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Domestic Klance Headcanons
  • Lance tries as hard as possible to sleep in for as long as possible
  • this is a difficult task considering Keith is an early riser he doesn’t even need an alarm he just naturally wakes up at 7 to work out or whatever
  • one time lance tried to wake up early enough to surprise keith with a birthday breakfast-in-bed, but of course keith didn’t get the message to sleep in and was already awake
  • they made a mess making pancakes and bacon together instead
  • lance is a neat freak. it annoys the crap out of keith because he never had to clean up for anyone else whereas lance’s mother pretty much programmed him to clean up after himself and his little siblings
  • keith affectionately labels these tirades as The Nag™…brace yourselves, The Nag is coming
  • lance can also cook??? he chops vegetables like it’s nothing and keith is alway afraid he’s going to lose a finger at the speed he’s going
  • they couldn’t decide on a color scheme for their room so it’s just a mismatched mess of soft blues and and calm grays and vibrant red and angsty black and it looks awful. but it’s theirs
  • lance convinced keith to do weekly Couple Luxury Night where they did relaxing at-home spa treatment-esque routines. he told keith it’d be fun but really it’s just an excuse for him to pamper his boyfriend and take goofy pictures in face masks and cucumbers
  • lance always fixes keith’s hair before he walks out the door because that boy does not know that bedheads aren’t acceptable. keith always pretends to be annoyed but his favorite thing is feeling lances fingers run through his hair
  • lance got them really into competitive cooking shows and naturally it turned into a heated cooking war between the two. since lance is 1000x better at cooking (keith can barely peel a potato) keith is allowed to distract him by whatever means necessary. lance is extremely susceptible to neck kisses, side tickling, and obnoxious raspberries
  • lance in aprons with flirtatious sayings
  • keith complying with the aprons’ suggestions
  • lance totally has a childhood teddy bear that he still sleeps with with named tigre (as a child he didn’t really have a clear grasp on the difference between bears and tigers). He is now señor tigre, respect the title, and is appalled when keith calls it ratty and old-looking
  • whenever lance is mad at keith he pretends keith isn’t there and complains about him to tigre
  • when keith needs comfort and can’t get any words out, lance lets him hold tigre—he might be old as hell but he is soft—and just talks to him about anything until keith feels better
  • they have matching red and blue mugs with cute lions on them
  • keith sleeps on the left side of the bed, but always manages to roll all the way to lance’s side by the morning
  • keith also has deathgrip when he’s asleep, so lance had to buy him a body pillow for those nights when lance just wants to sprawl out
  • lance taped a fucking picture of his face to the body pillow the first night keith slept with it and the next morning lance was woken abruptly by keith shrieking in terror
  • lance likes to do voices and impressions all the time to keep himself entertained and uses random objects around the house as props. keith’s reactions range from tired-of-your-shit to must-hold-in-laughter, but most of the time keith likes to film him on his phone so he can watch it again later. he says it’s blackmail material but these are keith’s videos of the lance that only he gets to see every day
  • whenever lance decides to fart in front of keith he turns it into a punchline
  • keith would never fart in front of other people because it’s fucking barbaric but he feels comfortable enough to voice his body’s concerns (oh god lance i have to fucking dump pause the tv i can’t miss gordon ramsay ripping this neglectful chef a new asshole)
  • they have a weekly chore chart with shifting roles, except keith can’t do the dishes because sticking his hands under hot water and touching grimy dishes is a nightmare for him
  • keith never likes to walk around barefoot esp in the kitchen, so lance makes it fun by gifting keith with funky socks. his most recent pair has shooting stars with a moon made of cheese at the ankle. (keith unintentionally called them cheesy and lance keeled over) keith is known at work/school as the serious guy with uncharacteristically fun socks
  • lance likes to blast music but when it bothers keith, he turns it down and sings along at a moderate volume, which keith finds comforting
  • keith: did u check between the couch cushions
  • it was between the couch cushions
  • they have a codeword for when keith misses a social cue and says something too blunt or rude, that way they can communicate easily in private and when company’s over
  • they also have a word for when lance is doing something annoyingly repetitive that keith can’t deal with
  • lance is superstitious and it’s all pretty humorous, but he never risks going to bed without saying i love you, even if they’re angry at each other. keith doesn’t understand why they need to say it out loud all the time but he knows it makes lance feel better so he doesn’t ask questions
  • some nights they like to sleep outside on the back porch so they can see the stars together, and they make their own constellations
  • when the Bad Thoughts hit lance, keith just stays with him, cradles him, strokes his hair. keith’s blunt honesty is a solace whenever lance splits
  • when lance dissociates, keith finds a simple activity for them to do together to coax him back like watching crap tv or going for a drive with the windows down
  • lance bought this weird porcelain duck cookie jar and every time keith comes into contact with it he stares it down for a good minute out of suspicion and spite
  • if either of them don’t feel like using their voice at any particular time, they bought mini whiteboards with tons of colorful markers
  • keith really likes to doodle?? its not his passion or anything but lance lets him draw on his skin and loves to show off his “new tattoo” to literally anyone
  • keith really wants a cat but lance thinks cats are too boring and moody. lance wants a dog but keith thinks they’re too high-maintenance and overwhelming
  • when they went pet shopping they became unwittingly enamored with a turtle struggling to eat a tomato. it was inspirational, and they named her Rita
  • they probably start a small garden and grow tomatoes for Rita and lance in floppy sun hats and keith digging gleefully into the earth
  • lance naming their gardening hoe keith and promptly running from an angry dirt-covered keith

im dy i ng I could go on about these dorks and their habits

if anyone wants to add anything more please do I'm thirsty for domestic klance fluff

A Sunny Sunday

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where an ordinary day turns into a memorable one. 
Word count: 1287
Warnings: feels, fluff
A/N: @ohevansmycaptain sparked some creativity in me and I got this idea the other day thanks to the meatball calling himself daddy.

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hilllyrioz  asked:

RFA+V reacts to MC getting into a fistfight for them and winning?? Like someone was messing with them and MC won't have any of that shit??! Bonus if she knows a type of martial arts :)


  • he praises you SO MUCH afterwards its not even funny
  • he’s extremely impressed he almost wants to see it again


  • he’s impressed but holy shit you fist faught for him???
  • he scolds you about violence before hugging you and congratulating you on your victory
  • “That was really cool… But don’t do it again, ok? You could have gotten hurt.”


  • she tries scolding you but it was too cool to not be proud of you
  • I mean you left the other person in the dirt
  • she showed you off the rest of the day and praised your martial arts skills


  • he’s impressed and frightened, yet slightly aroused
  • “MC, that’s what we have bodyguards for. Though I admit, your skills are quite admirable.”
  • he ends up becoming interested in martial arts so he takes classes and eventually spars with you


  • he scared SHITLESS
  • “MC are you ok?! I had no idea you could do that!”
  • he compares your fighting moves to LOLOL characters attacks with this little twinkle in his eye
  • bottom line: he loves it


  • he doesn’t even scold you, he praises your skills
  • “Don’t put such skill to waste to fight for me, MC. It’s likely not worth it”.
  • You assure him it’s very much worth it, and the person who made fun of his glasses deserved it
  • he just laughed and hugged you while thanking you for being by his side.
My Queen (Thor Odin)

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Warnings: smut, fluff, invasion of privacy. Use protection kiddos.

Words: 1,242 (im not even sorry lmao)

A/N: I had some difficulty with my laptop so it took longer to write this than I anticipated.

The meadow was your favorite place to spend time during the spring. The smell of the flowers helped you to relax, and the scenery was a perfect contribution to your writing portfolio. You were applying for a position as a creative writings teacher at the local rec center in the fall and needed to submit a few of your stories with your application. Nobody at Stark Tower knew of your secret talent except for one person. Your boyfriend.

Thor was amazed by the way you saw things and interpreted them into words.

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Wait is that….. is that all Kathy Griffin did? That’s literally it? A photo with a dumb prop? From people’s reactions I thought she’d like, made graphic threats against his 11 year old kid or something, even people who dislike Trump are being like, “well of course I don’t condone it but I guess the reaction has been a little overblown,” like I thought she said she was gonna blow up the White House or something, you’re telling me after 8 years of constant graphic racialized violent imagery and threats aimed at Obama THIS is what crosses the free speech line? What the fuck


Dwarven Lexicon:Everyone knows that the Dwemer have vanished from the face of the world leaving behind only empty ruins and fascinating pieces of incomprehensible technology. One of the pieces of tech that raises more questions than it answers in the Dwarven Lexicon. A seemingly commonplace cube that somehow stores the information contained in the Elder Scrolls, allowing the user to utilize the data without risk to their sanity or sight! While I don’t have access to ruins filled with Dwemer artifacts, that doesn’t mean you can’t have one of these cubes for your very own!

This is a 3D printed and hand painted prop replica of the Dwarven Lexicon now available for order. Each piece is carefully reproduced, and fabricated separately, allowing the lid to be removed and the rune medallions to be rotated. It may not contain the lost knowledge of the Elder Scrolls but it can store your beloved treasures in high style.

So .... this happend

I guess Yugyeom was acting out how he would sneak in a lil kiss/peck on the cheek while taking a selca with a girl/boy/gf/bf & Jackson happend to be the lucky prop ;3

First we have the members and the sexy prop himself’s reaction

And then we have BamBam’s priceless reaction 

I think Mark got a lil bit jealous hohoho < - < > - > :# 

preacher 7/10/16
  • jesse fucked up.
  • cassidy’s face when he saw what jesse did…
  • tulip in church = the aesthetic i wish i could achieve
  • cassidy is beautiful and sweet and he deserves better :/
  • young jesse was chubby and adorable whoa
  • i like how jesse and tulip worked so well together from the start
  • parkour tulip, in a skirt > anything you’ve ever done
  • i’m glad tulip still takes care of her uncle
  • tulip is so genuine and kind and she deserves better
  • i miss eugene…
  • can we talk about the literal furry in annville, texas
  • seriously when will we get the mascot’s backstory?
  • cassidy fell so hard so fast for tulip
  • i wish they could just be happy. polyamorous and happy 
  • i love tulip but i wish she were nicer to cassidy
  • cassidy has been nothing but good to everyone on this show
  • seriously i can name ONE problematic thing he’s done
  • cassidy and tulip being friends is everything i never knew i needed
  • lil tulip wrestling lil jesse YES girl beat his ass
  • “till the end of the world”
  • (it reminds me too much of “till the end of the line”)
  • what’s with jesse and literally damning people to hell
  • oh shiiiit preacher needs to get more specific with his preachin’
  • this is…….. the most awkward family dinner…
  • jesse when the oven catches fire = me, always
    Read in an interview that Joe hit Dominic with a REAL fire extinguisher by accident, not knowing it wasn’t a prop. So Dominic’s reaction as Jesse? Real, 100%. That double take he did at Cassidy, like, “What the FUCK?” is probably because he’s really asking “what the FUCK?”
  • so… eugene’s background is now… wow okay.
  • he’s THAT white boy that got rejected and became violent?
  • i’m disappointed and angry
  • eugene does not deserve to be in hell.
  • he’s pure and small and ??? i’m so upset i dont know
  • cassidy is a sweetheart and he trusts jesse so much
  • also that was incredibly badass
  • but still im upset
  • if jesse just LEAVES him there i will kick his ENTIRE ass
  • emily dont do this right now what the FUCK dont ENCOURAGE him???
  • okay at least jesse knows he’s ruined all of his friend’s lives lmao fuck
  • i hope cassidy is okay
  • fuck
  • i hope eugene is okay
  • but
  • mostly cassidy
  • im so upset
  • p.s.
  • where are the angels

Imagine Bangtan playing Prop Hunt tho.

Taehyung would probably be the first to die, because he chose a large ass prop like a freaking shark or something.

Jimin would talk in a scared singy-song voice and would gradually start screaming as he’s running away from the hunters.

Namjoon would end up using all his health destroying random props, or even shooting himself lmao.

Jungkook would always win either as a prop or hunter because THE GOLDEN MAKNAE IS ALWAYS VICTORIOUS!

Jin would try to find the prettiest prop or just be a box, there’s no in between TBH

Yoongi wouldn’t know how to select a prop and would stay the old man for every freaking round.

J-Hope would probably be a fucking plant and woulD STAND IN THE MOST OBVIOUS PLACES, JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND SINGING GIRL GROUP SONGS BUT NO ONE WOULD EVER FIND HIM ( they’re too busy shooting down Tae and Yoongi )

Rescue- A Syndisparklez Fanfic

I finally did it! Something that contributes to the good of the community! Combined two prompts into one due to similarity. I’m not sure how much Syndisparklez this one actually is, but ye.

Word count: 2,738

Prompts: “What if sparklez manages to get captured in the inertia while following the observation bots or something? And tom has to save him I guess. But maybe Jordan gets possessed by mianite at some point but tom and Jordan don’t realize? (Sorry it’s so specific oops)” -Anon

“for the syndisparklez prompt thing….might i suggest Tom saves Sparklez from a bad situation? like being hurt by someone he liked? or from monsters? just a loving heroic situation X3c“ -hellhounds-fails-at-minecraft

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anonymous asked:

Since eveyone keeps mentioning it. Was Astrid smiling at Stoick's funeral? Weird choice by the animators. Everyone else is sobbing but she is just standing there shaking her head with a smile.

She might have been smiling, though it certainly wasn’t a joyous one.  To be fair, so did Harry Potter at Dumbledore’s funeral—we just got to get inside his head for it, so we understood why.  We don’t have that luxury with Astrid… an issue we’re made far too aware of throughout these movies.

In fact, I do have the small complaint that Astrid’s character—facially at least—was a bit too muted.  On and off, that is.  When she’s directly interacting with someone (mainly Hiccup) yes, she’s animated and acting like “Astrid”.  When she’s not, she tends to lose her unique personality and becomes a background character, rather than just Astrid in the background.

When Hiccup was encased in ice—even though the horror was seconds—she was no different than any other witness.  This was her (implied) intended that she just watched “die”.  Valka reacted fast enough, and she didn’t even know Hiccup like Astrid did.  I mean, yes, it could have been a suspended moment of disbelief and shock that kept her from immediately reacting when Hiccup was encased in ice, but a little more expression and dramatics would have gone a long way, particularly in painting some depth to the relationship she has with Hiccup. Some horror, some pain, some wretched curl of her face… they can animate like that, we’ve seen it, and they really should have more with Astrid.  In that instance, in Stoick’s death, in the aftermath…  It’s kind of a hard pill to swallow that, despite what a great character they tried to design for Astrid, they’re still sort of stop-and-go when it comes to executing it.  Too often she falls back in with the rest of the Berk teens as “general background reaction props”—which has been one of my bigger complaints for that movie regarding all the gang.

Anyway, Astrid might have been smiling at the speech Gobber gave. At a memory of the last interaction she had with Stoick… or perhaps a memory that came to mind of Stoick as she watched his ship burn (maybe an intimate talk where he spoke to her of all the good he thinks she does for his son).  Maybe she was smiling in quiet support of Hiccup standing up before everyone and making a speech—how he didn’t need a push, but did it without thought.  There’s plenty of reasons why she could be smiling, we just have to figure them out ourselves.