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Parallel Lines Who Meet, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Loosely based off of Stephen Sondheim’s musical ‘Company’.

Words: 2,042

Author’s Note: With a midnight re-watch of my first favorite musical, Company, I was inspired to write something loosely inspired by it. Lin is Bobby in this scenario. Ish. If you don’t have the time to sit and watch this lovely production (which includes great stars, like Stephen Colbert!), I recommend at the very least listening to ‘Being Alive’ and ‘Someone is Waiting’’.

Warnings: Negative talk of marriage, divorce. 2k words of me rambling and nothing really happening.

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Happy birthday, Lin!” The group cheered in unison.

The man of the hour stood at the entrance of his apartment, looking on at the scattered party guests, each holding the hand of their significant other. He had been running late for the party in his honor - something that had been intended as a surprise but that he had known about for weeks.

“Thirty-five! You don’t look it!” Pippa cried, lingering by the gift table. She placed a pristine, wrapped box next to the dozen others, “You can return it. I mean, what do you get for the man that has everything?”

“Maybe a wife?” Teased Steven by her side, a giggle escaping his fiancee. Her ring glittered in the dimly lit room as she moved to cover her mouth.

“I better-” Lin pointed the guests all anxiously waiting for their turn with the birthday boy.

“Go, we won’t keep you.”

He was delivered boxed compliments all night, perfectly prepared ahead of time. Thirty-five and you’ve accomplished so much! Thirty-five and you look thirty-two! Thirty-five and look at where you are!

Where he was indeed.

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IMAGINE: tom checks your ass out , but you catch him ❌ REQUESTS OPEN ❌

“ thank you for the interview , it was brilliant ” you said as you collected your que cards and props that you had brought , bending down to pick you coffee ; tom had mentally told himself since come in ’ don’t become a teen again ’ but he couldn’t help it ; his eyes , on their own , wondered down from your (h/c) , down you curved spin , to you ass . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ You looked to tom for a second , only to notice his eyes on another part of you body “ tom Hiddleston !” You cried snapping up , he automatically looked up and shocked “ I do not look at me like that ” you added “ before taking me on a date ” you pulled out one of your cards and left it on chair before leaving . Tom grabbed it , looking at it he rubbed his lip thinking about it , just as the next person came in he noticed her beauty but it didn’t compare to yours . He knew he would call you as he dropped his his hand .

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Yu-Gi-Oh Diadhank Cosplay Prop ~Walkthrough~ with lots of pictures

Hi guys! As requested, I’ve made a walkthrough of how I made my Diadhank (aka, Season 5/Ancient Egyptian Duel Disk) prop for my Thief King Bakura cosplay. Feel free to reblog, share, and consult!

(Photo cred L->R: Anime USA Official Photog, @neofi-cosplay, @justlikeswitchblades with minor brightening by me)

I made this prop a few months ago, so I only have the progress photos I remembered to take, but hopefully I can fill in the gaps with explanation.

As always, I hope this tutorial helps give you a good idea of where to start, and that you make it your own project rather than copying mine move for move. You can learn a lot that way, and taking liberties is what makes your project unique. Anyway, let’s get started~

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Sibling Rivalry

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Reader Request (@xisabellaxo): Neymar imagine where our boys get jealous of our baby girl because Neymar pays attention and cuddles her more than them.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,860

Warnings: Extreme fluff and cuteness that will induce cavities and rot your teeth.

A/N: Ahhh, this isn’t my best writing but oh, well. I haven’t posted in a while and y’all deserve a lil treat for your patience, support, and love. ❤️✨ I’m starting to accept and write requests, so feel free to send them in! Lots of hugs and kisses! 😘 xoxo — jas

The soft whimpers of your three-month-old daughter sounded from the baby monitor, rousing you from your deep slumber. You shift around in the bed, a dent in the mattress as you propped your elbow, carding your fingers through your tangled knots of hair and plucking the loose tresses plastered on your cheek and mouth from the crusted trail of drool beginning from the corner of your mouth and ending at your chin.   Blinking a few times to clear your blurred vision, you reach towards your bedside table, and turn the digital clock on a slight angle towards you, squinting to check the time.


A groan tumbles from your lips, as the whimpers from your daughter escalate into soft cries. You push yourself into a sitting position on the bed, slipping the duvet down to your ankles, as you swing your feet over the side of the bed. A calloused, warm hand encircles your wrist, tugging you back into the warmth and comfort of the bed, as you tumble into the sheets and duvet in a heap of fatigued limbs.

“Sleep, amor,” murmurs your boyfriend, stifling a yawn. “It’s my turn give her a bottle and place her back into bed.”

“Ney, you have training in a few hours.” You mumble, eyes drooping as you gaze at your boyfriend through the thick curtain of eyelashes framing your vivid eyes. “Besides, you’ve been lulling Leila back to sleep for the past few weeks on your own. I think this means that it’s my turn to relieve you of said duties and allow you to have a few decent hours of sleep.”

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From the promt, number 12 "You need to stop.." With Connverse please<3

“Okay,” Steven said, picking up another flashcard, “what are the four lobes of the brain - ”

“Frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal,” Connie answered before she even took a second to breathe. Meanwhile, her fingers rested on her temple.

She was leaning against her bed’s headboard while he rested by her feet, on his stomach. They were comfortable, relaxed in each other’s presence. It was hot for a spring day, and the Maheswaran household had a rule about using the AC before the summer months, so the pair wore their summer clothes: she wore running shorts and a tank top, while he still wore his iconic star shirt and shorts.

“That’s correct!” Steven said, thrilled and impressed, as he flipped over the flashcard.

Connie smiled as she watched him. “Thanks for helping me study for my final.” She took her AP Psychology final and her junior year of high school very seriously.

“You’re very welcome!” He said, straightening the cards in his hand. He looked up at her, smirking, “Though it doesn’t seem like you need my help.”

She smiled at his compliment but shook her head. “No, you’re really helping.”

“Okay, next question,” he looked down at the flashcard then back up at Connie to see if she was ready. She was holding both her temples.

“You okay?” He asked.

She looked surprised that he noticed, then she waved out her hand. “Just a headache. I’m fine.”

He set down the cards and propped up his body with his arms. “Maybe we should take a break.”

“No! Seriously, I’m fine.”

He pursed his lips. He propped himself to sit up. “I could help.”

She raised her eyebrows.

He pointed at his lips. “Healing spit.”

“Oh,” she said. She looked hesitant for a moment before nodding. 

He got on all fours. He moved quickly, too quickly to think or plan the most comfortable option; he set his arm by her hip to steady himself, then he leaned over her body to reach her forehead. But just as quickly as he moved in, he licked his lips, kissed her forehead, then moved back to sit on his legs.

Immediately, her head felt better. She put her hand to her forehead. “Thanks, Steven.”

She chuckled as a question popped into her head. “Are all your kisses magical?”

He looked up, pondering. “I’m not sure.”

Her eyebrows furrowed. “What if you kissed places that didn’t need healing? Would nothing happen, or would like some super-healing thing happen? Would they be invincible for like a week?”

He laughed. “I don’t know. I figure out the magical stuff on kind of a case-by-case basis.”

Her face felt hot before she even spoke up. She thought about how close he had just been, leaning over her, and how soft his kiss was. She dared herself to whisper, “We could find out.”

His body tensed. He spoke slowly. “What do you mean?”

She tried to choose her words carefully. Her eyes darted from his face to looking up as she weighed each word. “We could see what happens when you kiss places that aren’t necessarily hurt.”

He was still frozen, so she said, “An experiment. For science.”

“Right,” he said, blinking his eyes. “For science. Maybe - we fight some monsters someday, and I need to know if I can use my healing spit as armor for my comrades.”

“Or! If your healing spit can work like a vaccine that can keep people from getting sick before they even get in contact with any germs?”

“Yeah,” he said, licking his lips again, “for science, then.”

As she moved down from the headboard and down to rest her head on her pillow, she said back, “For science.”

After a pause, he fidgeted with his hands. “I…I guess I can start with your toes.”

She felt a slight panic go through her core. She felt this panic whenever she couldn’t predict an outcome - this felt like a gamble, a million dollar bet on the underdog, as she wasn’t sure what to expect - or what could happen to her friendship with Steven.

But if her training had taught her anything, it was courage, confidence, that she could make a decision and follow through with it. Her panic subsided, and his lips pressed against her big toe.

She closed her eyes and felt his kisses move from her foot to her ankle. He moved up slowly, following a straight line up her left leg. 

He took a breath at her knee, his nose touching her lower thigh.

She inhaled through her nose. She wondered what would happen now that he was moving to more sensitive skin, and his pause seemed to show he was wondering the same thing.

As he kissed up her thigh, the straight line curved: he found her inner thigh.

She breathed out. His kisses tickled her skin as his lips moved up her inner thigh.

He kissed at her lower stomach, just the visible skin where her shirt had ridden up. She pulled her shirt up a little, just enough to show her belly button, to give him more skin to kiss.

He moved from her stomach to her fingers that still rested on her shirt. He kissed up her wrist, up her forearm, her upperarm, and her shoulder.

He kissed her collar bone. “How does it feel?”

“Good,” she replied, nearly forgetting the hypothesis they were testing. She let out another breath as his lips moved up the side of her neck.

“Do you feel better? Any different?” He asked, sitting up.

She sat up, too, remembering the purpose now that she was out of the moment. “Oh. Well, honestly, I don’t feel much different. I mean,” she examined her fingers, “I did have this tiny scar on my thumb, and it looks like it might be gone. But, otherwise, I kinda just feel the same.”

“Oh,” he said then pursed his lips. “Well, I guess now we know, huh?”

“Yeah,” she said. Her eyes noticed his forearm, and she wondered what he felt like. She said quickly, before she could think of any consequences, “Or maybe we need a control.”

“Control?” He asked.

She leaned her weight on her arm, trying to look relaxed. “In an experiment, you need a control to show what something would look like normally, and then you have something to compare the experiment to.”

When he still didn’t look like he got where she was going with it, she said, “Maybe you could be the control. You know, just to see if maybe my kisses feel different from yours.”

He froze for a moment as his eyes widened. He then said, “Okay,” and flopped down on the bed.

She giggled, red rising in her cheeks, as she told him to move to the pillows. And when he was laying where she had laid during her turn, she kissed his ankle.

She moved quicker than he had, kissing the main parts of his body first: his shin, his knee, his lower thigh. She kissed his fingers, his hand, his forearm and upperarm, but she was more focused on moving upward.

She made sure to kiss every inch of his neck. He breathed out, and he put his hands on her back.

But as she continued, he began to giggle.

“You need to stop,” he chuckled.

“What?” She asked as she moved away from his neck. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” he said, rubbing her back, “it’s just tickling me.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing. “Well, before the tickling…how did it feel?”

“It felt good,” he said, then chuckled, “I mean, it doesn’t feel like gem magic or healing spit, so, uh, I think this experiment might have been a failure.”

“Not a complete failure,” she said. She stayed close to his face, ready to kiss him again if needed. “Now we know.”

He smirked. “Now we know.”

This Valentine's day . . . On bended knee

Seeing as we’re facing the holiday of love, I thought I’d write this little mini imagine! I don’t have a ton of time this week but I had to write something. **** “Opie? Ellie? Kenny?” Y/N called as she stood through the front door. The house was unusually silent. Normally there was some sort of noise, but only the ticking of the kitchen clock could be heard. “Guys?” She asked again, entering the kitchen and dropping her handbag onto the table. A giant smile threatened to split her face, a tall glass vase sat in the middle of the table holding an enormous bouquet of red and white roses. A little card was propped up against the vase. “Meet me at 8, in our place.” The card said in Opie’s chicken scratch handwriting. A little giggle escaped her throat. Y/N looked at her watch, it read 6 30, she had an hour and a half to change and her herself ready. She had no idea what to wear. **** Y/N put her car into park and looked out at Crystal lake as it glittered in the pinkish orange light of the sunset. She straightened her black dress nervously as she climbed out of the car and shrugged on her little, black leather jacket to protect her from the chill February air. “Y/N! Y/N!” Ellie and Kenny called, running up the crest of the hill to meet her, happy smiles on their faces. “You look so pretty!” Ellie ran her fingers over the sequins that decorated the fabric. “Dad said you need to put this on.” Kenny waved a blindfold in the air. Y/N knelt, careful not to damage her dress, and allowed Kenny to tie the material around her eyes. “Come on Y/N, daddy is waiting for you!” Ellie said eagerly, grabbing her hand and leading her down the familiar winding bank to where a little camp fire pit sat along the edge of the lake. “We’re here!” Kenny called out and then both children backed away, leaving Y/N in the clearing. A few weighted seconds passed by, but until she felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist squeezing her against a broad, hard, muscled chest. She could smell Opie as he enveloped her, leather, cigarettes and aftershave. She clenched the sides of his kutte begging him to get as close as possible. “Hey big Bear.” She whispered, tilting her head up to where she thought his face would be. “Hello beautiful.” He murmured, pressing his lips against hers in a passionate kiss that warmed her from their point of contact right down to her toes. He pulled away and kissed the tip of her nose gently. “I’m going to be taking your blind fold off, but I want you to keep your eyes closed until I say so, OK Y/N?” “Okay” He pulled the blindfold away and she squeezed her eyes shut, listening to him shuffling around on the ground. “You can open your eyes, baby.” Y/N opened her eyes, and instantly took a sharp breath. Opie knelt on one knee before her. He looked dapper, his hair pulled back, a neat, white shirt under his kutte, his normally ripped jeans replaced by a pair of smart black trousers. In his hand he held a red rose, a sparkling white gold and diamond ring tired to the stem with a white ribbon. She opened her mouth to a speak, but he silenced her. “Y/N, baby, I’ve had a rough road, and the only thing that has brought light into my dark tunnel is you. You make each day easier and I don’t think I could live without waking up to your face every morning. So, …” He bumbled and fidgeted nervously “will you marry me?” Y/N grinned and knelt beside Opie, throwing her arms around him. Tears of happiness and excitement burning at the back of her eyes. “Of course I will.” “Even with all the danger that comes with being a proper old lady? And the kids, and my pop, we come as a package.” “Bear, I knew straight away I wanted to be your old lady, I’ll just do my best to be a good one. And your family? I love them and you know that, they’ve been my family for a year now, we’ll just be making it official.” “I love you.” Opie murmured, kissing Y/N on her forehead, sliding the ring onto her finger. “I love you too.” “Dad!” The kids called from their hiding place. “What did she say? Did she say yes?” Opie laughed and leaned his forehead against Y/N’s. “She said yes!”

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It’s A Big Deal

A/n: You already know. It’s the bae’s birthday - how else could I celebrate?Warnings: None. It’s a birthday fic!
Word Count: 3690

Draco stirred from his peaceful dream waking to find that not only was he alone, which wasn’t all too unusual but still a bit of a let down but that there was a card floating above his head. He looked up seeing the cause of his waking, the card suspended above his head tapping his forehead, reaching up he picked it from the air and opened it, Happy Birthday Draco!

It wasn’t signed and that alone made Draco a little nervous in the fact that it was just there, holding it to his chest he stood up from the bed with a small stretch and headed to the bathroom and yet another thing out of place. A card was stuck to the mirror, he paused looking at it before pulling it off and opening it to read, Happy Birthday Draco! scrawled across the otherwise blank card. On the front just like the other was a cake this cake had two candles. Other than that no difference.

He stared in shock laying the both of them on the counter before starting his morning ritual; stripping, using the bathroom, brushing his teeth, washing his face and then it was time for the shower. He pulled the curtain back and gasped. There plastered to the black shower tile of the wall was another card. A cake on the front with three candles, and inside? Happy Birthday Draco! was scrawled.

Now he was alarmed, who the fuck? He looked around slowly and walked out of the bathroom with the cards in one hand and his wand, which he grabbed from the bedside table, in the other at the ready. On top of the dresser was a card propped open with four candles, the same message inside. Then another was in front of his half opened closet on the ground which he bent down and picked up slowly - five candles on the front. He hurried through the bedroom door checking the hallway before hurrying down the stairs no card in sight but as he stepped into the kitchen on the counter next to the coffee maker was a card with six candles, Happy Birthday Draco! scrawled across the blank inside.

What the fuck… He thought carrying all six cards in his hand, pausing a moment to think back to last night. He had gone out for drinks with Pansy and Blaise after work. He had an extremely stressful case and was looking to unwind but he could remember all of last night, he wasn’t drunk nor had anyone come home with him he was a little old for one nights stands, anyway. Probably Pansy. He decided with a sigh, and sat the cards down on the island before hurrying up the stairs to finish getting ready.

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Since I’m at college and the package with the rest of Valeera hasn’t been shipped down yet, I decided to make a set of Hearthstone cards to go along with her costume (Miracle Rogue pre-Naxxrammas).
I cut front and back sides out of card stock and glued them together, and they turned out slightly bigger than Magic cards, which is pretty manageable. I also colored the white edges, and am working on making the goldenness shine with metallic paint (as I can’t very well have them be holographic).