aw man i just made the mistake of rewatching “Lower Decks” and I’m crying and you know what fuck this no, Ensign Sito’s not dead, that’s just not fair

i need a fix-it fic of her showing up at DS9 YEARS later in some battered, MacGyver’d Cardassian shuttle, completely beaten and bruised but alive and kicking with all her Bajoran Anger, and she’s just like BITCH, YOU THOUGHT 

Picard gets a very tired subspace message from DS9 and it’s just Sito saying “Reporting for duty, captain.”

And Worf, oh man, Worf would bear hug her the moment she set foot on DS9 because her last words to him were “I’ll see you soon” with this tiny precious smile and I’ll just be over in the corner of denial don’t touch me