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Note to self:  Hunt through assorted doll props for food items.  I want to make sure that the Gamer Den set has snax and I need to know what I already have and what I must commission. 

(I found 1:3 scale tupperware!  I hope it arrives in time.)


Hey guys! I made a tutorial on how to make miniature fake Naked Pallets for your BJDs! These are SD sized, and pretty easy to make. I’m also going to do a giveaway over on my instagram for the four Naked pallets I made in this video! My instagram is adellearhea, and I’ll post the details about the giveaway tomorrow or Monday! I also made a tutorial on how to make SD sized iPhones that’s also on my channel and my apart of my second giveaway on my instagram! 



So today I went to a shop called Tiger in my city. I think they come from the Denmark (?). It’s like a shop for home decor and little gifts, but they also have crafting materials, sweets and all that stuff.
And sometimes they have miniature versions of normal things such as these cute deer heads that are magnetic or the little mirrors that could be really nice for an SD doll.
They also head packs of feathers and small packs of fabric with cute patterns.
Overall it is pretty cheap, which is also a good thing.


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unabashedcyclerebel  asked:

Could You do a Michael Mell x shy reader. Like maybe the reader is always made fun of by Michael just because she stutters and carries around a cat doll,and one day Michael takes it too far,so after that day the reader comes back to school,but different, and Michael becomes guilty and worried.

Stuffed Cat (Michael M. X Reader)

a/n: no happy ending this time. michael is kind of a prick.

w/c: 1,116

You hugged your stuffed cat close to your chest, a small frown on your face. You watched as Michael Mell pointed you out to Jeremy Heere, laughing slightly. You looked down as Michael approached, staring at your feet.

“Beginning of the new school year, and that’s the kind of reputation you want? The little girl who carries a doll everywhere and stutters?” Michael teased, making you frown and walk away.

“Jerk.” You mumbled, looking at your stuffed cat once again. It was the only thing you had left from your father, who had died in battle. His death had ripped away your childhood, which resulted in you acting like a child at age 17. Your therapist said he couldn’t do anything about it, and that this phase would go away eventually. You looked up from walking in the hallways, heading towards the lunch room. People were pointing and laughing at you, but you didn’t care. As long as you had your stuffed cat, you would be fine.

You stopped walking once you reached the cafeteria doors. You slowly looked around at the tables and frowned. All of them were full, or had some people. You wanted to sit alone. You shuffled back out of the door, your lunch in hand. You snuck out of the school and decided to eat in the woods. Sure, it was slightly weird your school had a trail into the woods. (a/n: mine actually does its really pretty back there)

The dirt on the ground was slightly wet and mushy as you took small steps. You walked for only a few minutes, discovering a bench looking out into a small pond. (a/n: we have this too 👌🏻)

You sat down on the bench, propping your cat doll next to you. You crossed your legs and set your lunch pale on them, opening it slowly. You pulled out a turkey sandwich and started eating, realizing how hungry you actually were.

“I hate school already.” You mumbled, rolling up the plastic baggie and shoving it into your lunch pale. You leaned forward for grab a rock and toss it into the water when you heard familiar boys laughing. You spun around and went to grab your stuffed cat, your eyes growing wide when you realized it was already gone. Your eyes darted up to see Michael laughing at it, ready to throw it.

“M-Michael! Give that back!” You cried, watching Michael throw it around with Jeremy.

“Aw, c'mon, you baby, let loose!” Michael laughed, chucking the doll to Jeremy. Jeremy threw the doll, and it plummeted towards the muddy ground. Michael laughed and picked it back up, ready to toss it again. i

“G-Give it back!” You screamed, making the boys stop throwing your stuffed cat. You had tears in your eyes and you were desperate. Michael felt a twinge of guilt, but he pushed it aside.

“Ok, Jesus, fine.” Michael tossed the doll at you without warning. He may have thrown a little too hard, because the doll landed behind you, in the water.

“No, no! M-Michael you idiot!!” You screamed, violently turning towards the water and dropping onto your knees. You heard whispering and footsteps slowly  coming towards you. You were trying to reach out to grab it as it sunk. Tears started streaming out of your eyes as you stared at the ripples where your doll wanna under.

“L-look, I’m sorry, okay? I can buy you a new one, if you wa-” Michael started, fidgeting and sounding genuinely sorry.

“Get out of my face.” You whispered, anger growing inside you.

“Uh, what?” Michael mumbled, stepping closer to you.

“Get out of my face!” You cried, standing up and shoving Michael. Jeremy ran forward, going to help Michael up. You ran out of the woods, tears pouring off your face. You were sick of being teased and pushed around. You were sick of being stared at, laughed at, and mocked. On your way home, you decided it was time for you to change. ‘Get ready for the new me.’

The next day at school, Michael had looked for you everywhere, but he couldn’t find you. He wanted apologize and give you a hug, but that wasn’t going to happen. During lunch, there were a bunch of people crowding around a table and laughing. He got a peek through the crowd, and saw you. You had changed completely. You had (curled/straightened) your hair, and you were wearing makeup. You had a tight short sleeve t-shirt and very short, ripped shorts. You also had a red flannel wrapped around your waist. Had you gotten a spray tan?

Michael turned red, and thought you looked hot. He couldn’t help but feel guilty that he did this.  He had the biggest crush on you but he didn’t know how to act, so he teased you instead of showing affection. ‘I took it too far, I always do.’ Michael sighed and sat at his normally full, but now empty lunch table. He stared at his lunch, not hungry at all. The only thing he felt was guilt. You changed yourself completely, all because he took a joke too far. It wasn’t even a funny joke! Michael didn’t look up until someone sat across from him.

“Jere-(y/n)?” Michael blurted, shocked. He figured it would be Jeremy, not you.

“Yeah, hi. Just so you know, fucktard, that doll was from my father.” You snapped, crossing your arms. 'Did you just swear!?!? ..My god had you changed.’ Michael nodded, waiting for you to go on.

“He’s probably dead. He went missing in action about, meh, seven years ago? Yeah. That was the last thing I got from him, ever.” Michael froze, guilt making want to him cringe.

“Look, I didn’t know okay? I have a crush on you, and I didn’t-don’t know how to talk to you.” Michael pleaded for forgiveness with his eyes. You frowned and crossed your arms.

“You ruined all your chances, Michael. I’m probably overreacting, but I don’t forgive you. You ruined the old me. Get used to new me.” You snapped, standing up and walking out of the lunch room. Tears gathered in Michael’s eyes as he watched you walk away. He had just lost his crush, the girl he had liked since middle school. He could only hope you would forgive him someday.

“Bye (y/n),” Michael whispered, putting his face into his hands and holding back tears.

(a/n: oh god this is a horrible ending)

Don’t You Ever Fear, I’m Always Near (Chapter 2/5)

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Pairing: Jeremy Heere/Michael Mell

Words: 2.246

Summary:“You would deny the father of your child some innocent hand holding?” Michael asked, faux shocked, as he laced his fingers through Jeremy’s. “You’re a cruel person, Jeremy Heere.”

(Michael and Jeremy spend a week taking care of an electronic baby doll for their Home Economics class)

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Got my doll a new wig to try and more closely resemble my Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It still wasn’t perfect, though, so what you’re seeing here is my inexperienced attempt at a haircut/wig styling. 

It would be super-rad if you paid my doll shop on Etsy a visit. BJD jewelry and accessories, Monster High repaints, and custom faceup/repaint commissions available (just $20 for ANY MH doll or ANY size BJD!).


I was at Michael’s on Saturday and spotted these in the bead section.

The smallest ones, the cup and saucer 4 piece set, are definitely for either small child 1/6th dolls or dollhouse scale/Sylvanian Families. The blue ones and the set with the gravy boat MIGHT work for 1/6…YMV.

The big rubs are that they are A. expensive without a coupon and B. have holes you’ll need to fill, since they are for hanging on jewelry.

(I would have gotten some but a package of store brand gold leaf was singing a siren song…)