DIY Game of Throne Dragon Eggs

Make these DIY Dragon Eggs using Styrofoam eggs, nail polish, and lots of tacks.

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Find the DIY Game of Throne Dragon Egg Tutorial from Accio Lacquer here. *Check out all of her fandom nail art at the link!

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DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Tutorial and Template from Cosas Molonas here.

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TF2  Bonesaw prop

I’m going to cosplay the medic on the next Desucon in Norway.

 I’ve never been good at recording my progress though.

But after measuring and cutting the pieces i had to tape them so it would be easier to glue.

So this was my tribute to the tf2 community for today. its the first time i’ve made a prop from scratch for TF2 so forgive me if it sucks.


This commission took forever, but here it is!  One finished, life size replica of Pyro’s Backburner from Team Fortress 2, complete with red LEDs.  Every part of this piece is completely scratch built from wood, pvc, fiberglass and foam. 

I’d like to specify the lovely Pyro cosplayer is NOT me.  She is a fantastic seamstress and friend who did an amazing job building every part of the costume, short of the backburner itself.  I’m thrilled to see my work in such capable hands!


The Journey: Tarecgosa from World of Warcraft.

I’m so proud of this cosplay <3 It was my first go at designing a cosplay armour set by myself, mostly making stuff up as I went along! I was inspired to make this cosplay since I have a deep, nostalgic love for the dragons in World of Warcraft, and I really wanted to make Tarecgosa my own since she doesn’t really have an updated in-game model. :)(:

I made everything myself, and construction took me a few months on and off with school. Materials I used are Worbla thermoplastic, foam, fabric, resin, and then expanding foam and other minor materials for the horns.

All WIP and more is based on my Facebook page, Oshley Cosplay.
Photos at the end by Darkain Multimedia and Eurobeat Kasumi (with my edits).

Like, share, comment, I love feedback! Thanks guys ~     

DIY Dollar Store and Cardboard Fireplace and Mantel from Halloween Forum User theundeadofnight.

Go to the link to see how this was made. 

In the comments, theundeadofnight wrote:

“… the frames on the sides are the plastic mirror frames from Dollarama. I removed the mirrors, repainted, added tabs to the back to push through the cardboard and glued them on.”

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I’m sure by now that most fans of creepypasta (or creepy things in general) have come across the top, black and white photo during their travels across the worldwide web.

At one point, it was associated with “The Russian Sleep Experiment”.  Later it became the classification photo for SCP-957 (from the SCP Foundation–a collection of fictional cases of supposed anomalies collected and contained by a shadowy organization).

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to know just what in the hell this thing really is.  I knew it couldn’t be a person–was it a sculpture, perhaps?

As it turns out, this creature is actually just…a Halloween prop.  Originally sold by a company known as Morbid Enterprises, this not-quite-life-size, animated figure–known as “Spazm”–shakes and giggles maniacally whenever the motion detector located on his chest is tripped.  Some have a much better paint job than others (I am unsure at this time as to whether these nicer ones are customs–the first one below the top photo seems to be an original piece, as it has no sensor, and is much more detailed), while at least one incarnation has glowing, yellow eyes, and still another has an actual fabric straitjacket instead of a molded one.  Here’s a video of one of them in action.  For a little bit of comedy, a Reddit user accidentally snapped a photo of one dressed like a pirate.

For any of you out there that may want your own SCP-957, this prop (despite being several years old, originating from around 2006) can still be found on Amazon.  Be warned, however, that you can be expected to pay at least $100 for this creepy critter (more if you want the molded version).