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Be your authentic, epic, limitless, beautiful self today. Let the world fall in love with what you have to offer over and over again! Your a beautiful creature of the universe in ecstatic motion. Let THAT propel you into abundance, love, ease, clarity, and anything else!


Suicide Squad | Behind The Scenes + Jared Leto

so 2017 is here, and that means we’re all going to try to change for the better. we all know that most people don’t succeed, but why is that? my theory is that a lot of people don’t know how to keep their motivation consistent. turns out many psychologists have actually figured out a kind of equation for motivation, factors that play into whether or not we keep our resolutions, habits, and goals. i read this amazing book about this equation and“hacking” your motivation and made notes of some of the main takeaways. enjoy and happy 2017!

take advantage of “success spirals”

set yourself a series of achievable goals and then achieve all of them until you expect only success and failure is no longer familiar. this is a great way to get started living a motivated life. example: start out your new year by changing one habit that’s small enough where success is likely, and use that success to propel you to larger goals.

commit early on

choose now to limit your later options, preventing yourself form making the wrong choice in the face of temptation. signing up for a public speaking engagement that you know you should do is much easier 2 months beforehand, thereby forcing you not to chicken out when the going gets tough.

surround yourself with motivated people

have a workout or study buddy with similar goals as you. you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. example: read or watch biographies of inspirational people whose lives you would like to emulate. go on a social media diet, in which you only see motivating and positive posts by motivated and positive people.


visualize the success you want to achieve, contrasting it with the life you currently live. Add in implementation intentions and process visualization for more oomph. michael phelps does this for every race, “playing the video tape” of the perfect race in his head. this allowed him to break a world record in 2008 with water in his goggles.

get into flow

flow is a psychological state characterized by being completely absorbed in whatever it is you’re doing. musicians, writers, and other creatives often report this while making their best works. how to get into flow? tasks which are too easy or too hard are not engaging, so find ways to make tasks challenging but possible. compete against yourself, or against others. getting into flow is most achievable when something is familiar to you and you can do it automatically, but it still contains mentally stimulating elements.

connect your goals to passion

look for ways to connect tasks with major life goals, so that you can remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. set up extra reminders of those connections where you’ll see them (ex: every day i make my goal of saving 100 dollars i am that much closer to financial freedom). make sure you’re on a path to goals you actually want and that the journey is making you happy. If it isn’t, consider something more intrinsically motivating.

care for yourself

everything is better when you’re alert. sleep well, eat well, move your body every day, guard your circadian rhythms, and avoid burnout. cure energy lows with quality breaks, movement, sunshine, and good music. match intensive tasks with periods of high energy.

kill perfectionism

if you can’t bring yourself to do your main task, at least get some other things out of the way. it’s not perfect, but perfect is the enemy of good. get used to the act of doing consistently, rather than having things be perfect, so it doesn’t paralyze you. do not be afraid of failure, because it is the fastest way to learn.

use rewards

celebrate your successes with any reward that will motivate you (treats, crazy dance parties, an hour of social media or video games?). we all know the feeling before a deadline where it seems as if our life for the next week is just a never-ending tunnel of drudgery and work. 

play hard

this one is related to rewards – plan times to have as much fun as you can - this leads to more efficient recreation, and it also lets you focused on your goals during the other times, rather than just having low-grade leisure constantly tempting you as an option. ex: rather than taking a “break” every two minutes to check your instagram feed, do something that will actually burst your mood, make you laugh, or release some of the tension in your body.

more motivation hacks: the motivation hacker by nick winter, 2.99 on amazon!

Success does not come without several failures along the way. Take them lightly, and use them to propel you forwards
Rosi’s Ideal Arctic Monkeys Setlist

Shoutout to @monsieurlennon @jossmayfair @arcticmonkeyys @train-inthedistance and @esparafuso for tagging me in this painful and brain breaking exercise.

What would your current perfect Arctic Monkeys set list be?
Rules: TLSP and Submarine Soundtrack are off the table but all the AM b-sides are obviously fair game. OKAY let’s do this: Cap 20 songs including the encore (and in order!!) 

(First off. PICKING ONLY 20 SONGS IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. IT’S LIKE WHEN SOMEONE ASKS ME WHAT MY FAVE AM RECORD IS. Spoiler alert, they’re all my faves. This is like asking a parent to choose a favourite child. Anyway, moving on to this monumental task.)

1- Do I Wanna Know? (I have an intense feeling of nostalgia for the dramatic instrumental intro from the AM era. I swear that intro could raise me from the dead.)

2- I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Bonus points if Alex yells out “Señoritas” before starting the song.)

3- The View From The Afternoon (Matt would ABSOLUTELY KILL IT ON THE DRUMS. Bang bang Mr. Drummer Man. Y’all are welcome for that visual.)

4- Fluorescent Adolescent (Cue nostalgia because “The best you’ve ever had is just a memory”. Just punch me in the gut. It would hurt less.)

5- Do Me A Favour (Nostalgia Intensifies.)

6- Cornerstone (I’d like for the audience to pull out cell phones and lighters and wave them in the air dramatically as they belt out this particular tune.)

7- My Propeller (Get everyone going again. Ladies and gentlemen, start your propellers.)

8- Crying Lightning (The guitars in this give me life.)

9- Brianstorm (Mat killing it on the drums once again.)

10 - She’s Thunderstorms (Another guitar-giving-me-life song. Also notice the weather theme.)

11- Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair (The intro to this song also gives me life. Also Alex’s hip movements during this. Only real 90’s kids remember. Reblog if you’re a true 90’s kid.)

12- Library Pictures (#1: The instruments in this song. LIFE GIVING. #2: MOSH PIT.)

13- Fireside (Cue visual of potatoes in a pot, the water reaching a rolling boil. You stare at the bubbling water and feel nostalgia for some nameless lover. Second hand yearning.)

14- Only Ones Who Know (From 0 to 100 real quick. Yearning intensifies.)

15- I Wanna Be Yours (Cell phones and lighters in the air. Sway to the beat. Feel the music cleanse your soul.)

16- Arabella (Allow Alex’s hip movements and stripper moves to kill you slowly and revive you all at once.)



18- R U Mine? (The formerly deceased audience returns from the afterlife after hearing the first notes of this song.)

19- Little Illusion Machine (Alex announces a surprise guest. You cannot believe your eyes as Miles Fucking Kane walks onto the stage. THE AUDIENCE FUCKING RIOTS. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE IN THE MOST AWESOME WAY.)

20- 505 (Alex and Miles perform this pressed against one another as they share a microphone a la TLSP. Tears of joy wash over the faces of everyone in attendance.)

Truly Blessed (ThorinxReader)

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Joy and adrenaline propel you forwards, as your feet carry you towards the throne room as fast as you can. You surge through swarms of dwarves, who all stop to stare in disbelief and worry as to why their very pregnant Queen was racing through the Kingdom. But you pay them no mind as you hurry to get to your husband, one of your hands constantly pressed against your slightly risen stomach as you run.

Turning the corner you abruptly slam into Dwalin who quickly reaches to steady you. Your life-long friend and companion offers you a quiet chuckle as he jokingly asks where the emergency is. Shaking your head, you simply reach for his large calloused hands and gently press them against the bulge of your stomach.

Shock, disbelief and joy overcome his bearded face. His always stoic face softening into a tender smile, as his eyes begin to water and he pulls you into a gentle embrace. Pulling back, he reaches a hand to gently stroke your cheek as he remembers the small dwarfling he meet over a century ago, one who strongly contrasts the now transformed, beautiful dwarrowdam with Husband and unborn child. Smiling again he softly nudges you forward, encouraging you to go and find your husband.

Nodding, you make your way past Dwalin and continue through the corridors until you burst through the doors of the throne room, successfully capturing the attention of your nephews, Fili and Kili, sister-in law, Dis and Husband. Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain.

Your nephews and sister send you concerned looks as they rush a few steps forward, but you ignore them as your husband forces himself up from his slumped position on his throne and sprints towards you, a deep concern rooted on his handsome face.

As he finally reaches you, his hands reach up to desperately grasp your face as his normally strong voice cowers under the strength of his fear; “My love, My treasure what is wrong? Are you alright? Is our light alright?” Thorin has taken to calling your unborn child ‘our light’ for a few months now because he says as the first child born of Durin descent in over 70 years he or she will be the new light of your family.

Panting slightly you nod, a smile once again stretching across your face, as the breathless whisper leaves your lips; “Our baby’s kicking.”

As you stare into his eyes, you almost miss the collective gasp from the remaining Durins in the room. Thorin’s eyes widen dramatically and you can’t help but release a small giggle at the disbelief on his face. Slowly releasing your face, his hands begin to shake as they move towards your stomach at a painfully slow rate. Rolling your eyes slightly, you press your hand against his and lay it against your body where your baby grew.

Smiling even wider you stare into his eyes as you feel a small nudge coming from inside you, getting even stronger when you whisper the word that had triggered your child’s first kick; “Daddy” Thorin jolts slightly when the kicking gets stronger and when he realizes what you just said, the elation that begins to envelope him is palpable.

A beautiful smile spreads across your lovers face and his eyes brighten with pure joy and love, his eyes water and the tears come quickly streaming down his flushed cheeks. Slowly kneeling to the ground he nudges his nose against your stomach and presses tender little kisses across it, smiling even wider when his actions cause laughter to bubble from your lips.

Standing again, you reach up to run a finger across the crinkles by his eyes and rest your forehead against his. Thorin reluctantly pulls away and turns towards the rest of your family who have been watching the exchange with proud loving smiles and wet cheeks.

Offering out his hand, Fili and Kili share a small glance before the both charge over to you both to envelope you in their arms. Pressing kisses to your cheeks, they both eagerly drop to their knees to tell their cousin how they cannot wait to meet him or her.

Dis is more cautious in her approach as she pulls her brother in for a hug. Burying her head into his shoulders, you can just make our her whisper; “I’m so proud of you Big Brother.” before she pulls away to lovingly nudge her forehead against his. Turning to you she laces a tender arm around your shoulders and rests her head against your shoulder, and Thorin reaches for your hand.

Smiling, you couldn’t be more grateful for your family. You were truly blessed.


Today is the New Moon & each New Moon is a time for setting intentions for how you want to endure the next cycle of the moon, primarily up until the full moon. Let the power and the energy of Le Luna Propel you forward into everything you want to achieve in the near future.

A fun little ritual is to write down your wishes onto Bay Leaves and burn them in the light of the New Moon. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision and open to receiving guidance, healing & support from Spirit.

Amethyst how are you propelling that surf board?



Is “by jove” a thing that people still say?

Or is Connie just a fucking nerd?

Find out next time in Steven Universe!!!



“You’re great.”

“No you’re great!”

That’s pretty much how a lot of conversations with my boyfriend go.

As entrepreneurs, or aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s easy to talk about your success rather than your struggles. However, I believe that in order to be an effective leader; and satisfy the desire in you to create more leaders. It is an integral part of your role to also share your struggles. At the very least, provide others with the tools they need to establish the confidence they need to succeed. As quoted from Simon Sinek “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Ultimately, you benefit from the connections you build. People respect courage, they respect authenticity and they respect success. Any person who is scared to be vulnerable, in my opinion, is scared they could lose the success they have acquired or seemingly acquired. Anyone can preach about success. But only a person who truly feels they have become a success, will not be limited by the fear of the potential in others. For what is fear if not the driving force that propelled you to achieve your own personal success. The obstacles you overcame that brought you to where you are now. You might be the example someone else needs; and what can be more fulfilling to a leader than that?


Summary: Request: Best Friend Changkyun and you are always together, but you have feelings for each other.

Idol: I.M of Monsta X

Word Count: 1444

Warnings: None

Mentally, you and Changkyun were 5 years old. You’d just been like that your entire friendship. It was a nice escape from the pressure of the real world, growing up, and all that.

“Bet I could swing higher than you,” he grins, gripping the metal chain tightly in his hands.

“You’re on,” you laugh, kicking your feet to propel you and your swing into the air.

The two of you were used to this. Not caring what others thought. Focusing on the rush the two of you got when you were around each other. The endless memories you two cherished forever. And, while you were happy with that, you wanted more.

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Forget About It (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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A/N: AKA ‘I Don’t Want to See You With Her’- Part 2. There were about five dialogue prompts that I also used during the writing of this. I’ve had a hundred different people ask for a sequel, and I think I’ve made you suffer enough. Keep hydrated and prepare your underwear, darlings.

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People need to stop wanting movie adaptions of books to be exact replicas of the source material

Change isn’t always bad sometimes its just different

Y'all need to start viewing movies as separate, like AUs

If a movie is still bad then its a bad movie
It doesnt make the book bad


If a movie is considered good but you hate it because scourges collar isnt PURPLE i WILL PHYSICALLY PROPEL YOU INTO THE SUN