Please Help to Raise Funds to Protect Artists Free Speech!

Brandon Duncan aka: Tiny Doo is a rap artist that is now being charged with SEVERAL felony charges in San Diego, California based simply on a rap album.  He is facing several life terms.

Brandon is a 33 year old father and artist that became swept up in a gang conspiracy charge because of his past life as a gang member.  The San Diego District Attorney’s Office is now trying to use a 10 year-old law that has never been used to put Duncan away for life for his album “No Safety”.

The District Attorney claims that under California Penal Code 182.5 Brandon Duncan is liable for all crimes committed by the gang that he had previous affiliations with. 

Brandon recorded “No Safety” in 2012 and released it on the Internet in 2014.  The District Attorney’s Office is now saying that because of that album, Brandon is liable for a series of shootings in 2013.  The shootings are currently unsolved but the City believes the gang Brandon was affiliated with did them.  Rather than investigate and pursue these crimes, they are now prosecuting Brandon, among others, as if they are liable for the shootings because of rap music.  Although Brandon had no knowledge of the shootings and his lyrics do not reference these shootings, the District Attorney is saying his music encouraged gang violence and thus liable for ANY gang violence.

Whether people agree or disagree with gangster rap lyrics, it is a right afforded to all people through the First Amendment. The government is seeking to circumvent the system and strip artists of their constitutional rights and even imprison them!

Brandon Duncan has been in jail since June 2014 on a 1.1 million dollar bail.  It was recently reduced to $500k but this amount is still too high for Brandon to afford.  His main source of income is through his music and he has been in custody for over 5 months.

Brandon’s lawyers are currently working very hard to help Brandon fight this case and defend EVERYONE’S constitutional rights.  Artistic expression and free speech is under attack.  This is a groundbreaking case that will effect ALL artists!  Please help us defend this case so that we can protect all artists’ rights!

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