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on twitter there was a heathers the musical q&a a couple hours ago and someone asked what the writers thought about the bootleg. 

samuel french: 

kevin murphy:

like he legit doesn’t give a fuck apart from the fact that the quality is shit and it’s not the complete original cast lol

also there’s a proper recorded one?????? gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today is the day, people of Kanto! Here we go!♥♣•○ With @AshKetchum_Z #weriseshining #seeyouat5 #SaffronCity

Morning Selfie because the fans are demanding it!


That last post made me realize that, by Pearlcatcher cultural logic, if they’re the only dragons with souls because they have the pearls, then  the only other creatures in the world with souls are oysters.

I mean, on the one hand, they probably ignore this entirely.

On the other: Imagine the cultural significance of the Oyster to Pearlcatcher society as literally the only other creature in the world with a proper soul.


If Apple was part of @delistylehardcore pirate AU of Johnny 10-Watt, she would have at least five different instruments with her 24/7. She loves music and uses any opportunity to play with her toys to create a tune or two.

I believe Apple is not able to see Johnny in the AU. She can barely see people’s faces when they are next to her, so how could she see a transparent ghost dad captain? Her parrot Cuckoo helps her to detect Johhny since it can see him without issue (Cuckoo is basically eyes of Apple and helps her out by screaming a ton. They are inseparable). Sometimes Apple pretends not to hear him or even know anything of his existence. She either tries to avoid working or play around with children who visits his ship.

Thief of Heart

The Thief of Heart. One who steals hearts, souls, and personality for their own advantage.

The heart wants what the heart wants…

Thief- steal their aspect for their advantage, usually giving to themself.

Heart- major themes of personality, souls, ambition, and identity. Minor themes of morale, willpower, and intuition.


Heart stealer

The Thief of Heart quite simply steals hearts. They can tear a person’s heart out it, becoming more and more literal over time.

At lower levels the Thief of Heart could take away certain key emotions. They could make it so anyone’s “heart isn’t in it”. All the while they would feel renewed ambition. They can also use this to shoulder the  emotional burdens of others (though this will likely be to make people shut up and stop complaining).

At medium levels they progress further they could use a metaphorical heart. A most precious item or a craft reconstruction of a heart. Holding this enchanted item would allow them to tug at the heart strings, reeling the owner close, as if their soul was being tethered to the item.

As they progress further the Thief could knock out someone’s heart and take it. It wouldn’t be damaged and the person would still live. Whatever damage the heart takes is real. This can be used for extortion or stun a target through immense discomfort or pain.

At higher levels they could devour hearts and feed on their power. Each heart would grant a special buff related to it’s owner as well as heal the Thief. All of their physical abilities would increase and they would develop powerful emotions. Stolen hearts can be used to create splinters, but the splinters strength would only be as powerful as the hearts.

Soul steal

The Thief of Heart can steal souls and personality. This is difficult, but the use of soul items would ease the stress. Soul items can be their signature, their blood, a locket of their hair, a picture of them, etc.

At lower levels they’d be expert forgers. They’d be skilled in offhand impersonations and could perfectly mimic handwriting.

At medium levels they’d be master of disguises. By studying the subject and having a soul item or two they could temporarily shapeshift into that beings form. They could perfectly mimic their voice and mannerisms, but would not have their memory. The Thief might accidentally create a splinter if they lack proper focus (ie soul items).

At higher levels they could rip out souls and take them for themself. Souls would heighten the Thief’s awareness of souls, giving them a radar sense as they hunger for souls. They could measure up the true, inner power of a soul as well. The Thief can also take passion and ambition from the soul. The reault of their ambition is now the Thief’s. Jack Noir’s stabbing, the Black Queen’s composure, etc.


Actor- you are extremely gifted at acting and faking things

Emotional vampire- your gaze exhausts the soul

True love’s pull- you have a way of getting what you want from people

Theme song

I will possess your heart by Death Cab for Cutie

Mix two parts jack with two bloodshot eyes
And you still feel cheated when your buzz subsides

ANYWAYS i love subjecting keith into neon hell and lyrics that have nothing to do with him

also! credit to my friend who made the cool pattern that i put on the jacket :V (twitter here!)

This keeps coming up, so below the cut is my own beliefs on the Hellenic afterlife. This is most certainly not the only interpretation, and I’m not presenting it as any sort of authoritative view. This is my own beliefs, and nothing more. 

I’m not trying to convince anyone to share my belief on the afterlife and how it works. I’m just presenting my own beliefs.

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maltedmilkchocolate  asked:

Holy cow your SE AU is just amazing. It's made me want to re-watch the anime. Oikawa going slowly insane is killing me inside, but oh whoo boy it's gotta be worse for Iwa who's just noticing little things slowly going tits up and Oikawa wont communicate this issue with him. O A O

(Aaa thank you so so much for liking the AU! friend :’D)

Ever since Iwaizumi was released from the hospital, Oikawa had been waist deep in research papers and articles about the elusive witch ‘Ushijima’. It was to be expected – that same witch had left his partner heavily wounded, and himself traumatized (he couldn’t risk losing Iwaizumi like that again). He was going to take him down on their next encounter no matter what. 

On the other hand, Iwaizumi knew that revenge mixed with Oikawa’s obsessive personality was never a good thing, but he also understood the importance of pride and how fragile his partner’s self-esteem is – about how much getting back at Ushijima means to Oikawa. Despite his gut telling him otherwise, Iwaizumi did not have the heart to say no, so the most he could do is to keep him in check. Maybe the nightmares were his guilty conscience keeping him awake at night and not any significant foreshadowing whatsoever. 

This was before they were invited into the DWMA as professors.

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