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Sex with Yezi

REQUEST:  Sex with Yezi, please?

A/n: Her recent comeback absolutely snatched me, thank you very much. Yezus is back and I hope she finally gets the recognition she deserves! If you haven´t already please check out her latest song Anck Su Namun as it is incredible, thank you for you attention. xoxo - G

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  • boy oh boy
  • yezi is a very mysterious person when it comes to such things
  • like she never really says anything about her preferences or whatever
  • at first it really confused you
  • because you didnt know what to do
  • no idea 
  • whatsoever
  • the thing is that shes down for anything i feel
  • she wouldn´t mind anything and if she did, she would let you know
  • other than that she would be very open to everything and anything
  • no kink shame zone here, kid
  • you could ask her to do the freakiest stuff you can think of and she would try it out with you, no questions asked
  • and you´d just be like
  • “damn”
  • shes also not really vocal in bed, so you never know if shes enjoying the things youre doing to her
  • but when you look at her and see her fucked out face its all good
  • but dear god
  • when she gets angry
  • you better run before she gets to you
  • she would totally wreck you, make sure you´re unable to remember your own name, your dogs name (if u have one), where you live and what century you´re in
  • i feel like even tho shes not very assertive shes still v v good at showing you who the real boss is
  • and it always confuses you because outside of your bedroom shes so sweet ???
  • a fluffball ???
  • a little cutiepie ?? a proper maknae ?!?! not a rap beast that could own you any minute
  • so ye
  • i thinks thats pretty much it
  • the end
  • finito 
  • das ende
  • koniec (fyi this is how you say end in my language so like) 

I’m sorry I’m kinda late but…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @noir0neko!!!! ♥ ♥ You’re one of the cutest/sweetest persons I know here ♥ Your stories are always so amazing and beautiful! Thank you for everything you do for us thirsty armys 🙈 🙈

This doesn’t do justice to your stories but srsly….I would have died if I tried doing something more..suggestive *cofcof* ( · //w//· ) Hope you had an amazing day ♥

BTS confess to you indirectly

My friend just got her baby and I’m so HYPED about it idek :D 

Originally, I wanted to take a break writing reactions but I really enjoy doing it (also for my own entertainment), so I won’t be sad if the notes are gradually going down :* As always: All gifs belong to the users right under them :)

Please have a beautiful weekend, all the best to my fellow A.R.M.Y. and our dear BTS <333

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Jin: *while you two are eating together at a restaurant*

Waitress: “Would you and your girlfriend like something else?”

Him: “No, thank you, we’re fine.”

You: “[after the waitress has left] Oppa, why didn’t you tell the lady that we’re not, I mean …oh

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Suga: *in front of your flat*

Him: “______-ah, open up already. Why are you taking so long?”

You: “Just one moment. I don’t want you to see me in my old pyjamas. Let me just change into regular clothing”

Him: “You’re so stupid, you know? Oppa adores you whatever you wear~”

You: “What? What do you mean by-”

Him: “Open up already so I can make a proper confession, will you?”

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Rap Monster: *when you tell him about the party you want to go to tonight*

Him: “Call me when you get back safely, okay?”

You: “Ok I can do that but why?”

Him: “Don’t argue all the time and just do it, will you? Other girls would do that for their boyfriends, too, why are you always talking back?”

You: “For their boyfriends? Why would I … oh

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J-Hope: *at a gorcery store*

You: “I’ll just need some new concealer real quick, wait. Ah, I’ll just take the cheapest one, it’ll do”

Him: “[stopping you] Let oppa buy a proper one for you. I can’t let the woman I love buy the cheapest stuff, it won’t be good for you~”

You: “The woman you…oh

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Jimin: *as you unwrap the birthday present he bought for you*

You: “Oh, it’s a mobile case! But…why are there two? It looks like…”

Him: “Yes?~~”

You: “No, it can’t be …couple…cases?”

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V: *when you show him the Valentine’s Day card that someone sent to you*

You: “Taehyung, look, I got a Valentine’s Day card from someone! It’s so cute, I wonder who wrote it? I should thank the boy~”

Him: “What? [reads it] I can’t believe this guy was quicker than me”

You: “What? Quicker than you?”

Him: “Yes, I made one for you too but it’s not quite finished yet. Don’t think about this guy anymore and wait for mine, will you?”

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Jungkook: *when you are at a café together*

Him: “______-ah, it says there’s a discount for couples! Two pieces of cake for one! Let’s get some cake~”

You: “But we’re not a couple. I don’t want to tell a lie”

Him: “Ah…well, I wanted to change that for quite a while now. Let’s date, ______. I want you to be my girlfriend so I can feed you as much free cake as you like, anytime~~”

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Leo and Female Corrin eating copious amounts of candy.

“Nee-san,” Leon says uncomfortably, once he sees you on your third handful of candy. “You will get a stomachache.”

You chew blithely, in very high spirits. The taste of chocolate is wonderful, and the rich flavors are too much for you to handle. Although, that may be the effects of a sugar rush. You’ve been running around your room for the past half hour. Leon has the door locked until you calm down, and though he’s tried to keep your diminishing supply of candy from you, it’s to no avail. You’ll tackle him and take it all back.

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The most British rap ever.

This is amazing.

You don’t mess with a man’s proper-tea