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Angels walk among us. With crooked halos and shattered wings, they walk among us and try to remember what it felt like to be holy. Stretching out their arms and reminding themselves of what it felt like to soar.

Gods walk among us. Trapped inside too small bodies with nothing but the memories of when they were everything, and dream of the worlds and empires they helped forge. Their hands had once built galaxies, but now seemed so small.

Aliens walk among us. From far away worlds and twinkling stars, they carry on and wonder how they had gotten so far from home. One day they know they’ll traverse this galaxy once again, but until then they must make do with Earth.

Fae walk among us. Who try to remember their people, their customs, their dances, in a world that is convinced that they are children’s tales, and no more. Desperately trying to become themselves again, wondering if it was all simply a prank gone wrong, or something worse.

Forests walk among us. Those who remember their trees, their plants, the animals they kept safe under their canopy. Now they can only hope their small friends stay safe, until they can take care of them all again.

Animals walk among us. Wondering why they were stuck on two legs with none of their fur or feathers, scales or shells. Questioning why their voices suddenly are so wrong, so different from the cries they used to make. Surrounding themselves with whatever they can that reminds them of their home.

Ghosts walk among us. Clothed in flowing white and shadowy blues, wandering through areas that used to be solely theirs. They can no longer phase or float, but they make do. They have to.

Dragons walk among us. On feet without the claws they remember, and with heads held high despite the missing horns and fangs. They clamber forwards, rebuilding their hoard with every step of the way.

Dolls walk among us. Those with faded felt and chipped ceramics alike wondering why they were suddenly flesh. Looking over themselves and realizing their bodies were suddenly softer then they ever were, more sturdy then they ever were.

Galaxies walk among us. Made of star stuff and moonshine, infinitely growing forces trapped in too small bodies. Remembering what it felt like to span light years and wondering who had managed to trap supernovas into flesh and blood.

Monsters walk among us. In every shape and size; they walk; slither; crawl; and remember the days they were feared, and wonder if they really want that back. If they would want it back after finally being treated as a living creature with as much right to exist as anyone else.

Betrayers walk among us. With guilt-ridden hearts and regretful eyes. Who reassure themselves that it was the right thing to do, not quite sure if they believe themselves.

Saviors walk among us. With a shine in their eyes and smiles on their lips, reassuring all they come across that one day the sun will shine and all with be right once again.

Rebels walk among us. Causes long ago forgotten, but with fires still raging in their hearts. Challenging anything and everything. Unrest and revolutions follow them wherever they tread. Chaos and freedom, mixed together.

Survivors walk among us. Soldiers with nothing left to fear, who have instincts as their guide and luck on their side. Walking forward unafraid, because they’ve done this all before.

Immortals walk among us. Souls laden with sorrow, heartbreak slipping through their eyes. They know by now not to get close, but do so anyways because its the only thing that makes them feel anymore.

Soldiers walk among us. Hands itching for weapons they no longer have, tense with instincts they no longer need. Wondering why their body is so unmarred and unbroken. They had always done their best, but now they no longer knew if that was good enough. If it ever was good enough.

Children walk among us. Lost and afraid, they march forward, with the weights of a thousand impossibilities on their shoulders. These children are forgotten, and they would prefer to stay that way.

Cursed-folk walk among us. With cautious eyes and doubtful tones, who know that the world is against them now more than ever. Everything comes with a price, and they wonder if their price was truly worth it.

Mages walk among us. Hands of their magical tools of choice, ready to pull them out if necessary to defend or attack. Scared because this was the land their ancestors were killed in. Courageous because they continue forwards anyways.

Travelers walk among us. Those who took a wrong turn and found themselves in a world that isn’t theirs, hoping to one day find the way back. Strength rings through them, for they know they cannot- will not -stop until they reach their home.

Chosen Ones walk among us. Remembering what it felt like to be The One, The Savior, The Last Hope of their worlds- and wondering why that responsibility was ever thrust on them in the first place. Wondering why they had been abandoned back in their old world after fighting so hard for the one they had made their home.

Spirits walk among us. Spirits who see others like them in the corner of their eyes. Spirits who meet up in quiet secret places and remember, together, what it felt like to be themselves. Reassuring each other that one day they will all go Home.

Unicorns walk among us. Even with their horns no longer there, there is no doubt magic runs through them. They are blessed creatures, and they know it. Stars and sunlight glisten in their eyes, and every step plants flowers. 

Demons walk among us. Still feeling the darkness in their blood, and the calls of others like them. Hell fire and brimstone smells dance on the breeze, luring them away. Luring them back home.

Dire Wolves walk among us. Even without their pack, they are fierce. Every step a calculation, every move planned.The hunt is on, and it looks like you are the prey. Get ready to run.

Dinosaurs walk among us. Long gone though they are, the continue forward. With pasts surrounded by mystery and unknowing. They are a varied folk, from carnivores to herbivores and everything in between. Large and small alike they fight on.

Winged Ones walk among us. Backs aching from wings they don’t have- limbs they haven’t had in a long time. The sky calls to them, begging them to come home, but they cannot reply. Stuck on the ground, staring hopefully up at the sky- one day they might go home, but not yet, not today.

Glitches walk among us. Scratches on the disk of reality, blips in the world. Tilt your head, look at them from a wrong angle- they might just be lens flares, might just be tricks of the imagination. The world warps around a being that is not there, that shouldn’t be there.

Hellhounds walk among us. Hellfire sprouts from their paths, infernos blaze just under their skin. Embers burn their paws, soot stains their fur. Wildness stirs in their hearts, urges them forward. Feral creatures, born from fire and darkness.

Vampires walk among us. Fangs stained red with blood that is not theirs. Pale as untouched snow, with hearts as dark as the night they rule. Voids twist around them, cloaking them in their shadows. Look out for too sharp grins at midnight, watch your steps.

Elements walk among us. Raging winds, blazing flames, crushing earth, and surging waters rush together. Combining to make impossible possibilities, incredible worlds, exploding worlds. Elements that made up entire worlds now spinned into bones.

The Undead walk among us. Shuffling and stuttering, wondering if this makes them undead undead. Flesh now whole and bones unbroken, feeling their heartbeat course through their veins once again, feeling the air filling their lungs once again. 

Werefolk walk among us. Bodies no longer shifting as they once did, permanently stuck on their two legs, for better or for worse. From all walks of life, they shifted into anything and everything. They do what they can to remind themselves of what if had felt like to themselves again.

Starseeds walk among us. Those that have lived only a few lives and those that have lived hundreds walking together. Taking the same steps they’ve taken who knows how many times before. Memories trickle back to them, small ones and big ones alike replaying in their minds. Doing their best to remember their mission and goals.

Mermaids walk among us. Although, maybe walk would be the wrong word. Figuring out how to walk on separate limbs that used to be one. Feeling most at home when submerged in water, sometimes forgetting their new bodies need oxygen. Strong arms and new legs propelling them through water, making them relearn a skill that they’d known since birth.

Death Omens walk among us. Afraid if their mere presence curses everyone around them. Keeping to themselves, just in case. Wondering how much of their past life carries on to their new life. Afraid that their mere touch could end lives, wondering if its their fault every time catastrophe hits.

Psychopomps walk among us. Remembering their jobs, remembering their duty. Even when they hated it, they remember what that must do. Both an impartial guide and a guardian protector. It was not their job to judge, simply to provide a safe passage from here to whatever lies beyond. Smiling in the face of death, knowing that they are not here for them.

Shadows walk among us. Twisting and shifting, not solid forms but far from intangible. They are everywhere and nowhere all at once, watching on to every act, recording passively that actions of others, while also defending those in need, actively stepping out to protect. They are the night and the stars, and yet also the shifting woods and deadly blades that flash in the shade. They are, and they aren’t.

Prisoners walk among us. Remembering shackles and chains holding them back, holding them down. Forced in cages and cells, forced to repent. But now- now they are free. They are free to walk and speak and run. Every part of their soul sings. Shackles now rusted off, chains now broken- they have no intentions of ever putting them back on.

Robots walk among us. Rusty joints and electricity running through them. Mechanical men, made to work with no need for sustenance. Inorganic beings with artificial intelligence, making themselves better, making themselves evolve. Their jobs are not yet done.

Mountains walk among us. Their strength and fortitude transformed into movable flesh and feeble bones. Eons of near unending life taken away and replaced with a life of hardly a century. Where once they were feared and respected, they are now hardly ever seen.

Winter Sprites walk among us. Ice on their fingers, frost in their hair. Snow falls over their trail, painting the frozen landscape a chilling white. A shiver trails up your spine when they pass, followed by a freezing breeze- winter spirits in their element can freeze the world over, if one could be bothered to do so.

Seers walk among us. They watch, wide eyed and humbled, at the creatures who walk around them. Wings and horns and twisted bits, wandering through crowded streets. Their oddities, invisible to most, show bright and clear to the perceptive eyes of those who watch.

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I lack the means to play this game, but this is an interesting character design.

When he swims, his body makes an undulating up and down motion. This means that the main propulsive area is horizontal to the orientation of the body. This type of swimming motion is something that you see only in marine mammals with wide tail flukes….

Ergo…. he’s not propelling himself through the water with his feet, It would only make sense if his “fin skirt” spreads out into a fluke-like surface, that propels him through the water when he dorsoventrally flexes his spine.


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I desire, with all of my heart, to see a mollusc I have never seen before

The Spanish dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus) is a large nudibranch that inhabits tropical and subtropical waters in the Indo-Pacific region. Unlike most nudibranchs, it is capable of free-swimming, using undulations of the wide, flattened edges of its mantle to propel itself through the water. The whirling motion as it swims is reminiscent of the skirt movements of a flamenco dancer, hence its common name.

Image sources [1] [2]

Now, I have pretty thick skin but some customers I got were really awful, this one in particular still makes me angry.

We had a deal going on for Propel ( flavored water) for 2/$5. A customer comes up, with two packs of propel I scan the items and this is how the conversation went:
Me: “Hello, how is your day today?” :)
C: …
Me: “Your total is 6-something”
C: “BUT ITS 2/$5!!!!”
Me: “Yes sir, before tax.”
C: *rolls eyes, gives a look* “Water isn’t taxed”
Me: “Propel is flavored though, it really isn’t wat-”
C: *condescendingly* “But does the law tax flavored or carbonated?!”
Me: …
C: *smug* “It’s carbonated. I have an education and a PhD- I know what’s taxed.”
Me: “My monitor says it’s taxed, it’s taxed.”
C: “whatever.” And walks out the door without paying.

First off, Propel is NOT water, it’s basically clear Kool-aide. Secondly, do you know the law, because obviously not. Third, PhD in WHAT?!?

PS. For those who care I quit after moving to another city to go to college for BIOENGINEERING. How I’d love to rub my degree in his face for embarrassing me and making me look like an idiot. I’m a lot, but an idiot I am not.

From Tail to Legs

Parts: one | two | three | four | end

Group: BTS


Excerpt: ‘He had decided if you wouldn’t come to him, he would go to you.’

Genre: fluff, mermaid au

Length: 1.2k

A/N: there will be two more chapters! i just edited the format~

Originally posted by jaayhope

“Was he worth this?” Hoseok heard his voice break, his sister who had once possessed the prettiest tail in the reef, was now standing on wobbling, unstable human legs. Frail, flimsy and now what she was stuck with for the rest of her life.

She nodded her head having lost her voice as part of the payment for the legs. And every week, tirelessly he would swim to the surface to meet her and explain what she was missing. He had watched the glow in her cheeks fade but decided it was because she missed the sea and not because things were going wrong.

Hoseok had witnessed this all, vowing to never fall for a human and yet he had always been drawn to them.

His sister, however, did not receive the happy ending she had been searching for, he still remembered how he had screamed until his throat was raw trying to find answers no one would give him, “What happened to her? Where did she go?”

Finally a hand landed on his shoulder, squeezing tightly before one of the elders looked him in the eye, “she returned to the water to become part of the great cycle.”

Hoseok frowned until another mermaid coughed, straightening her back as everyone fell silent to look at her, “Your sister was reckless and caught in a trap she wasn’t expected to escape. You have seen the consequences do not make the same mistake.”

Now Hoseok wondered if he had taken those words as a challenge, that they believed no mer would ever be successful with a human and so he had actively sought out the kind that had been the reason for the death of his sister. “Are you sure about this?”

The woman looked at him, her inky black tail flicked slightly under her as she took him in, before she snapped her fingers together in recognition, “I remember why you’re familiar. I was giving this potion to your sister many years ago." 

Hoseok nodded, his blonde hair floated in the sea slightly and he fought the urge to run a hand over his scales to calm himself down. He had decided if you wouldn’t come to him, he would go to you. 

The feeling of your flippers propelling you through the water, for a split second felt like a tail. Your mind raced back to Hoseok kissing you, it had tasted like salt and you found yourself surfacing for air whilst you traced your lips with your hand. 

You hadn’t seen your siren for a while and it worried you more than you would’ve liked it too. But for now, you let yourself become absorbed in checking the reef, vibrant colours displaying it was healthy.

However, as you surfaced one more time there was unusual movement on the water; seagulls dived into the water as fish splashed on the surface. But the seagulls seemed uninterested in their usual favourite meal, you instantly new something was wrong.

Quickly you swam over, eyes searching the reef for whatever had made the animals so agitated before your eyes landed on him. Two turtles under each arm as they struggled to pull him up, you swam over wondering why your siren suddenly needed assistance to swim and then you saw it - them. Legs.

You let out a gasp, bubbles leaving your mouth that caught his attention. His legs were flailing in the water and he seemed unable to kick up, without thinking you swam over to him and hooking an arm around his waist you pulled him up.

"Hobi?” You knew it had to be him, but the legs were throwing you off. Until with a massive glowing smile, he pulled you closer, a dead weight in your arms, and ran his fingers through your hair before bringing them under your chin so he could look you in the eye. But no words left his mouth.

His eyes widened, mouth moving and forming words that never reached your ears. He had lost his tail and his voice and without thinking twice, you said what was playing on your mind, “Am I worth this?”

Hoseok’s mouth opened and shut as he seemed to be trying to search for something to say, even if he couldn’t speak, so you continued, “you’ve sacrificed everything you are for me, what’s wrong with you.” Your eyes began to swim with tears, and your lifeguard training kicked in as you began to tow your siren to the shore, your tears silently slipped down your face to join the waves.

After a while of studying your leg movements, Hoseok became able to kick for himself lessening the weight you were dragging, but the silence weighed heavily on your mind. When you reached the beach, you watched Hoseok collapse as soon as you let him go where the waves lapped at silly sand, but you were too tired to drag him to your house “I’m sorry I snapped,” you sighed after a while, but looking over you realised why he hadn’t made any signal to show he heard you; Hoseok was writing in the sand.

You would have broken my heart if you said no. So I became human and saved us both the pain.’ when you finished reading you looked at him, studying his dimples and sunkissed skin before a wide smile spread across your face as you threw yourself into his arms.

“I missed you so much, I was worried you were going to be killed,” the tears that slid down your cheek landed on his bare chest, his hand coming to stroke your back slowly. The last time you had seen Hoseok he had been begging you to join him as a mermaid, you never got to reply because you could no longer breathe underwater.

And when you finally reached the surface he had disappeared from your view, leaving you feeling abandoned. But he was back.

Even if he had lost his voice and now had legs, but he had sacrificed almost everything for you and with that realisation, your sobs became more violent as you wondered how you were meant to get his voice back. “I’ve read the little mermaid before Hobi, are you going to die if I don’t kiss you?”

His smile became tight, the light dulled from his eyes and his grip tightened on you, as he slowly shook his head slowly mouthing words you hadn’t expected, “I don’t know.”


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Drabble Inspired by ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson.

Deep in the seas of a planet with forest and ocean lived a mermaid prince. He had the largest, darkest tail of all, with ebony fins and scales that glistened crimson when exposed to light. His chest was adorned with pieces on his shoulders and wrists that only royalty could wear. Upon his mane sat a great crown.

In his hands, he was always holding a trident with red horns. This weapon was a gift made for him personally, and there were no others of it in the entire galaxy. This weapon could slice through rocks like a knife through paper. It was the perfect weapon to keep him in power and his enemies at bay,

His name was Kylo Ren.

Predators several times bigger than his black coral castle would swish out of his way when he came by. In his presence, the bravest man would tremble.

He had everything he could ever want, and he could do whatever he wanted.

Being the king, he was able to swim up to the surface to study the above world. The forests, buildings, and cliffs did not interest him in the least. If you asked him what the surface was like, he would tell you that you might as well stay in the water because the surface is bland.

Until he saw her.

She was always sitting by the shore at night, looking at the stars, daydreaming. 

He was never able to get close enough to her without the risk of being seen. Even with his blending skills, she would still hear him. 

Just from seeing her once, he believed she to be more beautiful and fascinating than anything in the deep. Whenever he had the chance, he would come up to the surface while she sat on the shore. She was always there at night, and sometimes, in afternoons.

Kylo Ren was a king, yet he couldn’t persuade himself to speak to her. What if he frightened her? He could have cared less if his species was exposed. He’d let the merfolk go extinct if it meant getting one close look at her. 

Living under the same waters but claiming different floors were the crolutes. Unlike merfolk, crolutes were able to walk among the surface, as they had legs. But they were dastardly and ugly. While they looked thin when wet, their bodies would inflate as they dried, making them look like walking blobs.

Unkar Plutt was their king, if anybody could call him that. In his society, money determined who was in power, and he was the richest of them all. He too always got what he wanted.

And he too had eyes for the girl, and since he saw her first, he believed she was his to claim. Unlike Kylo, he made himself known to her. She was repulsed and disgusted by him, turning him away each time with threats. One day, Unkar had enough.

It was a good thing Kylo was near the last time Unkar faced the girl. When he surfaced, Kylo didn’t see the girl in her usual spot, but he swore he could hear her. 

She was swearing and spitting and threatening whoever she was with. He heard her mention Unkar. The merman propelled himself to where her voice was louder.

Looking up, he saw she was on top a cliff, locked in Unkars grasp.

“I’m not asking you anymore!” Kylo heard him yell. “I’m tired of waiting for you to say yes on your own!”

Grasping her tightly, he backed away, then hurled himself forward to shove the girl off the cliff. Had she not been falling from a height so great, she’d still be cursing him.

Her body slammed into the water.

The sea king wasted no time, diving under the water and propelling towards her. As she sunk down, he realized she couldn’t swim. When he saw the blobfish jumping in after her, he flicked his tail faster.

No, he would not let him have her. The girl was too enchanting and astonishing to be taken by a nasty crolute.

As Unkar was about to grasp her, Kylo used his trident and fired at him. Since the weapon could easily cut through rocks, it had no trouble ripping through Unkar, splitting him in two.

By the time Kylo reached her, her eyes had closed. He enclosed her in his arms and jetted to the surface at light speed.

Once there, he looked down at her as he held her close. Her pulse still beat though her eyes remained closed. Sweeping her towards the shore, Kylo placed her gently over the sand.

This would probably be the closest he had ever gotten to her. After they parted, he would think of her every day, not even knowing her name.

His fingers gently brushed against her cheek and neck. She was even more beautiful up close. Why did she have to be human? Why was it, that the only time he ever showed interest in someone, they were of a different species?

Before saying goodbye, Kylo kissed the womans wet forehead, slicking back some hair strands that stuck to her face. Reaching for his tail, he picked off a scale to give to her. Maybe, if she had seen him for a moment, it would remind her of him.

Once he looked upon the girls face, her eyes opened. Kylo thought she would scream, but she was still. Probably still weak from before. But her eyes, oh, those eyes. He had never seen hazel until that moment.

“If only you were a mermaid,” he said. “I’d make you my queen and be your devoted servant. You would live in my grand palace with me and sit on my throne. You will have the most beautiful pearls and gems to wear and a tail like no other, so the other mermaids may envy you. I would place a crown of gold upon your hair and let the entire ocean know that you’re mine.”

She looked at him as if nobody ever spoke to her that way before, like she wasn’t used to being charmed. Then he realized right there that no one ever had. The girl was confused, as if she didn’t know how to respond.

“What would I call you?” 


Kylo looked up as he heard a mans voice. No, two mens voices. 

Not wanting to be seen by human men, Kylo slithered back into the water and took off. 

So her name was Rey, like a drop of golden sun. He liked it.

Hiding behind a rock, he saw two men help her up. Before they were able to carry her off, Rey looked back at the water, as if she were looking for somebody. 

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Happy Manatee Appreciation Day!

The Florida manatee, Florida’s state marine mammal, is a large aquatic relative of the elephant. They are grayish brown in color and have thick, wrinkled skin on which there is often a growth of algae. Their front flippers help them steer, or sometimes crawl, through shallow water. They also have powerful, flat tails that help propel them through the water. 

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Childish Fun.

Request from @emma-hook-ouat: Going swimming with Killian AU. I really want it to be cute and love so water fights, slashing, surprise kisses, ect.

Note: Hope this is okay! Never done an AU before so I’m a little unsure as to how well it went!

Killian Jones x Reader (College AU)

Words: 1,309

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

You should never go swimming with a certain Killian Jones; not only was he one of the best swimmers in college but he was also your boyfriend….which meant that half the time his red-blooded male ways got the better of him and stopped any kind of swimming from taking place when his hands went wandering. Yet here you were in the pool with him for the third morning that week

No one else was around at such an ungodly hour of the morning, not even the sun had made an appearance yet, but you both found that this was the best time to come here as it meant you had the whole pool to yourself….just in case Killian pulled his usual tricks.

“Looks like you’re losing your touch there Killian!”

As you continued to swim at a fast pace you risked looking over your shoulder at him to send the snarky remark in his direction….big mistake. Although he was a good few paces behind you he had a very good way of managing to propel water with his hand at a ridiculously vast distance and before you could turn back round you found yourself receiving a whole load of it in your face as his deep laugh bellowed out.

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Water & Ice: Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanoff x Reader (Part 1)

A/N: So this is Part 1 of probably two to three total parts to this little mini series thing, I just got typing and it ended up being VERY long. If this part goes well I will post more of it :) This is kind of like an intro.

Request: hello so could you write a fic where you’re still in high school and shield finds you because of your powers over ice and water and when you move in with the team nat and steve start acting like over protective moms because you’re so young

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On this day in music history: May 25, 1970 - “All Right Now” by Free is released. Written by Andy Fraser and Paul Rodgers, it is the third single release and biggest hit for the London based hard rock/blues band from London, UK. Formed in 1968, the four members of Free, lead singer Paul Rodgers, bassist Andy Fraser, drummer Simon Kirke and guitarist Paul Kossoff are all still teenagers when they play their first live gig at a London pub in April of that year. The band are given their name by musician Alexis Korner, a pivotal and highly important figure in London’s blues/rock scene, with many future superstars including Rolling Stones members Charlie Watts, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, as well as future Cream members Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker pass through the ranks of Korner’s band Blues Incorporated. Within several months, Free are attracting big crowds to their live performances and are signed to Island Records in the UK (and A&M Records in the US). Their first two albums sell modestly and yield no major hits. In January of 1970, Free return to the studio to begin work on their third album. Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser form a solid songwriting partnership over the previous albums, and write five of the seven songs for the new album. Fraser writes the music for “All Right Now” after a show at the Durham Students Union at Durham University in about ten minutes. Rodgers writes the lyrics while waiting for the rest of the band to pick him up for a gig. Band mates Kossoff and Kirke initially don’t think much of the song, but agree to record it. The basic track is recorded completely live at Trident Studios in London, with Rodgers overdubbing his lead vocal on the song at another session. Buried at the end of the second side of the “Fire And Water”, the five and a half minute plus track is edited for single release, and issued a month ahead of the album. Initially, the record attracts very little attention, but their fortunes change when US radio stations begin playing the song during the Summer. The turning point in the UK comes after Free play the legendary Isle Of Wight festival on August 31, 1970. From there, the record explodes, quickly rising to #2 on the UK singles chart. In the US, “All Right Now” enters the Hot 100 at #96 on August 15, 1970, peaking at #4 on October 17, 1970. The success of the single propels the “Fire And Water” album to #2 on the UK album chart, #17 on the Billboard Top 200, turning Gold in both countries. Now established as a classic rock anthem, “All Right Now” is covered by numerous artists, including versions by The Runaways, Rod Stewart, The Alarm and former Wham! background vocalists Pepsi & Shirlie. Steve Miller is inspired to write “Rock ‘N’ Me” (#1 Pop) in 1976 as a tribute to guitarist Paul Kossoff after his untimely passing. Free’s original version becomes one of the most played songs in the history of US radio, with more than three million plays by 2006.

blackjackgabbiani  asked:

Being a flying bird, you must have hollow bones. But you live at the bottom of the ocean, where the pressure is massive. How do your bones not break?

Contrary to what you might think, his bones are actually NOT hollow, but he has many things that assist him with both flight and the extreme depths at which he can descend. One of the main things that helps out are his psychic abilities. He can create a barrier around himself that aids him in flight as well as helping to relieve the enormous pressure changes that occur when he dives.

In addition, his lungs are HUGE–They provide a great amount of air and support to move and flap those wings, lifting him off the ground or propelling him through the water. He has air-sacs where he can store excess oxygen because, just like whales, his lungs are collapsible to prevent THE BENDS.

The massive keel (the bone where bird’s wing muscles attach) gives him the power to lift his body off the ground regardless of hollow bones or not. However, the spines on his tail, back, and eyes are cartilage, allowing him to flick them up and down at will, giving him a more stream-line shape or more aerodynamic ability.

Additional fun fact, every finger has individual bones and muscles, allowing him to manipulate them how he wishes and utilize them just like fingers OR like wings. He also has a “blast organ” where chemical reactions occur that make his Aeroblast move possible without destroying his esophagus :P

Hopefully this answers your question without getting… too long winded.


To our customers and fans, please remember that Mertailor has over 16 years of making swimmable mermaid tails. Over the years we are always working on new product development. We have effectively eliminated the need of an “additional” monofin to produce a fully functional mermaid tail. We have replaced the monofin with a full silicone foot-pocket and adjusted the thickness and the rigidity of the fluke so no blade is required. The cushy silicone foot pocket is permanently integrated into the tail fluke with attached straps that are stretchy, conform nicely to your ankles, and are extremely comfortable to wear. Yes, it will propel you through the water at a gracious speed with little effort. There may be others who have attempted this method or similar products, but we have created something that is the first of its kind. Without seeing it in person of using it yourself, it would be very difficult to admit that. #mertailor #themertailor #mermaid #mermaidtail #mermaiden #mermaidlife #mermaidvibes #boomerang #instadaily #spellbound #instaart #beachlife #mermaidhair #fairytail #florida #monofin #positivevibes #littlemermaid #realmermaid #efficiency #silicone #diving #freediving #spellboundtail @cherienoel @shannontooker @mermaidmakayla8326

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How about a scenario where Sidon goes swimming with his long-haired s/o and their hair gets horribly tangled?

(I return!~ Prepare yourself my friends for a mass amount of Sidon! Enjoy!~)

Tangled Up

Word Count: 1280
Warnings: None

“Come on dearest, the water is excellent today!” Sidon proclaims, his crimson scaled body already submerged up to his shoulders in the crystal clear water of the river. “The sun is shining, there is not a single cloud in the sky, the water is cool and refreshing, and yet you are sitting on the river bank fiddling with your hair.”

You roll your eyes despite the small smile on your lips as you carefully comb your fingers through the long strands of hair hanging down the side of your face. Of course you know that your lover is only teasing you like he always does when you go through this routine of yours. Long hair had its perks but when it comes to going swimming with Sidon, it was a pain to deal with. Especially afterwards, and not just because it was wet.

Your fingers parted through the thick curtain of hair splitting it into three sections so that you could quickly them together in a tight braid. This was the method that you had adopted a while back when your hair started gaining in length and became more troublesome while swimming. Though you had only recently began doing it so often because of how frequently Sidon takes you out for swims through the beautiful Zora rivers.

If it was just for quick dips then you probably wouldn’t have to go through this whole process. However, Sidon liked to spend as much time with you as possible and since the weather was so perfect today you knew that you would likely be her for hours. Hours of time spent in rushing waters swimming alongside your true love was not at all a problem for you, you adored every second of it.

The mass amount of knots that would develop in your hair later; those were the real problem.

“My dear, this perfect day is going to waste,” Sidon pipes up in a singsong voice and you snicker finishing the last bit of your braid and preparing to tie it off when you realize you don’t have anything with you. You must’ve forgotten to grab a hair band when you were rushing out of the palace. This was one of the first days that Sidon was free from in while so you both had been in a hurry after lunch to get outside.

You could go back to the palace and retrieve one but that would take time, time that you would rather spend in the company of Sidon. Maybe if you just tried to keep your head above the water as much as you could then everything would be fine. With that thought in mind, you stood up with your hair still tucked tightly in its braid though you knew that would not last long, and lowered yourself into the water.

“My love, aren’t you forgetting something?” Sidon points out as you close the distance between you two with a few quick kicks of your legs. He gazed down at you a moment, his eyes knit together in confusion before his expression turns to one of realization.

“Did you forget to-”


You shoot your response back so quickly that you see him smirk and you know you can’t fool him but you’re already committed. He will just worry and try to go back to the palace himself and you don’t want to waste any of this time you have together. “Will you be alright without it?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine Sidon,” You assure the Zora before reaching your arms out in the water propelling your body to circle around Sidon. You don’t want to stress over your hair anymore; all that matters to you right now is the cool water enveloping your body, the sun beaming down on your skin, and seeing the joy on Sidon’s face to be spending time together instead of working. “Come on, let’s not waste this perfect day.” You repeat the Zora’s words which makes him laugh.

“Then let us go!” Sidon exclaims before taking off under the water, his body pushing effortlessly through the rushing blue. It was amazing sometimes how swiftly he moved through even the toughest of streams but you had to remember that his entire race was built to traverse lakes and oceans with ease. Regardless, you do your best to keep up and enjoy his company no matter your hair situation.

“Ow. Ow. Ow.” You hissed through your teeth while you attempted to drag a brush through the tangled mess that was your hair. You were definitely starting to regret not bringing that hairband. The braid had only last about an hour before the hair it had restrained burst forth and was left completely at the mercy of the elements. Needless to say that they had not been kind to your poor hair and now you were suffering the consequences.

“My pearl, you should’ve told me this would happen. I would’ve gone back to get a hair band had you just asked,” Sidon pipes up from his seat on the bed watching you struggle in the vanity.

You can see him looking at you sad and sympathetic, like a pitiful puppy. Which would usually be amusing to you to see such a sad look on such a large and regal figure as the Zora Prince’s. At the moment, it only filled you with guilt

A sigh escapes your lips before you set the brush down in your lap to focus all of your attention on Sidon’s reflection in the mirror. “I knew you would but I didn’t want to interrupt our day for my hair.” The brush is raised to tackle the mess of knots again because while you feel bad for upsetting your love you still need to fix your hair.

You hear the bed shift and your gaze fixates on Sidon’s figure moves from his seat to instead stand behind, resting one of his hands on your shoulder while the other gently touched your hair. Brows knitting together in confusion your gaze turns up to see that his golden eyes are fixated on the disheveled state of your hair.

An idea pops into your head and you smile a little before speaking, “At least now you have a reason to spend an hour or two brushing my hair.” Sidon always loved brushing your hair and this is evident when the Zora eagerly takes the brush from your hand when you offer it to him.

“Well then I will gladly take responsibility and restore your hair to its original and beautiful state!” Sidon proclaims heroically before he begins carefully brushing. You laugh a little and sit up so that the Prince can go to work. Smiling at his reflection fondly as he does his best to run the brush through your hair breaking up the knots.

Your eyes were just about to close when you suddenly felt a rough tug that pulled your head back and caused you to let out a small cry of shock and pain that Sidon quickly apologizes for. “I-It’s okay… just keep going.”

“Of course, I’m very sorry for that sudden interruption,” Sidon says before letting out a small grunt and you can see his face contort in panic and worry as his hand gently tugs at the brush.

“Sidon, is everything okay?” You ask careful not to move an inch as his fear, seemingly contagious, spreads throughout your body and makes your nerves buzz unsettlingly.

“Yes, everything is perfectly fine my dear, you have absolutely nothing to worry about,” You let out a relieved sigh but tense again when the Prince continues, “It’s just that the brush is… stuck.”

Goddesses help you.

Chapter 1: She’s a Myth {Avengers Imagine}

Turning the Tides

(Avengers x Fem!Reader)

  Note: This is a small piece for my lovely followers, whom of which I can’t thank enough for all of your patience. I’ve hit a major writer’s block for the Life of an Avenger series, so I’m just praying for a spark of inspiration in order to move forward. Until then, here’s a short little piece my dreams worked up that I’m simply putting into words for you all. I hope you enjoy my insanity.

  Words: 1,745

  Warnings: swearing, near-death experience

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 Life wasn’t always this difficult. Life shouldn’t be this difficult. Yet, here you are. Trapped. The last of your aching breaths leaking unwillingly from your dying lungs that feel as though they are moments from turning to dust from the immense pressure of the ocean that surrounds you. And as the world went black, all you could wonder was, “Was he worth dying for?”

  Your day began in the bustling Manhattan coffee shop that everyone seemed to go to, but that wasn’t right. Everyone in the city went to every coffee shop that existed on every stinking block, yet the overcrowded nature of the shop gave the impression of a swarm of locusts, proving once again how enslaved the human race is to coffee. Like goddamn heroin addicts, the city dwellers emerge from their caves in frantic search of their daily (sometimes bi-daily, or even tri-daily) fix.

  Stepping out from the swarm, you laugh quietly at the thought, rolling your eyes at society’s ignorance as you ironically sip your latte, thinking of what a hypocritical shit you are. However, you quickly shrug the fleeting thought away. We can all try to be non-judgmental, but thoughts plague you. Whether you want them, or not. They just do. 

  Although Manhattan wasn’t where you expected your travels to take you as the sky lethargically melted cold, gray rain drops onto your nose. Surprisingly, you didn’t mind the change from your typical treks through Amazonian jungles, the coastlines of exotic islands, or the endlessly sunny days of the African plains. But this is where the dart landed, so…here you are. You couldn’t fathom how a day so dark could still be so-

  “Watch it, bitch!”

  Alright, reverie over.

  “Watch yourself, buddy,” you scoffed at the red-faced business man. “And, little tip: maybe if you could keep your head out of your tight-knit ass, you wouldn’t run into people so much. Just a suggestion.”

  The suited and tied up man just stared at you in the way most people stared at you when you finally said fuck it to being cordial. It wasn’t a rarity. He snorted dismissively, then shook his head as he spun on his heels.

  “Bitch,” he grumbled. What a comeback. That one really stung. 

  Coffee gripped in the vice of your fingertips, you continued on your merry way. To where? Well, even you didn’t know yet. You never really did. Most of the time you just go there, wherever “there” happened to be. You only had two more days in New York before you took flight to the Philippines for the second time as the Dart of Destiny demanded. Not a hard demand to acquiesce to as Cebu was the place of pure bliss and adventure for any off-the-beaten-path traveler. Diving with whale sharks being an experience straight out of a science fiction novel. 

  But that was for the future. You always strive to live in the present moment, and at that moment, you were finally making your way lithely to the edge of the violent, crashing wave of nameless faces. You quickly wondered if you could possibly know anyone in that crowd. It simultaneously felt entirely possible due to the sheer number of people, yet completely impossible for the same reason.

  Your steps became more relaxed as you approached the edge of the Hudson River, taking in the lazy ferries that passed beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. You could picture the tourists pulling out their crappy digital cameras, snapping photo after photo of a dirty bridge that’s only half-way decent looking from a distance. You know, the same distance that Google maps have taken. You remembered just a few days ago when you went on one of those tourist busses and kept telling people bullshit facts like Ozzy Osbourne performed a whole concert on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Bank of America Tower was rumored to host meetings for the Illuminati on the fifth and a half floor. Idiots.

  Suddenly, you became very aware of the photo of you on Wall Street picking the Charging Bull’s nose, so your hypocritical ass took another cheeky sip of ironic coffee. And the judgement comes full circle. However, in the middle of your righteous sip, a thunder rolled through the heavens. You waited for the crack and flash of lightning, but the main event never appeared. Odd. The thunder also never seemed to stop rolling. Like a bowling ball down an endless alley, only you felt not on the side of the thrower, but strangely on the side of the pins as the deafening sound approached closer by the second, ripping apart the normal bustling sounds of the city, more raw and demanding than any plane or helicopter you had ever heard before. Half a second later, your eyes caught sight of the burning wreckage barreling its way through the gray ceiling of clouds in a spectacle of brilliant color and smoke, dropping two black shadows into the murky water below before it crashed heavily into the Hudson River not a few blocks down from you.

  You watched as people crowded the edges of the river closest to the crash sight, pointing at the grizzly scene before them, pulling out cell phones to (hopefully) call the police (but you were sure some were just there for the bloody photos). You stood motionless, waiting for the two black figures to resurface…waiting…waiting…where the hell were they? You felt the tug in your stomach towards the water, but you shoved the feeling down.

  Don’t be stupid. They’ll find you. Don’t be the hero. They’ll kill you.

  The voices in your head pleaded reason, demanded logic, fought against empathy, chained up your humanity. But, you knew. You knew you could save them, whoever those black shadows were. The ambulances wouldn’t arrive on time. You knew…yet, you slowly turned your back on the tragic scene. Tragic as it was, it wasn’t your tragedy to deal with. You had plenty of your own.

  Just as you were pulling up the hood on your sweatshirt, your mind reeled on itself, like a volt of electricity, your mind was shocked back to quick images of you and your sister. Smiles and laughter, colorful coral reefs, playful dolphins, mesmerizing sunsets…your soulmate ripped away by “true love” and too much trust being placed in humans. 

  However, could you just walk away? Risking your own possible death for the absolute sure deaths of two others? What is worth dying for?

  Finally, the sound of traumatized screams pierced your ears, and you turned mid-step, racing to the dock closest to you in an attempt to provide as much coverage of yourself as possible before diving straight into the gray water of the river. Ice immediately sliced down your spine with a vengeance, but you shook away the violent chill spreading through your chest as your body began to change in a flurry of sea foam. Your legs became numb as they naturally found a rhythm with the water, immediately propelling you forward like a missile destined to find it’s target. With your vision clear and your senses heightened to their max, you felt a surge of adrenaline rush through your veins as you reached the crash sight. All you could see was hundreds upon thousands of pounds of wreckage, but you quickly ripped through the debris, shoving aside heavy, black metal until a hand was spotted underneath one of the severed doors. 

  You pulled away more debris when you finally saw the face of the man you were attempting to save and…damn…that wasn’t what you were expecting. Blond hair cut in the typical hero style, the water twisting his hair with the rolling current. He looked peaceful, contempt as his body continued to sink. Your fingers grasped the collar of his navy blue, patriotic uniform, pulling him close. Your lips met his as you breathed life into his almost dead lungs. His blue eyes fluttered open, shocked (as you had expected) to be where he was, but you put him back to sleep and let him float back to the surface, maneuvering pieces of debris out of his path in a heavenly scene. However, your dumb heroism wasn’t completed until you found the other shadow.

  This proved more complex than you first thought as his suit blended in with the rest of the charred debris. If not for the shock of red and gold, he would’ve been pronounced dead within the next hour. Luckily, you found him struggling between two pieces of what looked like the wings of the jet, his metallic leg trapped. You could sense his fear as he thrashed wildly trying to escape, seeming to have given up on a more mechanical approach. You squeezed your body between the rubble, wincing at the sharp fragments that clawed at your skin, but you swam on, finally reaching the metal man, prying apart the jet with incomprehensible strength. Knowing he was conscious, you tried to avoid his line of vision as you maneuvered the water to carry him to the surface, much like a geyser, before he could really get a look at you. You could feel him struggle against the geyser, but you were stronger. In the water, you were always stronger.

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Tony’s POV

  Not knowing things was not a feeling Tony was accustomed to, a feeling he vowed to abolish from his feeling of feelings. 

  She was a mirage. She was a figment of my drowning imagination. Didn’t know I had that kind of an imagination, but sure, why not? She was hot…ter than most delusions people have, but not hotter than Pepper. Definitely not…whatever, she wasn’t real because that would be impossible.

  On the other hand, that hailing land of Game of Thrones douche bags up in Asgard should be impossible, yet that exists…but a…a, uh…a siren. That’s just a pirate’s wet dream. This is reality. A place of science and sanity…with Norse gods randomly walking the Earth. 

  What the hell has my life become?

  Tony slumped down on the lab table in front of himself, shoving aside a new arch reactor he had been tinkering with to rid his mind of his (what should have been) moment of death, vision of the afterlife, cross between realities, whatever you want to call it. But he couldn’t. He had seen something, someone, a girl he would never be able to forget. A girl he would, one day, seek out. A girl he would find.

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moonlight calling

(a brief gay mermaid love story)

Stars around the lovely moon
hide back their brilliant figure
whenever she, waxing full, shines
[on all] earth
Sappho (Gallavotti 15)

The men are drowning. It is of little consequence to her, but she watches anyway. The remains of their ship list helplessly to the side, hull splintered into fragments, canvas sails bowing under the weight of the lapping waves. Jagged rocks bite sharp through Macedonian pine, planks eviscerated by stone and sandbank, the bow lost in the choking eddy of brine.

The men who escaped the wreckage flounder in the water, heavy clothes and boots dragging them below the surface. Those in armor sink faster, delicately sculpted bronze forcing them under the waves, the weight of their swords dragging them into the murk. She thinks it suits them to die at the hands of their own vanity.

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