proper dosage


*Other Important Things*

  • If you take medications like (Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, etc) take the proper dosage and DO NOT mix them with caffein no matter how much you think you might need it to finish something. Too much stimulants are harmful for your heart and will worsen your anxiety, irritability and your behavior could become dangerous for yourself and others due to the lack of control. (I’m telling this out of personal experience, the anxiety got bad enough to create auditory hallucinations so please don’t mix)
  • Don’t feel embarrassed if you have to email your teacher the day after the class if you forgot something important or to ask questions if a projects isn’t clear enough. 
  • organize the materials you will need for class the night before to avoid forgetting anything. 
  • Once you build a routine PLEASE avoid in any cost to break it even if it was just for a day. If you have adhd you must know how hard it is to both create and stick to a routine. If it gets broken its going to be really hard to recover it.
  • On the bright side some or most of the classes are hands on therefore you won’t get as distracted since you will be busy both listening at your teacher, observing something and drawing or painting. your brain won’t have the need to look for distractions to keep it busy since its already busy. 
  • If you are forgetful in general don’t be afraid to tell a friend to remind you to do things. (I often forgot to eat so i had people to remind me to take a break and go eat, or told me to go with them to eat lunch or dinner)
  • if you catch yourself getting sidetracked just try to get back to the correct track even if it seems hard. 
  • NEVER think you are lazy or stupid and do not compare yourself to others, remember you have a condition and its not your fault but do not use your condition as an excuse to not do things. 
  • This applies to everyone but remember to ACCEPT criticism and learn from it, getting angry is seen as childish and immature. 
  • Remember to take care of yourself, and have fun because you are studying and working on something that you enjoy. 

so yeah don’t work around adhd but with it, notice your weak spots and work with them. This tips are useful for anyone and are based on my own experience so it could be a little different for everyone. 

I’ll add more things if I remember anything else.

Do NOT Rush Them Or Yell At Them

This is something for people who are family members or friends of type one diabetics.

People need to stop rushing them when it comes to their daily needs. Don’t yell at them for taking time doing their sugar checks. Don’t yell at them for taking time doing injections. Don’t yell at them for taking time doing the calculations that allow them to do a proper insulin dosage.

You could KILL them!

Without realizing it you may have just made that person with a deadly disease skip out or mess up on one of their very important life saving daily tasks.

For instance, things like this have happened to me before.

People yell at me to hurry up. And I’ve overdosed on insulin.

I’ve skipped sugar tests.

I’ve accidentally jammed the needle into my thigh and messed up injections by stabbing myself accidentally or moving the needle too fast, taking it out too soon, etc.

About thirty minutes ago my mom told me to eat a salad…

So I took an injection for it.

Then she rushed me into chores.

I forgot.

I completely forgot.

Until I felt it.

That terrible, terrible feeling.

That anxiety inducing feeling. An episode of hypoglycemia. 

Heart pounding, body trembling, empty feeling, ready to fall over and pass out.

So I started eating only to be yelled at to do more chores.

I ran into my room and checked my blood sugar..


That’s low enough to make me pass out and possibly go into a coma. Blood sugar drops and it drops FAST. VERY FAST. 

If I wasn’t smart enough to eat/check It may have costed me my life.

Think about that.

Next time you rush someone.

Imagine if someone rushed a child who didn’t know any better?

A child who maybe forgot to pack an extra juice box or glucose tablets or snacks?

Or someone who’s just forgetful.

Or someone who has too bad of anxiety to say NO.

The list goes on.

Don’t rush people.For gods sake don’t do it.

ppl in the askbox: “so i do x and x, and my medical history is y, is z a symptom and do i have adhd also is adhd linked to a, b, and c? also can i take this medicine along with this one and what’s the proper dosage”

me, who is not a doctor: