proper colors

Things that took me way too long to learn about colour theory

-colours are nothing but RELATIVE
-neutral backgrounds. NEUTRAL BACKGROUNDS. they make your colours pop because COLOUR. RELATIVITY. 
-rim light are a cheat sheet for making awe-worthy art
-light purple + ‘multiply’ = BEAUTIFUL SHADOWS
-hell any light colour + ‘multiply’ = bam you have atmospheric shadows 
-orange/yellow light + blue/purple shadows (because our instinctual reference for light… is the sun. which is yellow/orange. and blah blah blah something light physics blah blah it makes the shadows the opposite colour, so opposite of yellow/orange sunlight is purple/blue shadows). I mean it’s a nice default but it’s not set-in-stone and other colour palettes add mood so GO ON WITH YOUR COOL LIGHTS AND WARM SHADOWS

(cont. if people are interested)


kinda about that question about how long ago did someone last told keith they loved him

lance confesses kinda in a nonchalant way (keith thought it was platonic lol)

later keith tells everyone else he loves them and they say they love him back and lance is in the background seething silently in rage and jealousy (”we had a bonding moment! you caressed my face!!!”)


The way they look at each other when the other is not watching :))
 Should someone tell them or…??

Request for  @mnerd63 . Your request said Klance and I wasn’t sure if lance or keith… so both o)-< 

a soft boy


Remake of the cupcake series I did three months ago \ owo /
Changed some flavors & tried to take extra time for proper coloring, details, etc. so I won’t cringe anymore like I do when I see the original version T-T
The RFA want to do Jaehee a favor and start working at her cafe. She then creates special Cupcakes based on their personality and everytime someone orders one of their cupcakes, they have to serve you personally, sort of like a maid cafe. (bring some time lol)

Saeran: Ice Cream filled Mint Chocolate Cupcakes + happy tomato version
Zen: Rosewater Cupcakes
Yoosung: Marshmallow Cupcakes
Seven: White / Dark Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes - as requested or randomly chosen, he acts differently towards the customer based on the chocolate (like the Valentine’s DLC). 
V: Cinnamon Cupcakes
Jumin: Dark Chocolate Cupcakes - very bitter (not like Seven’s dark chocolate), cause apparently he doesn’t like sweets + I think it suits him
Jaehee: Coffee Cupcakes
Vanderwood: Secret Menu Cupcakes - I don’t even know

I really wanna draw comics based on this, so many cute moments haha



Ok, this was beyond fun, thank you, Anon!

Dim 40 watt Light son goes full 120 LED flood light.