prop reaction

Imagine Bangtan playing Prop Hunt tho.

Taehyung would probably be the first to die, because he chose a large ass prop like a freaking shark or something.

Jimin would talk in a scared singy-song voice and would gradually start screaming as he’s running away from the hunters.

Namjoon would end up using all his health destroying random props, or even shooting himself lmao.

Jungkook would always win either as a prop or hunter because THE GOLDEN MAKNAE IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS!

Jin would try to find the prettiest prop or just be a box, there’s no in between TBH

Yoongi wouldn’t know how to select a prop and would stay the old man for every freaking round.

J-Hope would probably be a fucking plant and woulD STAND IN THE MOST OBVIOUS PLACES, JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SINGING GIRL GROUP SONGS BUT NO ONE WOULD EVER FIND HIM ( they’re too busy shooting down Tae and Yoongi )