“My name? Yes, it’s Alan Gordon Partr—-you know what, just put it down as anonymous, would you? Thanks.”

(with many thanks to Ashles3000 over on Twitter for this one!)

Propeller Shadows on Saturn’s Rings

(via APOD; Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Space Science Institute )

What created these unusually long shadows on Saturn’s rings? The dark shadows – visible near the middle of the image – extend opposite the Sun and, given their length, stem from objects having heights up to a few kilometers. The long shadows were unexpected given that the usual thickness of Saturn’s A and B rings is only about 10 meters. After considering the choppy but elongated shapes apparent near the B-ring edge, however, a leading theory has emerged that some kilometer-sized moonlets exist there that have enough gravity to create even larger vertical deflections of nearby small ring particles. The resulting ring waves are called propellers, named for how they appear individually. It is these coherent groups of smaller ring particles that are hypothesized to be casting the long shadows. The featured image was taken by the robotic Cassini spacecraft currently orbiting Saturn. The image was captured in 2009, near Saturn’s equinox, when sunlight streamed directly over the ring plane and caused the longest shadows to be cast.

Kelly angled away from the drone, toward a tree just to its right.
She jumped, hit the trunk three meters up—pushed off, flipped, propelling herself through the air straight at the hovering machine.
No shields to stop her.
She grabbed the port and starboard booms and swung both legs onto the bottom spar.
Its central metal eye fixed her and heated to white-hot intensity.
She let go and braced as best as she could on the slippery bottom boom, balled her hands into fists, and then hit the thing as hard as she could—impacting the eye dead center. Her shields flared as it repelled the intense heat.
The sphere dented and spun backward.
The drone spun as well from the momentum, and Kelly scrambled to regain purchase.
She drew back once more, and before the thing could recover and blast her—she again struck a hammer blow.

I posted a rough sketch of this one on @117–087‘s blog a while back. While I always intended to finish the piece later, I went a bit further with it than I originally planned.

i think every day about how you can just break life down into a bunch of sidequests. like how for example today i emailed the registrar at the college i attended about when i would receive my diploma and she says, u will receive it but we never got your statistic course transcript and we need that first. so my sprite has to run back 2 or 3 cities without a teleportation spell & probably have to re-visit some low-level monster fights just to go all the way back to grab the transfer credit transcript that they need from me

It was a myth, she knew, but something about it resonated with a poetic irony - that our exploration, our venturing forth into the unknown, to new lands, to a new life, had been aided by the light of dead and dying stars. Lanterns left suspended in the sky, guiding us along in funerary pace, in the cyclical dance of wandering and rest.

Instead, it was a trick of miles morphed by time, distance lending to a different truth - that we are propelled forward by the past, history bending upon itself into the most exquisite knot.

My problem is that I’ll randomly get really motivated to do shit, but it’s within such a small window of time that I must do the thing at that EXACT moment and if I don’t the moment passes and I’ll have to wait like at least whole month for another random burst of motivation to do the thing ya feel


When you have to keep restarting but at least the level music is dope