Dear white girls who jump to defense about Miley's dreads

We in the black community don’t care about what the fuck you want to do with your hair. But the MINUTE you try take steal black hairstyles and alienate it from black culture and call the hairstyle “high fashion” or “chic” and be praised for being so innovative even though we have BEEN doing it and have been considered low-class and frowned upon is where the line has been fucking crossed.
6 Immediate Health Benefits Of Not Believing Mainstream Media
"The benefits of living in a life where you do not believe mainstream media news are profound. Positive factors carry deep into our lives in ways many of us don’t realize or have ever taken time to consider. Many of us have taken these benefits, which all lead back to health, for granted for so long that we don’t even know they are there."

United but Two-Faced, 1920′s

The world of the bourgeoisie has two faces, its earthly face is capital, its heavenly face is Christian morality. Capital keeps the proletarian’s body and life enslaved; hypocritical, saccharine Christian morality stupefies the consciousness of the proletarian, bringing it to submission. In contemporary society, capital and Christ coexist in the same organism – brothers working for the same master, the bourgeoisie.

The bourgeoisie can only exist by continually robbing the worker. Everything was adapted to this end, including religion. Religion serves it by lulling the working masses to sleep, to exploit them more dexterously and neatly. Religion justifies violence and cruelty through the language of love. For this reason, the bourgeoisie loves it and supports its priests, without begrudging them its money or the money of others. Religion will survive as long as the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie is strong when religion is strong. The bourgeoisie and religion are inseparable. They are so intertwined and so cunningly serve and complement one another that it is unclear where one begins and the other ends. If you grab a bourgeois and push him to the ground, all the priests will start to scream and will stand up to defend him in the name of christ. If you touch the gods, the bourgeoisie will start to scream.

There is no infamy, murder, or deception committed by the bourgeoisie for the sake of easy money that can’t be justified by the hypocritical morality of the Gospel.

God’s name, Christ’s morality is yet another cover-up, a cabbage-leaf covering the nudity of the bourgeoisie. 

“Religion is a hindrance to the Five-Year Plan. Down with religious holidays! Religion is a weapon for enslaving the worker. Join the union of militant apikorsim.” Printed in Moscow, ca. 1928.

Shortly after this poster was printed, the Moscow and Leningrad choral synagogues were closed by force. By 1932, just three synagogues remained in Leningrad. By 1938, most Jewish religious functionaries had been arrested.

Jeremy Corbyn said it was a tragedy that Osama Bin Laden was killed instead of put on trial and now the media is going nuts.

What’s the problem? All he’s saying is that nobody deserves to die, that criminals should go to prison instead of being executed. What’s wrong with that? 

Just because he would rather a criminal got a fair trial than have them shot in a midnight house raid doesn’t make him a terrorist or a supporter of terrorists. It makes him human, which is what separates him from other politicians and is what makes him so popular.

Parents Rage As GOP Rep Rants About Suicide Bombers To Little Kids (VIDEO)

Parents Rage As GOP Rep Rants About Suicide Bombers To Little Kids (VIDEO)

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is in hot water with parents after he turned what was supposed to be a civics lesson for kids into a rant about suicide bombers. Salmon spoke to second and third graders at San Tan Charter School, and turned childhood excitement into fear. One parent explained: “The congressman chose to give an example of the current situation in Iran, and made some inappropriate…

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Two Americans Headed to Prison After Tweeting Support for ISIS
We might not have hate speech laws in America yet. But that isn't stopping DOJ from finding ways to prosecute people for online speech.

The first case involves a suburban Virginia high-school student, Ali Shukri Amin, who ran an ISIS-sympathizing Twitter account. Amin, 17, was sentenced as an adult Friday to 11 years in federal prison. The teen confessed earlier this summer to running the pro-ISIS Twitter account @Amreekiwitness (now taken down), which offered instruction on how to send Bitcoin to support ISIS, and to helping arrange for another teenage ISIS supporter to travel to Turkey to meet up with members of the Islamic State. Amin was charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, both for assisting his friend and for the Bitcoin instructions.  

The second case involves Frederick Remon Robinson, a 46-year-old Houston man who posted ISIS-positive things to Twitter. Robinson was arrested in April 2015 after making statements such as: “If white people hate ISIS so much, then I like ISIS. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. #chopthemheadsoff” and  "I say, don’t hesitate - start shooting in their cars … find them at home and fire bomb it.“ Robinson was sentenced to 2.5 years in federal prison plus three years supervised release.

In Robinson’s case, the charges don’t directly concern his tweets.* Robinson, who was previously convicted of possession of a controlled substance, was charged with owning a firearm while a felon. In this way, the feds were able to sidestep any potential free-speech concerns.

As Ken White has patiently explained many times at Popehat, there are exceptions to First Amendment-protected speech, such as "true threats.” But this doesn’t mean any threat is unprotected. “Some threats are too rhetorical, too conditional, too hyperbolic, and too far from serious to fall outside the zone of free speech protection,” notes White.

Thus, tweeting that you’re going to box Taylor Swift’s ears or run the Breitbart staff through a wood-chipper or defecate in Prince Harry’s mouth, while technically threats, probably do not rise to the level of unprotected true threats absent evidence of genuine intent and/or possibility of carrying said actions out. It must be clear that a reasonable person would take the statement to be genuinely threatening, that the speaker intended it as a true threat, or both.

There’s no evidence that Amid is being faulted for making threats; his account merely provided information, albeit information—such as how to send Bitcoin—the Department of Justice (DOJ) was able to portray as “providing material support” to terrorists. But even Robinson’s statements such as “#chopthemheadsoff” and “find them at home and fire bomb it,” while they may be despicable, likely wouldn’t hold up to a true theat standard. Find whom? And to whom is Robinson even speaking? This is angry bloviating, not someone legitimately suggesting he’s going to go bomb someone or chop a person’s head off.

Still, the federal government has been taking a heavy hand lately when it comes to online speech (as Reason regulars are all too aware). Pro-ISIS tweeting alone might not be sufficient for the DOJ to pounce, but where there’s a will… “The Department of Justice will continue to use all tools to disrupt the threats that (ISIS) poses,” said John Carlin, the Justice Department’s assistant attorney general for national security, in a statement about Amin’s case.

Amin’s attorney, Joseph Flood, said the teen’s support for ISIS came out of anger at the current Syrian regime and America’s role in propping it up, and Amin’s actions “are a reflection of his deeply held religious beliefs, but also his immaturity, social isolation and frustration at the ineffectiveness of nonviolent means for opposing a criminal regime.” The feds were tipped off to Amin’s “suspicious behavior” by staff at his high-school, whose observations were “quickly relayed” to law enforcement.

A reddit commenter claiming to be a classmate said that in the weeks leading up to Amin’s arrest, the school was filled with “extra ‘teachers’ and 'administrators’ that… were undercover FBI agents,” though this hasn’t been verified.

“When the world’s two great propaganda systems agree on some doctrine, it requires some intellectual effort to escape its shackles. One such doctrine is that the society created by Lenin and Trotsky and molded further by Stalin and his successors has some relation to socialism in some meaningful or historically accurate sense of this concept. In fact, if there is a relation, it is the relation of contradiction.

It is clear enough why both major propaganda systems insist upon this fantasy. Since its origins, the Soviet State has attempted to harness the energies of its own population and oppressed people elsewhere in the service of the men who took advantage of the popular ferment in Russia in 1917 to seize State power. One major ideological weapon employed to this end has been the claim that the State managers are leading their own society and the world towards the socialist ideal; an impossibility, as any socialist – surely any serious Marxist – should have understood at once (many did), and a lie of mammoth proportions as history has revealed since the earliest days of the Bolshevik regime. The taskmasters have attempted to gain legitimacy and support by exploiting the aura of socialist ideals and the respect that is rightly accorded them, to conceal their own ritual practice as they destroyed every vestige of socialism.

As for the world’s second major propaganda system, association of socialism with the Soviet Union and its clients serves as a powerful ideological weapon to enforce conformity and obedience to the State capitalist institutions, to ensure that the necessity to rent oneself to the owners and managers of these institutions will be regarded as virtually a natural law, the only alternative to the ‘socialist’ dungeon.

The Soviet leadership thus portrays itself as socialist to protect its right to wield the club, and Western ideologists adopt the same pretense in order to forestall the threat of a more free and just society. This joint attack on socialism has been highly effective in undermining it in the modern period.”

– Noam Chomsky | The Soviet Union versus Socialism (1986)