proper art for everyone and not only my sketches


You-Taffer Art Commissions!

Hello everyone, it’s commission-taking time again! (You guys know how student loans are, $$$.)

Down to business.

Commissions are currently: OPEN


Sketch Tier:
(Clean Sketch with Flat Colors)
Half: $15
Full: $20

Simple Render Tier:
(Simple Character and/or Simple Lines and Shading)
Half: $25
Full: $35

Complex Render Tier:
(Detailed Character and/or Detailed Lines and Shading)
Half: $45+
Full: $65+

For an extra character, add 50%.
>>For more samples see my art tag or my art blog: [ art tag ] or [ art blog ]

Visit my
Commission Info page for rules and details!

Email me at to discuss a commission! Currently accepting payment through PayPal. Contact me via Tumblr ask or email if you have any questions!