prop closet

all theater kids do is stick their tongues down each other’s throats in the prop closet and dry hump in the backseat of their older sister’s Toyota Corrola in a dennys parking lots

For a second, he had forgotten she was even there. Everything she had said came rushing back now. Danny looked away, muttering, “Are you going to yell at me and storm off, too? If so, now’s your chance.”

Morosely, Danny slumped into the floor next to one of the supply shelves, ignoring the grime caked on the floor of what was a surprisingly filthy cleaning closet. He propped his elbows against his knees, hung his head, and clasped his hands over the back of his neck.

Sam crouched down across from him. “I’m not going to yell at you.”

Danny raised his head. “You’re not?”

The girl smiled wryly. “That would feel too much like kicking a puppy.”

Excerpt from Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe

Decided to try my hand with more moody shading and such. A-lister Sam is SO much fun to draw.

At my school there’s this clown doll that someone found in the prop closet and everyone’s been putting it in weird places. It’s an unspoken rule that if you’re given the clown, it’s your task to put it somewhere. One of our theatre directors mentioned it but nobody is really doing anything to stop it because it’s pretty much just harmless and weird.


Sam X Reader


Can you do a really kinky story with Sam!?! Like y/n has a slight thing with dean, but dean and y/n don’t get along much and kinda get abusive… but Sam swoops in and admits he has a thing for y/n and wants to prove that he can be better… things get really hot/tempting and y/n caves in to Sam (Sam practically makes y/n his sex slave). They decide to keep it a secret from dean though so that dean and Sam don’t get into a fight and dean doesn’t threaten y/n!! Sorry it’s kind specific ❤️😩❤️😅

Warnings: Sex, language, abuse, depression

So you and Dean had a little romance thing going on, I guess. You thought you liked Dean because he was such a sarcastic guy, you like people like that. Someone who can take a joke, he’s also very attractive. His green eyes, muscular body, that dashing smile can bring any girl to their knees. I mean honestly what’s not to like about Dean? Well little did you know he was a complete PSYCHO. He was craaaazy. You and Dean have been a thing for a month or two and already all you do is fight and he gets physical.

“Y/n you okay?” Sam asked you as he put a hand on your back

“Sam don’t touch her like that” Dean said. You just rolled your eyes

“Y/n where are you going?” Dean asked, you just ignored him. These few months you’ve been depressed, you didn’t even want to talk to anyone at all.

“Y/n what the hell?” Dean yelled at you. You just sat there and took it. All his violet words stuck in your head. You sat there until he pushed you off the bed and slapped you. You were so hurt. You laid on the floor holding you cheek and cried silently.

Dean left the room and in came Sam.

“Oh my God y/n!? Are you okay?” He asked picking you from the floor. He rocked you in his arms until he knew you were okay. You’ve never felt this bad before. Life was slapping you in the face almost as hard as Dean.

“Y/n he’s not good for you” he whispered in your ear still holding you. You just nodded knowing it’s the truth.

“Listen I don’t want to say this too soon but I have feelings for you. It kills me knowing this is what Dean does to you. You’re so beautiful, perfect, you mean everything to me and you don’t even know it. I see the way you walk around you lost the sparkle in your eyes. I miss the way you were Y/n, I want that person back. I want you to break up with Dean and be with me. You need someone who can treat you better, oh and if you thought Dean was good in bed. You just wait” he was being 100% serious. You chuckled at the end of what he said.

“You like me?”

“Yes of course you are so beautiful” you looked at him in the eyes and he put a piece if hair behind​ your ear. “so beautiful” he said before his lips landed on yours. You instantly melted into the kiss, it was a kiss you’ve been waiting for your whole life. His hands were roaming all over your body touching every inch of you. 

You quickly snapped back to reality. “Sam what about Dean?" 

"He doesn’t have to know” Sam whispered so sexy in your ear you flew back into his embrace kissing him even more hungrily. You wanted him now. 

“Come here sweetie, we’ll take this to my bedroom" 

"Okay” you whispered moaned 

He led you to the room. He laid you down on the bed. “Stay here baby” He said going to his closet. You propped yourself up on you elbows and watched him disappear into his dark closet.

He came back out with a blindfold and some others toys you had no idea what they were. 

“Okay honey, we’re getting really kinky here" 

You almost moaned at his words. You were just hoping Dean would be gone long enough, but with how turned on you are you know you won’t last long. 

Sam put the blind fold on you and you couldn’t see anything, obviously. 

You laid there as your breathing started to quicken you were so turned on you couldn’t control it.

"Look at you, all hot and bothered. Real sexy” he said, you could imagine him biting his lip with a hard on.

“Ugh Sam” you managed to get out. You just wanted him to fuck you.

“Soon baby” he whispered close to your face. You moaned slightly at his words.

He slowly took off your jeans and undies, so slow it hurt. He pulled off your shirt and unhooked your bra. You were completely naked.

You heard him taking off his clothes. You felt hands run up and down your body, you jumped a little when he got close to your area. He missed it and went right to your thighs teasing you.

“S-Sam please” you whined

“That’s right baby beg for it”

“Please Sam, I want you now”

You could practically see his smirk. He licked your thigh stopping right next to your area. He paused for a moment before sliding his tongue up and down hitting your clit. You jumped and moaned every time. His hands held down your sides so you weren’t jumping all over the place. You bucked your hips so maybe he would move faster. He did.

You moaned louder and louder you actually felt embarrassed.

“Sam Sam” you moaned you wanted him bad

“What do you want baby?” He asked you

“I want you to fuck me”

“Whatever you want baby”

He got up and started kissing your neck. You felt his dick brush against your stomach, he has to be really turned on.

He thrusted into you slowly, you let out a small breathy moan.

He kept teasing you, he would go in slowly and pull all the way out.

“Goddammit Sam fuck me” you almost yelled. He thrusted into you so hard you screamed.

“That’s right baby, you like that?” He asked you, you just moaned for a response.

He slammed into you again “answer me”

“Yes baby” you moaned loudly. He kept slamming into you like that. He pulled out and lifted your leg up over his shoulder so he can go deeper.

You could his breathing getting shorter, he was close and so were you.

“Fuck Sammy harder” he fucked you harder and rubbed your clit sending you over the edge. Everything became blury and black. You screamed and closed your eyes so tight.

“Fuck baby” he moaned cumming in you.

You laid there breathing hard for a few second before taking the blindfold off.

“How was that?” Sam asked between breaths

“Good” you laughed breathing hard.

“Good” he smiled. He kissed your forehead and got dressed while you cleaned up and got dressed.

“So what about Dean?” You asked

“Dump him and we won’t talk about what we have” he said kissing you.

You melted into him “okay” you smiled


The next day you woke up alone, you told Dean it was over. He was actually pretty cool about it. You walked into the study room where Sam and Dean were.

“So Y/n are you up for a another study session like tomorrow?” Sam asked. Your heart was beating fast

“Y-yeah I’m up for that” you smiled. Sam winked at you

“What did you guys study?” Dean asked. You just smirked.

I love how they clearly had the actors bring their own wardrobe for that video. I bet they were like ok darren do u have any douchey looking clothes? And he was like look no further than my closet, here’s my pink shorts that I actually wear all the time, a shirt that might as well have been from Blaine’s wardrobe, a blazer that doesn’t match and of course the fancy shoes with no socks. And then for the meatloaf part oh hey look no further than my personal costume collection I happen to have some high heeled boots

Some Fucking Homecoming Headcanons Ok

It’s homecoming 4 me, im waiting 4 my friends to come over so we can get ready, and im just excited so take these headcanons 

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Fondu Au Noir | 02

Synopsis: [grim reaper AU] Yoongi wishes he could see her for reasons other than to be the bearer of bad news, but to never see her at all would be worse.
WC: 1490
parts: 01 | 02 | 03 | WIP

The shadows on the walls match the shadows under your eyes and Yoongi is to blame for it. He watches you watching him from your seat and fights the urge to fidget under your gaze. You had been staring at him for a long stretch of time and Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to break the silence. You hadn’t spoken to him since he explained your predicament two mornings ago. You haven’t had anything to eat all day either and Yoongi wants to tell you to eat, but he stays silent. He is not meant to talk to the living.

Then again, he’s not meant to be seen by the living either.

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"50 shades of Dane"- Dirtyyy ;)

19:00 hours.

 On a Sunday.

You’re watching some shitty show while Dane is reading ’50 Shades of Grey’.

“Daanneee. Talk to me! You’ve been reading that for hours now!” that’s all it took for him to shove the book on the coffee table and come up to you.

*A few minutes later*

You moaned loudly into Dane’s mouth as he suddenly picked you up, forcing your legs to wrap around his waist, and slammed you against the wall. You ignored the couple pictures that fell as you turned your head slightly, allowing him to reach deeper into your mouth.

Dane’s hands roamed quickly over your waist, breasts, back, and then ass. He squeezed it roughly, earning him a sharp moan. Your hands pulled violently at the buttons of his dress shirt, popping them as you went. You needed to touch his body now.

Supporting you against the wall, his hands traveled up your back to the zipper of your dress. His started unzipping it until it caught. He growled deeply and ripped the back of your dress open, exposing your perk nipples to him as it fell forward. He pulled the bodice further down and his mouth captured one of your nipples as his hand came up and pinched the other.

You saw stars as he bit down suddenly. Clawing at his back, you moaned out his name, begging for more.

He pulled you away from the wall, and stumbled with you down the hall to the bedroom. You were glad the door was ajar because Dane kicked it open and kicked it shut, his mouth never leaving yours. He threw you down onto the bed, but then walked over to the closet. You propped yourself up on your elbow, eyebrows furrowed as you watched him. Your confusion immediately vanished as he returned with one of his ties and a thin shirt.

Dane crawled back on top of you and slid you up the bed until you were near the headboard. He grabbed your hands, forcing them above your head and tied them to the headboard.

“Dane…. I want to touch you!”  You whined.

Dane just smirked. He bent down next to your ear, speaking in his deep, seductive voice, “Oh well.” He then picked up the shirt and tied it over your eyes.

“DAANEE!” You pouted. He suddenly captured your lips.

“Shut up,” he chuckled against your lips, “you’re going to like it.” With that, he ripped the rest of your dress off and threw it to the side. You felt him get up and heard him undressing himself, so that when he was back on top of you, you could feel his member hitting your thigh. You moaned.

Dane straddled your hips and you could feel his member rub against your panties. He smacked your breast.

“Tell me how much you want it.” You moaned. He smacked it again, harder.

“Tell me how much you want it.” You moaned louder, moaning that you wanted it. He suddenly grabbed both of your breasts, kneading them roughly.

“Come on, baby! Tell me how much!” He growled, pinching your nipples hard.

“I FUCKING WANT IT FUCKING BAD, DANE!!” You screamed at him. He chuckled and ripped your panties off. However, you felt his weight leave the bed. After a few seconds, you called out to him.


All of a sudden you felt his face between your legs. You whimpered as you felt his tongue slide over your folds and flick over your clit. You bucked your hips, wanting more, but he pinned them down. His tongue finally slid between your folds and lapped at your entrance. You couldn’t help but try to buck your hips again, but they were firmly held in place. You tugged your bonded hands hard, feeling his tongue breach your entrance, continuing to lap up all your juices.

“You taste so fucking good, baby.” The vibrations from his voice against your womanhood sent your senses into overdrive. His name rolled off your tongue repeatedly as his tongue rubbed vigorously over your sensitive spot. You whimpered loudly as you came into his mouth. He hummed, sucking it all up, and tears were starting to run down your face in pleasure.

“Baby, please…. Please…. I need to touch you. I need to see you.” You begged him. Slowly, he removed his face from between your legs and climbed back up to your face.

You could taste yourself as he kissed you roughly, finally untying your wrists. You ripped the makeshift blindfold off and cupped his face, pushing hard back into the kiss. You pushed him onto his back and broke the kiss, reaching over to the bedside drawer to grab a condom. You ripped it open with your teeth and started slowly unrolling it over his swollen cock. He moaned and your name rolled off his tongue as you squeezed his base roughly.

You positioned yourself over his member and slammed yourself down. Pain wasn’t even an issue anymore; your senses completely overrode any pain with extreme pleasure.

“F-fuck!” Dane moaned. You were so tight it took all his energy not to cum right then.

Desperate for fulfillment, you started bouncing up and down on his cock, his hands grasped tightly on your hips. Soon, he was thrusting his hips up to meet you each time you came back down. The sound of slapping skin bounced off the walls of the room as each thrust became progressively faster and messy.

Finally, you hit your climax again. Your walls squeezed in on Dane as you screamed out his name. He was sent over the edge and he moaned out your name as he came. He pushed you onto your back again and finished riding out his orgasm.

After a few seconds to catch his breath, Dane pulled out and disposed of the condom. He laid back down and pulled you close.

“What the fuck was that?” You said, giggling.

He kissed the side of your head, chucking, “I’m sorry, I was just horny.”

“Well, if that’s the kind of sex I’m going to get when you’re desperately horny, then please baby, read this book every weekend” Smirking, you talked your way into sleep.

Meh, piece of shit.


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I think Yuuri knows how to play the piano!

“Hm? Is that a piano?”

Yuuri looks up from where he’s sorting out his laundry, a sock in one hand and a shirt in another. He puts the sock to one side and begins folding the shirt, Victor’s shirt that he keeps forgetting to give back. “Oh, that? I got that keyboard a long time ago—before I went to Detroit, even.”

Victor tilts his head from where he sits on the bed, feet stretched out before him. Blinks and looks at Yuuri. “Do you still play?”


“Play for me?”

Smiling, Yuuri sets aside one of Victor’s scarves and stands. “Any requests?”

“Your song,” the Russian says decisively after a heartbeat of thinking. “Yuri on Ice.”

“Hmm. I never learned it,” Japan’s top figure skater admits. He shakes his head and pulls out the keyboard from where it sits propped against his closet. “But I can try.”

“You can do that?” Victor asks. The words, You’re that good at playing? go unsaid.

Yuuri shrugs, plugs the keyboard into the wall and turns the machine on. “Sure,” he answers, fingers running over scales like water pouring from a fountain. The sound is crisp and clear, and Victor finds himself pleasantly surprised. He wonders why.

“I’ve skated to this song so many times it’s practically engraved in my head,” the brunet continues, moving into arpeggios and rhythmic exercises. The keyboard moves slightly as Yuuri presses into the keys, the device pushing into the yielding mattress. “Just give me a second to warm up.”

As Yuuri’s fingers drift over the keys, Victor swings his feet back and forth. “How did you start playing?”

Yuuri’s fingers don’t stop, unheeding of or perhaps disregarding the conversation. Yuuri turns to look at the older man and hums. “I saw a video of someone playing the piano and decided to learn.”

“Did you take lessons?”

“For a time, yes.”

“How old were you when you started?”

Yuuri huffs a laugh from his nose and tests out various chords. “Is this an interrogation now?”

“Well, I never knew you could play. Is it so wrong to want to learn more about your boyfriend?”

“Mm.” Yuuri pauses, looking down at his hands. “I started when I was relatively young. Six, I think?”

“That is young.”

“Well, I stopped being so serious about it when I began taking ballet lessons. And then skating took up most of my time after that.”

“But you still play?”

“I still play.”

Yuuri begins then, starting with the sixteenth note triplets, and Victor closes his mouth and just listens. It’s lovely—reminds him of when he first listened to it, half asleep and with Yuuri excitedly leaning over his lap. Reminds him of his former student, of his lover before they became lovers.

“You’re very good at this.”

Closing his eyes and letting himself visualize the music inside his head, Yuuri leans back and feels his lips quirk into a half-smile. “I’m not the type to let a skill atrophy without practice.”

“That’s not you, no,” Victor agrees.

And they both listen, then, to the music pouring out of the cheap keyboard roused from its sleep. He times his breathing to the swelling of the melody, to the rise and fall of the notes, to the cadence of the moment. Victor leans against Yuuri’s shoulder and Yuuri leans back, the two of them content to relive their memories through the passage of sound.

It’s a peaceful moment filled with peaceful feelings. Victor tells himself to ask Yuuri to play more music for him from now on.

Derry Prep - IT AU (2/?)

Summary: The Loser’s Club all attend the same Preparatory school where children have been going missing and being found murdered for months. They are set out to figure out why and how these kids are gone. Even if the answer will terrify them.

Words: 2,519

Warnings: swearing, slight bullying

A/N: This chapter is a little long, but I wanted to get most of the filler stuff out of the way so yeah. I hope you like it and thanks again to @heya-georgie and @witchywolfhard for supporting this story and reading over my many many drafts :)

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A week had passed since Richie’s run-in with Mr. Jones. He still got chills thinking about it. He didn’t believe Ben’s accusations before of Mr. Jones being the killer, but after his uncomfortable encounter, he’s more skeptical of the man than he was before.

Richie walked into the dorm room he shared with Eddie and threw his bag down beside his bed. He floated onto the stiff surface and looked up at the blank white ceiling. He heard Eddie rummaging around in the closet and propped himself of up on his elbows.

“Everything okay Eddie Spaghetti?” Richie called out his nickname for Eddie that Eddie had made abundantly clear he loathed.

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Living In A Dream; Everything’s A Mess


Here’s the song


You woke up to the sun streaming through the lacy curtains. The slight sound of birdsong could be heard outside.

It was the perfect morning.

You stretched and got out of bed, walking to your closet and choosing the perfect outfit for the day.

Then you went downstairs and grabbed the perfect apple from the fruit bowl on the counter. It was crisp and juicy and tasted delicious. You nudged the bowl a little to the left.

There. Perfectly centered.

You threw the core away and stepped into your bathroom. You brushed your teeth and fixed the stray piece of hair you saw in the mirror.


You went to your car. Your favorite song started playing on the radio as soon as you turned the key. You backed out of your garage and drove out of your perfect little neighborhood to your perfect little job.

At five o’clock, you drove back to your perfect home and made yourself the perfect dinner. Your favorite episode of your favorite show was on rerun.

After dinner, you headed up and took a shower, the scent of your favorite body wash filling the steamy room. Then you climbed into bed, the sheets the perfect amount of cool and cozy, the pillows the perfect amount of fluffed.

You closed your eyes, inhaling slowly through your nose. Sleep was just around the corner, you could feel it.

And then the screaming started.

You opened your eyes, startled. The screaming was increasing in volume outside, horrid, screeching sounds.

Or was it happening in your head?

You stepped to the window, one hand over an ear, pulling open the curtains. You didn’t see anything outside, but the screaming wasn’t stopping.

And then there were gunshots.

And car alarms.

And dogs barking.

And sirens.

‘What the hell is happening?’ you thought, falling to your knees, crouching by the window.

“It’s not perfect after all, is it?”

You looked up, finding a man standing before you. Part of you said you should be startled, finding someone in your bedroom at night.

But a larger part told you that there was no need to be scared, that this was a friend. “Castiel?” The name was odd, heavy on your tongue. You weren’t sure how your mind had come up with it.

The man reached out towards you. You slipped your hand into his, feeling safe and secure in his grip. He helped you stand. “You must forgive me, Y/N.”

“For what?” You felt as if you were shouting to be heard over the noise outside.

“Bringing you here.”


The man snapped; the air grew quiet. Your ears rang slightly with the memory of what had been going on. “You… you were so sure that the world you lived in was a nightmare, that surely the world would be better if the monsters you hunted didn’t exist.”

Monsters? Hunting?

Why did it all sound so familiar?

“I brought you here to show you that despite the hardships of the world you know, things could be much worse. The things you and Dean and Sam fight… they create a balance the world desperately needs. Without those horrors, humans… become the true monsters. And there are no hunters to stop the problems.”

The man stared at you with brilliantly blue eyes. “Please, Y/N. I need you to understand that the world you left behind, your world, is the better option. All the monsters and darkness are necessary. And the things you do there are needed, important.”

With another snap of his fingers, the screaming started again. Somehow, it was three times as loud as it had been before.

“Do you want to go back?”

“Yes,” you said, without a second thought, clapping your hands over your ears. “Please, Cas, get me out of here!”

The man placed a hand on your shoulder and you felt the world spin. When it finally stopped, you found yourself in a grey room. A bed and a desk were the only pieces of furniture; a small closet was propped open, revealing a very plaid wardrobe.

This felt like home.

“Are you all right?”

“Cas, what…”

“I’m sorry. I realize it may have been an invasion of your privacy, but you were just so… upset recently. I wanted to make you understand–”

“I do, Cas. Really. I just…” You shook your head. The echoes of those screams were still rattling around your brain. “That was so horrible. How long was I there for?”

“About three hours.”

Your mouth dropped open. It had felt like a full day, not to mention that you’d felt like you’d lived there for years. What would have happened if Cas hadn’t come when he did?

“Where are Sam and Dean?”

“I believe they’re in the garage, preparing for the next hunt.”

You stepped out into the hall, heading for the garage. You ran into the Winchesters on your way there.

“There you are,” Dean said. “Have a nice nap?”

“Not really.”

“Well, you can grab some Z’s in the car. You ready?”

“I…” Turning, you found Cas standing behind you, your duffle in his hand. You took it, nodding your thanks to him. Turning back, you felt so overwhelmed with love for the Winchesters and Cas and your ‘real’ life and the SILENCE (your ears were still ringing). You wrapped your arms around Dean, burying your face in his chest.

“Whoa,” Dean said. “What’s happening?”

“Are you okay?” Sam asked.

“Living the dream,” you responded, releasing Dean and wrapping yourself around the younger Winchester.

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Your choice who but 31 please!!!

Hi there! Thanks for requesting!

31.  Theatre AU (theatre kids/university theatre department AU, professional theatre AU, community theatre AU, techies AU, local Rocky Horror shadow cast AU, investigating a ghost story in a haunted theatre AU, whatever you want, these are just some ideas)

“You are sure you saw a ghost?” Fleur has one eyebrow delicately raised as she looks over at Nym skeptically.

“Positive.” Nym snakes her arm around Fleur’s slender waist. “Right there, in that storage closet.”

“You mean the storage closet where we keep the prop beds? That closet?” Fleur presses her lips together in a thin line.

“What?! The beds are in there?” Nym’s eyes widen innocently. “I had no idea! Must be some sort of pervy spirit we’ve got in there.” 

She nuzzles Fleur’s neck. “Still. We’d better check it out now, before everyone else shows up for rehearsal. Don’t worry love, I’ll protect you.”

Fleur rolls her eyes. “You are ridiculous. But the show must go on, yes?” She grins slyly as she leads Nym towards the closet.

  • Finland always sleeps on road trips. Doesn’t matter if he’s the driver or not, if that man feels like he needs to sleep, he sleeps.
  • Spain never understood rickrolling. 
  • Switzerland’s sex noises sound like high pitched yodeling. 
  • Iceland either wakes up at 5 am and commences a long hike in nature or literally turns into a hissing spawn of Lucifer if you attempt to stir him before 12 pm. There is no in-between. 
  • France and Romano: Super Sweet To Lady Tourists Duo. 
  • Sweden looks up romantic advice on Yahoo!Answers. 
  • Lukas cast a spell that caused Romania to sparkle continuously, much to the other’s annoyance. 
  • America has starred in more than a few action movies. He is notorious on set to goof around and end up breaking multiple props. 
  • Sweden is closeted pop music trash. 
  • Denmark is the master at cheering people up, due to his tendency to value other’s feelings over his own. With just a sweet grin and a heartfelt hug, he can pick you up from your worst day and make it a positive memory. 
  • Norway likes aquariums. 

Idk these are pretty bad but still