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I was thinking about Jon Ronson’s book about public shaming and about recent debates about political tactics and something came together:

When making arguments about ethics, white men consistently ignore power as a lens of analysis. For many of them, actions are either right or wrong regardless of power differentials between the people involved, the stakes for those with less power, and the options they have available to them.

Protesting to have Milo disinvited from your campus therefore becomes *just as bad* as Milo’s own actions towards marginalized people, despite the vast disparities in harm done and options available. (This is not a strawman. When y'all say, “This makes you just as bad as them,” that’s literally what you’re saying.) That Milo’s talk, as planned, would’ve caused serious, measurable, and irreparable harm to specific students, and that protesters had exhausted all “proper” channels for months beforehand, doesn’t seem to matter in this analysis.

All that matters is the specific action taken. “Preventing a person from speaking.” “Destroying property.” “Public shaming.” These actions are seen as unethical regardless of who did them and why, what consequences they face if they do not take these actions, and what other options–if any–they have available.

I keep coming back to MLK’s quote about riots being the language of the unheard. For the most part, people resort to tactics that fall into ethical grey areas because other tactics are unavailable or have already failed. I’m sure that there are people who do so despite having better options, just as there are always people who act unethically in other ways.

But unfortunately, for an outside observer with no skin in the game, it’s very hard to tell whether or not that’s the case. I saw so many posts patronizingly chiding Berkeley students for not trying other tactics before protesting and/or destroying property (although most did not destroy property, and the oft-used phrase “violent protest” implies much more than that). They had no idea of the lengths to which the protesters went to utilize “appropriate” means to keep themselves and their community safe. It didn’t work. They remained unheard.

Any ethics that ignores the role of power will privilege the powerful. Our Republican members of Congress don’t need to riot, set fires, and block the streets in order to get what they want. They do appropriate, ethical things like draft policies and have debates and vote. Because they have the power to. The specific actions they take–drafting policies, debating, voting–are not seen as inherently unethical things to do. Yet they’ve destroyed lives, families, and communities. They’ve achieved a level of destruction that even the rowdiest masked protesters never could, not that they’d want to.

It sometimes still makes me mad how poorly Paul was treated directly before, during, and for a while after the big Breakup.

None of these boys were saints, obviously–there were a bunch of unresolved issues, perfect familiarity starting to breed contempt, outside influences starting to put pressure on them (cough Yoko cough), and ego is undeniable–but I always have hated how much Paul got the brunt of the anger and how the other 3 banded together against him.

Especially when you consider the fact that Paul was right. The other 3 blamed him for pushing too hard, for wanting a different lawyer, for not wanting Spector anywhere near their stuff, for holding out, and for being the one who eventually dropped the news.

I’m pretty sure the break-up would have happened no matter what–Yoko had her claws deep in John by this point, they’d all been together a long time, there were tensions and they were exhausted–but I also sort of believe that had they listened to Paul (and maybe if he had backed off just a tad bit), had they tried to keep things together instead of ostracizing one for not agreeing with the others, maybe there could have been another Beatles album in the future. Maybe things could have been resolved a little bit more kindly. Maybe there would have been time–after a cooling off period wherein the band actually operated as a “4 sides of a square” group–for John and Paul to finally TALK, for them to set aside some of their major beefs and differences, for each Beatle to try their hand at a solo career, and then they could have come back and continued work together as The Beatles. 

But that didn’t happen. It went down the way it went down, and history shows that Paul was right. The legal mess could have been avoided had they decided to go with a different firm, Spector was a terrible person and most of his producing work does not sound as good as what the Beatles + George Martin had ever done. Also, I can’t blame him for not wanting to be all in to the LSD craze or being genuinely concerned about John’s Yoko-influenced heroin addiction. Paul was not perfect. He had his ego, he had his ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, but it has always seemed unfair to me that the others banded against him so viciously. 

It is also the height of men-who’ve-known-each-other-since-teenhood pettiness that one of the biggest things that pushed the Beatles into an “us vs Paul” mentality was the fact that Paul was the one who finally dropped the official news–AFTER he’d been voted down on everything and his music had been corrupted without his permission or knowledge. I’m pretty sure John’s mentality was that he’d left the band first, why does PAUL get the credit?

But then even after they’re broken up, even while George is experiencing great solo success and John has his precious Yoko, they still have so much bitter animosity towards Paul. George, John, and even Ringo collaborate on post-Beatles records–but Paul is not invited. John and George create caustic, unkind lyrics for songs, trash his music in the press, speak bitterly of him in personal contexts. Even Ringo has his turn, in things like ‘After 1970′ saying that he “doesn’t know” if Paul would play with him, but knows the other 2 will. 

I guess it just kills me because John was the one who created most of this discord. He was the one who started bristling at the fact that Paul was taking control of the band cos he was too deep in his Yoko/heroin addiction. He probably definitely encouraged some of George’s minor ‘anti-Paul’ thoughts, and he was absolutely the ringleader when the 3 decided to go with a different lawyer, a different producer, etc etc. In any case, it was John who created the tension, who caused the bad feelings–but it’s Paul who gets ostracized. It’s Paul who gets the blame for causing the breakup, for being against the others, for holding out on what the rest of the group wants. 

And all Paul really wanted was to keep creating music. Keep working with his best friends, keep pushing The Beatle ingenuity forward. We’ll never know if he could have been successful, we’ll never know if the Beatles creativity could have gone any further, if they could’ve kept things together without them exploding eventually. But I think it’s a shame they never got a chance to try. 

To me, it’s really not fair that Paul, who had kept them together after losing Brian, is the one who ends up losing his passion project. Yes, he went on to work his tail off to keep his career going, founded Wings and all that, and–for the most part–kept his nose clean of all the mud-flinging, but still bears the brunt of Beatle-breakup crap. 

It just seems like rubbing salt in the wound.
Democrats bracing for town hall protests directed at them ask Bernie Sanders for help
Some lawmakers have asked Sanders (I-Vt.) to help keep activist anger trained on Republicans.

Senior Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday sought to stave off town-hall protests from their own party, asking Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to reach out and urge activists to redirect their anger at Republicans instead of at moderate Democratic lawmakers.

The request came in a weekly meeting of top Democratic senators, according to a senator in attendance, ahead of a congressional recess next week when lawmakers in both parties are expected to face large crowds stirred in recent weeks by President Trump’s early executive actions and ongoing Republican attempts to revamp the Affordable Care Act.

Over the past two weeks, crowds — and conflict-hungry media crews — have swarmed town halls and protested at congressional offices. Republicans have gotten the brunt of it, with several members escorted by police through lines of shouting protesters, and some caught scrapping or rescheduling public events or leaving out back doors to dodge angry activists.

But protesters have also gathered in blue states, marching to Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer’s home in Brooklyn to demand the obstruction of Trump nominees, and showing up at the offices of safe-seat Democrats to demand that they filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

Such stories spurred Democrats to ask Sanders for help, according to Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), who attended the meeting on Tuesday.

“They basically explained to Bernie, it looks like you could be the person that could calm down and make sure their energy and all this enthusiasm is directed in all the right proper channels,” Manchin said. “Bernie has a voice, and if [protesters] want to be active, then direct them to where the problem may be or where they anticipate a problem.”

The intraparty drama puts top party leaders like Schumer (D-N.Y.) in a tricky political position. He can either fully embrace the far left and its rejuvenated activism — and risk alienating moderate lawmakers and voters — or push back too hard against the new activity and anger the party’s base of support.

The request to Sanders came during a meeting with Schumer and a leadership team that stretches the ideological spectrum of his caucus. In addition to Sanders, a self-described socialist, and moderate Manchin, the group included Sens. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.), Patty Murray (D-Wash.), Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Mark R. Warner (D-Va.), among others.

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The fact that centrist Dems and traitors like Manchin are trying to hide behind Bernie because they’re afraid of their base actually demanding things from them is hilarious and pathetic.

Ok but this whole idea that Seungbae is going to be the one to bring down Sangwoo is unbelievably flawed. In fact Seungbae has basically discredited himself regarding all things Oh Sangwoo and his obsession with bringing Sangwoo down is only going to ruin his own career.

Since he met the boy he’s been on a one man mission to bring him down, first he was instantly convinced Sangwoo killed his own parents off basically no evidence. I mean we know Sangwoo’s a serial killer but no one in canon apart from Bum knows this. Then Seungbae essentially broke into his house to go snooping for Bum - not because of his concern for Bum but his own desire to one up Sangwoo. Otherwise why didn’t he report it through the proper channels. What’s worse than the fact he looks like he’s stalking Sangwoo for no legal reason he also withheld ‘evidence’ - evidence he took illegally since I think Sangwoo was within his rights to refuse to turn the dashcam over(?). Either way he’s not being very professional.

If anything Seungbae is probably going to get himself fired for gross misconduct before Sangwoo’s web of lies finally begins to unravel. At this point I’m calling out the disappearance of a Jieun as red herring. Koogi wants us to worry about Sangwoo but the way her narrative has been spun he’s completely protected at this point.

First Contact

(Inspired by a binge play of Mass Effect 1, a silly conversation with @ysmirel and also from reading too many (wonderful) alien stories on tumblr. A bit longer than what I usually write here, at about 4k words.)

Part I | Part II | Part III

They thought they were safe.

They thought their galaxy would never be a problem, because no sane, sentient organism would ever venture into, or out of, that hazardous place willingly—that dangerous fortress of a planet far too close to its star center, simultaneously protected and threatened by Planet ZS-01’s gravitational field and vibrantly thriving despite several near-misses with asteroid strikes and gradually increasing heat deterioration.

They assumed this for several decades, centuries, passing detailed warnings and fearmongering education of the singular species down by generations and knowing they’d never face an issue with too much interest in that isolated, forbidden corner of the megaverse because of the carefully-maintained precautions.

For all their calculations, however, they overlooked one vital detail—something so incredibly basic that in hindsight they should have predicted it—in omnisight, should have known it would happen, yet overlooked it out of—they weren’t too vain to admit it—sheer arrogance. That detail was: when one species reaches out and repeatedly attempts to communicate, especially one not deterred by radio silence, another species will inevitably respond. Particularly, those ugly, unsavory, desperate Isa from the Kraal System who were warned, always warned, and heavily fined, but never listened. But the fault originated with them, for not keeping a closer eye on those anomalous creatures, for being too complacent in believing the Isa were far too worthless for those beings to accept.  

And so, despite their efforts, and due to their own failings, first contact was made.

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I’m just playing mass effect one now (a few years late, I know) and Garrus is so funny??

I’m a LONE WOLF sheppard, I don’t play by the RULES. I left c-sec bc I didn’t like being BOGGED DOWN by all the RED TAPE. Sometimes you gotta act OUTSIDE THE LAW in order to GET RESULTS.

But every time we go anywhere he’s like ‘well, we should check in with this guy, he’s the one closest to proper channels’ and ‘that’s not regulation’ and 'this wasn’t covered in my manual’.

I’m pretty sure he just read too many noire books and became infatuated with the 'cop outside the law’ thing
Because I have never met a more goody-two-shoes in my liFE

Don't hit my guys!

Previous boss walked into the office where I was team lead over three engineers. I was out at the time, but heard this from the victim… Boss was angry about a mistake one of my guys made on a architectural plot (not a ‘mistake’, but a 'failure to use telepathy’).

Boss got so angry that while standing behind the seated engineer he punched the guy in the side of the head.

As if immediately realizing what he did was wrong, he said; “Fix it” then left for the day.

I got back to the office soon after and they told me what happened.

We made a pact that is he ever put hands on one of us we’d all stand up and put him down hard and back each other up.

Well, it never came to that. After approaching upper management and HR I got the runaround on reporting the incident. They all basically said; “If it’s was that bad then report it to the police, but he’s too high in the political structure to fire for this.”

Unhappy with that answer, and with my guy unwilling to involve the police, was set a plan into action.

We invited HIS boss, the district manager to see the progress we had made on a day when boss wasn’t around. During this I asked the DM to have “Skip-level 1-on-1s” with my guys saying that it would be good for morale.“ He agreed.

Each one of my guys opened with; "The biggest concern I have is that boss-man punched Tony a couple months ago and HR told us they couldn’t do anything about it. How can you ensure my safety?”

I got called in and gave my story but had to say I wasn’t there. I had tried to report it up through the proper channels and failed. I was told it was political suicide for my entire team if I was to push it.

District Manager didn’t buy in to the political bullshit. He made things happen. We agreed that my guys should not be in fear of physical attack. I also had DM’s backing in case of political fallout, and he was a personal friend of the CEO so that was good enough protection.

Boss-man was walked and trespassed. Boom, headshot.

Don’t hit my guys!

You are My Heaven: Epilogue (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill(mentioned), OFC Lily, OMC Liam. 

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. How much time and distance does it take to heal a broken heart? (Mentions events from CACW, including a direct quote)

Warnings: bit of fluff, some angst. Mention of heartbreak. 

Word Count: 3.3k

Song Inspiration: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: Here we have it! The wrap up for this unexpected multi-part fic. It’s been healing for me to write this and I’m grateful for the kind words and shared stories I’ve received. I appreciate every single message. Also, I did write The Truth Behind You are My Heaven, which is my personal story if you’re interested. Any feedback is appreciated. I love you all!!

<<<Part Two   Epilogue(end)



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One Year Later

Stepping into your London flat, you pulled the key from the lock and placed your purse on the side table. You kicked off your high heels and spread your toes, feeling relief at last after a long day. Carrying your shoes in one hand and work bag in the other, you walked down the hall to your bedroom and changed into comfortable lounge clothes. Venturing into the bathroom to toss your clothes in the hamper, you discovering a pair of men’s boxers on the floor. Letting out an amused sigh, you simply picked them up and walked the two feet to the hamper before tossing them in.

You had the flat to yourself tonight, which was unusual, so you decided to unwind with a glass of wine and catch up on tv shows you had recorded but never found the time to watch. As it grew later, you found yourself yawning and giving into the temptation of your soft, comfy bed. You rinsed out your glass and turned out all the lights except your bedside lamp. Plugging in your phone, the screen illuminated a new email notification from work, which wasn’t unusual. Timezones meant nothing in your line of work so you opened it just in case, planning on dealing with whatever it was in the morning.

Reading the subject line, your stomach dropped. 

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plz can everyone remember that Lance could be hella powerful with someone actually fucking helping him with his powers (and that my baby is wonderful look @ him go)

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Why does Jamie use the alias Alexander Malcolm in Voyager? I don't understand why he can't use his own name, hadn't he already been pardoned for his role in the Jacobite rebellion?

Ah, Jamie and his names––he really has and uses a lot of them, doesn’t he? 

Once Jamie has left Helwater with his pardon, he is able to go by his real name of James Fraser at Lallybroch again with relative ease; those are people who have always known him and who respect the role he has played in their lives: as laird, as a military leader, as the man who sacrificed himself for their protection and ensured survival (in arranging to be turned over for the money).

But while he may be technically pardoned, he is and will always be Red Jamie to the British authorities. He wasn’t just a Jacobite soldier but a convicted traitor (hence the need for a pardon). Just because he’s been freed and has cooperated with British authorities/figureheads (see the Lord John series, specifically The Scottish Prisoner), doesn’t mean they trust him. There are going to be lots of people in the British army, government, aristocracy, etc. who lost friends and family fighting in the Rising and Jamie, as a prominent figure, is probably someone that many of them thought should have been executed. They would look for him to step out of line in any way just so they could lock him up again or worse; his own name is simply too dangerous for him to use widely. But some random Scot named Alexander Malcolm? Not so much. When he moves to Edinburgh and begins working as a printer he uses Alexander Malcolm as a form of self-protection. Some of what he prints for patrons (and some of what he writes himself for printing and distribution) could easily catch the attention of the wrong people and land him in trouble especially if he were to do so under his own name (the article that Claire and company find in their search for him is critical of the British government in a way that probably would have gotten James Fraser arrested so he wrote it as Alexander Malcolm). Similarly, he uses a bit of an alias while engaging in his more illicit smuggling activities. Having so many names to go by keeps the authorities from putting the pieces together and realizing just what he’s up to. 

When the smuggling situation goes awry, word does get out to some authorities that the Jamie Roy behind it all is actually James Fraser and that causes problems for Jamie and Claire as they seek to go after Young Ian. At the time they leave Scotland the British Army is actively looking for James Fraser again so every time they encounter British officials (with the exception of Lord John who knows Jamie better than that and seeks to protect him) Jamie uses the Alexander Malcolm alias again (or variations thereof: Captain Alexandre anyone?) to keep from being recaptured by British authorities. This is why when he and Claire finally discover that they’ve landed in the American Colonies Jamie is so proud to be able to introduce himself as James Fraser (and his wife Claire) again without fear or repercussions (the way the colonial system worked at the time is difficult to explain but the legal system in place meant that the British Army couldn’t just arrest Jamie and drag him back to Scotland/England for a trial without going through the proper channels of the colony first which was time consuming and probably useless). 

There’s also the question of his notoriety among his fellow Scots. They may view him as a hero for the role he played and how close he was with the Bonnie Prince. He’s already assailed by former comrades who can’t seem to let go of the cause seeking to find a way to bring Charles and the Jacobite cause back again. He knows it’s over and isn’t one who enjoys or seeks that kind of attention so using the name Alexander Malcolm helps give Jamie a bit of anonymity amongst those who wouldn’t be able to appreciate the man beneath the myth of Red Jamie. 

That Jamie’s aliases are pulled from the list of his many names is what helps Claire and company track him in the historical record. They’re names she recognizes and associates with him but not everyone (even in his own time) would have; it’s simply too long a name for the authorities to bother themselves with or care about learning/knowing. 

Here’s a picture of some of my great-grandparents (the Schweizers) and their kids, circa 1934.  The littlest guy is my grandfather.

With a couple of exceptions, I can, thanks in no small part to the diligence of relatives who have done a great deal of the legwork, trace most of my lineage to when they first came to this country.  The most recent (if you don’t count my Grandmom, born in Canada to American parents) was my great-grandfather, Dr. Mark Schweizer (he earned his PHD in his forties and was a professor at the University of Maryland).

As we think about immigrants today, I’d like to reflect on how he originally came to this country without a visa around 1919, 1920.  He’d served in the Swiss Army during World War One, and worked on a plantation in Cuba afterwards.  Unable to get a visa to the US and under close scrutiny for attempting to do so, he and another Swiss friend snuck away, both contracting malaria while hiding in the jungle until they could make their way to Miami.  His friend died during the journey, and my great-grandfather boxcarred up to near Baltimore, wracked with chills and fever, where his Aunt was living.  Her roommate, Hedy, was a former classmate of Mark’s, and nursed him back to health.  They married not long after.

I never had a chance to meet my Great-Grandfather.  He died a decade and a half before I was born.  And sadly I know little about him, aside from facts and the occasional anecdote; my own grandfather passed when I was sixteen, and though I learned a good deal from my great uncle Hans, a lot of it is hazy now.  But his publications and accomplishments survive.  He was an engineer, a published poet, a patron of the arts, an authority on Greek theatre, an outdoorsman, and a linguist, teaching French, German, and translating the medieval Old and Middle High German, of which he was a renowned expert. His sons, the youngest of whom was my grandfather, went on to become architects, designing many of the more recognizable buildings in Orland and central Florida.

Despite not going through proper channels to initially enter our country, he was awarded the opportunity to stay and become a legal resident, and as a result contributed a lot to his community and country, as have many of his descendants. 


Alpha channel for night mode textures is now enabled.
Why is that so important? Here’s why:

This is how vanilla night mode textures looked like (texture does have a proper alpha channel enabled but the game won’t recognize it).

So the first thing was to get night mode textures to work in custom decorations. This was achieved. Now we will be able to make fully functional night mode textures, and that means working street lights with light beams, neon signs, easier lit up night windows process, and other possibilities

Guys, bottom line: If you’re concerned about cultural appropriation, go ask a respected member of that culture.  I can only talk about it from the viewpoint of a mixed race gal who doesn’t practice any closed culture beliefs.  I’m not the expert.  Don’t argue with me.  Don’t try to justify your appropriation or non-appropriation as the case may be. You don’t need my approval to practice your craft; if you feel you do need the approval of some stranger on the internet, you need to re-evaluate your practice.  Just do you and go through the proper channels please.


The Rosette nebula in HST palette by Sara Wager
Via Flickr:
The Rosette Nebula (also known as Caldwell 49) is a large, circular H II region located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The open cluster NGC 2244 (Caldwell 50) is closely associated with the nebulosity, the stars of the cluster having been formed from the nebula’s matter. The cluster and nebula lie at a distance of some 5,000 light-years from Earth and measure roughly 50 light years in diameter. The radiation from the young stars excites the atoms in the nebula, causing them to emit radiation themselves producing the emission nebula we see. The mass of the nebula is estimated to be around 10,000 solar masses. This is taken with the dual Tak imaging system. This is the first time I’ve managed a proper 3 channel image of the Rosette. It was taken using the new Eagle S from PrimaLuceLab. Details: M: Mesu 200 T: Tak FSQ85 0.73x C: QSI683 and Moravian G2-8300 with Astrodon 3nm Ha, OIII and SII filters 30x1800s Ha 25x1800s OIII 25x1800s SII Totalling 40 hours total exposure

I haven’t had much to say about this season of Scandal because frankly it’s been a little too all over the place for my taste. However, last night with the re-emergence of Olitz we were finally back in familiar territory. Granted, it was toxic, nauseating, ‘why are we here again?’ territory but it was familiar nonetheless.

I will admit that even though I hate Olitz with the heat of the burning sun that Olivia and Jake want to stand in I could always (begrudgingly) admit they had chemistry and spark. Compatibility? No. The ability to make each other happy? No. The willingness to put the other before everyone else? Well, one of them was willing but the other (*looks at Liv*) not so much. But I digress…

The point is no matter what I could always feel the the chemistry…until last night. I watched the episode the first time around and there was something off about it but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I watched it again today to see if I could figure out what it was (besides the obvious) that was bothering me and finally it clicked. And since it clicked I have a question to ask, are we going to talk about how Olivia played Fitz like a drum…or nah?

That’s what felt off about the whole thing. She played them, she played them ALL, but no one more than Fitz.

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Did L really manipulate Light's dad to shoot him? I mean, we know that it was L's idea, but I think mr Yagami agreed to do it because he thought it was fair. If L does something shady and the task force agrees with him or just stands by does that make them his accomplices or something?

Yeah, I do think L manipulated Soichiro because his plan was not fair. What would have been fair is to actually go through proper legal channels and allow Light to have some actual legal representation and due process.

 You’re right that Soichiro agrees to the plan, but there’s no part of  “L Is going to indefinitely keep my child incarcerated in solitary confinement and go through daily interrogations and the only way I can get this to stop is if I agree to pretend to execute him” that doesn’t force Soichiro to agree. L has already (let’s keep it real here) psychologically tortured his son for close to two months and shows absolutely no sign of stopping, even though there is ample evidence that there is another person who is acting as Kira on the outside who is murdering criminals daily. For a dad like Soichiro who clearly loves his son, it’s obvious that he would have been desperate to do anything to help his son, even if it was outrageous. 

We can agree to disagree on how much consent, so to speak, was actually present under these high intensity situations, but frankly I don’t see Soichiro’s agreement here being indicative of anything other than his complete desperation to do anything to save his son from someone who would never agree to anything other than their own terms. 

Come Back Down, Part 13

Title: Come Back Down Part 13

Rated: PG-13 for cussing, etc

Summary: Jensen and Y/N get an unwelcome, unexpected visitor.

A/N: Thanks for being patient with me. I finally saved enough to purchase a really cheap lap top and will hopefully be able to write and post a lot more efficiently for here on out. Thanks for reading my stuff! (Also, kind reminder that my views are not necessarily reflected here, but I needed a villain. Don’t roast me please.)

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The face that confronted me from Y/N’s front door was definitely not one I’d been expecting. “Danneel?” Just saying her name made rocks grind around my insides. Judging by just her expression, this was not going to be good.

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Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~FINAL~

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I packed my bag with each and every weapon I could find, not wanting to take a risk if we were really going up against the berserkers.

“Where in the hell did you even get a hold of these things?!” Stiles asked, his eyes bewildered as he gently picked up a grenade.

“My dad tends to hoard around weapons,” I shrugged. “A part of the fact that he likes to collect them.”

“Do you even know how to wield even half of them?”

“For the most part,” I said looking to him as I smirked and twirled a gun in my fingers and stuffed it into the backpack. “But I’ve got my preferred weapon of choice.” He looked down and shook his head.

“You’ve really got to train me or something,” he muttered softly to himself. I chuckled and placed a hand to his arm.

“Maybe one of these days,” I said, my smile fading. “But we should get going before my dad finds out half of his collection is gone.”

I gently placed the backpack in the back of his jeep before jumping into the front passenger seat and heading off to the sheriff’s station.

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I believe it’s wrong to intentionally become pregnant as a single woman with the plan to raise the child without a stable partner. I’m not talking about accidental pregnancies, abusive relationships, adoption, or the situations where one might “wind up” because of events outside of them. I mean specifically going through the proper channels (e.g. a sperm clinic) intending to conceive a child you know full well will not experience the love or discipline of a two-parent household. It’s a massive disservice to the child. All children are valuable and belong in the world, no matter the circumstance, but damn it if we shouldn’t try to make that home and that village to raise them.

The Introvert, the Extroverts, and the In-Between

HERE IT IS. I SAID I WOULD START POSTING FIC HERE AND I’M GONNA. I hope you all enjoy! There will be more because I am a weenie and the boys wont shut up.

Characters: Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, with side appearances from Ana, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn.
Rated: T+ because Reyes has a sailor’s mouth.
Words: 2282

Summary: Gabriel Reyes is annoyed and irritated by his teammates constantly cheery and draining dispositions. Some Reaper76 fluff ensues, with a lot of grumpy Reyes. This is mostly a self-indulgent, pre-canon, Omnic Crisis fluffy one-shot.

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If there was anything more annoying than fucking extroverts, Gabriel Reyes didn’t know what it was.

Not that this was surprising for a man of his character. He wasn’t what you would call a “people person.” He had perfected his human-repellant scowl years ago and it had proven effective for keeping anyone too nosy off his back. It helped him command respect, helped keep teammates at an arm’s length. It kept away small talk and allowed him to keep an eye on everyone all at once.

But damn those fucking irritating energetic extroverts.

Since joining Overwatch, he couldn’t help but notice the place was crawling with them. Angela, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Lena… all of them were people magnets. They attracted attention, they soaked up the crowds and praise, they fell in love with the idea of what Overwatch was instead of focusing on the grim reality of it actually is. It was a blissful existence, a happy one, an exuberant one.

And God if it didn’t piss him the hell off.

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