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“Hah! Yer huge! Why would’ja not wanna always fight with yer fists when yer this buff, huh?”

The penultimate in hotheaded comic relief characters with tragic pasts that are repeatedly struck by excessive amounts of misfortune. Now you need to make it a three-way fusion with Okuyasu to complete the comic-relief holy trinity.

Quick to anger, first to jump into a fight, hates unfair battles, always aims to keep spirits high, and has a great knack for making friends - or so he says; he’s obsessed with looking cool and flashy, but can actually be quite immature and obnoxious, despite appearances, and has a bad habit of souring first impressions by blurting out crass jokes at the worst possible time. Still, he’s incredibly earnest, thinks swordsmen and knights are the coolest thing, and he would die for you.

He makes a big point of wearing a harness and a sheath and everything, and while his stand is a blade, it’s not physical or bound to anything - he’s just got a regular fencing blade to keep up knightly/gentlemanly appearances and show off to others. He genuinely is proficient at fencing and swordplay, though.

He’s also a big fan of The Rose of Versailles.


Stand details under the cut.

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