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Protective McGonagall Headcanon:

McGonagall being overly protective of Harry while he attended Hogwarts, threatening Snape to be civil and warning the other teachers to be fair and back off, telling the Gryffindor prefects to keep an extra eye on him and to let her know of any bullying, telling the Gryffindor Quidditch team that he is part of their family and family protects one another, and getting the elves to put the best foods around Harry at dinner knowing he was denied proper nutrition and food portions at home. Doing all of this and more because, she knows more than anyone else that this boy has suffered for the last 10 years of his life (not including his 1st year when his parents were still alive), and has only known abuse, and hate for being alive, and damn it all if she lets any student or teacher make his life more difficult at the one place where all students should feel safe and nurtured. 

Loving Tumblr!!!  Starting to get some love already (thank you!) and questions about the process and transformation, nutrition, exercise.  Although I cannot provide my knowledge in a single post (yep, think I eventually need a book for that), we can take stuff step by step.  Here we go:

Question #1  = How much cardio do I do to stay so lean?  Answer = Certainly some 20min/3x/week but it is not my sole focus.  Remember this saying “you cannot out run your fork”, haha.  Therefore your overall fitness is a factor of proper nutrition, controlled portion sizes, a little bit of cardio and more lifting weights!  Yes I lift weights and free weights and lots of them!  Why?  The more lean muscle mass I have, the more calories I burn at rest (that’s a great thing).  Increasing my metabolism.  Lifting also allows you to sculpt your figure.  I tend to use medium weights (enough resistance to feel it and struggle a little once I reach my higher reps).  Keep the questions coming!

Panta & tank by Champion and Sports Bra by Victoria’s Secret VSX.

Photo = Cell phone shot, no filter, no retouch.