exchanged names, or even said more than a few–embarrassing, on my part– words?”

Jamie shifted so that I was laying on my back and he was propped up on an elbow, looking down at me.

“During my interview with the Latin department, I inquired what was on the second floor of the building.” He leaned down and kissed my temple. “And when they said the women’s institution hall I knew I had to try and find ye again.”

“It didn’t take you long. What? All of three days went by before you were standing outside the lifts with a solitary yellow tulip.”

“Aye, that’s when I finally had the balls to stand there and wait hoping ye’d show yerself.”

I reached up and stroked his cheek and the day’s old stubble that resided there. “I do love you, and can’t tell you how happy I am that you did come to find me that day.”

“I couldna see my life without you. That day ye were babbling and mumbling to me in that lift, I knew ye were it for me.”

“My babbling endeared you. Oh my how I have the greatest ability!” I exaggerated sarcastically laughing as he began tickling my sides.

We twined our bodies together heaving from the laughter. A quick beat of little feet startled us both.

“Seems like he likes his parents happy,” Jamie whispered, as he leaned in for a kiss.

“Mmm, she wants us to settle down. It is her nap time after all.”

Jamie bent down, caressing my now exposed stomach. “Shh wee one. We’ll calm down now. Go sleep and become strong so that ye can join us in the world verra soon. Tha gaol agam ort, mo chridhe.” He finished this with a kiss to my stomach, followed by a kiss on my lips.

“I never thought I’d say I can thank my happiness to spilled coffee and a lift, but I’m glad that I can.”

In case you’d forgotten American imperialism in the Philippines after Spanish colonial rule dating back to the 1500s.

From Wikipedia

“In some areas, Filipinos were forced into concentration camps, called reconcentrados, which were surrounded by free-fire zones. These camps were overcrowded which led to disease and death. Between January and April 1902, 8,350 prisoners of approximately 298,000 died. Some camps incurred death rates as high as 20 percent. "One camp was two miles by one mile (3.2 by 1.6 km) in area and ‘home’ to some 8,000 Filipinos. Men were rounded up for questioning, tortured, and summarily executed.“ In Batangas Province, where General Franklin Bell was responsible for setting up a concentration camp, a correspondent described the operation as "relentless.” General Bell ordered that by December 25, 1901, the entire population of both Batangas Province and Laguna Province had to gather into small areas within the “poblacion” of their respective towns. Barrio families had to bring everything they could carry because anything left behind—including houses, gardens, carts, poultry and animals—was to be burned by the U.S. Army. Anyone found outside the concentration camps was shot. General Bell insisted that he had built these camps to “protect friendly natives from the insurgents, assure them an adequate food supply” while teaching them “proper sanitary standards.” The commandant of one of the camps referred to them as the “suburbs of Hell."”

If you’re ever writing YOI fanfiction and, like me, are worried that, for convenience, you are not holding the characters’ habits and diet to proper, strict athlete standards, I’ll remind you that the current 3 world medalists’ interviews went like this:

“You moisturize?”

“Uh, no.”

“You ever watch what you eat?”

“Lmao, no.”

“What are your plans for later?”

“I just want to eat some instant noodles and sleep, tbh”

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Do you have standards?

“Standards regarding what?”

Dark puzzled in response, but despite his question the gleam in his eye showed he may not give an exactly proper answer.

“Standards regarding a relationship? Standards regarding a living space? Standards regarding my food preference? Standards regarding to fashion? Standards regarding to weather? Standards regarding to friendships? Standards regarding to sexuality? Standards regarding to appearance? Standards regarding to personality? Standards regarding to the way I speak? Standards regarding to physicality? Standards regarding to my disposal? Standards regarding to my host? Standards regarding other Figments? Standards regarding to my Lovelies?”

He paused.

“Specifics are rather important, wouldn’t you agree? Being specific is my standard.”

Just a quick morning warm up doodle of my cleaning crew from that one fightclub prompt fic. C-382 that uniform is not up to proper practice standards. 

one of the most ridiculous arguments people make in favor of uncritically using proper grammar 100% of the time is that it helps make communication clearer.

like sure, sometimes, but only when it’s in the appropriate context?? all language use is context-specific. there are contexts where using strictly standard proper English not only isn’t the clearest form of communication, but actively HINDERS clear communication.

like when people on tumblr, or any other internet media really, completely refuse to use “internet english”… not only does it seem context inappropriate, but there’s also just things that can’t be said. how do you translate the different meanings of “omg” and “OH MY GOD” into proper english? what about bb? idgaf? the difference between a single word sentence that ends in a period and one that doesn’t?? how can you even begin to express all the shades of meaning and functionality that :/ has into proper english??? proper english just doesn’t have the creativity and multi-modality that internet english has, so you CAN’T express yourself as clearly, at least within this context.

obviously i have many, many beefs with the whole concept of “proper” english, but it’s just so ridiculous to me that people can look at the way internet speak works and complain that it’s a degenerate form of “correct” speech that’s “ruining” the way we talk, like wtf

Character Name: Basiliakos
Race / Element / Class / Specialization: Dragon/ Water/ DPS/ Fighter
Gender Identity: Male He/Him
Short bio: Basiliakos is the middle child to an ancient sea king. His culture takes great pride in being Guardians and they worship the Tidelord fervently. However, Basil’s most important aspect about being a Guardian, his ability to find a charge, is broken. He cannot feel the call or the urge to protect something for very long, so calls to “charges” come and go. This leads to his father abusing him for not living up to the proper standard of a Guardian, which in turn has ruined Basil’s ability to form genuine relationships with people. He’s quite the antagonist who compulsively steals or kidnaps whatever he thinks is his charge at the time. His wing of the castle is becoming quite crowded. 

Recruitment Quest: The player investigates a missing person’s report from a village by the sea. The investigation from the villager who lost a loved one leads you under the sea to the kingdom of Caesarmari. With some investigating, you find out that the person who kidnapped the dragon is a prince. You have the option to recruit Basil if you take your investigation to the King and his advisers, all of whom sigh because yet again the young prince has disgraced the court. Recruiting Basil is difficult in the fact that you’d have to convince the King or his advisers themselves on whether it is appropriate for his son to follow you. This comes with very difficult speech checks to pass, and it leads to his father allowing him to leave in order to lessen the shame. The mission ends with you returning the victim to their home and an immediate drop in affinity from Basil.

Where they can be found in your headquarters once recruited: Basil will tend to linger around any water source around the headquarters. Assuming your HQ is on land, he’ll be anxious as he’s never been so far from the water before. Occasionally he will be missing from your base due to his “calls”, and each time he comes back with some idle dialogue about what he was up to or the result of his search.
Side Missions (eg: fetch / gather / kill quests): Basil has very few side quests, most of which are deliveries. He’ll either tell you deliver a letter to his family, or help him investigate a call he’s had. However you deal with those call missions will effect his affinity for you. Denying him will generally lead to his unhappiness, covering for him will please him. He’ll never ask for something in an non-sarcastic way.
Personal quests:

  • Quest 1: Basil’s first quest is finding out where he goes to when he leaves your base. The player follows him after one of the other companions mentions that Basil has been acting weird… or well. Weirder. You follow him to a dock where he’s gently touching a ring. It clearly doesn’t belong to him, but he’s touching it as if it’s his, and when you confront him about it he’ll jump. It’s here Basil will be confronted by the owner of the ring who demands it back. You have two options: you can run with Basil and allow him to steal the item which raises affinity, or you can force him to return it which lowers his affinity. However, if your speech is high enough you can talk him out of keeping it without lowering affinity, but you won’t gain affinity for it. You will return to your base where he will tentatively tell you about his “condition”. He’ll dance around it unless you allow him to run for it, then he’ll be more open and reward you with a good sum of gold as he pockets his new charge.
  • Quest 2: Basil is again convinced that he’s found a charge, this time a young man. It takes some investigating to find out where he’s hoarded him, but when you do find him you release him and are then confronted by Basil. It’s here you will have to fight him because Basil is extremely convinced this person is his charge. Once you’ve won you have a quick time that allows you to subdue him and lecture him. Depending on your dialogue choice, this can decrease affinity. Due to his actions, Basil will be asked to serve a term for kidnapping, and during this time he will not be available to take on quests. You can visit him in prison, and it’s crucial to speak to him during this time if you ever hope to have him reflect on his actions which will raise his affinity for you.
  • Quest 3: Basil’s final quest is the climax of his entire arc. Basil’s father decides to cut out his son out completely once he hears about the arrest, and starts this by releasing his charges, but not before testing his son’s protective instincts in the hopes that he isn’t a disappointment after all. If you encourage him to stand against his father you will be engaged in a long fight that consists of saving multiple people from the King’s orders. Having more than three die will fail the mission, and any losses after the quest will be lamented by Basil. If you try to lessen his grief over the losses or the victims value his affinity will decrease. After this quest Basil is banished from his home entirely, and cannot return. He will stay with you permanently. The second option is allowing the test to continue and allowing Basil’s fear of his father to take over. Basil can then be encouraged by a speech check and actually save a charge but not due to his own instincts, of which his father will be greatly pleased. This will make Basil leave your party and become groomed for the throne, his “charge” at his side. You can tell he isn’t pleased and will be living a lie, and he will let you know it. Surprisingly his affinity will not decrease if you choose the second option. The rewards for the first option is Basil’s trident, which increases movement and attack speed and allows the player to breath underwater when equipped. The second option rewards you the Caesarmari royal signet ring from his father, which gives you insight to weaknesses for every underwater beast and also allows you to breath underwater.

Things that raise their affinity with the player: Delivering his letters to his family, lying to him when he gets no reply from his family, keeping him in the dark about how his family feels about him, occasionally listening to his idle dialogue, aiding him in finding his new charges, positive dialogue about religion and the Tidelord, encouraging him to talk about his home and culture, snarky remarks, sarcastic dialogue, and Chaotic aligned choices.
Things that lower their affinity with the player: Negative dialogue about his charge issue, telling him he’ll never find a charge, telling him his family hates him, any prejudiced or racist remarks against Water dragons or the Tidelord, discouraging conversations about his home, taking him too far inland on quests, and Lawful Good choices.

Are they romanceable? Yes but with great difficulty.
Can the relationship become sexual? Yes.
Are they open to polyamory? No.
If they can be romanced and are not, will they begin a relationship / relationships with other character(s)? If so, who? He won’t engage in any relationship outside of the player.

Which other characters are they friendly towards? Basil will interact with his siblings in a friendly way, regardless if it’s reciprocated. He may act civil to other Guardians and excitedly ask about their charges.
Which other characters do they not get along with? Almost every other character. He has a hard time forming relationships with anyone and his snarky and chaotic attitude can make plenty of people angry.

Opinions on other races? Other elements? Every element that isn’t Water is considered a lesser element, esp the elements that came after the first Four. Other dragon species occasionally have to deal with his microagressive dialogue as he’s also prejudiced against them as well.
How do they feel about magic / religion / the government? Basil is a strong supporter in magic because oracles are an important part of Water flight’s culture. He’s somewhat religious but doesn’t hold people to a high religious standard. Concepts outside of a complete monarchy confuse the hell out of him, and he will say as much.

Something guaranteed to make them leave the party: Any dialogue that suggest he’s a monster or like his father will make him leave immediately. The second option for his final quest. Harming him, his siblings, or his supposed charges.

Alex Danvers can beat the shit out of anyone: except, perhaps,


Because she wasn’t trained for that.

She can’t outsmart it, can’t punch or kick it; she can’t shoot it or out-science it.

She can only suffer through it.

Originally posted by daisyjohnson-sq

Can’t help but think of this ^^ when I think about Alex framing her coming out within her need to be “perfect.”

Originally posted by im-still-flying

And she’s so scared, so terrified, of even the word – she can’t even say the word yet – that she tries to run, tries to retreat, tries to pretend it isn’t happening. Pretend, for a moment, that it’s a “phase,” that she can go back to being “perfect.”

Originally posted by scottymccall

But then this? This happiness she gets when she can talk about Maggie with Kara, gush to her about a woman like Kara might gush about a man (and Cat and Lena) – that happiness, that hope in her eyes, is her starting to see through the bullshit of compulsory heteronormativity, the lies that we all must love the same, the violence that says we are wrong if we don’t, that works its way into our bodies and contorts even our memories, our deepest emotions, so we can conform to the “proper” standard. Even when it literally kills us. Her happiness, here? That hope?

Originally posted by lost-in-other-worlds

Maybe she can beat the shit out of heteronormativity after all.

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I'm surprised as a feminist you support this idea of three meals a day that farmers pushed down our throats so they can make more money. Like the original meaning of dinner is what most call lunch now and it was one 2 hour meal a day. Breakfast was farmers had at 5am. Truth is there is no proper eating standards. Food pyramid originally was made as a way for insurance to deny coverage and balances in a way to lower sexual desire.

I support eating when you want to, if you wanna eat three meals a day, do it, if you wanna eat more, do it, if you wanna eat less and more at once, do it. Wanna snack all day, do it. I don’t really remember saying anything supporting like inherent meal times or a number of meals?

I know that like, meal times are fake and there’s no real”supper time” or anything like that, and I have actually heard about the food pyramid thing although not very much. To be honest tho the only thing the food pyramid makes me think of is this weird Marilyn Manson carton about it.

Also fun fact: where I live old people still seem to call lunch dinner, it gets really confusing because when my grandparents say dinner they mean 12 o’clock so I always have to ask people what they mean when they say dinner time

tawaranotohta  asked:

Not on anon, but you mentioned cooking, so: What's your favorite dish to make, and what's your favorite dish to eat?

I’m pretty good at making curries. Particularly Indian curries but I like Thai green curry too.

My pasta bakes are the fucking bomb.

Favourite food to eat…hmm…Like I’ll always treasure a proper standard Scottish Chinese takeaway. But also love steak and stuff.

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imagine bucky going back to steve's flat in dc post tws while steve's in the hospital or something and he's just wandering around picking stuff up with mild interest but then ends up getting immersed in some little aspect for hours

The bed bothers him. It shouldn’t: it is neatly made, sheets pulled tight across the mattress like a drum, single pillow resting flat and clean at the head. And the more he looks at it, the more obvious the problem becomes. 

One pillow. There are supposed to be many pillows, enough to prop a wheezy body upright; the single thin blanket is insufficient protection against the cool night air.

A basic search uncovers spare bedding in the linen cupboard. He remakes the bed not to proper military standard but following some half-remembered instinct. He plumps every pillow, spreads every blanket carefully, and when he’s done he feels calm - the scene is correct, now.

He leaves it that way, and determines not to worry about what the flat’s tenant will make of it.

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Exo reacting to you dancing with them

(It’s less of a reaction more ‘what would it be like?’ but oh well)

Tao: The two of you aren’t good at dancing. Because this whole thing is just ridiculous and you can’t even pretend to be serious about it because you have to laugh every time you look at each other. So standard dancing isn’t a thing you do. But you may have forced him to dance along to some girl group song…once…or twice.. or even more. (But let’s be honest: he doesn’t really mind if that means he gets to see you dancing and it’s just so much fun)

Originally posted by taoziswaifu

Originally posted by dudus-wonderland

Suho: He would be such a gentleman about this, and even though he isn’t a fan of couple dancing he is very good at it because duh, the man is a born leader. Dancing with him is easy and fun, even though sometimes you almost wish he’d come a little closer or let his hands wander.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Kai: You don’t know how he does it or what the two of you are even doing, but it is so much fun. He’d basically just grab you and drag you over the whole goddamn dance floor, but somehow you manage to keep up and to even look elegant while doing so. As usually his dance moves are powerful and swift and sometimes he is just flirting with you so much. Every time  you meet his gaze it feels like an electric shock running down your spine and most of your dances end with heated, breathless kisses as you laugh against each other’s lips.

Originally posted by lovemeharder-yeol

Originally posted by onlysilenceasitsendings

Chen: He wouldn’t be that bad at couple dancing. Really. But with Chanyeol and Kai chuckling in the background and him mumbling how he is going to murder them instead on focusing on his feet- well, it’s all a little uncomfortable and edgy. But there is one thing when it comes to dancing that both of you are good at: Because after  six or seven shots of vodka you don’t care how it looks like anymore and just laugh and have fun. Honestly, a night out in the club with Chen is always fun, even though your feet will hurt the next day and you will have a major hangover

Originally posted by galaxychen

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Chanyeol: He is so sweet about dancing. It’s a little funny because he is huge and way taller than you, and he always jokes that for the turns he hardly has to lift his arms. The biggest part of you two dancing is just him basically grabbing you and lifting you up for every turn because your legs just aren’t long enough to keep up, goddamnit. But the biggest part of dancing with Chanyeol is just the two of you happily smiling at each other, because somehow it just fits and is so much fun.

(okay trust me on this, my partner for couple dance was like 6 ft. sth and it’s hilarious and so much fun to dance with tall people)

Originally posted by parkchny

Sehun: He isn’t really the type for couple dancing. In the club you usually whine and ask him if you can’t just watch his cute butt from over here but after another cocktail (or two) you give in and let him pull you along. It takes just a few seconds for the two of you to find a rhythm and let your bodies go along with the music. There is lots of body contact and most of the time you’ve danced only to a song or two before the whole thing ends in a major makeout session.

Originally posted by blondejongin

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Kris: In public he claims that dancing is not his style. You have to suppress a snort because he is such a liar. Because at home, when the two of you are on your second bottle of red wine and you put on a slow song you always dance and he never seems to mind. Okay, it’s more like cuddling and kissing while somehow still moving to the music…but still. Dancing is not your style? Sure Kris…sure

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Baekhyun: He would be all skin brushing against skin, smirks and wandering hands and you’d hiss at him to stop, people are watching and he’d just grin and fuck, why is he such a giant tease. It’s less dancing than some kind of foreplay before you drag him into the nearest closet/ private space because you better finish what you just started, Mr. Byun.

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Lay: Him dancing is so fucking hot. And he doesn’t even know, being the gigantic innocent unicorn he is…you think. Until you catch him smirking at you and you realize he has been teasing you all along. But two can play that game, and soon it is Lay who is having a hard time (pun intended) keeping himself together. Do I even have to tell you how this is going to end? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Luhan: Ohh… Lu. Dancing with him would mostly be laughing and turning and steadying yourself against his chest, because call down deer boy before you break an ankle or something. He is very good at every kind of dancing, being it modest standard dance, just dorking around or whatever it is he does in the club (because this shit is hot, okay?)

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Xiumin: It may look like proper standard dancing, but with the winks he gives you and the occasional wandering of his hands it’s enough to get you all hot and bothered. He would pretend he doesn’t even notice what he is doing to you, and keep kissing or basically any body contact from your side on a minimum all night long. By the time you leave you are just really, really, really frustrated. But when you come home he’d immediately push you against the door for a passionate, deep kiss before carrying you to the bedroom to fulfill all the promises that had been in his eyes all night long.

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Happy valentines day& I hope y’all enjoyed reading this as much as I did when writing it. 

As usually, here you can find my other writings, and here you can send me prompts and requests!