propelling concepts


DAREDEVIL | S2 | Karen Page moments 21/50

You’re right, this city really needs heroes. 

But you’re not one of them.


My Mario Maker: “Propeller Arena” ⊟ 

Concept: “I wonder what happens if I put stuff in Koopa Clown Cars.” Then I made a series of arena rooms separated by doors, so players can face off with terrifying assortments of clown car monsters. 

Three things I’m actually pretty happy about pointing out:

  • Thwomp in a clown car is my favorite combination now. It flies around, chases you, and… still thwomps! Which doesn’t hurt!
  • The bit where a fire flower and clown car pop out of cannons at the same time and connect is really cool, and completely accidental!
  • I put harder-to-kill enemies in the last arena, ones that you can’t just jump on. So there’s a giant spiny, a beetle, and… a Wiggler.
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