This is Eiji Tsuburaya, and today June 7th, 2015 would have been his 114th birthday. 

This guy was responsible for the special effects on many of the Kaiju movies and shows that we all love. Here are some fun facts!

-He was born in Sukagawa, Japan in 1901

- He was one of the first filmmakers in Japan to use the crane technique 

-During WWII he helped create propaganda films by decree of the Imperial Government

-He joined Toho Studios as the head of the Special Visual Techniques in 1938

-He teamed up with director Ishiro Honda and producer Tomoyuki Tanaka to create the original Gojira (1954)

-He was heavily inspired by the american film King Kong (1933) specifically by Willis O’Brien’s use of the stop motion technique

- His works in the on the Godzilla franchise were from 1954 to 1968 ending with Destroy All Monsters (1968)

-His other works with Toho included The Mysterians (1958), Rodan The Flying Monster (1956), Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965), and War Of The Gargantuas (1966)

- He created and produced the Ultraman series in 1966, which has expanded into several other series over the years.

Basically he was a badass and the Ray Harryhausen of Kaiju movies. He passed away still loyally working for Toho Studios on January 25th in 1970. So the next time you find yourself enjoying a kaiju film, just remember this is the man we basically have to thank for it.

Rest in Peace Mr. Tsuburaya. You are missed.

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Klingon Propaganda Official Translation


The Forty-First | 1956 | Grigori Chukhrai | USSR

Following Stalin’s death, the Russians started to remind the world, who were the real artists of the international film industry.

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Celebrate the 4th of July the traditional American way, with a Civil Defense film riffed by two creatures from an Island Nation and the inhabitants of a despotic nation-state.

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400+ Screencaps Of ‘Together As One’ Now Available

Those of you that want screencaps of the new Capitol TV propaganda film ‘Together As One’ can now download over 400 screenshots of the creepy message from President Snow and Peeta Mellark in our gallery.

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Sabine is a YouTube user who, during a visit to family living in South Korea in April of this year, was given a DVD by a man and a woman claiming to be North Korean “defectors”, and was asked to translate the film so it could be posted on the internet and reach a wider audience. What the DVD turned out to be was something much more than Sabine, or anyone else, probably would’ve imagined, and something that certainly has found a widespread audience on the internet over the last month or so – it was a film called “PROPAGANDA”, a documentary about capitalism, imperialism, mass manipulation of western culture for the purpose of commodification, and how it permeates every aspect of the lives of blissfully ignorant, borderline zombie masses.

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huey p. newton was a prophet.