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I was thinking about Jon Ronson’s book about public shaming and about recent debates about political tactics and something came together:

When making arguments about ethics, white men consistently ignore power as a lens of analysis. For many of them, actions are either right or wrong regardless of power differentials between the people involved, the stakes for those with less power, and the options they have available to them.

Protesting to have Milo disinvited from your campus therefore becomes *just as bad* as Milo’s own actions towards marginalized people, despite the vast disparities in harm done and options available. (This is not a strawman. When y'all say, “This makes you just as bad as them,” that’s literally what you’re saying.) That Milo’s talk, as planned, would’ve caused serious, measurable, and irreparable harm to specific students, and that protesters had exhausted all “proper” channels for months beforehand, doesn’t seem to matter in this analysis.

All that matters is the specific action taken. “Preventing a person from speaking.” “Destroying property.” “Public shaming.” These actions are seen as unethical regardless of who did them and why, what consequences they face if they do not take these actions, and what other options–if any–they have available.

I keep coming back to MLK’s quote about riots being the language of the unheard. For the most part, people resort to tactics that fall into ethical grey areas because other tactics are unavailable or have already failed. I’m sure that there are people who do so despite having better options, just as there are always people who act unethically in other ways.

But unfortunately, for an outside observer with no skin in the game, it’s very hard to tell whether or not that’s the case. I saw so many posts patronizingly chiding Berkeley students for not trying other tactics before protesting and/or destroying property (although most did not destroy property, and the oft-used phrase “violent protest” implies much more than that). They had no idea of the lengths to which the protesters went to utilize “appropriate” means to keep themselves and their community safe. It didn’t work. They remained unheard.

Any ethics that ignores the role of power will privilege the powerful. Our Republican members of Congress don’t need to riot, set fires, and block the streets in order to get what they want. They do appropriate, ethical things like draft policies and have debates and vote. Because they have the power to. The specific actions they take–drafting policies, debating, voting–are not seen as inherently unethical things to do. Yet they’ve destroyed lives, families, and communities. They’ve achieved a level of destruction that even the rowdiest masked protesters never could, not that they’d want to.


Did a thing during lunch break cause I’m kinda out of ideas these days. I don’t even know how to draw the damn rifle. Haha

Also a proper youtube  art channel I guess?

I’m just playing mass effect one now (a few years late, I know) and Garrus is so funny??

I’m a LONE WOLF sheppard, I don’t play by the RULES. I left c-sec bc I didn’t like being BOGGED DOWN by all the RED TAPE. Sometimes you gotta act OUTSIDE THE LAW in order to GET RESULTS.

But every time we go anywhere he’s like ‘well, we should check in with this guy, he’s the one closest to proper channels’ and ‘that’s not regulation’ and 'this wasn’t covered in my manual’.

I’m pretty sure he just read too many noire books and became infatuated with the 'cop outside the law’ thing
Because I have never met a more goody-two-shoes in my liFE


Alpha channel for night mode textures is now enabled.
Why is that so important? Here’s why:

This is how vanilla night mode textures looked like (texture does have a proper alpha channel enabled but the game won’t recognize it).

So the first thing was to get night mode textures to work in custom decorations. This was achieved. Now we will be able to make fully functional night mode textures, and that means working street lights with light beams, neon signs, easier lit up night windows process, and other possibilities

The Introvert, the Extroverts, and the In-Between

HERE IT IS. I SAID I WOULD START POSTING FIC HERE AND I’M GONNA. I hope you all enjoy! There will be more because I am a weenie and the boys wont shut up.

Characters: Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, with side appearances from Ana, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn.
Rated: T+ because Reyes has a sailor’s mouth.
Words: 2282

Summary: Gabriel Reyes is annoyed and irritated by his teammates constantly cheery and draining dispositions. Some Reaper76 fluff ensues, with a lot of grumpy Reyes. This is mostly a self-indulgent, pre-canon, Omnic Crisis fluffy one-shot.

AO3 Link

If there was anything more annoying than fucking extroverts, Gabriel Reyes didn’t know what it was.

Not that this was surprising for a man of his character. He wasn’t what you would call a “people person.” He had perfected his human-repellant scowl years ago and it had proven effective for keeping anyone too nosy off his back. It helped him command respect, helped keep teammates at an arm’s length. It kept away small talk and allowed him to keep an eye on everyone all at once.

But damn those fucking irritating energetic extroverts.

Since joining Overwatch, he couldn’t help but notice the place was crawling with them. Angela, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Lena… all of them were people magnets. They attracted attention, they soaked up the crowds and praise, they fell in love with the idea of what Overwatch was instead of focusing on the grim reality of it actually is. It was a blissful existence, a happy one, an exuberant one.

And God if it didn’t piss him the hell off.

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I'm starting a Youtube channel!

This has nothing to do with Undertale or fics (Im so sorry) but I have decided to do something that I’ve always dreamed of doing, but have never had the courage to push through my anxiety to do it.

But this year I’m being brave. I am starting a channel on youtube, a beauty channel (because I am makeup obsessed. Also I will probably include video game type things in the channel, just unsure if I’ll do that right away.)
I already created the account, GlammPaige. I won’t begin filming until we get moved to CA in a few months, but feel free to go ahead and subscribe if you want! Until then, I will be researching and taking notes on how to build a successful channel, proper lighting, how to edit videos, etc.

I usually quit just a bit after I start something, but I know I’ll regret it if I don’t go for it! So I’m going in with realistic expectations and I’ll do my very best!

anonymous asked:

I cant trust none of these youtube theory guys anymore. I thought connor was the only hope for a proper theory channel but then i saw a video of him that said "wario is a psycho cause hes marios biggest and most obsessive fan" Just ... ugh

Yeah i could tell you like 500 ways that theory is bad lol. I’ve never heard of this connor guy but Wario isn’t obsessed. He runs a business and hunts for treasure, Mario if anything is usually far from his mind, the only reason he antagonises him is they knew eachother as kids and he grew jealous/ Mario bullied him. (depending if your looking at the Mario Land 2 manual or the Mario vs Wario comic)

Wario’s only obsession is gold lol 

It’s strange if i was to make a shitty theory like that, i would pick Waluigi, not Wario. Waluigi is obsessed with Luigi, training behind the scenes to make his debut and always is very self proclaiming in his role of nemesis. Unlike Wario, Waluigi literally has no one else in his life/ no other hobbies we know of, and bio’s always hint that he loves to be tied to Luigi.

But even then i wouldn’t say he’s obsessed bc thats stupid lol

The Refugee Mother

“I would do it legally, through the proper channels,” he said, sipping his coffee.

And I said, No you wouldn’t—

At least, I know I wouldn’t—

But I’m a mother, so maybe it’s different.

“What do you mean?”

I mean that in Syria, and Somalia, and Venezuela,

There is a woman my exact age

Who has a son just like mine (maybe he’s robot-crazy too)

Only I get to watch my son grow taller

And she gets to watch her son grow thinner.

Thinner, and sicker, and thinner and sicker every single day,

Wasting away into nothing

While she waits for approval like a good girl.

When the great news finally comes

He’s already gone,

So she crosses the border like a dead person

Leaving her soul in a small coffin.

There was no point to any of it, after all.  

There’s a mother

Cradling her sleeping baby in one hand

Filling out forms with the other.

She knows she will be rejected (again)

But she keeps writing,

Because every day is a game of Russian Roulette

And the barrel is between her daughter’s eyes.

Click, click, bang—a bomb

Click, click, bang—a bullet

Click, click, bang—the water is gone

What sort of mother

Wouldn’t throw herself in front of the gun.

Take me instead! Kill me!

I would die a thousand times for my child

If that’s what it took;

I would build a bridge out of my own corpses

If it would carry my daughter to freedom.

Do you think I care about your approval?

That I give two shits about your laws?

By all means, glue that camera

To the deluded young men

Parading around with rifles.

Let’s keep up the masturbatory war games,

The paper-thin heroism,

The endless circle-jerk of violence.

So brave, all of you, so brave.

Don’t pan across the mothers

Crouching over corpses.

Black, white, brown, it doesn’t matter how old the dead are,

The mothers all wail as one:

My baby, my baby, my baby.

1,000 diaper changes

1,000 sleepless nights

Books read

Songs sung

School uniforms washed

Manners taught

Hugs and kisses

And so, so much hope—

Gone in a solitary second,

Wiped out in a long blood smear.

Every broken body you see was the cumulation

Of years of hard work,

Patience, and caring.

Every. Single. One.

But let’s pretend they’re cardboard targets—

Then we don’t have to think about what we’ve done.

You keep banging on about the rules, but take a minute:

Imagine what you’d really do.


I’ll ask to be excused.

I’m going to sit with the mothers

To cry

As they stack our hearts into piles

And burn them outside the city.


1D Hiatus: Day 59

* Louis posts two pictures on Instagram

* #WhyWeBelieveInLarry and #WeMissYouLiam trend on Twitter

* Harry posts a picture on Instagram

* InTouch publishes “Freddie’s birth certificate”

It’s Feb 10th, 2016.


(I don’t know if someone’s done this yet?!)

Harry and Henry Hart rule the London Underground with an iron thumb.

Harry is the gentleman, the brains of the operation, always making sure that all communication goes through his channel of proper respect and sarcasm.

Henry is the brawn, and forbidden from talking during deals after That Day In 2012 where he provoked 50 armed men into attacking him and Harry.

He doesn’t get to talk. Ever.

They get the offer to expand their business, to show everyone what the Hart brothers can do. They’re offered more drugs, more money, and all the women they can handle.

“I prefer boys actually,” Henry pipes up, unable to control himself, eyes daring their benefactor to say something. What he gets in return is laughter and a shrug.

Harry keeps his preferences to himself, but their benefactor seems to get it regardless, because the first night their club opens, they’re introduced to Eggsy.

Henry loves Eggsy at first sight, the rough and tough young man who looked fit in a suit and gave off the vibe that he’d have a bullet through your brain if you fucked with him.

Harry takes a little longer to get used to the boy, but soon grows accustomed to having Eggsy at his side, sandwiched between him and his brother.

Eggsy enjoys himself, the Hart Twins always make sure to take care of him, and they even let him take out his step-father, leaving his mum and sister free from his poison. He funnels money into his mum’s bank account and once in a while, when the Twins piss him off, they make it up to him by buying toys and clothes for his lil sister.

And the sex is fantastic, Eggsy thinks to himself in post-coital bliss as the Twins argue about who gets to spoon him.


Zoo AU part 2! 

Wendy is still 15.  Fidds is around 21, and Soos is 19-20ish, with an emphasis on the ish. Waddles is 1.

Fidds is a proper, certified, of-age docent– he works mostly in the reptile house.  What he’s holding is, loosely, a blue green tree python.  He’s trying to get the zoo to implement a “mechanical zoo” program where visitors could experience the ‘animals’ up close, but they keep turning him down because “living animals are enough,” and that if people want to experience animals up close they should visit “Jurassic Park” or “the petting zoo.”

Wendy went through the proper channels and became a junior docent– she can handle the animals, but only with proper supervision, so it’s not something she gets to do as much as she’d like (and, like, she doesn’t tell anyone, but she really does enjoy the animals’ company).  Since she’s not able to handle the animals all the time, she also spends some time in the gift shop.

Waddles is a former petting zoo animal who Mabel “liberated.”  She modified a shirt to fit him, and printed a custom nametag designating him as a “Junior Junior Naturalist.”  He accompanies Mabel on all her tours.

And Soos is… Soos.  In khaki.  He likes to talk to the animals while he works around them, especially the big cats.

[part one]

This is the first ever footage of Subterraneans, Full Moon Digital Media’s canceled Pie in the Sky-engine shooter based on an unproduced direct-to-video horror film from the studio.

The prototype I got ahold of is extremely unstable and unfinished. The weapons are still the defaults included with the engine, stages outside the hub area crash if music is enabled, your health counter can’t go above 88, half the game is missing, and so on. And the quality is pretty poor, especially the incoherent level design. The case labels it as a demo, but it’s clearly less complete than that.

It almost feels more like a lark by a single employee at Full Moon that never went very far, so I’m absolutely baffled that it was given cover art and pressed to a CD-ROM. In a way, B-movie production and the Pie in the Sky engine are great companions: low investment for cheap thrills.

(It’s high on my priority list to have this uploaded to the proper channels, don’t worry!)

Listen to the news! (resource)

Maybe this has been around for a while, but I just realised that all the videos on the TBS News-i youtube channel have proper closed captions (not the youtube automated subtitles!). The majority of the videos are less than a minute long so they’re perfect for squeezing in a quick bit of listening practice. News reports are also pretty information rich compared everyday speech so they’re good for a change of pace if you’re looking to up your listening comprehension. Try listening and then note down what you just learnt to see how much information you were able to process and retain.

As it’s youtube you can also listen to bits you couldn’t pick up at half speed and read along with the captions which is an added bonus :)


“Kill” is a character piece carried with amazing shades of interpretation from Hawke and especially Ruffalo, here achieving career-best work as the tormented Brian. While the gentlemen portray common thuggery with all the profanity-laden machismo they can muster, the dimension of the roles is located within the consequences of their actions, as both Brian and Paulie labor to keep their heads above water.

Programmed to lie, steal, and cheat at a tender age, the pair exhibit little control over their lives, a problem exacerbated by Brian’s dalliances with crack and booze. Goodman doesn’t push sympathy here, he just underlines the vulnerability, especially when Brian seizes a jailhouse opportunity to rebuild his life through proper channels of employment and domestic respect. Ruffalo is a marvel in the role, nailing Brian’s gut-churning typhoon of emotions with a special collection of defeated reactions that are far and away the most compelling and natural moments of acting to ever emerge from this actor. Hawke nails his provocateur moments with silver-toothed allure, and Peet gives a standard wifely plea role some needed hurt, but Ruffalo conveys colossal turmoil with minimal showmanship, helping Goodman find needed elements of shame that make the material all the more hypnotic.  -  DVD Talk on “What Doesn’t Kill You”

anonymous asked:

Any character will do, I just need some help. My mom is well, emotional abusive, and my sister is emotional, mentally and physically abusive towards me, I tend to stay away but since both my brother and dad go to work I get left alone, and my mom hates people of the same sex dating, and since I'm dating another female she tends to use it against me..

Doll, we won’t be making an image post for this because you seem to be in serious trouble and we’d like to get this ask published as quickly as possible. We will, however, direct you to some places to go where you can get help from professionals. We want you to be safe and happy, and it’s important that you reach out to the proper channels to get help! If you are scared to reach out yourself, PLEASE find a trusted friend or teacher or ANYBODY (perhaps your girlfriend, even!) to reach out on behalf of you.
Here is a place to chat online any time with trained volunteers who can lend you a helping hand
This is another chat site with trained professionals to help you get through your situation

Here is an article on how to deal with toxic parents
Tactics for dealing with parents in a toxic environment
Please also speak with your father and brother about the situation. Sit them down privately and let them know what is happening. If you are in an abusive situation, you absolutely need to find help asap. You deserve to be happy and feel safe always. Please keep going strong. You’ve survived so much, you’re surviving right now as you read this, and you will survive even the toughest of times. We love you!