Just a PSA

If an edible looks/tastes EXACTLY LIKE it’s non-medicated counterpart (sour belts, gummy bears, cereal, chips etc) it’s very likely that they ARE those foods, just sprayed with tincture and boosted in price.

Companies will buy store candy in bulk (at a discounted price making it cheaper than store bought), spray it all down with tincture, then repackage the individual pieces with a monstrous upcharge. Spraying things with tincture leads to extremely inaccurate dosing and is a cheap way to make $20 off four sour belts. It’s not technically infusing, but companies are more than happy to charge you as though they really did all the work of making an infused candy.

Do yourself a favor and make your own version. Buy a gram of wax, decarb it, blend in some coconut oil or everclear, and mist it onto your favorite candies. That’s exactly what these companies do. You’ll save money and be able to medicate whatever you want without buying into their price gouging.

If you want real infused edibles, there’s plenty of people on here who will happily sell you their handmade edibles at reasonable prices for the work they actually put in. @legitimatelala @royallyoily @thefourtwentytimes just to name a few.

I’m just so tired of seeing people getting ripped off. Practices like tincture spraying are unfair to patients and providers alike, please don’t support companies that do it!