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Can we see an example of which century Feli was a girl?

It´s a bit more complex and difficult than that. He didn´t live “as a girl”. He just didn´t see himself as a anything, because he only focused on his identity as a nation. As you know, a nation is actually genderless.
In his early years as Venice, his human identity was pretty unstable, he was never called by his human name, nor he possessed a human identity. Feliciano didn´t exist.
He just was the city and that´s it. 
Thus, he didn´t really care what people called him, and that´s why people called him Venezia, which is a female city name, and called him a she. Only people who were close to him knew he was biologically a boy, everyone else thought of him as female. He just didn´t care, because he just was too non-human to even have a concept of what female/male really was, he represented the populace, and that´s all he cared about. People called him a queen, and for the sake of propaganda he often dressed like it. He presented what people thought of him. 
That´s also why his hair and eyes look the way they look - they´re similar to the colors used to paint the Lion of St. Mark. He could have been a damn Lion for all he cared, he just didn´t feel human, which his body knew somehow, and adjusted. He wanted to look more like people drew him, imagined him, idealized him - a lion, a beautiful woman….and his body changed with the way people thought of him. Not much, but enough to be noticeable. Even today he´s very androgynous, his eyes have a bright amber glim, his attitude can sometimes be very feminine and even cat-like….it´s just about details, but if you look closer you notice it.

All in all, he wasn´t a trans girl, and he wasn´t really nonbinary or something. Such labels just don´t apply to a non-human immortal being imo.
He´s just Venezia, queen of the Adriatic, and the older he grew, the more his personality and identity as Feliciano developed, and he started seeing himself as a boy.

Also I may note that boys did wear dresses for a pretty damn long time and the color pink was male-coded, also long hair wasn´t seen as a woman-only thing either. Society back then was quite different. So he probably wore dresses and had long hair for a pretty long time.

I was just thinking about what the TAH fandom looks like to people who don’t really know what the show is, and… like… I don’t have a centralized TAH tag? So basically, depending on what stuff I reblog, it could look like I have simultaneously entered multiple completely unrelated fandoms about:

-Space cowboys

-Alcoholic paranormal investigators or something

-Hobos??? who speak in iambic pentameter? what?

-Cheesy probably gay superheroes

-World War II propaganda

-Strange but well-dressed people doing… things… on a stage

-Repetitive businessmen

-Coffee?? ?