Tfw your acting Magnus starts talking about a mandatory curfew and airing propaganda films in the city, all while getting measurements done for his cape. 

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Vader: [text] u awake?
Obi-Wan: What do you want?
Vader: clone wars documentary on holo history channel right now 
Vader: u should watch omg there is some amazing footage of us 👀👀👀
Vader: i completely forgot about the zillo beast lol god our lives were so weird
Vader: awwwww the 501st!!!! 💙 KICKING ASS YEAH THATS RIGHT
Vader: come on watch this with me 
Obi-Wan: I’m sure it’s an unbiased program if your boss is allowing it to air.  
Vader: well yeah i mean it is about how the jedi tried to take over the republic and whatever but still
Obi-Wan: I am not about to watch some propaganda film slandering my life’s work and my dead friends, Anakin. 
Vader: geez ok fine i just thought you’d like to see us u could watch it without the sound and turn it off before order 66 
Vader: god i used to be so hot 
Vader: u remember 
Obi-Wan: I’m not answering any more texts from you.
Vader: liar
Vader: ooooh and theres general kenobi 
Vader: omg your hair 😍 is it still that beautiful and if so pic pls
Obi-Wan: My hair is substantially grayer now. I cannot imagine why. 
Vader: at least u HAVE HAIR 😡
Obi-Wan: 🙄 I knew that was coming. 

Eu sou um cara comum que uma vez se ajoelhou e perguntou: “Quer se casar comigo?”Ela respondeu: “Não.” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar uma mulher que diga “sim”. Eu sou um cara comum que uma vez a namorada chegou em casa chorando. Segurei a mão dela, e disse: “Não chora. Estou aqui.” Ela respondeu: “Eu te trai.” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar uma mulher que não trai. Eu sou um cara normal que namorou por quatro anos e a namorada terminou por mensagem dizendo: “Vai dar errado.” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar uma mulher que dê certo. Eu sou um cara normal que uma vez se apaixonou pela melhor amiga. Se declarou. E escutou: “Você é especial, mas…” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar uma mulher que não tenha “mas.” E sim, uma mulher que queira mais. Eu sou um cara comum que chora em filme, propaganda e foto de família. Mas neste mundo homem sensível é “clichê” ou gay. Eu sou um cara comum que não quer ganhar no jogo. E muitas vezes perde no amor. Eu sou um cara comum que em 2001 teve uma doença de pele e perdeu os cabelos. Vários amigos disseram: “Careca? Nenhuma mulher vai querer você.” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar outros amigos que disseram: “Você sarou? Precisa de algo?” Eu sou um cara normal que uma vez quando criança, escutou um menino dizendo para uma menina: “Você é feia.” Ela saiu correndo chorando. Peguei uma folha e escrevi em todas as linhas. “Você é linda.” Deixei dentro da mochila dela. No outro dia, ela colou a folha na capa do caderno. Eu sou um cara comum que um dia, a namorada enviou uma mensagem: “Eu amo você.” Uma semana depois, terminou dizendo: “Não vou ficar com você por pena porque seu pai está doente.” Peguei minhas coisas e fui procurar uma mulher que não tenha pena de mim. Eu sou um cara comum quero ter uma casa, uma familia e um labrador. Um cara comum que o pai está doente. Não fala, não anda mas ainda sorri. E não vai desistir. Um homem com uma história que ninguém acredita. Que passa horas no banho para a água se misturar com as lágrimas. Que todas as noites tranca a porta do quarto para sua mãe não entrar e vê-lo chorar. Que escreveu na parede: “Mais coração, menos razão” Que desenhou no teto um céu cheio de estrelas. Para sonhar, rezar e pedir: “Deus, por favor, você poderia mandar alguém aqui para curar meu pai?” Eu sou um cara comum. Não importa o quanto isso me destrua. Eu não vou parar. Você pode não acreditar. Eu não me importo. Não vou desistir. Por que se eu desistir, eu seria outra pessoa pela qual não vale a pena lutar.
—  Faça amor, não faça jogo. Ique Carvalho.
  • What she says: I’m fine.
  • What she means: I spend my days trying to pry at evidence for a 7 year old relationship that both of them deny ever happened, sometimes when my friends ask if I’m busy, I skip out on hanging out because I wanna spend all day listening to Ryan Ross’s sweet voice singing words that are clearly about Brendon Urie himself. Why would Ryan make a song called Cape Town about falling in and out of love if we all know the last show was in Cape Town? Why would Ryan’s music go from in love and happy during the Pretty. Odd. era to sorry, regretful, and reflect-ful after the split? What happened before and after the split to cause such a dramatic change in his mood? There had to be something that caused it, and clearly that thing was Brendon Urie. Why would Brendon Urie write a song that they opening is literally a anti gay propaganda film and it’s about a secret affair. Why would when Brendon was in Seattle a few years ago cry and break down when singing this song all of a sudden? Why in this specific location would he break down, over this certain song, when we know that Ryan went to Seattle to be with Brendon on his birthday almost 10 years ago? Why would Brendon make a song about the person he was singing to lying to him, leaving him, and eventually himself leaving the person because they were taking too long as a song to get his now wife to date him? Why do they keep in-directing each other via lyrics but one of them denies the existence of the other? Why can’t they just be friends if they just had creative differences? Clearly something else happened that they can’t admit, and it would be pretty easy just to say, “We had a fight and now we will never be friends.” but they just leave us wondering?

Just held a 40 min presentation (well, I accidentally spoke too long; 60min 😩) about the influence that the NSDAP (nazis) Film-propaganda had on german politics between 1933-1945 and modern politics. My brain is fried.

Also it’s frightening how many questions I got about comparing nazi film-propaganda in the 1940s to the American 2016 presidential election. Says something about what people think about that political system….

anonymous asked:

I wonder what different media produced by different species is like. I'd assume that the most notable Pop Culture producers would be Ocos and Merics (with the later probably having more influence from the former than vice versa)

You are pretty correct on that. 

Oco media is dominant and diverse and the “similar” to the modern film/televising industry in terms of being a soul crushing monipoly. In areas without an Oco population other species’ impression of them are often built based upon film and television, mixing up movie tropes with their actual lives, and seeing them as witty people who are all beautiful thin and rich.

 Meric media is mostly funded by the state, and tends to have very direct morals and messages throughout even in the least propaganda filled of films. While most breakthroughs in media the Ocos pin on themselves, it was oddly the Merics that invented animation,which is often serious business for them. (Oco animation on the other hand is the most similar to anime in terms of production and technique , as well as Ocos just loving to give things big glittery eyes). 

Watching “television” and film can be a strenuous task for Managians and Daws, since they have a wide field of view and weak binocular vision. When reading/writing/using a tool/doing something that requires closer observation Managians and Daws tend to cock their heads and look with their “reading eye” (their dominant eye). 

It’s easier to do while reading, but but this can strain their eye when trying to watch brightly lit 3 hour long Oco films. Managian made broadcasts tend to be short an “condensed”. Ocos sometimes watch their shows mockingly, since they tend to be poorly paced and acted (and often like watching a soap opera), as well as finding Managian culture “weird”. 

Despite being the most populous species there is very little Daw produced film They make up for in the shear number of radio broadcasts, audio stories and songs they produce, outnumbering the Oco’s production significantly (mostly since Ocos tend to view radio as “old media”).

“Internet” is similar to that pre millennia and is not yet in wide use. 92% of Internet users are Ocos (most of which male), and as a result the World Wide Web has become a breeding ground for prejudice…

patriots day movie

why is a movie about a real event, that actually happened. fear-mongering?

you people find stupid shit to complain about everyday, but this is some new low. 

You dont know if the woman questioned by police, the character that melissa benoist plays, was not white.

seeing the side of police (that makes good movies) as a blue lives matter propaganda is just plain stupid. 

and complaining about the tagline. Good against evil. 

The terrorists in that event were evil and the police did good in Boston. There were no police caused casualties. 

Cause if you make fact into fiction. you cant change the narative. you cant make the bombers be white christians and Muslims the hero. cause that is not what happened. The terrorists were muslims, the police were mostly white catholics (cause its boston). And yes an actress is acting a different believe than her own. I believe that is called acting.

There is no whitewashing in this film

there is no propaganda in this film

melissa benoist and mark  wahlberg and michelle monaghan are not problematic.

the only problematic is people blowing this way out of proportion. 

And yes please unfollow me if you think i’m so wrong for saying this. please send me a message so i can unfollow you!!


So this car is canonically a 2017 model???? Does that mean that the Cars go by the human calendar?? Does this mean that cars and humans coexisted at some point??? like did whoever build the cars instill them with knowledge of human time??? Does this confirm Cars as some kind of dystopian AU where humans have been extinct since before 2006???? I have so many questions and none of them have to do with the actual plot of this shitty anti-millennial propaganda film like what ht e fuck? What ht e ufck???? 

I long for the day when pro-abortion media is looked back on like The Birth of a Nation or Nazi propaganda films. When today’s respected leaders, doctors, and humanitarians endorsing abortion sounds as nonsensical as their predecessors endorsing slavery or the Holocaust. When pro-choice sympathizers are as (rightly) ostracized as Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists are today.

If you’ve never seen a Christian horror propaganda-film from the 1980s, I think you’re missing out on a lot of the kind of mentality that’s driving the non-politician conservative right wing in America these days.


I was super happy to work with Julia on these stained-glass window looking illustrations !! She is a great and talented person so if you haven’t yet, go follow her !!

and yes, it was still for our propaganda film about our school’s open house event :3