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The Lying Detective: A Summary
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: I am SUPER EVIL
  • sherlock: i'm high and suicidal and apparently that's humorous! come fellow suicidal friend, let's tell my brother to fuck off
  • *later*
  • therapist: how's the baby?
  • john: I HAVE A BABY?? oh wait yeah :(
  • mary apparition: honestly bro u trippin ballz
  • *later*
  • sherlock, also trippin ballz: to quote hamlet, fucking nope?????
  • mrs hudson: *is suddenly james bond, shoves sherlock in the boot, drops him into john's lap* you forgot this
  • john: i don't care
  • sherlock: *drinking from a flower vase* apparently my abusive suicidal drug use is still v humorous at this point!! lmao i'm gonna die in 2 weeks
  • *later*
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: *holds up a bowl of cornflakes* i'm a CEREAL killer! get it?? do you tho???? imagine if my bff the queen murdered people anyway i'm really evil in case u forgot
  • kids in hospital: and spider-man couldn't come visit us because????
  • *later*
  • faith: hi :)
  • sherlock: shit i did the bad decsioning oh well i'll do it more btw i'm STILL suicidal and overdosing
  • john: ...
  • john: you waNNA FKN GO M8???
  • sherlock, bleeding, still suicidal and now bashed by his best friend: this is all my fault and totally portraying a healthy friendship between two people that isn't abusive
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: btw guys i am still over here being EVIL
  • *later*
  • mary: sherlock my guy my pal, if you could lean into your fatal manic abuse of drugs and depression so you can be pals with my husband that'd be tight of u go get wrecked lov u
  • sherlock: i wanna die
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: murdering people IS SO FUN!! I AM CLEARLY SO SO EVIL RN!
  • john: fuk u m8
  • sherlock: omg thanks for coming to save me at the last minute even tho i have been suicidal and overdosing from literally the start of this episode.
  • john: ur a dick
  • mary ghost: lol he should wear the hat
  • *later*
  • sherlock: *apparently still has irene's orgasm as his text alert even tho he apparently never texts her back and it would expose her as still being alive*
  • john: aw thats cute! happy birthday btw speaking of texting i too was texting a hoe
  • sherlock: aw damn :( sucks bro :(
  • john: yeah ikr??? mary's dead but i still wish i'd done more than text my side-hoe i am literally saying that ur relationship with irene adler is the same as this
  • sherlock: *literally does and says nothing*
  • mary apparition: lmao i'm dead!
  • john: basically, life is short so u should text her back anyway i'm gonna cry now
  • sherlock: aw :( life sucks :( let's hug it out while a montage revealing that your bus-hoe and therapist was my secret sister who has literally never existed before now and that my brother gets laid apparently these 2 things are relevant to the montage
  • john: *sobbing* btw i don't think u killed mary
  • sherlock: that's okay! u only beat the living shit out of me for it so badly i had to be hospitalized before!! this is literally gaslighting but whatevs its okay we're hugging i guess
  • toby jones as disposable villain who isn't moriarty #5: lolololololol i am still EVILLLL
  • mary apparition: wear the hat
  • sherlock: kay :p
  • sherlock: btw bestiie it's totally okay that u bashed me and cheated on ur wife like.... me texting the only person i romantically love and u being a cheating asshat are basically the same we r all human and i have been psychologically abused and traumatized to the point where i think that's totally fine :)
  • john: cool! anywho!! i just remembered i have a kid and i've left it with friends even tho one of the main points of this ep was that i have no one so ig2g
  • *later*
  • euros/sherrington/whateverthefuck: bye now time for u to have the death i am another classic case of moffatiss villainizing women, showing their mysogyny and incapability of creating female characters independent of male ones :)

Why has no one posted these? These are so cute!!! Ahhhhh, ARKRAPTOR WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME?!

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im still thinking about the way scanlan said 'no i won't go whoring with you one last time' and how he must have felt when grog instead asked his mother's name. how maybe he realised that he doesn't know grog, always so simple to him, as well as he thought he did. of all the things said last night, that interaction touched me the most. i really hope it was just scanlan lashing out to try and make the parting easier. but who knows. the reaction seemed kind of genuine.

I definitely think he was lashing out. as @arkhamarchitecture pointed out, he knows the things he said weren’t true––he knows they didn’t go to whitestone just for percy’s title, nor to the feywild for vex and vax to deal with their dad, nor to westruun just for grog. but it’s a lot easier to leave, to have an argument, when the other side is angry too, and Scanlan’s pretty fucking good at steering conversations in the direction he wants them to go

Grog’s refusal to escalate was such a perfect little moment, the proverbial rock in a storm, and I really do think Scanlan realized what he was doing and took a breath and stepped back. not that it changed his mind (not that anything would have, I think), but it definitely counted for something

RWBY Art Challenge

Day 12: Outfit Swap!

This was originally going to be a MUCH different picture, but then I was tired and didn’t really feel like drawing five people. May do that later. 

Behave, Nora.

Harlots 1.07: stray thoughts about family & motherhood & all that good stuff

It’s way too late at this point for a proper recap of the ep, but there are still some things that won’t get out of my brain. Specifically, I keep coming back to how rich this episode was with themes of family. Blood family as well as found family; how certain characters are influenced about family, and how others are not at all; and how a show-driving conflict that was initially presented as founded primarily on revenge and economics has increasingly been revealed to be equally driven by familial love, as much of the conflict on this show is.

Nancy and Margaret gave me a lot of my favorite moments of this episode. The bits of backstory were lovely – learning that Nancy and Margaret were still in Lydia’s house when Charlie was young, for instance, can help us kind of ballpark how long it’s been since they ran away. And to see these two dear friends – in fact, I tend to think of them rather as sisters as well – torn apart like this was devastating but damn good. It also gave me my single favorite line of the episode: “You’re only a hairpiece and a powder pot from being everything you despised.” 

For me, that line, delivered from Nancy to Margaret, is the corollary to my favorite line from 1.06: Florence to Lydia, “How can it be hate that drives you? It is love!” We’ve come to learn that the relationship between Margaret and Lydia was much more than merely employer and employee; having come into Lydia’s house when she was only ten years old, Margaret seems to have been something of a daughter to her, and Lydia perhaps a mother to Margaret. As such, the bitterness and resentment between them is tinged (especially on Lydia’s end) with love – and as such, their relationship has been increasingly reminding me of Margaret and Charlotte.

In both cases, we see the idea of a mother (biological or not) molding her daughter in her image, and of the daughter rebelling against that molding. Charlotte’s rebellion is coming to a head now, but it’s been simmering from the beginning of the series, when she made it clear that she had qualms with forcing Lucy into the profession and to the entire concept of money being of primary importance. Margaret strives to be a good mother and a good bawd. Unlike Lydia, who lamented choosing to keep Charles, out of all her children, rather than a daughter, Margaret wishes she’d had more sons so that Charlotte and Lucy wouldn’t have had to enter this life. And while I do think that Margaret is both a much better mother and a much kinder bawd than Lydia, and has done nothing to merit the level of rebellion Lydia faced from Margaret (i.e., rightfully getting arrested for her crimes), we still see the same tension in both relationships of mothers who think that they’re guiding their daughters into the best life, and daughters who chafe under that guidance even as they cannot help but follow at least some part of the example their mother has set.

And this element right here – the deep importance of family, the deep influence of family – is something which could ultimately prove a point of contention between Charlotte and Marney. I really appreciate this glimpse into Marney’s backstory. We learn that he has many siblings, but the way he speaks of them – and, indeed, the way he has not spoken of them until now – is such a marked contrast to how deeply connected Charlotte is with her family, particularly Lucy. It’s not a deep enough disagreement (at least at this point) for Charlotte to actually break with Marney, but it’s part of why I knew from the beginning that of course they would not be running away to America together. Regardless of Charlotte’s disagreements with Margaret, how could she possibly stand to let fate scatter her and Lucy the way it’s scattered Marney and his siblings? I’m interested to see whether this will ever prove to be a sticking point between them again, or whether Marney, despite his less-than-stellar first impressions with the rest of the Wells family, might ultimately come to appreciate the degree to which Charlotte prizes them and perhaps even form his own bonds with them. Marney is such a free spirit, such an embodiment of this idea of “freedom” that so entices Charlotte, that it’s hard to imagine him putting down roots, but it could be an interesting process.

And on a final Margaret note: I would dearly, dearly have loved to have more screentime between Margaret and Haxby. To be honest, I was kind of hoping Margaret would give him a well-deserved ass-kicking, or at least an earful. Not to mention how nice it would have been to get some sense of explanation or emotion or motivation from Haxby. I and others have remarked upon how drastic his actions in this episode seem, and although it probably wouldn’t have fixed that entirely, it might at least have helped us to understand what’s going through his head right now if he had a few more lines or weren’t so damned opaque. More than anything, though, I just really would have liked to see some proper interaction between these two characters who are incredibly different yet have both featured prominently in Charlotte’s lives, in incredibly different ways. Interactions between unexpected characters are always grandly exciting, from a writing perspective, especially under such strained circumstances as this, and I wish we’d gotten more than just a few fleeting words before Margaret fled.

And, when you think about it, a lot of what we know about Haxby is driven by family as well: his family’s generations of service to the Howard family. I wonder how interesting it could have been if Margaret had been allowed to be a bit more aggressive with Haxby and perhaps find some way to leverage that. (Alternately: just go all Mama Bear on him, Margaret, kick his ass.)

And MAN, this is not even getting into the way Lucy experiences a lot of the same mother-daughter pressures as Charlotte but has been responding in different ways, or how Florence and Amelia are yet another example of a mother raising her daughter to follow in her footsteps but have resulted not so much in a rebellion but the daughter but in an awakening by the mother in response to the daughter’s own growing independence and maturity, and how Margaret called out Nancy for not having children and yet Nancy is a fierce protectoress to the girls she takes in and AW MAN there is just!! Too much!!!!

I only just got into Critical Role but damn did I get excited when Percy killed the abyssal abomination. 

probably my favorite moment thus far.
I used to hate drawing guns, yet here I am, with my favorite character being the gunslinger.

Thank you to everyone who came to the watch party tonight, I had a blast. Can’t wait for the next one :) 

I’ll make a proper post about the ep 2 stream next week, but it’ll be the same time (11pm GMT+1) on Friday 12th.

Oh and I forgot to say in the chat if you have any thoughts to post after the stream don’t forget to stick them in the tag! (#new russian holmes)

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supernatural meme: four “crazier-than-usual” episodes [¼]
                                    → 4x08, Wishful Thinking

I’m really sorry to have to break this to you, but… your bear is sick. Yeah, he’s – he’s got…
Lollipop disease.
Lollipop disease.
It’s not uncommon for a bear his size, but, see, it’s really contagious.”